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Killer Mike

byGrey Eagle 286©

Brigadier General Joananne Roberts, U.S. Army, watched as the column of her trucks moved down the highway headed toward Mississippi and Louisiana to help with the hurricane relief. The column was made up of Humvees, 6X6s and big semi-tractor trailers. She sat in her command Humvee and watched as her Operations Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Mike Murphy, counted vehicles. She held back a smile. She admired the man. He was a much-decorated combat veteran. He was older than she was by a couple of years. He had started as an enlisted man and she was a West Pointer. She knew she had advanced very rapidly because of several factors. She was a very pretty black female lesbian and was gifted with a brilliant mind. She spoke four languages fluently. She had been in the right places at the right times and was a darling of the NAACP and Woman's Rights Groups and Gay and Lesbian's Rights Groups even though she never once voiced their policies. She was totally apolitical.

Murphy glanced up at her after the last vehicle passed and said, "All accounted for. Three missing. One wouldn't start, two with flat tires being repaired by their crews. They will be herded together by 2nd Lt. Franklin and brought along."

"Thank you, Mike. Good job. Let's move on down the road." She turned and looked back at her communications sergeant, "Where is the eye of Katrina now?"

"It is reported just crossing the coast a little west of New Orleans right now. Ma'am."

She looked at LCOL Murphy. "That should put us right on time at the staging point. Right?"

"Yes General, we are right on schedule." One of the things she liked about him was that he was always cheerful and upbeat in his professional life. She knew that in his private life he was very morose and sad. He was able to keep his two lives separate. She admired that because she struggled in her personal relationships too. She hoped she covered it as well as he did.

The long line of camouflaged vehicles was strung out for miles in the right lane of the super highway. Her hummer rode in the left lane with the faster civilian traffic. She wanted to catch up with the lead Humvee carrying her Deputy Commander. She had two other convoys strung out behind her that had been loaded at other places. This first convoy carried primarily food, water and fuel.

Joananne leaned back and closed her eyes for a moment. She thought of Marie, her girlfriend who had left her a few months ago, after eleven years of living together when ever possible. Marie said she couldn't handle the separations and the constant moving from base to base involved in Army life. She felt a tear run down her cheek and quickly wiped it away. She saw Mike Murphy nod, then slowly look away. Murphy thought she was very lovely. Her large brown eyes set in the light brown face had always enchanted him. He loved the way she carried her slim body. There were subtle hints of lovely curves hidden by her bulky uniforms.

Her command hummer was in the lead when they pulled in the huge parking area of the staging point. She and mike met with the over all commander and were given the delivery points for each group of trucks. The weather had deteriorated badly and even though the storm was well north of them it was still windy and raining. The Major General in command requested that She and Mike proceed to the west and try and find out the condition of the roads to the west and down towards Pass Christian and Waveland.

They had a meal, refueled and departed with four vehicles, each loaded with extra fuel cans. Two trucks had ten men each and with chain saws and axes. The last truck carried MREs and other supplies for the troops in the little convoy. They were in constant radio contact with the Area Commander.

As they neared the coast the devastation grew. Trees and wires were down everywhere. The destruction was widespread and there was no way the convoys could get through. Joananne advised the Area Commander that she would need a crew of engineers with heavy equipment in order to cut a road through to the coast highway.

She told him that every road they tried was blocked but that they would leave a crew working to try and open Route 49 while she went down I-10 to see if the road they showed as Canal Road was open to the south. She advised headquarters that she had little hope any roads were open anywhere along the area.

They did make it a ways down what they thought was Canal Road, then it was blocked. They turned around and started back when part of the road caved in under the Humvee. It rolled over in a washed out ditch and landed back on its wheels. The radioman was killed when he was thrown from the vehicle. The driver appeared to have a broken leg. The General and LCOL Murphy were not hurt other than some lumps and bruises. The general noticed a tear in Mike's sleeve with blood around it and asked if he were all right. He said it was nothing. They cared for the driver and put an inflatable splint on his leg. They used a shelter half to wrap up the radioman's body. They found the radios were operational and they were advised that rescue was on its way by helicopter.

