tagGroup SexKirsten and Melissa and Jordan

Kirsten and Melissa and Jordan


I arched my back and pressed my pussy against Jordan's crotch, impaling myself on his rock hard cock as I peeled my tee shirt off over my head. Jordan moaned as his cock slid deep inside me. I tossed my teeshirt and bra on the floor next to my jeans, and I placed my hands on his sculpted chest as I began to grind my pussy slowly on his cock.

"Jesus guys! Couldn't you wait even a couple minutes?"

Jordan turned his head to see his beautiful blonde wife walk into the room holding a bottle of wine in one hand and three glasses in the other.

"Hey baby!" He grinned up at her from the floor, "Kirsten was just filling me in on the details from the other night."

Melissa laughed as she set down the glasses and poured the wine. "Oh yeah?"

I grunted as Jordan slid deep into my pussy. Melissa held a glass to my lips. I took a sip as I slowly rode Jordan's cock. She reached up to cup one of my tits before bending down to lick it slowly, letting her tongue tease my stiff nipple.

"...mmmm..." I purred like a contented cat.

Jordan held my hips as he fucked me, matching my speed and rhythm, "Gonna join us?"

Melissa grinned, stood, and slid her athletic pants over her hips. She pulled her top off as she knelt down behind me. I felt her hands caressing my waist just above her husband's hands on my hips. Melissa slowly ran her hands up my sides causing little goosebumps to break out on my flesh. Her lips were light on the back of my neck as one hand reached around to massage my tits, and her other hand trailed down my belly to my shaved pussy.

My name is Kirsten. If you have been reading about my other adventures, I'm twenty-five years old and unattached. I'm a true ginger, not flaming red, but still. I stand about 5'2"/5'3", and I have generally nice curves. I'm a respectable 32C, not huge, but firm. I met Melissa and Jordan through a Craigslist ad a number of months ago, and since that time we have become good friends both in and out of the bedroom.

Melissa and I had promised to tell Jordan all about our recent night with our Dungeon owner friend Jay, and tonight was the night. While Jordan and I headed to the living room, Melissa went to grab some wine. I had barely begun to fill him in on our adventure when I found myself straddling Jordan's naked body as I quickly removed my own clothes. Which leads us back to the current story.

I moaned as Melissa lightly rubbed my pussy with two fingers spread apart in a V to tease each side of my clit. The nearness of the strokes to my pleasure spot sent sparks throughout my body. I rocked back and forth on Jordan's cock, eyes closed, enjoying the sensations created by Melissa's fingers. I gasped as Melissa lightly pressed her fingers together, squeezing my clit.

Grinding my hips against Jordan's cock, the stirrings of an emerging climax crept through my body. The fingers at my pussy now ran directly across the surface of my clit causing me to jump. Melissa pinched my rock hard nipples while slowly increasing the speed and pressure of her strokes on my sensitive clit.

I arched my back and moaned as an initial wave washed over me. Jordan slammed into me in a steady rhythm, hands holding my hips firmly. Finally, I reached the point of no return.

"...ahh...yesss...god...fuck me...fuckkkk meeeee..." I rammed my hips furiously down in synch with each of Jordan's thrusts as Melissa fingers blurred against my sensitive clit.

My orgasm crashed through my body, leaving me panting and weak. I slammed down onto Jordan's cock and stayed there with him buried deep in my pussy. Melissa's hands caressed my belly, my sides, then my back as I leaned over to press my breasts against Jordan's chest. He let me lay there to recover before started slowly fucking me again with gentle, long strokes.

Melissa lay down on the floor next to us. "So what have you told him so far?"

I looked over at my friend and grinned, "I was just describing the dungeon."

She slapped my shoulder and laughed, "That's all? God you guys are terrible!"

I rolled off Jordan as he groaned trying unsuccessfully to hold me in position. Melissa and I cuddled up on each side of him, our hands now lightly rubbing his body. Jordan closed his eyes and sighed as Melissa's hand wrapped around his sticky cock. As she began stroking him, I trailed my lips across his chest, and down to his belly. Jordan let out a small gasp as I took the head of his cock in my mouth started sucking.

Jordan moaned again as I ran my tongue just under the crown of his cock. Melissa dropped her head down next to mine, and she began licking the shaft of his cock with long, slow strokes. Our mouths met, and she held my head as we exchanged a passionate kiss. We took turns taking Jordan's cock deep into our mouths, licking his shaft, and gently sucking on his balls as he squirmed with pleasure.

"...Fuck yeah...thats so good...keep going..."

Melissa glanced at me with a wicked grin on her face. She took my hand, scooted over Jordan, and rolled over next to me.

"Hey!" Jordan looked up at us as his cock was suddenly left abandoned.

Melissa pulled me over, and slipped one of her legs under one of mine. We both lay back on the floor our heads at each others feet, and our bodies turned enough to allow us to grind against each other. She held my right arm in hers and rubbed her pussy lightly against mine. I moaned and began to grind back against her. We established a good easy rhythm while Jordan watched us frustrated as he stroked his stiff cock.

