Kim and Eva Ch. 01


Kim exited the bathroom and looked at their newly-empty booth. She was surprised to feel a little panic that Brianna and Carolyn were gone. For a moment, she wanted to run after them, but felt that she’d somehow regret it later if she did. She had left almost a full drink sitting there and decided she’d calm herself by finishing that before turning in. She returned to her seat and realized this booth was excellent for getting to know a new group, but lousy if you wanted to be social. She wasn’t going to stay much longer, but figured she may as well be open to meeting others from the conference as long as she was there. She rose and returned to her original booth she’d shared with Jerry near the bar.

Surveying the scene, she realized the crowd had dwindled down to maybe 20 night owls, but one caught her attention right away. There was Eva, bent over a table of mostly women across the bar area, listening intently to someone enthusiastically telling a story, apparently mostly with their hands. “I wish my jeans fit my ass like that”, she thought. Eva had a pair of black leather knee length boots on that Kim thought looked incredibly hot on her as well. She lingered on Eva’s body for a while and sipped on her drink. When she brought her eyes up to Eva’s face it took a second to register that Eva was looking right at her, shaking her head and smiling. “Oh no”, thought Kim, “she’s officially going to think I’m psycho.”

Sure enough, Eva was making her way over with a look Kim didn’t recognize. This was the best glimpse yet she’d gotten of the blonde and it confirmed what she’d told Jerry earlier, she was extraordinary. She had pulled her hair back in a ponytail and that brought more attention to a breathtakingly beautiful face with full lips and striking eyes. She was wearing a fitted green top with ties at the shoulder that hugged really large boobs and what looked to be a flat stomach. The boobs sat high on her chest though and Kim wondered if they were fake. She was also taller than Kim had realized, probably nearly as tall as her own 5 feet, 11 inches. As she got within a couple of feet and made eye contact, Eva flashed Kim a dazzling smile and Kim exhaled.

“Well, well,” began Eva, “zoned out again are we? Perhaps you’re up after your bed time?”

“Oh no doubt. I was convinced to stay out longer than I wanted to and now I can’t seem to leave.”

“I saw that you made quite the group of new friends. The boys in the place were inconsolable that you only left that table for such brief periods of time.”

“Well if a couple of the girls at that table had their way, no boys would ever be able to get to me ever again.”

Eva feigned shock and covered her mouth with her hand. “You’re kidding!”

Kim laughed. “It was obvious from across the bar? I find that hard to believe.”

Eva looked directly into her eyes. “Well I just HAPPENED to zone out while looking in your direction a couple of times tonight myself. Every time you went to the bathroom, all those sets of eyes at your table followed your butt; whether gay, straight or anything in between.”

Eva broke her gaze, but immediately Kim was reminded of the conversation she had just extricated herself from. “Ok, do I just have lesbians on the brain? Kim, not everyone is hitting on you”, she thought. But Eva had obviously been paying close attention, and Kim was not going to come down from the rush and excitement of her chat with Brianna and Carolyn just yet. “What else did you notice during YOUR zoning out”, Kim asked.

“That you kissed a couple of beautiful women after turning them down for a threesome, what did you notice during yours?”

“That your ass is unreal.” Kim was caught up in the flow of the conversation and that slipped out, but it was the truth and she quickly collected herself and owned it. “Sorry, but I have to fess up. I wasn’t zoned out, you just caught me looking. How did you know about the threesome thing?”

“Kim, this place is boring….which is a lousy explanation, so my turn to fess up; at first, I was hanging around to see if we could talk. You seemed funny and interesting before and I kept buying drinks and holding out to see if you would leave that table. But after awhile, I could see what was happening over there and it wasn’t hard to piece together. I was just listening to one final awful story before taking off when I saw you staring at me.”

Kim felt that uncomfortable feeling returning. “Brakes, brakes”, was all she could think of. “OK Eva, I was awkward earlier because I knew I was getting hit on. Now I feel even more awkward because I’m pretty sure you think I’m hitting on you.”

Eva smiled and Kim’s breath caught in her throat. “Well Kim, aren’t you…..a little?”

Kim laughed uncomfortably. “Do not take this as a cop out, but I have NO idea.” She hesitated and Eva seemed to know exactly what she was getting at. “All I can say is that this has been an odd and dare I say…educational evening. I’ve been interested in talking more to you as well, just because you seemed friendly, not for the purposes of hitting on you. But I can’t deny that you’re incredibly attractive.”

