tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKim's Kock Addiction Ch. 02

Kim's Kock Addiction Ch. 02


Chapter 02: Hooked

I purposely didn't phone Kim for a week. I wanted to see how long she could stay away from the machine. So I wasn't surprised when, on the eighth day after her initial fucking, Kim phoned me.

"Mr. Kelly?" a familiar voice said.

"Yes, who is this?" I asked, knowing all along it was my current fuckmeat.

"Uh, this is Kim Kardashian. I was wondering if you might need me for some more experimenting."

"Well, Honey, I wouldn't normally. But the girl I had scheduled to test the suspension positions today just called and has the flu. I don't suppose you'd be available at this short notice, would you?"

She tried to control herself: "Yes, I'm sure I can get there right away. Shall I meet you at the hotel?" She was breathless.

"That will be fine, Sweetheart," I told her. "Meet me in a half hour in the bar."

"Yes, Sir," she respectfully replied.

Things were going along nicely for me -- just as I had planned. Kim's flesh was weak and wanton. I had enough self-control that I could manipulate the situation to my best advantage.

The short time Kim had to get dressed and drive to the hotel didn't stop her from looking incredibly sexy. And I knew it was just for me. I was sitting on a barstool, having a Tom Collins when in she walked. Kim was wearing all pink. She had on a sheer blouse that dropped off the shoulder, but was a crop top. There was no bra and her massive mammaries were bouncing up and down with every step. Her low-slung skirt fell below her navel, exposing her pierced belly button. And she was wearing pink patent leather go-go boots with about a five inch heel. Her face was bright, smiling. Her eyes were dancing as she saw me. She was happy.

When Kim walked up to me she put her arms around my neck and hugged my head to her breasts. It felt wonderful.

"Hi!" she said. "I'm so excited to be with you again, Mr. Kelly."

"It's good to have such an enthusiastic subject," I said, trying to sound scientific.

I got up off my stool and said, "My car is out back I'll lead you to it. Is that OK?"

"Sure," said the girl. "You can do anything you want to me. You know that, don't you?"

"I'll have to think of something special," I joked. But really wasn't joking. She giggled and gave me a coy, sexy smile. I was having trouble taking my eyes off her -- especially her blouse and her amazing nipples. But I was able to help her into my car.. I wanted to tie her hands behind her back. But I thought I'd wait. It's amazing how much patience you can have when you have total access and total control of a woman like I had.

When we arrived at the warehouse, I took her by the hand and walked her into the hanger. I sat her down in a folding chair. She blinked a bit, then looked at me with those enormous black eyes.

"What are we going to do today, Mr. Kelly?" she asked.

"Well, I'm going to tie you to the frame that's around the machine. Your wrists and ankles will be cuffed with leather and the straps will be affixed to the metal frame. You'll be stretched out -- you'll be totally spread-eagled. Does that appeal to you?"

"Yes," said Kim. "I imagine the machine can get into me from many different directions. I'm anxious to experience that."

"Take your clothes off," I commanded. The bitch obeyed. But she didn't just throw her clothes off. She had to give me a show. She slowly peeled her blouse off up over her head. While her hands were above her head, she hesitated so I could get a great look at her massive tits sticking out from her little chest. Then she dropped her skirt to the ground, revealing the fact that she was going commando today -- no panties. The last thing she removed was her pink go-go boots, sitting on the chair and extending her legs out before she kicked off the boots. She looked up at me, smiling wide again, as if she was a child who was proud of herself in front of a parent.

I helped her up a couple of steps at the edge of the frame. It was like a trampoline frame that had the leather straps wrapped around it at different positions. There was a platform I had her sit her ass onto while I strapped her in. When she was secured, I removed the platform from underneath and she was, indeed, suspended in mid-air. The straps around her ankles were elastic, so she could move her legs up-and-down, back-and-forth.

I had turned the heat up in the warehouse so she was starting to sweat. I did nothing to comfort her. She wanted the cock and she was going to get lots of it.

I retreated to the comfort of an air-conditioned booth that was fronted with one-way glass; I could see her, but she couldn't see me. But she could hear me through a speaker system I had installed. And I could hear her.

"Are you ready, Honey?" I asked.

"Yes. I've been ready for days," she replied.

"OK," I said as I flipped the switch and started up the machine. The cocks began to rotate on the rod and move back-and-forth within about a six-inch span. As they neared her cunt, I flipped the metal frame over so Kim was facing the floor. Her beautiful ass was above her, defining her as a sexual object. There were two cocks approaching her body -- one was coming up from underneath her and would eventually enter her vagina. The other was hovering behind her, near her feet, and would fuck her asshole.