Mike Murphy looked at the General, "What were we supposed learn that they couldn't have learned from a chopper in the first place?"

"I don't know Mike, we could have checked out the whole area and have been on our way home by now."

"General, are you alright? You are shaking. Here let me put my arms around you for a second."

Murphy stood close to her and put his arms around her. She put her head on his chest and cried for a few minutes. He buried his nose in her sweet smelling hair. He pressed his lips against her forehead and softly rubbed her back. Suddenly she stiffened and jumped back, staring at him. She quickly looked around. "Mike, that never happened, understand?"

"Yes Ma'am! What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about me falling apart, that didn't occur, right?"

"You are correct General, it never happened. I will swear to that. If there was anything that happened it was only a delightful dream on my part." He grinned at her.

"Thanks Mike."

"Not a problem, Ma'am."

"Mike, to be honest, your dream did feel good and calmed me right down."

"General you would have been fine without my dream. You are a very tough lady. I am proud to serve with you."

"She smiled at him, "Mike, that means more to me coming from you than I can tell you. Thank you again."

"Any time, Ma'am."

The doctors at the staging point examined them all and LCOL Murphy was found to have a puncture wound in his left biceps. The wound was cleaned. It required four stitches and he was bandaged and cleared to leave. He was surprised to find General Roberts waiting for him outside the Medical Tent.

"Mike, how are you feeling, why didn't you tell me you were hurt? Now you have me all pissed off at you."

"Really, I am sorry. I didn't think it was that bad. I thought it was only a scratch."

"Mike, where is your stuff?"

"Back in the Command Humvee."

"Shit, they brought my stuff but I didn't see yours. Well let's do this; they assigned us rooms over at that motel. I was told there are a washer and drier available there. Come on over to our rooms and take a shower and get clean and I'll put your clothes in the washer and then dry them. That way you will have some clean dry clothes for tomorrow. OK?"

"Sounds good to me."

They walked to the motel and found their rooms. They were in adjoining rooms. They were talking at the door when her things arrived. She told him put his dirty clothes in her room while he took a shower, then to wait while she took a shower and put on some clean clothes. He took his shower and climbed in bed and fell asleep.

Later he awakened to a knock on his door. He yelled that it was open. The door opened a crack and he heard her ask if he were decent. He said he was. She stuck her head in and threw his clothes in on a chair. "There you go Colonel, clean clothes. Get dressed and we will go find chow. OK?"

"Right, Ma'am, give me five minutes."

Mike walked out looking clean and refreshed. The General smiled at him, "You look better now, are you ready to eat?"

"Yes, I have worked up an appetite. I'll buy if you would like to walk over to the Red Lobster Restaurant instead of looking for the mess tent."

"Sounds good to me, only we'll go Dutch. OK?"

"Fine, I just know it will be better than Army chow."

The place was very crowded and they had to wait for over an hour in the bar for a table. They each sipped one drink and were cautious about having more than that because they didn't know when they might be called. After a pause when Juneanne looked a little pensive, Mike reached over and put his white hand over her brown one. "I know it's none of my business but I have seen that expression on your face several times today, you look like you have lost a lover. I know just how you feel."

"You do, is that why you drink too much and look so sad all the time?"

"Yeah! It's a tough thing to get over. I guess I think about it too much. I try to figure out where I went wrong. I could understand why she might cheat on me when I am gone on a six or eight month deployment. But when I am just gone for a days work?"

"Mike, it happens. There can be any one of a thousand reasons, most of them are not your fault."

"Hey, We went to counseling and tried to patch things up. The third time I caught her was all I could take. Luckily we didn't have kids." He grinned at her then turned serious. "You too?'

"No she just wanted to settle down in one place. I guess I didn't love her enough because she told me it was she or the Army. I'm still here. I told her that when I have my twenty years in I'll look her up. I won't."

Mike squeezed her hand. "Girl, you are beautiful, super smart and have everything in the world going for you. You will have no trouble finding someone."

She looked at him for a long time, and then smiled softly. "Thank you, Mike. You are a sweet guy." He pulled his hand back quickly. Her smile grew and she laughed. "Hey, I liked that, and that is a real compliment. I like girls."

