tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKiki Makes a Wish

Kiki Makes a Wish


It was a Friday night and Kiki was going out with her friends, Akari and Emiko. Tonight was their night to prowl.

Short tight dress, tight top and fuck-me boots, Kiki and her friends were going to have fun.

Her mother wasn't quite so blasé about Kiki's choice of clothes.

"That dress, it is not proper," she lamented, watching Kiki and her friends heading towards the lift. As the lift arrived, she yelled, "You be careful, dressed like that. "Mr. Raperman will see you and then you'll be in trouble."

Kiki gave a hand pump as she stepped into the lift, swishing her hips.

"Come onnn, Mr Raperman," she cried, while Akari and Emiko giggled.

Pressing the ground floor and away they went. But not very far. The lift suddenly stopped between floors and the lights went out. The girls gave startled squeals, feeling a tinge of panic and then relaxed as the lights came back.

All the destination buttons on the lift had gone out, and before the girls could press the ground floor again, the other passenger reached over and pressed one of the high floors. The lift started ascending.

Kiki threw a filthy look at the offender and pressed the ground floor, resigned to having to go all the way to the top before going back down. The extra passenger just smiled at her displeasure, softly whistling to himself.

The lift ascended smoothly to the passenger's designated floor, where the doors opening onto a scene of turmoil. The area was only dimly lit but it was obvious that a lot of reconstruction was taking place.

The passenger moved towards the doors, but as he came he suddenly stretched out his arms and bustled the three girls out of the lift and away from it. Even as they watched the doors closed and the lift departed, leaving them in this strange place with the unknown man.

The man looked at the girls and smiled. "This is going to be one of the new penthouses when it's finished," he informed them. "It will be very nice and very expensive."

The girls look at the man and didn't smile. It was rapidly registering that they were alone with this man. This very large scary looking man.

Kiki was the first to screw up her courage. "Who are you?" she demanded.

The man smiled. A rather nasty smile, Kiki thought.

"I'm the man you called," he told Kiki. "I'm Mr. Raperman, but you can call me Sam. Now why don't you all tell me your names."

"I'm Kiki, and these are Akari and Emiko. What do you want?"

"It's not what I want, Kiki, but what you want. Like I said, I'm Mr. Raperman and I'm here in answer to your call. To rape you as per request," he added, seeing she still failed to get the point.

There was immediate consternation from the girls, with much fast back and forth along the lines of "What are we going to do?"

'Call me Sam' smiled at Akari and Emiko. "Don't worry," he told them. "You didn't summon me so I won't be taking you today, unless you really annoy me. Are you going to annoy me?"

Seeing the frantic shakings of heads, he nodded. "I didn't think so. I take it you are all going out to a hotel or nightclub?"

"Yes," replied Akari, softly.

"Ah, then you won't want to be delayed too long, nor will you want your clothes messed up. It's a good thing you're all wearing short tight skirts, as it will make things a lot simpler. All of you take your panties off and hitch up your dresses," he finished with a snap.

"B-but if you're only going to rape Kiki, why do we have to take off our panties?" protested Emiko.

"Because I want you to. Hmm. Let me see if I can encourage you. If you still have your panties on, once Kiki has hers off, I just might decide to take one of you in place of her."

At this comment Kiki hitched up her dress and started slipping down her panties, hoping to divert him to one of the other girls. Squeals of outrage came from Akari and Emiko as they hastened to follow suit.

Sam looked amused. "I'll call it a tie," he announced. "Kiki is still the lucky one."

Akari and Emiko glared at Kiki, no longer quite as sympathetic as they had been.

"OK, Kiki," said Sam, "I want you to bend over and with your hands on your knees, with your legs parted slightly.

Kiki stood there, reluctant and mulish.

"Kiki, if you don't, the other girls will make you, if it's a choice between that or one of them getting bonked instead of you," Sam explained to his reluctant victim.

A furious Kiki flung a look at the other girls, who were pointedly not looking back. Slowly she bent over, hands on knees.

