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June 21, 2003

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Chapter 1 Hong Kong 1950:

"Ah fuck! "The voice yelled from under the blanket.

A neatly polished boot kicked the bundle under the blanket again.

"Let me be! Oh my fucking head! What hit me?" The voice growled from under the blanket again.

"I am afraid it was that whiskey river that you tried to drain last night old boy." Captain Jeffrey Chambers said.

"Where am I?" The voice asked.

"Oh you are in jail Old sport. I am afraid that you caused a bit of a fuss last night. Made rather a mess at one of our favorite watering holes and all that." The commissioner of British police stationed in Hong Kong replied.

"How did I get here?" The voice asked.

Captain Chambers stood next to the jail house bunk in full dress uniform as he said, "Well, one of my chaps had to bop you on the head before they could collect you. It took three of my men to get you in the back of the wagon, as you see. "

"Ah Fuck! What did he hit me with?" The voice moaned sorrowfully.

Captain Chambers began, "Buck up old boy. You'll live. But I am afraid that you will have to pay a bit of a fine as well as the damages which you caused. The owner of the bar is screaming bloody murder, you see, and he ... well you know."

Slowly the man on the jail cell bunk pulled the blanket down from over his head. Colonel Samuel Kincade United States Marines retired looked up at the ceiling and belched.

Captain Chambers said, "That's a good fellow. Now then, your man is in my office waiting for you. He's made your bail, and you can be on your way. However, you will have to come back to pay the damages at the hearing."

Sam asked, "Chung Low is here?"

Captain Chambers replied, "Yes Indeed --- I say, wherever did you meet such a brute of a man?"

Sam answered, " Ah well, It was when I was flying P Forties in China for the Flying Tigers. One day we were setting up an early warning post in one of the outlying villages when my group came under attack by Japanese commandos. At that time, Chung was a Chinese under ground fighter. I guess it was just dumb luck. He was about to be executed by the Japanese when I came storming into their camp with my Tommy gun blazing. Since then, he has dedicated his life to me. I mean that he thinks that I saved his life, and he thinks that he owes his life to me. In China it's that way. When a person saves your life, you then owe that person a debt of gratitude. Since then, he has dedicated his life to me as my protector. Then when America entered the war, we were separated. I went back to the states to reclaim my commission in the Marines. After the war, we both some how landed up here. I guess he sought me out, and we have been together ever since. "

Chambers replied, "I say. That's quite a story."

Sam began to arise from the bunk.

"Watch your step old boy. These old Chinese jails have low ceilings. Don't bump your head when you get up from there." Chambers chuckled as he exited the jail cell.

"Very funny." Sam retorted.

Standing to his full height, Sam made an imposing figure. Years in the United States Marine Corps had made Sam big and brawny. His usually clear blue eyes were clouded with the effects of a monster hang over. His head pounded such that he pressed both of his hands upon his head. Then he ran his fingers through his closely cut black hair.

"Uuuwee that was a bad one." Sam said to himself.

Sam brushed his rumpled and torn gray suit off with his hands as he walked to Jeffrey Chambers' office. Since this wasn't the first time that he had been a guest of the British police, Sam knew the way. In fact, Sam and Jeffrey were old friends. In these days of unrest in Hong Kong, the Americans and the British found it advantageous to take care of each other. There was a civilian police force consisting of mostly Chinese, but when the shit hit the fan, it was the British who had the real authority and final say over things.

Wearing the traditional Chinese costume which consisted of a black silk tunic and pants Chung Low said," Why do you disgrace me this way?" Sam replied, "Stop being a mother hen. I'm all right."

Chung began again, "You drink too much. You always get in trouble when you drink too much. What was it this time? Was it another woman? You know that Hong Kong is a very dangerous place. There is all manner of cut throats here. One night when I'm not there to watch your back, someone will slit your throat."

Sam waved his hand through the air, "I should never have taught you to speak English. All right, I am sorry mother hen. Come on let's get out of here."

The mother hen thing was a running joke between the two men. As far as mother hens were concerned, Chung Low didn't fit the mold. Mother hens are supposed to be little nervous individuals who are afraid of their own shadows. Chung Low on the other hand was a big man. He towered over Sam's six foot frame by as many as six inches. He was packing about two hundred seventy pounds of hard muscle. In addition, he was a master at hand to hand combat. He had a habit of crushing small objects in his large powerful hands to intimidate his adversaries. His long brown hair and his oriental features made him a very believable bone crusher.

