tagInterracial LoveKim's Story Ch. 01

Kim's Story Ch. 01


Hi my names Kim, I won't say I've led a sheltered life but I can tell you I was not ready for what happened when I moved out of the family home to go to college.

I had just turned eighteen and was looking forward to a little independence in my life, I'd always went out with boys my parents approved of but very rarely got the chance to be alone with them, when I did it usually involved me tugging a small prick till it made a mess on my hand. When I finally manage to lose my virginity it was quick, messy and a real let down. I don't think that boys my age know what to do with me. Whenever they got the chance to be alone with me I was always ready for sex but it always seemed awkward with lots of fumbling and some over excited boyfriend trying to get me to suck their cock and it always ended way too soon. As a hormonal teen I found sex a disappointment so I concentrated more on studying than on boys.

I'm not tall, I'm barely 5ft 3inches in my bare feet but I've got long legs, a firm bottom narrow waist and my bra size is 34C. I'm strawberry blond with bright blue eyes and pale skin. In the summer I have to wear sun hats, long dresses and factor 50 sun creams or I just turn red like a lobster. My best friend Chloe says I'm the prettiest girl she knows but I'm always jealous of her olive skin and all over tan, she was born a sun goddess.

Anyhow my dad bought a flat near the college I'm going to so I had somewhere to stay, I think it was so he could keep an eye on me and stop me from getting into trouble at the college dorm in my first year.

College was exciting, meeting new people and making a few friends but I missed home and didn't really feel part of the scene as I didn't live on campus, After couple of months I slipped into the drudgery of daily life you know study,lecture,study,lecture then study some more. I was getting dressed one morning and looked in the mirror to notice I was getting a little out of shape, I gave my ass a hard slap. No still nice and firm there but my tummy had a gentle swell to it, I had to do something about that so I got out the local directory and looked for a gym nearby.

Perfect there was a gym about ten minutes' walk from where I stayed so I packed some workout clothes wrote down the address and headed over, nobody would mind if I missed a study group in the morning, god knows everybody does it, missing one couldn't possibly get me into trouble.

When I got there it only had the word RON'S in blue neon writing above the entrance and mirrored glass windows all along the front. It was real big almost a full block, if I didn't have the address I'd never have known it was a gym. I tried to open the door but it was locked, boy did I feel like a real jerk or what. It was still only half past eight on a Monday morning I should have called first, I tried to look through the mirrored glass but couldn't see anything but my own dumb reflection staring back at me.

I bit my thumb nail and looked around for a sign with the opening times written down. I was just about to give up and go home when there was a loud crackle that made me jump about a foot into the air and I heard a deep voice laugh out loud and say.

"Honey can I help you, you look lost." the intercom was at waste height so I turned and bent over to talk into it.

"Yes please" I replied "I was looking for the gym."

"Honey this gym is under new management and only open to private members and invited guests."

"Sorry" I said "I must look like the dumbest girl in town right now, I certainly feel like it."

Little did I realise but the guy on the other end of the intercom was looking straight down my top as I talked and was smiling to himself as he took in the view.

"Honey have you come far."

"No sir I replied only about ten minutes away I'm really sorry to have bothered you, do you know if there's a gym that's open to the public nearby."

"No honey this is the only gym this side of the river."

"OK thank you sir I'll just head home then," I'm sure he could hear the disappointment in my voice.

"No need for that honey, we're short on female members, how about I give you a free one day pass so you can look around."

"Yeah that sounds great" I said sounding like an excited teenager.

The door clicked and swung in, I picked up my bag and entered a plush looking reception hall.

I heard the door closed behind me with an audible click as I walked over to the reception desk where a larger than life black man stood in shorts, 'T' shirt and bare feet; he had a bald head and a well-trimmed moustache. I couldn't put an age on him but he certainly looked over forty five. When I stood in front of him I looked straight ahead at his broad chest and giggled a little just out of nerves, his arms were as thick as my waist and his hands looked

massive even when resting on his huge thighs, if it weren't for the fact that he was the blackest person I'd ever laid eyes on I swear he could have passed for Shrek.

In a rumbling deep voice he said "what's so funny."