Just then I introduced a third cock into the mix. A pink rubbery one came out of the box housing the device and approached her amazing mouth. I pushed the lower ones toward her holes. They began burrowing into her, gently at first, then more rapidly and deeper. Without questioning me or what was happening to her, Kim naturally and quickly wrapped her mouth around the pink cock in front of her -- as if it had been pre-determined that she was supposed to suck it. She looked perfectly normal with the pink thing down her throat and her lips mouthing the circumference like a fish. But this was no normal pink cock. Soon Kim realized that what she did with the cock in her mouth determined what the cocks inside her, between her legs, would do. If she kissed the tip of it, the cocks inside her would be replaced by the little tongues I had invented and would kiss her asshole and her clitoris. If she licked it, the tongues would start licking her. If she sucked it, bobbing her head up-and-down on it, the cocks would thrust deeply into her holes. Kim took to it like a girl who had been there many times before. She caressed the shaft with her wet tongue, licking it up the bottom and over the tip. She mouthed it like she was trying to wet the end with her lips. All the while the tongues and the hard cocks up her ass and in her cunt were playing with her, teasing her. When she wanted thrusting, Kim would go down on the pink thing, deep throating it and trying to suck juice out of it. She began thrusting her hips at the dongs while she bobbed her head up and down. Her movements became more exaggerated, forcing herself to engulf more and more of the dildos. She seemed to especially push for the one up her ass to dig deeper into her asshole. And the noises she made were beautiful -- especially because they were muffled because the cock was deep down her throat. Watching her suck and getting fucked was a very beautiful thing. It was a good thing that I was taping the entire event to show to her and to others later. My little nympho was getting what she wanted. And soon I would be getting everything I wanted.

The crowning glory of the whole event was when Kim had come about three times and was straining for the fourth one. She was sucking her little heart out, trying to get the machine to fuck her harder and deeper than before. Unexpectedly, fluid began spurting out of her mouth's cock, covering her sweating face with "cum". She quickly moved her mouth over the tip so she could swallow every drop, as if it was her mother's milk. I had mixed a solution that contained glucose, milk and lemon juice. It simulated actual male cum, but I had made it sweeter and tastier for her. After all, I wanted her to be happy. I thought she was used to getting some cum down her throat in order to get fucked satisfactorily. I didn't want her to miss any of the real experience. She gobbled up every precious drop as she came again on the rodded cocks.

Covered with sweat and full of cum, Kim was panting very heavily. I would have been afraid that she might have a heart attack if I didn't know for sure she was used to such exercise and stress. I wanted to put my ear over her heart to hear it beating rapidly. And to smell her sweat and her cum. So I did. While Kim was still strapped in and spread-eagled, I flipped the frame over so she was looking at the ceiling and rested my head on her bosom, ostensibly to listen to her heartbeat. My heart began racing. My nose and my ears and my eyes were drinking up a just-fucked Kim. It was a dream come true for me.

When her breathing became more regular, I untied her and dropped her feet to the ground, holding her up so she wouldn't collapse. She started making noises, as if exhaling. She was getting her bearings and her balance back. I almost felt sorry for her. She leaned heavily on me, making my clothes wet with her sweat.

"Wow. That was amazing. A-m-a-z-i-n-g. I feel wonderful," the girl said.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, Darling," I said to her. "You deserve it. You've earned it." That brought a big smile to her beautiful face. I led her to the folding chair and she sat down and put her head between her legs, attempting to avoid nausea. It was just too much excitement for the poor thing. Even though she was laughing and smiling, I could tell she was in some discomfort. But I also knew she wouldn't have changed one moment of her experience.

I gave her some time to compose herself. I backed away and went into my booth. Soon I picked her clothes up and handed them to her. Slowly she stood up and re-dressed herself. Her hair was a mess. She did nothing to fix it. She just slowly walked to the car and got in, without speaking.

In the car on the way back to the hotel I took the opportunity to push forward with my agenda.

"So, have you told Kourtney about the machine yet?"

"Yes, but she can't appreciate how wonderful it is. I tried to tell her but it's hard to believe for anyone."

"Maybe we should show her how amazing it is. Maybe You'd like her to watch a session sometime?" I offered. "Or we could strap her in sometime -- just for a little while so she could get a first-hand taste."

"I don't know," Kim said. "Kourt is shy when it comes to doing sex stuff in front of people. I know she wouldn't like you watching her."

"I could hide in the booth. You could direct her and help her. She wouldn't have to know I'm here," I said, hopefully.

"I don't know. That's not being honest. She'd kill me if she ever found out."

"OK. I'll tell you what. Let's all go to lunch sometime. She can meet me and see how harmless I am. Maybe she'll get to like me and trust me. We can work her into it slowly. We'll be honest with her. Maybe she'll just enjoy watching you. We'll all have a good talk."

"I think I can arrange that. But I'd like to know I'll have more access to the machine. Do you think I'll be getting to use it again soon?" Kim was starting to be ingratiating to me again.

"It would be a great interruption to the study I'm doing and would disrupt me, personally. I have a strict schedule of testing to do and to disrupt that schedule would upset me."

"I'd make it up to you," the wench cooed. She looked into my eyes, then turned my head to her and gave me an amazing, soul-rattling wet French kiss. She kept going and going and attempting to turn me on more and more. Unfortunately, the traffic light changed and I had to pull away from her lovely mouth and tongue.

"So are you saying you're available to me, personally, Kimmie?" I asked.

"Are you kidding?" Kim asked. "I'll do anything for you, anytime, anywhere, if you'll let me use the machine once or twice a week. And I think you have enough of an imagination that you realize what that means."

Internally I was laughing at her. But I tried to keep a straight face. "Well, I'll have to think about it and come up with something, I guess. It's a very appealing offer. 'Anything' does cover a lot of ground. I'll call you," I teased.

"Thank you, Honey," Kim said, as she squeezed my hand and stared into my eyes. We arrived at the hotel and I let her out in the parking lot. I watched her stumble and walk crookedly towards her car. My mind began to race. Things were just starting to get good.


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