tagNonHumanKiss of the Moon Ch. 05

Kiss of the Moon Ch. 05


Author's note: All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and are not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned before hand are over 18 years of age as explained in the story. Enjoy


For those of you who have been madly waiting for this chapter I am sorry it took so long. For those of you who don't already know, two days after the previous post my laptop died, it took a week for them to fix it, but when I got it back my modem decided to die, so again I had to send my computer away and again it took them a week to fix. All I can say is thank goodness for pen and paper.

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Chapter 5.

Shift…Amy commanded.

A beast burst out of the power flowing through her veins, clawing through her body as if it was fighting to escape the weak form it was trapped in. Amy held it in check for several moments. Amy jerked her arm free, the Italian sensing danger started to retreat, she lunged at him and allowed the beast within to control the shift. Wolfgang watched, as everything seemed to slow as her body shifted.

Her body lengthened, bones groaned as power forced them to lengthen and strengthen, skin tore open under the stress of the change, and blood splashed the floor as blood vessels ruptured. In an instant new skin filled the tears and the damaged blood vessels repaired. Ribs snapped and expanded, her breasts flattened and vanished into her new form. Her shoulders and hips shattered and reformed making walking on all fours easier.

Cartilage popped and cracked as joints snapped and reformed. Something that sounded like rapid gunfire was actually the joints and disks of her spine popping as it realigned to a new body type. Muscles shifted and reformed under her skin in waves, enabling new patterns of movement for this form.

Shaggy white fur erupted all over her body, her hands and feet turned into large paws as legs and arms lengthened to prevent her chest from dragging on the ground. A long tail grew from her tailbone and shifted to control her body as it moved through the air. Her head and neck were the last parts of her body to transform. Her neck widened developing powerful muscles to support her large head. Her skull cracked and expanded as a snout started to crunch it's way out of her skull, her jaw popped and shattered to reform.

Amy slammed into the Italian, her shift taking only moments although to those watching it seemed as if it took forever. She pressed him to the ground and beneath her as her body finished it's final changes. She opened her jaws wide as her upper and lower canines lengthened, her lower canines only grew slightly larger, maybe two inches in length and perhaps three quarters of an inch wide, they protruded slightly outwards so she could close her mouth without hurting herself. The upper canines grew, and kept on growing, too large to fit in her mouth they nestled either side of her lower jaw; slightly forward of the lower canines. They were four inches in length and slightly curved backward ending in deadly points, like the lower canines they were about three quarters of an inch thick.

She held him pinned to the ground with her body weight. She lifted her right forepaw, the size of a dinner plate, razor sharp claws appeared, she slashed at his chest tearing him open to the bone as she curled back her lips from her teeth and growled her warning.

Wolfgang surprised, watched Amy. She was not like any animal he'd ever seen. She looked like a hybrid, a weird mating of wolf and cat but of a cat that had not been seen since the Ice Age. Her body was long, sleek and powerful, the distinct body of a large tiger including the slightly darker grey banding on her back, belly, neck, face and the backs of her arms and legs. Her tail however was wolf like, bushy and thick however it was longer than a normal wolves and far more flexible. Her paws were the paws of a cat, with large retractable claws that could tear a man to the bone. Her head was the only part of her that was distinctly wolf, it was long with powerful jaws, blue eyes studied her toy, her pointed ears twitched keeping track of the others in the room.

Wolfgang knew that Amy had felt nothing during her change. Adrenalin always flooded the system the moment the shift began, blocking the pain. He never remembered pain when he began to shift, until his body grew used to the changes. He thought back to the countless first shifts he had witnessed, never before had he seen a shift as violent as the one Amy just went through. He knew if she hadn't been lunging at the Italian, and if her mind wasn't in fight mode right now, her body would have given out on her under the stress, as it was her body shifted mid air, that helped put no stress on the joints or bones. He knew come morning her entire body would be one entire source of pain but it wouldn't be sharp pain, it would be a constant dull throbbing that would last for days. Wolfgang approached carefully, in this form Amy was bigger then he was in his Wolf form.