I could feel the voice shake me inside and in a quivering voice I replied "nothing sir."

OMG I even sounded nervous to myself. He laughed out loud and I visibly shook with the low rumble of his voice and with a broad grin and the whitest teeth he put his right hand forward saying.

"Hi I'm Ron."

I just stared straight back up at him wide eyed.

"And you are."

"Sorry sir, err Ron I'm Kim."

I put my small hand in his then he covered it completely with his and shook it probably gently for him but I thought my arm was going to shake off and my chest visibly wobbled causing me to blush furiously as I looked up at him.

He then handed me a plastic fob and led me to the changing rooms saying that I'd have to use the men's locker room as the ladies is still getting fitted out.

"Oh I said maybe I should come back another day."

"It's OK Kim the gym doesn't open for another week and it's only the two of us here this morning so you won't get disturbed."

"Err OK I guess I'll just go and change."

I went in found a soft bench with an open locker above sat down, opened my bag and took out my clothes, shit I forgot my sports bra and panties, I sat a while wondering what to do then decided what the hell I'll probably never be back I could never afford membership of this place and nobody else is going to see so I put on my pink playboy top, pink shorts with the cut up the sides and my pink and white pumps, put my hair in bunches and headed out with a spring in my step.

I'd only ever been with boys before and never a real man. I didn't realise at the time but I was like a lamb happily walking into the lion's den when I walked into Ron's gym practically naked.

"Hi Ron."

All I got back was an intense stare from his dark eyes and a low rumble from his big barrel chest. Ron definitely knew who the lamb was and what the lion was going to do to it.

He took my hand and led me to the matt saying I should warm up first and showed me some stretching exercises, then told me to try. I stood and gave him a good ten minute workout while I stretched and twisted then stood with my legs slightly apart and bent forward with straight legs and put both hands flat on the floor, I knew he was watching me and it was making me kinda hot just thinking about it, I looked back and saw him staring at my ass and realised I could feel a cool breeze making my pussy tingle where I was getting wet along the pink slit and knew he could probably see my bare pussy with just a wisp of blonde hair along the puffy lips.

I stood up blushing and asked him.

"What next."

He told me to get on the exercise bike and get some cardiovascular work done. He set the resistance low and told me to keep going until he was finished his workout and went to the bench press at the back of me. I could see him in the mirror and he never took his eyes off my ass as he lifted dumb bells that probably weighed more than me. He pumped iron like a pro I couldn't believe how hard he worked. The sweat was running off him and he took off his top, god he looked hot, that combined with the constant rub of the seat on my pussy was making a fire burn deep inside me.

After about twenty minutes of constant rubbing I was on fire and in new territory altogether when I felt a warm glow spread from my pussy to my stomach and titties. I let out a loud satisfying sigh and almost fell off the saddle, I lost all coordination of my arms and legs then felt a large arm around my waist lifting me off the bike.

I looked at Ron with glazed eyes as he looked at the mess I made of his seat and laughed, then put me down on unsteady legs while he wiped the seat with his top before taking a deep sniff of it and taking me over to the bench press where I sat down to regain my composure.

"Ron I'm sorry I don't know what came over me I've never done that before."

I could feel the wetness between my legs like I just pee'd myself.

"Kim honey I sure as hell know what cum all over my bike seat."

I stared at him with a worried look in my eyes.

"Are you mad at me Ron?"

"He sniffed his top again and said no way baby that was sweet, now how about I spot for you while you push some weights."

"Ok Ron but I never pushed weights from a bench before, are you sure you're not mad at me."

"No Kim I'm not mad now lie down on your back and do what I say."

I laid down on the bench and Ron put a ten pound weight on either end of the bar, gave me some chalk and told me to rub it on my hands then I put them on the bar where he said and he put his large hands over mine straddled my head and told me to do five repetitions saying that girls like me shouldn't try to build muscle as it ruined the figure and that I should just work on keeping what god intended me to have,

"Gee thanks for the compliment Ron."

"No problem honey."

As I started to do my first set I put my head back as I pushed and looked straight up and stopped when he said, then counted to five and let it rest back, then up again. This time when I looked up I stared straight up the left leg of his shorts and stopped. Ron counted to five for me then told me to lower the bar, I didn't move a muscle.