I am always amazed by how different an orgasm can be. Some knock the wind out of you, slamming through your body like you've been hit by a linebacker. Others build slowly and steadily, leaving you panting for breath as if you've just finished a five mile run. Some wash over you in a series of waves, and still others are simply a feeling of warmth spreading through your body like the sensation you get after pounding a shot of hard liquor.

My body was already primed and ready, and my second orgasm of the day spread warmly throughout my body as little spasms followed the initial warmth. Melissa held my arm tight, and I gazed down my body to her perfect nakedness. Jordan had moved behind her, and he was caressing her belly as he watched me cum. My orgasm gently washed through me as I lay back and sighed. As the warmth receded, I untangled my legs from Melissa's. A low moan escaped her lips as Jordan slid his cock into her waiting pussy.

I scooted over next to her, and we kissed as Jordan fucked her. Her arms were thrown back over her head, and her torso was stretched erotically. Jordan and I teased her breasts with loving caresses and light pinches to her nipples. I turned so that I could kissed her belly as Melissa threw her right leg back over Jordan's hip and spread her legs.

I trailed my fingers along the side of her pussy as Jordan slid slowly in and out of her. My fingers were followed by my lips, and Melissa moaned as my tongue lightly touched her aching clit.

My tongue ran up and down the sides of my friends pussy, circling lightly at the top of her pussy, lapping more directly on her clit, and licking at Jordan's cock when it withdrew from Melissa's cunt. Melissa groaned and ground her pussy against Jordan's cock and her body quivered at the lapping of my tongue. Shortly, her body tensed, and I knew her orgasm was close. Jordan increased the intensity of his thrusts as I bore down more directly on her clit.

Melissa reached down and pressed my head tighter to her pussy. The muscles of her belly clenched as the first wave of her climax hit.

"...ahhhhhh...Kirsten...yess...yes...ahhhhhh..." Melissa muttered as her body bucked and shuddered.

"...I'm cumming...fuck...I'm cummminggggggg..." She threw back her head and howled as her orgasm hit full force. Jordan held her tight as he pounded her pussy over and over. My tongue flicked rapidly back and forth across her clit as Melissa yelled out.

Her body went limp as her orgasm receded, but Jordan continued fucking her, slamming deep into her pussy.

"Here it cums!" He hissed through clenched teeth. He pulled out, and I eagerly sucked his cock into my mouth. I felt warm cum hit the roof of my mouth followed by second and third smaller spurts on my tongue. He groaned as I continued to suck on his slowly deflating cock.

I looked up at him as I licked his cock, the taste of his cum and Melissa's pussy on my tongue

Jordan fell back on the floor panting as Melissa and I lay next to each other stroking each other's naked flesh. She stared into my eyes, and Melissa brushed back my hair from my face as she kissed me. I sighed as her tongue explored my mouth, and I returned her kiss.

She broke her kiss, turning to Jordan. "You all played out?" She teased.

He responded by quickly rolling over onto his hands and knees and burying his face between her legs. She screamed, laughing as her eyes shot open in surprise at Jordan's oral assault on her pussy. He rose to his knees, grabbed her and rolled her over. She was still laughing as he grabbed her hips, pulling her onto her hands and knees.

Melissa pretended to try to get away from him as she tried to crawl over me. Her tits were in my face, and I lifted my head to take one into my mouth. She moaned as Jordan grabbed her waist preventing her going any further. He pushed her down on her back so that her chest was against mine.

"...Jordan...oh god..." She groaned and pressed herself harder into my chest.

She jerked as he slammed into her balls deep. Melissa clung tightly to me as her husband started fucking her again. I stroked her head as her body trembled and shuddered. I was lost in the sensations of her naked body on mine that I was not prepared when Jordan pressed my legs part and plunged into my wet pussy. I gasped at the intensity of the fucking, and then at the emptiness when he pulled out. He went back and forth between us. First slamming into Melissa, then into me, the both of us mewing, purring, and moaning with pleasure.

Having cum once, Jordan was not about to cum again so soon. He pounded us roughly building up his intensity before rolling Melissa off of me onto her back. We pulled out legs back as far as we could, and Jordan moved between us. He took turns fucking us, our legs swung over his shoulders, his cock like a piston slamming in and out of our aching holes. Jordan bottomed out on each stroke causing either Melissa or myself to scream out in an intense mixture of pain and pleasure.

Finally, he groaned, sinking his cock deep into his beautiful wife. She wrapped her long legs around his back as he shuddered in the throes of his orgasm. I turned on my side to watch as Jordan emptied his cock into his wife's eager pussy. I reached over to gently kiss Melissa on the forehead as she caught her breath.

Jordan rolled off of Melissa to lay between us again. He jerked as I brushed my hand against his still sensitive cock, and he turned to kiss me. We all fell back on the floor exhausted.

We were basking in the afterglow when Jordan broke the intimate silence, "So...you were shocked when you saw the REAL dungeon room...and then what happened?"

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