“Forgive a direct question, but are you gay?”

“You weren’t kidding about direct. No, I’m not.”

“Me neither, but I haven’t been able to stop staring at you either. Are you married?”

“I was close recently, but no.”

“I am, happily.”

“Well then Eva that should make this easy then, shouldn’t it?”

“You would think so, but here I sit.”

They gazed at each other silently, grinning for about 30 seconds. “You know,” Kim started, “when I was talking to the two girls earlier, I told them what my good friend in school said. She thought that every woman had a little lesbian in them. Where do you fall on that?”

Eva sat back, as if she’d never contemplated that before. “I think that’s silly and a man made it up.”

Kim laughed. “No truth at all you don’t think?”

“I just don’t think there’s anything in this world that cut and dry. I’ve never in my life been so attracted to a woman as to consider getting involved with her in any way, but I’ve always been able to appreciate someone beautiful.”

“I’ve had an appreciation for women my whole life too and pretty much never been involved with one either, but I’ve thought about it on several occasions.”

Eva leaned forward. “So what stopped you? And what does ‘pretty much’ mean?”

Kim breezed right by the second part. “Like I told the girls earlier, I don’t think every woman is a lesbian, but I do think women appreciate women and that SOME women who identify as straight, will try something if they meet the RIGHT woman……does that make ANY sense at all?”

Eva giggled, but ignored a direct question as well. “So that was your way of letting them down easy?”

Kim shrugged. “I didn’t so much let them down easy as made it clear that I couldn’t have a threesome with girls I just met. That would be skipping some steps for me you know what I mean?” Eva smiled and nodded. “To be honest, if just Brianna had been sitting across from me, I think she makes a real seduction attempt and I’m not so sure I’d be sitting here right now.” Kim didn’t look up, afraid that statement would hurt Eva’s feelings. “But I’m glad that I am.” Now she did look up and saw that Eva’s expression hadn’t changed. Warm and friendly; understanding. There was something about her that Kim had wrong, but Kim wasn’t certain what it could be.

Eva straightened up. “You’re suddenly looking at me funny.”

“Oh it’s not you; it’s just that…..” Suddenly Kim was aware, or at least suspected she was aware, of what was nagging at her.

“You say that, but now you’re looking at me even funnier.”

Kim was searching for a lie, or a way to back out of this line of questioning. “There’s something I just noticed and if I’m right, it’s fine, there’s just no way to discuss it without sounding like the rudest person on the face of the earth. While I think of some way to…”


Kim wasn’t sure she heard Eva correctly. “I don’t understand Eva….”

The rude thing you don’t want to ask me is how old I am and I’m telling you that I’m 45.”

Kim was stunned. “Ok, for one, how did you know what I was thinking? And two, you are a liar!”

Eva laughed. “Kim, since I was 16 I’ve looked 30 and luckily, it hasn’t changed. You’re not the first person to think it. In fact, you’re the 10th person I’ve had to convince since I walked in here 3 hours ago.”

“You don’t have to convince me, I trust you, it’s just…..amazing. I pegged you for my age earlier, and then when you came over and started talking to me I thought a couple of years older. But then something about your reaction to our discussion made me think you had a bit more, how do I put it…. life experience than that? Still, I was ready to guess 33 at the absolute max.”

“So you’re what, 25?”

“In 8 months.”

Eva thought for a moment and smiled. “My daughter is a couple of months older than you then. My son is 4 years younger.”

Kim shivered. “My mom is 2 years older than you, so at least you’re not old enough to be her.”

Eva shifted uncomfortably. “Have I completely weirded you out?”

“Oh no!” Kim pleaded. She grasped Eva’s hands and wrapped them in hers. ”Please don’t think that, I have a sarcastic streak. It was a joke. This whole thing just got slightly stranger is all.”

“What whole thing? We’re just 2 new friends having a drink at a bar right?” Eva grinned and used a pinkie finger to caress the palm of Kim’s right hand. For the first time, Kim felt completely comfortable. There was something about how Eva spoke and touched her that told her this could be whatever she wanted it to be and there was nothing to stress about. It was a touch and a look that removed the fear she’d always felt and for the first time in this situation, it actually felt mutual and equal. The possibilities were endless and, probably because of that, her mouth hung open, unsure of where the conversation was going and where to take it. Eva jumped in to save her. “Listen, why don’t we go up to my room and keep talking. I visited the liquor store earlier, so the drinks are free, and we can just chat without the wolves hounding us.”