"Kim are you ok honey."

He looked at me staring with wide eyes as I looked up his shorts to see the biggest blackest cock I'd ever seen.

"My god I whispered is that thing real, nobody ever told me they could get that big."

"Would you like a better look?"

"Yes please."

Ron stepped back and pushed his shorts down to the floor before stepping back over me.

My mouth was dry and I swallowed hard.

"You can touch it if you like."

I reached up and gently put one hand around his girth trying to get the measure of it but my fingers didn't quite touch, with the other I cupped one smooth black ball, it filled my hand and felt heavy when I tried to lift it. His cock twitched forcing my fingers farther apart and I pulled my hands back quickly in shock and watched as his cock and heavy smooth orbs swing back and forth until they stopped then I looked straight into his eyes and silently mouthed "OMG". I sat up as Ron moved to the other end of the bench straddling it with his cock pointing directly at me and his heavy balls resting on the cool leather. I moved to touch it again and he coughed to get my attention.

"Kim honey I think it's your turn."

I could hardly take my eyes of it; I looked at Ron with my head to the side and a look of disbelief on my face.

"Yes Ron, my turn for what Ron."

"Kim just take your god damn clothes off."

" Yes sir err Ron."

I stood and pulled my top over my head letting my titties spring free before hooking my thumbs into the waist band of my shorts to pull them down as I did this I felt a large hand cup my left tit and roll the stiff nipple to a firm point sending waves of pleasure through me. I kept my pumps on and kicked of my damp shorts before straddling the bench in front of Ron.

Here I was sitting in front of a black guy I hardly knew, buck naked with only one thing on my mind. I reached out my hand to stroke his cock and it started to twitch again.

"Kim you have no fucking idea how good that makes me feel honey."

That was all the encouragement I needed and I started to stroke with both hands my arms making my titties push together, Ron pinched my nipples making me squeal then ran a large hand down my stomach sending butterflies through me until he reached my mound and pushed a large black digit into my soft pink slit parting the lips and finding my tight hole before pushing a slippery finger into me. I stopped what I was doing and gasped as a shiver ran through me, Ron stared at me in disbelief.

"Kim honey, are you a virgin."

I couldn't talk but just shook my head, Ron smiled.

"Are you sure honey only I've fingered an awful lot of pussy in my fifty five years and yours is by far the tightest pussy I've ever had the pleasure to finger and believe me Kim it is a pleasure."

He kept his big finger buried deep in me moving it gently in and out while he pressed his wide thumb between my swollen lips and straight onto my clit. I bit my bottom lip trying to compose myself and looked into his big brown eyes saying as seriously as I could.

"Ron I've done it seven times before and the last time was only five months ago."

He grinned like he just won the lotto, pulled his finger out and sucked it clean tasting my sex

"Kim honey for all intense purposes I can tell you that you're still a virgin. If you want me to fuck you it's gonna hurt like hell for the first couple of minutes until you get used to it."

"Mmmmm Ron I said breathlessly could you put your finger back."

He smiled and did as I asked, god it felt soooo good.

I looked at his thick cock pointing straight at my pussy then put my soft hand on the tip and said ."

I want whatever it is he wants."

"Kim honey he wants virgin pussy and I'm gonna make sure he gets it."

I smiled back at him,

"So am I Ron."

I started to stroke his cock again with both hands; I wanted to make him feel as good as he made me feel. I pushed back along his cock rolling the foreskin back off the large purple black head and he closed his eyes and moaned with pleasure as a drop of pre-cum oozed from the half inch slit in the head. I put my finger on it and pushed the tip in; it felt like it sucked my finger almost to the first knuckle before I pulled it out coated in a thick clear fluid. It just felt right putting it to my lips, I parted my wet lips and stuck my tongue out to taste it as Ron opened his eyes and looked at me. I sucked my finger and said.

"God it tastes better than it looks."

"Why don't you get a proper taste Kim?"

"Thanks Ron" I said and leant forward onto my elbows as he took his hand away from my hungry pussy and started to fondle my titties.

