tagErotic HorrorKiller Mutant Sluts Ch. 08

Killer Mutant Sluts Ch. 08


I suppose this could have been two chapters but I decided on one with two sections so this might be a little longer than the others.


Jane walked past the guys enjoying themselves in the main lobby. Women swinging around poles, undulating and showing off their bodies for the enjoyment of the slobbering drunkards and party goers. It was the usual crowd for a Saturday night. In fact, as far as the regulars here were concerned, the normal unturned strippers included, it was a regular Saturday night.

For Jane,however, it was a special night. With the group going beyond three in only the past few nights, she felt the need to organize a bit so she called a meeting. With every step she took her breasts rose and fell inside the restricting red corset she wore as if anticipating the night of sex and stimulation ahead. She glanced over at one of the guys who noticed her. She shot him a smile and beckoned him to follow.

The man, thinking he was going to get some action tonight finished his beer, stood up and went with the busty blonde. He followed her down the hall to the very last door on the left.

"Here we are," Jane said in a sing-song voice. She knelt down and grasped the bronze plated handle. The she placed the key at the opening. The blonde made a seductive grunt every time she passed a bump in the key. When the key was fully in,she turned it to the left.

"You like that baby?" he said narrowing her eyes toward the man.

The man just nodded in silence. His eyes wide.

Jane opened the door and took the key out. As she stood up she turned toward the man and ran her tongue over each ridge from tip to hilt.

"I liked it too," the blonde woman said pushing the door open.

Inside fifty other women greeted the man. All were laying in various positions on a king-sized bed. Each of them as beautiful as the blonde who brought him there.

"Why don't you make yourself comfortable," Jane said. Her eyes narrowed and a wide smile crossed her face. She noticed the extra faces. "It seems that you ladies have been busy."

"Wow," The man said plopping down on the mattress. "What is this?"

"Its a special occasion and you're the guest of honor."

"What did I do?"

Jane looked up and placed her finger on her chin. Then she looked at the other women who giggled and glanced at each other.

"You're this month's hundredth customer."


"Oh yes," one of the other blondes said. She placed a slender hand on the man's crotch and started a slow massage. "We're all dying to meet you."

"Stacy," Jane scolded. "Easy. There's plenty of him to go around. Besides, we have to wait for everyone to get here."

"I don't think she's coming," Stacy said. "Cassandra said she's still fighting it."

A frown of disappointment crossed the lead woman's face.

"Very well," Jane said. "We'll have to start without her."

Jane crawled up over the man pushing him back to the headboard. Her tight round butt hovered over the man's crotch as he other women smiled and giggled as they gathered around massaging all parts of his body. Stacy left the man's crotch to someone else and lifted herself closer to the man's face.

"You won't believe what we're going to do to you," Stacy said. She brought her face close to the man's cheek and inhaled his aroma. "You smell so good."

A red head unzipped his pants and tugged them off. Her jet black haired partner started working him.

"Oh yes," the black haired woman said. "This will be so good."

The other women around him moved off to the side a bit and started feeling each other up, kissing and exploring each other's bodies. Jane sat up over the man rubbing her throbbing womanhood under her tiny G-string. She let out a little gasp and grinned at the man. Her juices trickled out staining the red fabric that covered her.

"Ooooh," Jane said. "Its nice and ready for you baby. Want to see?"

The man nodded without saying a word. The blonde crawled up to his face and straightened her body as she slipped the tiny piece of fabric off of her. He was face to face with the woman's vagina. Her pink wet labia dripped with juices fully puffed up like a ripened fruit.

"Do you like it?" Jane asked. "Its hot and wet for you baby."

Before the man could respond Jane lowered herself over him. Her juices flowed out dribbling into his mouth. He pushed his tongue up into her hole and swished it around. Her sweet enticing juices started to take hold of him.

"Mmmm. That's it baby," Jane said between kisses and moans. "Get it all."

By now the mass of women around him moved to other parts of the man's body. He felt a number of lips and labia attacking his penis. Each of the women got only a few strokes in before another impaled herself on his penis. As soon as Jane lifted herself up another woman's vagina replaced hers. Then a third. Eventually all of the women had a turn on both ends.