Sam admired the pretty bottom gleaming in the subdued lighting. Her pussy was shadowy but still on view. He felt himself hardening rapidly.

"Now girls, Kiki was very rude to her mother. She really needs a lesson in manners. Accordingly, you will both give her a spanking. Taking it in turns you will now deliver five hard smacks to her bottom."

There was an immediate protest from Kiki which, under the circumstances, was only to be expected.

Akari spoke up. "What if we don't spank her?"

"Then I guess I would have to do it, and I'd have to spank the pair of you as well, for putting me to the trouble. Does anyone want me to start the spankings?"

There was silence all round. Sam indicated to the girls that the spanking should commence.

Akari stepped up and delivered the first hard swat to Kiki's bottom, extracting a squeal from Kiki and a giggle from Emiko. Still giggling, Emiko stepped up and delivered her own swat, getting another squeal from Kiki.

With both girls giggling now, they continued their appointed task of spanking Kiki, while Kiki squealed and yowled.

Sam moved up behind Kiki and started rubbing his hands over her sore bottom, dipping lower every so often to play with her pussy.

"Next time you feel like being rude to your mother, remember this little lesson and think again," Sam advised Kiki, hands still wandering. He looked over at where Akari and Emiko were standing watching, looked slightly shocked at what he was doing.

"Now ladies," Sam said with a smile, "the reason for your pantyless state will become clear. I want you to stroke each other while I attend to Kiki's needs."

Sam watched the startled pair. Akari tentatively reached over and started rubbing Emiko, who moved her legs apart to grant easier access. It quickly became apparent to Sam that this was not a first time for the two women. They had obviously experimented with each other before.

Stepping up behind Kiki, Sam unzipped his trousers, letting his erection spring free. Slipping it between Kiki's thighs he stated rubbing it against Kiki's pussy.

Kiki started squirming. She was feeling hot and needy but she did not want to be raped.

Sam now reached down and parted Kiki's lips, sliding slowly into her, Kiki protesting all the while. Sam paused once the head was inside Kiki and being clasped by her labia. Kiki was twisting slowly against him, pushing against his cock, wanting it to go on and wanting it to stop.

Sam looks over at Akari and Emiko who are now watching with interest.

"OK, ladies," he asked. "Do I go all the way or should I let Kiki off the hook?"

Kiki looked at her friend in shock. Akari and Emiko looked first at Kiki, back to each other and then back at Kiki.

Emiko spoke first. "Do it," she whispered. Akari nodded. "Yes, do it," she added. Kiki glared at them, muttering under her breath.

Sam laughed and started pushing deeper, Kiki squealing louder the deeper he went.

Finally he was fully inside her. Kiki was gasping and squirming, rubbing her pubic area hard against Sam's groin. Then Sam was busy thrusting home, setting up his rhythm, with Kiki responding while Akari and Emiko were making suggestions and approving comments from the side.

Sam was enjoying himself, finding Kiki a responsive partner who matched his style with enthusiasm. It was a pity that it all had to end, but end it did, with Sam coming deep into Kiki.

There was another cry of fury from Kiki when she felt Sam coming within her, the fury somewhat muted by the fact that she was having her own climax, gripping his cock within her and holding it tight while Sam spent himself.

Sam eventually pulled away from Kiki, breathing hard. He lingered until the lift answered his summons.

"I suggest you be careful of what you ask for in future. You may get it." Sam pointed across the floor to an enclosed room. "That's a bathroom and you will find that it works. You can clean yourselves up there. I'll send the lift back up for you."

Sam stepped into the lift and departed while the girls headed over to the bathroom, squabbling.

"Why did you tell him to go ahead," bitched Kiki.

"Because you were hot and wanting it," snapped Emiko.

"And why'd you try to direct his attention to us by whipping your panties down so fast?" asked Akari.

"I don't know what you mean," protested Kiki. "How long have you two been touching each other up?"

"We don't," protest the girls in unison, red faced.

"Anyway, what did it feel like getting raped?" asked Emiko.

"Try it and find out," retorted Kiki.

The bickering continued.

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