Kiss of the Moon Ch. 05


The man in the linen suit sat forward, "I will ensure it happens Wolfgang."

Wolfgang bowed his head, "Thank you Roberto."

What is dissolving? Amy asked Wolfgang.

Eradicating all males except for those who are young enough to be conditioned back to the way things should be. The females will be split within the packs that do the Dissolving, as will the assets of the pack and the packs lands. The pack that was will no longer exist, it will be removed from most records and amendments are made where they can't be removed without altering history, Wolfgang told her.

Dissolving rarely happened. Some packs would link together to form a larger pack but knowledge of both packs would remain. The pack being dissolved would only be mentioned in the histories for their atrocities and why they were dissolved.

Another Elder sat forward. "The practice of baiting humans will be ended, Alpha's ignoring baiting in their packs will be dissolved," he said giving the Alpha's their last warning. Deliberately turning a human against their will was now a global matter and not to be tolerated.

"Since we are all together are there any other issues that need to be addressed?" Shia said to move this along quickly, he didn't know how long Amy would be able to stay awake or in her human form.

"Yeah, Amy do you have a sister?" Roberto asked.

Amy shook her head, "Afraid not."

Roberto sighed, "Pity."

Amy covered her mouth to stifle a yawn.

Roberto chuckled, "I see Wolfgang has been wearing you out."

Amy nodded, "We are new mates."

"The best kind of mates," a Scottish Alpha said with a smirk.

The mated Alpha's all chuckled. Amy excused herself and left the room. Sienna grabbed her and supported her.

They walked into a room across the hall. Nathanael jumped to his feet and checked his watch, "Shit, I hadn't expected the drug to wear off so fast."

"I doubt that any of us did, it is a powerful stimulant." Sienna said as she sat Amy down.

Nathanael lifted her shirt, prepped the area and dosed her again.

"I've got the Alpha's convinced my tiredness comes from Wolfgang," Amy told them.

Nathanael nodded, "Good but you can't be going to the toilet every twenty minutes. Sienna might have to dose you."

"I can't be seen hovering around her it'll make the Alpha's curious," Sienna told them.

Amy took a syringe and slid it into her clothes. "I'll dose myself next."

Nathanael nodded, "Jab it straight into your thigh."

Amy nodded and stood. She took a deep breath and went back into the room. She sat next to Wolfgang wondering how long this was going to last.


Amy frowned as she and Wolfgang were escorted into the office of the lawyer who handled her legal needs. It was a large room with heavy wooden furniture and expensive décor. Amy sat the moment she was directed to a chair. It had been four days since the night she shifted and she was still suffering from weakness. Everyone was getting concerned. Amy was a vibrant person, but now she could barely leave her room without needing to sit or sleep. Nathanael couldn't just keep dosing her with the stimulant he had used at the meeting, if her body needed rest it needed rest. Wolfgang watched her and was concerned, he could not have stopped her coming. She had said there was something about Old Marsh-face, Mr. Marshal, the way he spoke on the phone; he seemed tense, surprised and nervous. He had been going through her parent's papers for years trying to sort everything out after their deaths. He had not expected so much interesting paper work.

Mr. Marshal walked in and straightened his tie. Amy was one of his biggest clients so he had to be looking his best.

"Amy," he walked forward and shook her hand. He glanced at Wolfgang and jerked surprised.

"Mr. Luis, I didn't think we had an appointment for today," he said as he quickly checked his appointment book. Wolfgang was another of his big clients. Wolfgang's name wasn't in his book. He turned to Wolfgang.

Wolfgang smirked as he sat and made himself comfortable.

"Will you excuse us Mr. Luis?" Marshal asked.

"Marshal I asked him to be here," Amy told him.

Marshal turned to Amy, "Amy this is private, I do not think Mr. Luis should be here."

Amy shook her head, "Wolfgang is my family now Marshal, we have no secrets." Wolfgang's hand took hers and gently linked them together. Marshal watched them for several moments. Nothing had come to his ears about these two being seen together, the owners of two of the largest real estate and development firms in the northern states were dating. It would have caused a stir but then he remembered that they both kept a low profile so news of this could very well not have reached gossip columns yet.

"Forgive me for asking but your relationship is…" Marshal asked fishing to see if his assumption was true or not.

"He is my fiancée Marshal now can you just drop it and tell me what has you in a knot," Amy told him bluntly.