Jeffrey said, "There you are old sport. Ah now then, you two run along. I don't want to see either of you anymore today. I especially do not want to see you Sam any more today. You see I have a date with a bit of all right, if you know what I mean. Cheery bye old boy."

Sam was dismissed curtly by his old friend, and that was the way the day began for Sam.

In large emerald green letters, the sign over Sam's office depicted, "Sea Dragons." The sign boasted a pair of dragons breathing fire into the air. A green dragon was placed on each side of the sign such as to bracket the emerald green letters. The background was black for contrast. In small green letters were the words, "Kincade Enterprises."

Sam had come to Hong Kong to start a shipping company. He gambled upon the fact that after the war the Chinese would need all manner of goods relative to the reconstruction. In addition, China had been taken over by the communists who closed the countries markets to the west. Also the British controlled Hong Kong which made it the only free market in the region. To Sam's way of thinking, this was an outstanding opportunity for the right guy who wasn't afraid to take a risk or two. Sam knew something also. He knew that when markets are closed, a black market arises quickly to emulate a free market. In a situation like this, the right guy could get rich quickly.

Sam had set about buying a fleet of sea going junks. His first purchase was a large sea going junk which he named, Hornet. He and Chung began running the blockade set up by the communists. It was very risky business, but it was very profitable. The shipping company grew quickly bolstered by the profits from the black market goods. Along the way, Sam had become a sort of hero among the boat people who lived in the harbors. The hornet was always a welcome sight when it sailed into the harbor. Sam was smart enough to know that favors placed in the right place would bring good returns.

"So what was it all about last night?" Chung asked as they sat in Sam's office at the shipping company.

Sam still in his ripped gray suit replied, "She said that she wasn't married."

Chung, "And you believed her?"

Sam, "Well she wasn't wearing a ring."

Chung, "What else did she tell you?"

Sam, "Well all right. I had a bit too much to drink, and I guess that my judgment was a little slippery. I saw the mark on her finger where she usually wore her ring. Allot of the wealthy tourists pull that trick. They want to have a night on the town without hubby. Besides, she was a knock out. She had these big beautiful eyes, and she had a great pair of tits. You know that I'm a sucker for a big beautiful blonde. "

Chung, "So, what else?"

Sam, "Well we were sitting all the way in the back where nobody can see you. I had my arms around her, and we were making out. I was grabbing her tits, and she was rubbing my cock. She started saying things like, why don't you take me somewhere and fuck me. Then the shit hit the fan. Before I knew it, she is saying, My husband is here. You got to do something. He can't find me like this. Well, I figured that the only thing to do was to start a fight. I told her to run out through the kitchen when the fight started. I hated to do it, but I grabbed some sailor who was on the town with his buddies. Then, before I knew it, the whole place turned into a free for all. Everybody was throwing punches. I was holding my own when the lights went out. I guess one of Jeffrey's men popped me on the head. Well, that's it. "

Chung sat and gave Sam a look of contempt. At that time, there was a knock on the door.

Sam said, "Chung see who is at the door."

Chung opened the door to see a pretty woman with dark hair. At the sight of Chung, the black eyed beauty stepped back in fright.

She asked, "Are you Sam Kincade?"

Chung merely pointed at Sam. With trepidation, the tall slender Eurasian stepped into the office.

She asked, "Are you Sam Kincade?"

Sam replied while sitting at his desk, "Yes what can I do for you?"

"I have come to make you a proposition. May I sit?"

Sam gestured.

Sam began, "Please forgive my appearance. It was a rough night. "

She said with a smile, "Well I wasn't going to complement your tailor."

Sam chuckled, "I don't blame you. Is there something that I can do for you?"

The pretty woman took a look around Sam's office and said, "Well I can't complement your interior decorator either."

Sam's office was sparse. Its' best attribute was the view of the harbor. The office contained a brown leather couch and a couple of sitting chairs.

Sam said, "Why don't you tell me your name? That's always a good place to start."

She said, "I'm Susie Benten. I am Lee Wong's stepdaughter. "

At that, Sam's attention was drawn up.