He looked at her, "Since we are baring our souls to each other, I have to ask, have you ever tried guys?"

Her eyes grew wide, her smile faded. "No. I never was attracted to men. Never even seriously thought about it. OH! I have thought about it but I couldn't see what the girls saw in them. That's just me."

"Well I can understand that, I like girls a whole lot better too."

"What, you are not gay or bi are you?"

"No, I am just like you, I only like girls, I'm not attracted to men at all. Maybe we both know men too well."

"Now that's a thought."

"Here comes the waitress, our table must be ready."

Over dinner they talked about their likes and dislikes. They discussed the kinds of music they liked; they both liked the same foods and were fond of trying new dishes. He ordered the Calamari because he had never tried it before. She asked if he liked stuffed clams. He said he did and she ordered them. She smiled, "I have never tried them but I love Calamari so if we don't like what we ordered we can trade and both be happy."

He grinned, "Sounds like a winner." They each ended up sharing half of what they had ordered and enjoyed the whole meal. They talked over coffee for a long time. They went back to their rooms. She smiled at him and then frowned. He said, "What's wrong?"

"Oh! Nothing, Good Night, I enjoyed our evening." She turned and went in her room.

Mike crawled in bed and turned out the light. He stared at the ceiling. Sleep wouldn't come as he recalled the evening. Then he heard a soft tap on the door between the rooms. He got up and unlocked his side. She looked at him, "I can't sleep. Would you like to talk some more?"'

"Sure, I'd love it." He tried not to stare at her. She wore an OD T-shirt and panties. He knew she wasn't wearing a bra because her nipples poked bumps in the shirt. He felt his blood start to flow to his cock.

She sat on the side of his bed. "Did you really like the Calamari tonight?"

"Yes I did."

"Oh! Mike, that isn't it. I have been thinking about what you said tonight. I have really never given it a chance. Will you let me see if I like it?"

"What? Calamari?"

"No, I have to tell you I have never enjoyed being with anyone as much as I enjoyed being with you. I want you to kiss me. I have to know."

"Hey, I would love to kiss you. I'm probably not a good test though. I'm just a beat up old soldier. You need a handsome young dude."

"Mike you are the only one I would even dream of trying it with. I know you. If I don't like it and I say STOP, I know you will stop. I trust you with my life every day. You are the perfect one to try it with, I know it will never come back to haunt me."

Mike got up and walked to the bathroom. He turned the light on and shut the door most of the way leaving the room in a dim light. He returned to the bed and stood in front of her. He reached down and took her hands and lifted her to her feet. He looked into her eyes and placed a large white hand on each side of her brown face. His hands were warm but a little rough. He brushed his lips gently across hers. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, Mike. Yes." His hands moved down across her shoulders then slipped down her arms and finally rested on her hips. She felt the big warm hands slide around her waist then press her toward him. His lips met hers a little harder now, his tongue gliding along her lips. Her mouth opened slightly and his seeking tongue probed gently inside her mouth. Her arms moved up and around his neck. She loved the feel of his tongue, her tongue found his and ran along the side of it and deep into his mouth.

She heard herself moan softly. His kiss was different than Marie's kisses, slightly rougher and a little less tender. The kiss was definitely more aggressive and seemed to demand she respond. His arms around her body held her firmly but were in no way threatening. They were comforting and protective. She found herself feeling very content and was very conscious of the heat and pressure of his erection pressing against her lower belly. She had a strong desire to touch it and feel it. She was very disappointed when he broke the kiss and pulled back away from her and held her shoulders.

Her looked into her eyes again. "Are you OK? Did it do anything for you?"

"I have to be honest with you Mike, I did like it. Very much. I liked and reacted to all of it, the kiss, the hug, everything. Could we do it again?"

"Your wish is my command.

"No! No way, that was not an order. This is strictly between you and I as a man and a woman. If you liked it too, do it again. Other wise forget it."

"Oh! I liked it all right; I know you could tell I did. Would you like to lay on the bed and kiss?"