Wolfgang wondered where her size had come from, such a large beast from such a little woman. He remembered back to his childhood lessons of the four factors that decided the size of any type of Were. Sex was the first factor, obviously, males of any mammal species were always larger than the female. The next was genetics which was where he got his size. Wolfgang's father had been large, which meant he would be large, but since he had inherited the recessive immortal gene it had added to his largeness to the point of being massive for one of his kind. Then there was power, the power it took to shift into any form, let alone a large Were was always a factor, how much the body could generate and how quickly can determine the size. The last was the Were's beast itself, if the animal they shifted into was naturally small then no amount of power or genetics would make it large.

Wolfgang was guessing that it was the last two factors that had led to Amy being as big as she was but since he didn't know exactly what she was he couldn't dismiss genetics as a factor.

"Amy," he said gently. "Amy let him go," Wolfgang said as he continued to slowly approach her.

Amy growled and leant forward to sink her fangs into the Italian's shoulder. He screamed in pain as one of her long K9's broke through his shoulder blade. She shook her head to get him to shut up. Several of the Alphas approached to try to free the Italian from her. She lashed forward with an unsheathed claw, this was her toy and she was letting no one have it. They backed away.

The Italian tried to shift but his body refused to. Everyone watched her in surprise. Something about her had stopped the Italian from shifting. The shift could never be stopped like that. They started to wonder, to put pieces of the puzzle that was Amy together. There were too many inconsistencies surrounding her, too many strange things. Strange was normal in their lives but not nearly as strange as some of the things they had witnessed this very night concerning her.

"Amy let him go," Wolfgang said gently as he slowly approached her.

Wolfgang took his time, he knew better than to make sudden movements, if he did; he would become the target. He got to her side and held still. Amy turned to him and growled. She went to lash out but his scent washed over her. She knew that scent. She released the Italian and leant over to smell him to make sure this was the source of the scent she knew.

The Italian tried to squirm away. Amy turned quick as lightening; she lashed forward and took his throat between her teeth and growled around his neck. The Italian held still knowing his life or at least how it ended depended on how he reacted.

"Amy," Wolfgang said trying to gain her attention.

Amy's ear twitched to him, she released the Italian from her teeth, and pressed her paw to his body as she pinned him to the floor. She turned back to Wolfgang. Wolfgang held still. She pressed her snout to his neck. She took a deep breath and let his scent wash over her. She knew that scent. She took another deep breath.

Wolfgang, this was her mate, flashed clearly in her mind.

She licked his face and her tail moved from side to side as if she was wagging it.

Wolfgang smiled, whatever she was, she still recognized him as her mate. Wolfgang reached out to touch her. Amy stood and pulled away. She didn't want to be touched she wanted to eat.

Wolfgang grabbed the Italian's ankle and went to drag him away from Amy. Amy growled and slammed her paws onto the Italian. Everyone winced as they heard bones break. The Italian kept quiet, he knew she would hurt him more if he made any noise.

"Amy give him to me," Wolfgang said gently as he took the Italians ankle again. He watched Amy as he gently pulled the Italian away from her. Amy made a noise Wolfgang had never heard before. It was somewhere between a snarl and a growl. Her claws dug into the Italian's body

"Amy…I have better toys for you. Let him go," Wolfgang said trying to reason with her.

Bastion walked in with a leg of beef, he tossed it to her. Amy forgot about the Italian and attacked the meat. Wolfgang jerked the Italian away from Amy as several of the Alphas grabbed him and removed him from the room, while the other rogues were also taken away.

Nathanael walked into the room, his eyes focused on Amy. "Who is that?" he asked.

Shia leant over to him. "Amy."

Nathanael blinked as he looked over Amy in her Were form. The thought that she should not be able to do this, flashed through his mind, the phone call he had taken earlier told him that Amy would never be Were. Nathanael frowned, they might have been wrong. Nathanael shook his head. Even if she could shift she shouldn't be able to shift for another three weeks. He then studied her body type and felt that even if she could shift she should have shifted into a wolf form not whatever she was at the moment.

She finished her leg. Wolfgang approached and gently stroked her. Her skin rippled beneath his hand, trying to shift back into her human form but it snapped back to the thick white and grey fur.