A moment passed before Sam spoke, "That name takes me all the way back to China when I was a member of the Flying Tigers."

Susie said, "I know. You see I received a letter from my step sister telling me all about it."

Sam asked, "Where did you come from?"

Susie replied, "I am an American. I was born in San Francisco. My mother was Lee Wong's first wife. I guess I should tell you the whole story. "

Sam said, "Please do Miss Benten. I am very interested in what you have to say."

Susie continued, "Not long ago, I received a letter from my step sister Jade. She told me that our father is being held for ransom by gangsters. I am not sure if you know that our father has become a very wealthy man in the Jade trade. Well since the communist take over, things have changed drastically. Several groups of people have taken up the life of crime. These gangsters are not above kidnapping people for ransom. They are holding my father, and they are threatening my sister. They know that my sister is holding a fortune in jade artifacts. It comes down to this Mister Kincade. My sister Jade wants you to help. She wants you to come to China to rescue her and our father."

Sam fell back into his chair and let out a long low whistle.

Then he said, "holy shit! "

A long silence passed before anyone spoke.

It was Chung who spoke, "It is a debt of gratitude and honor. You must honor it."

Susie asked, "What is he talking about?"

Sam began, "When I was a Flying Tiger, I was shot down. I bailed out, and I soon found myself on the run. It was Lee Wong who took me in and hid me. Later, I was able to get back to my unit. If it wasn't for Lee's help, I probably would have been killed. "

Susie asked, "So then, will you help?"

Another long silence passed. The two men seemed to be considering the proposition. There was a lot to consider. There was danger involved, and one or all of the participants may not make it back.

Sam said after some consideration, "I guess we are going for a sea voyage."

Susie said, "Good, when can we get started."

Quickly Sam said, "Hold on there. You're not going anywhere. This is no trip for a woman. You missy are going to stay right here in Hong Kong until we get back."

Susie flurried, "Not on your life. I'm in this all the way. Remember these are my relatives. "

Chung agreed, "She has a right to be there."

Sam looked at Susie and said, "You know that something like this is very dangerous. You could get hurt or worse."

Susie retorted, "I haven't come all this way to quit now. I am going all the way with you regardless of the consequences. "

Chapter 2 The Voyage:

The thing About a junk is that they are all built to traditional specifications. Some are small and some are large, but all junks are sea worthy crafts. The people who build junks have had no need to change the design. Once they found the design which worked, they have adhered to that design for a hundred years or more. Another nice thing about a Junk is that they all look alike. This is a handy thing for a guy who intends to sail into forbidden waters.

Sam's junk sailed out of Hong Kong harbor with enough crew and provisions for an extensive sea voyage.

Susie asked, "Why do you call this ship the hornet?"

Sam answered, "It's because it has a bit of a stinger in it's tail. You see in my business a guy needs a little bit of an edge."

Susie, "I'm not sure just what you mean, but I'll take your word for it."

It was that time of year when the days are hot and the nights aren't any cooler. The humidity made the air wet and sticky. The sun beat down upon the sea as to make the sea glassy and moody. Under these conditions, storms could come up suddenly. It could be a sunny day full of blue sky, and in a short time, clouds could roll across the horizon. When that happened, you were in for a hell of a time. Sam and Chung were experienced sailors now, and they knew these waters as well as this coastline. They never underestimated the danger of sailing these waters.

The voyage was under way, and the crew settled down into a daily routine. Because of the heat most of the crew had stripped down to light weight clothing. On the second day, Susie appeared upon deck wearing a red bathing suit and a white sun hat. Sam became very aware of her presence. Although she was tall and slender, Susie filled out her bathing suit nicely. Her raven black hair made a pleasant contrast to the red bathing suit which she was wearing.

As they were standing on the after deck, Chung remarked, "I have seen that look before."

Sam replied, "She has a nice pair of tits."

Chung, "Her ass is not too bad either."

The two men made their appraisal of Susie's assets, and she came out to be viewed as a worthwhile piece of ass. Sam knew that before this voyage was over, Sam and Susie would be more than business partners. Susie on the other hand was aware of Sam. Dressed in his captain's cap, tee shirt, and shorts which revealed his rippling muscles, Sam was a very attractive man, and Susie noticed every part of him. The flirting began that night at dinner.