"That sounds nice, Mike" She moved up on the bed and he followed and pulled her close to him. She felt his arousal again. Damn it felt huge. How did a girl take something that big inside of her? She wished she could see it. His lips touched hers again. He put one hand behind her head and the other was on her stomach. That second hand softly rubbed across her belly. Then it moved down over her panties to her hip and then around and gently caressed her ass. It moved up over the tummy again and slipped under her T-shirt and caressed along the underside of her breasts. She wanted the hand to move over her breast and touch her nipple.

It didn't though; it started moving away towards her belly again. She grabbed his hand and pulled it where she wanted it. The hand cupping her breast felt very good and she felt her body reacting to this man's caresses. His fingers tweaked the erect nipple making it stand taller. The hand moved quickly across her belly and rested over her mound. She knew he could feel the wetness of her panties. She was mewing now and took his hand and moved it under the waistband of her cotton panties.

He gasped as she pressed his hand over her soft smooth mound. Her legs were spread some now and he slipped in further between her thighs and ran a finger along her slit. The slight pressure on her clitoris was enough cause shudders to course through her body. The rough textured fingers were a new sensation for her. She really liked it. A whole lot!

She raised her hips off the sheets and helped him slip her panties off. She pulled away from him and removed her T-shirt. He sat up and slipped his shirt and shorts off too! As he turned back toward him she saw his large erection. She just had to touch it. She gently grasped it and heard his sharp intake of breath. She twisted down and looked at it carefully. It was not as long as some of the dildos she and Marie had used. It looked much thicker and it felt way better. It felt nice, warm, soft silky skin over steel. She ran her hand up the length and across the soft top of it. There was a drop of clear fluid on the head of it. It was slippery stuff. She examined his penis, she cupped his testicles and pulled them very carefully down between his thighs. She rubbed his cock softly over her smooth cheeks. She wanted to take it in her mouth, but not yet. It frightened her a little. She pulled him down on the bed

Damn, his hands were driving her crazy, they felt so good. Then his mouth closed over a nipple and suckled it. Wow! It felt as good as her other lovers had felt. A bit different, but just as good. She shook her head in wonder, this man was taking her places she had been before and he still had places she hadn't been.

She moved back up beside him and hugged him tight. He looked into her eyes, "Sweetheart, are you ready to go all the way?"

She placed a hand on each side of his face, "Yes! Oh yes, I really am. Please, do it now."

He rolled carefully between her legs. His head was at her breasts and he brought her to a shuddering climax before he eased down further trailing kisses over her flat little brown belly. Then he spread her legs further and opened her dark brown lips with his thumbs. His tongue brought exquisite sensations to her wet pussy. It lapped at her juices and reveled in sucking up every speck of her sweet nectar. She was orgasming regularly now. Then he moved back up over her. She felt the head of his cock pressing at the entrance to her vagina. She just knew it would never fit. It was just too big. She felt his hand rub it up and down her slit. His cock was getting more and more slippery. She reached down and pushed his hand away. She guided his cock into her. He was very gentle. He went in a little at a time, never thrusting hard. It went deeper and deeper. In and out he eased. She felt as if she were being split in two, yet it was a wonderful sensation. Then she felt his pubic hair against her pelvis. She had him all inside her. He remained still for a moment. Then he began long slow strokes. They were heavenly. This was much better than the best dildo she had ever felt. She was amazed at how comfortable she was with it now. Mike was kissing her face and sucking softly on her tongue and her lips.

She dug her fingernails into his back. She wasn't ready when he changed his pace and thrust into her harder and more rapidly. His pubes slammed against her clit and the surge of joy each time it hit had her mind almost ready to shut down and quit thinking, she wanted to just relish what she was feeling. Then he moved even faster and she felt him stiffen and she watched his face scrunch up and his lips pull away from his teeth. Then she felt it. He came inside her. Pulse after pulse of his thick semen squirted inside her vagina making her slipperier and slipperier. God, how she loved it. She felt him soften and pull out. She missed having him inside her.

He eased back down on her. She loved the feeling of his full weight pressing her down. She hugged him even tighter to her.

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