His cock swayed in front of my open mouth until I steadied it with both hands pulling the foreskin back so I could see all the head shiny and dripping pre-cum onto the bench, I could really smell the musk of a man's sweaty cock and balls and it made me want to eat it all. I opened wide and put the slippery salty sweet head into my mouth and started to suck like a new born calf, pushing my tongue into the slit and swirling it around the head. I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven.

Large hands groped my tits and pulled my nipples to bullet points before sliding down my back and coming to a rest on my firm bottom to massage the cheeks and pull them apart. I could feel the cool air on my exposed sex and ass then a large finger started to slide up and down my slit in and out of my hot hole and up to my now slippery pink ring. I felt a thick fingertip push where no finger had ever been before and I lunged forward without thinking and a thick cock slid past my aching jaw and into the back of my throat then he was back in my pussy and I was moaning with pleasure on his cock as I pushed back onto his finger letting the cock slide out my throat so I could breathe again.

Again and again he did this until his climax neared.

Then he put both hands on my head and started to rock his hips back and forth filling my mouth with black cock and salty sweet pre-cum that dribbled down my chin. All I could hear was sucking, slobbering noises and I felt like I was a born cock sucker, I was getting turned on just from sucking a cock. I totally missed all the signals he was about to climax and he shot a thick load of creamy hot cum into my mouth filling me up so I couldn't breathe, I panicked and pushed myself up off his thick cock, my cheeks bulging my lips clenched tight and still some cum pushing out from between my lips, my eyes were watering as Ron looked at me and I coughed and sneezed at the same time making cum run out my nose like milk. Ron laughed out loud, I got embarrassed for a second and had to swallow before I said anything, I could feel the cum dribble out my nose. I wiped it off with the back of my hand and sniffed before smiling and saying.

"It's a good job for you it tastes nice or I swear I'd never do that again."

"Do you want to do that again Kim?"

"Sure Ron if you'll let me."

Ron said good girl Kim as he started to finger my pussy again.

"OK Kim it's your turn to cum now turn around and lean over that bar, I'm gonna eat me some virgin pussy."

I put my hands on his broad shoulders and looked deep into his eyes.

"Ron is this going to hurt as well only I've never had my pussy eaten before."

"Kim honey it's even better than this."

He pushed a thick black finger into my tight pink pussy and piston it in and out. I could tell by the smirk on his face that he was enjoying teasing me. My nipples were getting harder just thinking about it.

He put a wraparound pad on the bar and guided me over it so my face was touching the leather of the bench and my legs were either side with my ass in the air and my toes just touching the ground.

I could feel his hot breath on my pussy as he neared taking in the view of me lying totally exposed to him and open to anything he wanted to do, my excitement grew with my anticipation then a tongue as hot and long as a poker found my slit and pushed in, I tried to squirm backwards but he held me firm with one hand as he pushed a thick tongue into my hot hole and massaged my pussy with thick lips as he circled my now exposed and slippery pink ring with his free hand. Ron's thick lips found my clit and sucked hard sending me into convulsions as my pussy climaxed and shook me to my core with an intense orgasm.

I was still shaking when I realised he had two fingers in my tight little pussy and one very slippery finger inserted to the second knuckle in my now not so tight pink ring, I was about to complain when I just thought what a dirty feeling it was to have a black guy I hardly know doing things to me that mommy and daddy would definitely not approve of. When I pushed back Ron definitely got the message that I was ready for getting broken in. He slowly pulled his fingers out and stood behind me.

"OK Kim this is it honey I'll try and be gentle but only for your first time after today it's gonna be as hard as I feel like giving it to you, do you understand."

"Yes Ron."

He stroked his cock a few times then let it rest in the cleft of my buttocks, god it felt thick, hot, gnarled and very long

"Right Kim this is it I'm gonna take your pink cherry and keep it for the black nation, you OK with that honey."

"S s s sure Ron, have you got a rubber on."

"Black guys don't do contraception Kim I thought you knew that, it's always bareback and always at least one nut on target, contraception is your department honey, do you still want it."

I tried to think hard what the date was and when my next period was due but I just couldn't concentrate.

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