The pile of women continued for hours. The room was noisy with the loud moans and gasps of the women. The man spent his seed a number of times and everyone was drenched in each other's sweat and sexual juices. He found himself face-to-face with Jane's vagina once again. This time she lingered over his face for a while. It hung over him like the ripe piece of fruit that it was. The man would have reached for her but his arms were both being held down by two other statuesque women who insisted he pleasure them.

The man looked out at the mass of women vying for a chance to take his manhood into their bodies. He noticed something odd about some of them. Long, fleshy tubes emerged from between their legs and snaked their way around each other into the mouths or between the legs of other women. They connected themselves with these fleshy tubes and pleasured each other with them. Even the current woman riding him had a tube in her mouth.

Then the man felt a sharp pain in his lower abdomen. The once soft lips of the women around his penis also seemed to turn into sharp knives piercing his flesh scraping along his shaft separating it from his body. The man screamed at the agony he was in. Jane sat up and arched her back. She grinned back at the man.

"That's it baby!" the buxom blonde said. "You like that, don't you? You want more, don't you?"

The man shook his head trying to push the naked women off of him as a tube darted from her vagina down into the man's throat muffling his screams of terror. A burning sensation flowed down into his stomach as the slimy tube descended. The man squirmed under the mass of women feeling everything digging into his body moving around consuming all of his soft tissues. The women belonging to the tubes moved, giggled and squirmed in pleasure as they connected within their victim's flesh.

# # # #

"Ugh!" Thai sighed. She wiped the sweat dripping from her forehead with her wrist. "Where is she?" she said under her breath.

A woman pushed through the throngs of men crowded around the bar. She wore a tight strapless rumpled black tube-top that exposed a flattened muscular midriff and presented her perky pair of breasts to anyone who faced her. Along with the top she had tight cut-off jeans bedazzled with pink and gold rhinestones.

"Sylvia," Thai said to the woman. "You're thirty minutes late."

Sylvia flipped her vibrant green hair and shifted to her left pump.


"Don't give me that. I expect you to be on time tomorrow night. Its the fourth time this week."

"Yeah. Sure."

"I mean it. Last chance. You don't show up on time don't bother coming in. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm long overdue for a break."

Thai threw the towel down onto the counter and walked out from behind the bar. She pushed through the crowds of men, down the hall and to the back. Then she opened the back exit and stepped outside into the hot night air. Leaning against the wall of the club she sighed and looked up. The street lights buzzed a monotone hum as moths flew around the glowing orbs flooding the two alleyways behind the club with a pale yellow light.

Zenith City's lights filled the night sky reflecting off the haze that hung over the tall dome-like buildings creating a bright orange glow. The wall of light near the central ring was particularly thick tonight as the city geared up for the first party night of the year.

For a few minutes Thai closed her eyes losing herself in the warm breeze. A man's scream came from inside the room closest to the door. The Asian woman opened her eyes and looked back. She waited for a few moments. Thinking it was her imagination she turned back and gazed out across the city. She looked at her watch. The digital face blinked 2:30 AM and a weather dial predicted a hot day tomorrow. She sighed and stood up.

Guess its back to work, Thai thought to herself.

The bartender stepped back into the hall and closed the back door. Sounds of women moaning could be heard coming from the door to the right of her. Among them Jane's. Mixed with the moaning she heard bizarre sounds of tearing flesh and worms squiggling and wrapping around each other. She knelt down and peeked into the cracked door. Shocked, she backed away at the sight of Jane on top of a bunch of other women. She wasn't sure how many were there but a network of fleshy tubes connected each woman moving rhythmically in and out of each orifice, pumping strange white liquids into each body causing them to squeal, grunt and moan in pleasure. A man's naked legs hung from under the mass of women hanging limp over the edge of the bed.

Thai stepped back, slapped her mouth closed and ran back out onto the porch. She crouched down and took her phone out. After a few icons were touched on the screen a hologram of Adriana came up.


"What the fuck is going on?" Thai said under her breath.

"What?" Adriana replied.

"Jane and Stacy and these other women! What's going on with them?"

"Meet me at the old Motel Six on the opposite side of town. We can't talk now."

Adriana hung up.

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