Eva motioned with her head across the dance floor and Kim saw at least 2 tables of guys gawking at them, probably in the midst of deciding who actually had the guts to talk to them.

“You have good eyes for an old lady, let’s get out of here.”

Eva smirked, rolled her eyes and threw a twenty on the table as she rose out of her seat. “What, the more relaxed you get, the meaner you are?” She elbowed Kim playfully to let her know she was joking.

Kim smiled brightly. “Recently yes, but definitely not anymore.”

They walked hurriedly through the lobby and found an elevator empty and ready to go to floor 25. As soon as the door closed, Eva reached over and grabbed Kim’s right hand with her left, intertwining their fingers, and gripping tight. Kim felt like she might pass out, but 5 seconds into their journey, the elevator toned and stopped at the 3rd floor. Eva let her go and giggled and Kim’s legs felt like jelly. “That giggle is a killer,” she thought. It was innocent and sexy without sounding girlish. Their new companion was only going up 3 floors and Kim tensed up when the doors closed behind him. When Eva didn’t immediately reach out for her again, Kim panicked. Not because she was worried the mood was lost with Eva, but simply because she was desperate to touch her again. By the time she decided that she would initiate the next touch, they were at Eva’s floor.

“Follow me”, whispered Eva and carefully poked her head outside the doors looking for other guests. Most of the rooms were singles and the 2 of them entering Eva’s room at this hour would look…..well…it would look like exactly what it was. Kim didn’t really care, but if Eva did, she wasn’t going to judge that.

Seeing that the coast was clear, Eva pulled Kim to the left and quickly scooted to the far end of the hallway and the very last door. With one last quick glance down the hall, Eva scanned her key card and rushed Kim inside. Kim’s breath caught in her throat as the door clicked quietly shut. Eva kicked off her shoes and turned on the lights. “Now, how about that drink?”

Kim felt unsteady. “Ok”, she croaked. Eva sensed her nervousness and caressed her cheek for a moment. She began to turn and make her way to the kitchenette, but Kim grabbed her elbow and pulled her closer. Eva began to shudder herself; unsure if she was ready for whatever it was Kim was initiating. To her surprise and considerable relief, Kim simply wrapped her arms around Eva’s waist, put her head on her shoulder and embraced her. Eva rested her cheek on Kim’s warm neck, threw her arms around her shoulders, and pulled her close. Instinctively, she began running her fingertips along Kim’s bare shoulders. Kim tensed suddenly and pulled away. When Eva looked at her, there were tears welling up in her eyes. Kim felt like a fool and wordlessly reached for the door to rush out.

“Kim, hold it, what’s the matter?” Kim’s tears turned to audible sobs and outright waterworks and Eva grabbed her and held her tighter. “Ok, you get out whatever this is and then we’ll sit down and talk. It’s ok sweetie.” Eva’s reassurance was all Kim needed and she let loose. The tears flowed for what must have been 15 minutes and the entire time Eva just held her and caressed her hair, back and shoulders.

Eventually Kim calmed down, pulled away and smiled up at Eva with red, swollen eyes. “This is silly”, she started. “I’ve been using your top as a tissue this whole time.”

Eva laughed, “I have many tops, now stop apologizing and sit down.” She motioned to the bed and for the first time Kim actually gazed around her room. It was breathtaking. It was 2 levels; the top one the sleeping area with gigantic 4-poster bed continuing out into a sitting area with 2 leather sofas, chairs, kitchenette and big screen TV. Stairs fell away from there down to a landing with more seating surrounded by windows facing out into the starry Tampa skyline, and the piece de resistance, the Jacuzzi tub. Eva left Kim to look around and disappeared for a moment to the bathroom to change. Kim wandered down to the landing with the Jacuzzi tub and stood enveloped in stars shining in from the 20 foot high windows.

“My goodness, it’s like you’re rooming at the planetarium or something, this is amazing. Is this the suite reserved for the Empress of Insurance or something?” Kim heard a click and a series of curtains began to close them off from the night sky.

“Sorry, is that ok?” asked Eva, ignoring the question of the room. “I just don’t want to forget and be woken up by the sunshine streaming in from THOSE in the morning.”

“No it’s fine, I had a good look”, replied Kim, walking back up to join her on the top level. Eva had changed into a pair of black Lulu pants and some kind of Under Armour-ish form-fitting tee and Kim hoped someday she could be lucky enough to have a spot directly behind her in yoga class. Her ponytail was gone and replaced by lovely soft curls framing her perfect features. Kim suddenly felt overdressed in her halter top and jeans and embarrassed by her outpouring of emotion. She was unsure what to say, where to sit, or whether she should stay at all. She grabbed a tissue from a box next to the bed and dabbed at her eyes, imagining what she must look like.