"Nathanael?" Wolfgang asked.

Nathanael blinked. "She… what is she?" he asked in double meaning.

Wolfgang sighed obviously he was not going to get a coherent answer from Nathanael for the moment.

"Amy shift back," Wolfgang told her.

Amy's skin rippled again but she couldn't shift back into her human form. She made a yowling howling noise and pressed her face to his body. Wolfgang scratched her helping her to calm down, the more calm she was the more likely she would be to change back. He scratched her behind the ears and was rewarded with a deep throaty purr.

"Amy relax, let everything slide from your mind, then think of a moment. A memory of your other body, of maybe standing in the shower with water cascading over your body, then bring that forward," Wolfgang tried to explain to Amy one of the easiest ways to force herself back into her other body.

Amy tried again but her body would not shift into her other form.

Grey-hawk stepped forward. "She's never shifted before?" Grey-hawk asked.

Wolfgang nodded.

Grey-hawk frowned he had heard of this before. He smiled to himself as he remembered; of course his mother had forced her shift. Of course Amy can't shift back into her human form, she wouldn't be able to change back until Wolfgang in his Were form took Amy in hers to seal their bond. Shifting for someone not used to it was draining to begin with so when a non-Were is involuntarily turned and has their first shift they can't shift back until mated, saving them the trouble of having to shift again just to mate. Forced turnings were different, none of his teachers had ever understood why someone forced to turn can change at will in the beginning but those who chose the pack couldn't. Grey-hawk believed it had something to do with the circumstances; a willing turn was an act of love, while a forced turn was an act of violence. Those who were willingly turned were protected by their mate and safe, those forced were not, so needed to protect themselves.

"Then technically you haven't completed the mating process. If she forced her change then she won't be able to shift back." Everyone was watching Grey-hawk as he seemed to have the answer. He shrugged in way of explanation to his unexpected knowledge.

"It happened to my mother, she forced her shift. She was guarding some cubs and was attacked. Only she would shift from one form to the other never staying in one form for long until Da mated her wolf form. You have to finish the process, it is common knowledge in my pack." Grey-hawk told them.

Nathanael nodded, it made sense and it would complete their mating.

"Do that," Nathanael told them.

Wolfgang tried to coax Amy into following him but she wouldn't budge. Amy stood the moment she saw Bastion, he was carrying an entire forequarter of a deer. Amy started after him. Bastion raced ahead trying to put distance between him and Amy. He didn't know if she would attack him for the food he had.

He got to Wolfgang's and Amy's room ahead of them, he threw open the door and tossed the meat in.

Amy skid to a halt, her claws dug grooves into the wooden floor as she tried to slow herself down. She knocked Bastion over as she tried to turn to get into the room and to the meat. Wolfgang walked up to Bastion and helped him to his feet.

"She'll apologize the moment she finds out she put you on your ass," Wolfgang told him.

Bastion nodded. "I wouldn't get too close until she's eaten," he suggested.

Wolfgang nodded. He walked into the room and locked the door not that it would stop her if she wanted out.

Amy growled and picked her food up and walked away from him. She lay down and finished her dinner.

Wolfgang watched her eat. He didn't approach her. He just waited. When Amy started to groom, much like a cat would, he shifted into his wolf form and approached her very carefully. She could decide to turn on him at any moment.

Amy lifted a paw and flopped onto her back. Wolfgang leant forward and licked her. Amy licked him back. Her tongue was wide and rough, like a cat, and entirely pleasurable against his skin.

Wolfgang let his nose travel over her body, taking in her scent and ensuring she had not been hurt. He made his way to the junction of her thighs. Amy got to her feet and knocked him down. She licked his body.

Let me up, Wolfgang told her.

Amy stopped licking him and let him get to his feet.

I want you, Wolfgang told her.

Then take me, Amy replied.

Wolfgang knew what her animal self was saying, and they were going to have a tussle. Wolfgang lunged at her, Amy growled as he landed on her. She smacked him hard with a sheathed paw sending Wolfgang flying. Amy got to her feet as Wolfgang scrambled to his feet and shifted into his hybrid form.