Sam, "We are going to be on this boat for some time Miss Benten. Why don't we bring it down to a first name basis?"

Susie, "Well all right. You can call me Susie, and I'll call you Sam. And let's not forget Mister Low. I will call you Chung, like Sam does. If that's all right?"

Chung, "That will be just fine Susie."

Sam, "Now that is over let's have a drink to get us in the spirit of things."

The night's dinner was a success. All three diners had a very pleasant time getting to know each other. Sam accompanied Susie to her cabin. Susie knew that Sam was going to kiss her, but She didn't mind. All through dinner Susie was thinking of what it would be like to have this big handsome man in her bed. She had made her mind up that that would happen sooner than later. The narrow corridor accommodated Sam's move. Standing outside of Susie's cabin, Sam leaned up against her and kissed her hotly. Susie kissed him back. This made Sam's cock hard. Sam began to dry fuck her as they stood there. He began to grind his cock against her belly as if he was already inside her, and he heard her gasp with heat. Susie began pushing against Sam's cock. She could feel the heft of it. It was big. She thought he is trying to tell me that he's got a big cock, and I'm going to be taking all of it.

Susie broke the kiss and said, "hold on there sailor. Let's take this a little slower. I'll see you in the morning. Until then, you better cool down mister."

Sam stood back and he replied, "Yes I will see you in the morning, but I don't think that I'll be any cooler then."

The cabin door closed behind Susie, and Sam stood in the corridor. He stood there for a moment as if he was trying to make up his mind. Then he pulled his zip down and pulled out his cock. He was full hard and his balls were throbbing. He grabbed it as to point it at Susie, and he gave it several quick strokes. Then he tucked it back into his shorts as he moaned with satisfaction. He then went to his cabin for the night.

The next morning Susie arose with a bit of a kink in her neck due to the small bunk. The Hornet wasn't a luxury liner. It was a working cargo ship more suited to working men, not a pretty tall Eurasian woman. Space is limited on a vessel like the Hornet. Sam's cabin was the largest, and It is usually reserved for the captain. The first mates cabin was occupied by Chung. Susie's cabin was even smaller. The crew had their own quarters arranged in a communal way, and there was a small mess hall which was used by all. Susie arose to realize that it was about mid morning. The hot and sticky weather made sleeping difficult, and Susie wasn't fully awake. In addition, Susie needed a wash to cleanse the sweat away before she could attempt some brunch. She casually put on a pair of blue denim trousers and a white short sleeve shirt. Having done that, she went looking for something to eat. Sam and Chung were sitting at the mess hall table. They seemed to be looking at some charts, and each man had a grim look about them. So intent they were neither man noticed Susie as she entered the mess hall.

Susie said with a cheery voice, "Hi you guys. What's up?"

Sam acknowledged her, "You had better get something to eat now because it's likely to get a bit rough later."

Susie knew now that something was definitely up. A crewman entered the mess hall and spoke to Chung in Chinese.

Then in turn, Chung said to Sam, "the barometer just dropped again."

With a puzzled look upon her face, Susie asked, "Will one of you guys please tell me what is going on?"

Sam voiced his concern, "Typhoon"

Susie knew what a typhoon was, and she knew that it was bad business especially on a ship out in the open ocean.

Susie, "But it's a sunny day outside."

Sam gestured, "Come with me."

The three of them went up on deck. The day was clear, blue, and hot. Sam led them to the port side as he gazed out to the horizon.

Sam said to Susie as he pointed, "It will come from that direction. It will come fast, and it will look like hell. These waters are known for these quick and unexpected storms. They usually don't last long, but they play hell when they come. "

Susie understood fully now.

She asked, "What are we going to do?"

Sam began, "We are going to make a run for it. There is a group of islands not far from here. Most of them are not inhabited, and one or two of them don't even appear on any map. Chung and I found one of those uncharted islands which were perfect for our purposes. It has a lagoon just big enough to hide the Hornet in it, and so we built a shelter there. If we are lucky, we will be there before the storm hits. For right now, you better prepare yourself for some rough weather. I expect the seas to get very rough soon. I hope that you brought your sea sickness medicine because you may need it soon."

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