Marshal studied Amy for several moments, she had changed, grown up a little maybe, but she had definitely gained confidence somewhere. Normally Amy would have just sat back and not challenged him. He liked this side of her.

"As you wish Amy," he walked around his desk and sat at his chair.

"I was going through your parents personal papers. I found something that you definitely should have." He handed Amy a file.

Amy opened the file. Her birth certificate was on top. She had never seen it before. She glanced down the page to see what had Marshal so alarmed. Where her parent's names should have been there was nothing, just blank spaces.

She flicked the page over. Adoption papers were under it. Private adoption papers, with no company name, no names at all, just a rubber stamp by a court official officiating the adoption. Other than the two pieces of paper that was all that was in the file. She gave it to Wolfgang. He read for a few moments, then his eyes jerked to hers, he reached forward and grabbed her hand.

"So what does this mean?" Amy asked.

Marshal shrugged, "I don't know Amy, I tried to investigate but I came back with nothing."

Amy tensed, "What does this mean? Does this change my ownership of my families company?"

"No, it just means you know the truth now. You are their daughter, have been since you were a few hours old. You still own your families company, I just thought you needed to know the truth," Amy nodded.

Wolfgang stood with the papers. "I think I should take her home, she needs to adjust."

Marshal nodded, "Amy just remember if you need anything…"

Amy nodded, "Thank you Marshal." Wolfgang got Amy out of the lawyers into the car and back to her place before she even realized what had happened. He carried her into her apartment and over to a couch. He wrapped her in a thick blanket and pulled her to him tightly. Amy was shivering slightly.

"We knew," Wolfgang told her hoping to drag her out of her shock.

"Pardon?" Amy said not understanding him.

"We guessed you weren't human," Wolfgang told her.

"I am human," Amy protested.

"No, your not, your not Were either."

"When…how do you know this?" Amy demanded.

"Nathanael brought it to my attention, had you been truly human the plane crash would have killed you," Wolfgang told her.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Amy said starting to get riled up.

"Because we wanted to find out first, to break the news gently so we sent your photo to an aura tester," Wolfgang explained gently.

Amy glared at him, "Okay tell me…"

Wolfgang sighed, "We don't know. If we are to find out what you are we have to go to London and talk to some Merlin's."

"Merlin's?" Amy questioned.

Wolfgang nodded, "Merlin's, they are actually members of the Ancients."

"Merlin's," Amy said again to reassure herself that she had heard correctly and to ask for more information.

Wolfgang sighed remembering she wasn't raised the same way he had been so she would not know instantly what he meant by the term Merlin's, and would have instantly linked the two well known eccentric Merlin's to the more secretive Ancients. He knew Amy knew almost nothing about the Ancients, to be truthful everyone knew very little of them. No one knew exactly how many there were, or exactly what they were, they were simply Ancient because no one could honestly say when they came about only that they came before known history. Wolfgang knew of at least seven Ancients: Vivian, Cleopatra, Taliesin, Mryddin, Robin, Rhiannon and Boadicea. But no one knew if there were more or if that was all of their number.

"Merlin's as in Taliesin Pen Beirdd…" Wolfgang started to explain.

Amy held up her hand she just wanted to make sure she was following him, "Taliesin as in the 6th century Welsh bard?"

Wolfgang nodded pleased that Amy knew something of mythology, "And high bard in the area…"

Amy glared at him. She knew he was fishing to see how much she knew of early Welsh history where all of the Merlin mythology came from.

"Only after he made a fool of King Maelgwn and his bards. Though according to some he tutored Maelgwn. Some of Taliesin's own poems, those that have survived, have hinted to that scenario, like the address to the Welsh kings when they elected a high king to hold back the Saxons, although some historians argue against that. I can't remember any of the surviving phrases myself."

Wolfgang smirked, he didn't either but there was a time when those poems were memorized.

"But you said Merlin's so I can assume there are at least two of them?" Amy asked.

Wolfgang nodded, "Mryddin…" he began.

Amy stopped again to make sure she had heard him correctly. "Mryddin as in King Arthur and the sword in the stone."

Wolfgang nodded, "The sword being a creation of another Ancient Vivian…"

Amy nodded she knew this story, everyone did. "The lady in the lake."

Wolfgang again nodded confirming her guess. "Well they hold the key to who you are Amy," he said almost brazenly.

Amy frowned then glared at Wolfgang.

"Not who Wolfgang… what," Amy told him.

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