Cheater, Amy taunted.

Wolfgang growled and lunged. He timed his attack, as Amy went to swat him away he dodged and sent her flying to the ground. Wolfgang shifted back into his wolf form as he jumped forward. He landed on her back as she went to get up. He sunk his teeth into the back of her neck to hold her still. Amy stilled beneath him.

Wolfgang knew he couldn't mount Amy in this position; her body was longer than his. He released her long enough to shift his body backwards. Amy held still, Wolfgang had won. Wolfgang gripped her hips with his forepaws, he went to bite her to hold her still but he noticed she wasn't struggling. He licked her back as he brought his hindquarters forward until he was pressed against her. He started to thrust hoping to find her womanhood and start mating.

Amy bent her knees a little to help him. Wolfgang sighed when he finally found her. His wolf took over and he took his mate.


Wolfgang woke slowly, he glanced around, Amy was curled up beside him and thankfully she was back in her human form. Wolfgang stroked her back.


Amy mumbled and rubbed her face into his chest. Nathanael walked in. He smiled when he saw Amy's naked form beside Wolfgang.

"Get her to drink this once she's awake. It'll help with all her aches," Nathanael told him.

Wolfgang nodded and watched Nathanael put a cup down.

"Keep her relaxed, stress will trigger a change," Nathanael continued.

Wolfgang nodded.

"The moment she drifts off find me, we need to talk," Nathanael told him ominously.

Nathanael left as Bastion walked in followed by Becky. Wolfgang was watching Amy as he gently stroked her. Becky smiled and set a tray down beside Amy. She smiled shyly at him and they left the room. Wolfgang smiled as he watched her leave. Wolfgang nibbled at Amy's neck and she jerked awake.

"What…" She glanced around. "Why are we on the floor?" Amy asked.

Wolfgang smiled. "Do you remember anything about last night?" Wolfgang asked.

Amy paused as the events of the previous night flashed before her eyes. She struggled to her feet, her body uncooperative. She ran to the bathroom and threw up. Wolfgang was with her, holding her hair back as Amy emptied her stomach. Amy hugged the bowl as she took deep breaths while Wolfgang stroked her back and flushed to clear the bowl.

"Feeling better?" Wolfgang asked.

Amy shook her head. Her body was one big source of pain. Her muscles twitched partially changing then swapping back. The throb in her body started to increase, her head spun and her eyes lost focus for a few moments.

"Calm deep breaths, relax," Wolfgang told her gently.

"I nearly killed a man," Amy retorted. How could she be calm when she knew what she had done?

Wolfgang shook his head, "He is no man, he isn't even scum."

He went and got some mouthwash and offered it to her. She rinsed her mouth then he picked her up, carried her back to their bed and laid her down gently.

"I have something that will ease the aches," Wolfgang told her.

Amy nodded slightly, all her joints cracked when she moved. He held the cup to her lips and she drank deeply until it was all gone. He put the cup aside and went to retrieve the tray. Wolfgang set the tray down beside her and propped her up. He lifted the plate cover to expose a plate of diced meat that had been cooked slightly and grabbed a fork and started to feed Amy.

Amy smirked. "I believe we've done this before," she said humorously.

Wolfgang chuckled. "Eat. Your body needs meat. The protein will help your body adjust."

Amy nodded and ate every bite that he offered her. "What about the rogues?" Amy asked.

"They can wait until you're strong enough to face them, to be at my side as that is where you belong as my mate, my queen," Wolfgang told her.

Amy smiled. "You want them to sweat, to suffer, like they did to Becky," Amy told him knowing his true motives.

Wolfgang nodded. "I also haven't had their wounds treated. Well, I had Nathanael do a patch up job on the Italian. It's enough to keep him alive long enough to gather all the Alpha's in the world in video conferencing. This has to stop, what those men did, are doing, has to stop. It'll bring the humans down on us, true sixty percent of the worlds population are Were, or something other than Were but not human, but we don't need to start a war with the humans. Humans will loose and so will we. Granted we'd win the war. Since bullets are harmless to us, even a direct shot to the head wont put us down. Only we know how to kill each other. Only a were is capable of killing another were."

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