“Kim, try to relax. There is no running mascara or runny noses to worry about. Here, do you want to lie down?” Eva patted the bed next to her and Kim realized again how genuine her concern was. She wasn’t a creepy guy trying to get her to let down her guard; she was trying to be her friend.

Kim lay down on her side facing Eva. Eva remained seated on the far corner of the bed, but looking right into her younger friend’s eyes. “Eva, I’m sorry about earlier, it’s a pretty long story.”

“Well it’s only 11:15, breakfast doesn’t start for over 8 hours.”

Kim smiled. “Well if it takes that long, there’s more wrong with me than I thought.” She sighed and began. “When I hugged you at the door and you started rubbing my shoulders, your touch reminded me of someone. It’s someone I loved, whom I now hate and am trying to let go of.” She gave Eva the non-Coles notes version, telling her how she met Cory at UGA, how he asked her out on one knee in the cafeteria in front of his buddies, putting his manhood on the line, how the first year and a half was amazing but when she left to play pro in Italy, things seemed to change, and then finished with the incident in the tub and its effect on her personality recently.

“12:03,” said Kim when she was done. “You’re ok to make breakfast I guess.”

Eva ignored the joke. “So let me get this straight. You feel embarrassed for crying in front of me when you went through all of that alone, and held it in for 6 straight months? Kim, I would have burst after one week, I don’t know how you did it.”

“Well I’m not some hero; it wasn’t exactly the best way of handling it.”

“I’m not calling you a hero and you should have handled it differently, but we all handle stress differently. If we don’t handle it the right way, we cry, scream, act like a bitch, whatever, and hopefully we have friends and family to tell us we’re acting stupid and to smarten up.”

“You saying I should smarten up?” Kim needed to change up her body position and rolled onto her back. Eva had been sitting cross-legged in the middle of the bed since Kim started talking and was getting uncomfortable too. While she considered her response, Eva stretched out on her side and rested her head against her hand. Her t-shirt pulled up and Kim glimpsed her bare midriff. “Flat, smooth, tanned and hard as a rock”, observed Kim. Eva could just as easily be any of the teens and twenty-somethings Kim spent her summers playing beach volleyball with. The younger girl breathed deeply in and out and she caught Eva watching her breasts heaving as she did so. She breathed in deeply again, conscious that desire for Eva was starting to cut through everything else cluttering her busy mind. Again Eva’s eyes were trained on the rise and fall of Kim’s chest. “Eva? Does the answer to my question have something to do with my tits?”

Eva finally blinked her eyes and brought them up to meet Kim’s. Both of them were smiling. “We’re both just getting caught looking all over the place aren’t we?” She looked down along Kim’s long, athletic frame and Kim could see her left hand twitch and tremble.

“Eva, are you thinking about touching me?”

“Y..yes,” Eva croaked, and Kim felt relieved that she sounded almost as frightened as Kim felt. “But, I mean…”

Kim cut her off. “I really want you to.”

Eva’s gaze turned back to Kim’s face. Kim nodded in encouragement. Without a word and without turning away, Eva’s left hand made its way to Kim’s stomach. She rested her hand there and lightly moved her fingers, caressing Kim through her shirt.

Kim reached down with her left hand and cupped Eva’s cheek. The older woman closed her eyes and nestled her head into her hand, breathing deeply. “Eva”, Kim whispered, “I want you to touch ME.” Eva nestled her head deeper into Kim’s hand and smiled. Still wordless and with her eyes closed, she gently slid Kim’s shirt up her torso, stopping just as her bra became visible. When Eva’s hand touched Kim’s bare stomach, soft “ohs” escaped both women’s lips and they giggled.

Eva slid up so her head was even with Kim’s and laid her head next to hers on the pillow. Her hand kept caressing. “Kim, did you want to keep talking about what’s on your mind? We didn’t really finish our conversation.”

“Thanks in part to help from a lot of unexpected places today, I’m going to be just fine.” She turned her face to Eva’s and smiled. “We can talk more tomorrow.....or I guess later today. For now, I need to be touched again and to touch someone back.” In response, Eva nestled in closer and rested her head on Kim’s shoulder while she lightly traced circles on her belly with her fingernails.

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