tagNonHumanKiss of the Moon Ch. 06

Kiss of the Moon Ch. 06


Author's note: All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and are not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned before hand are over 18 years of age as will be explained in the story.

Hi everyone,

Appolgies for taking so long for this chapter, my editor and I worked as fast as we could, this is not a short chapter (17 pages in Microsoft standards.) For the few who thought this would be the last chapter, sorry your wrong. There will be another four after this one, you'll understand why after this chapter.

Remember all feedback is welcome and I will try to answer all questions, as long as I have some way of getting back to you for those who send anonymous feed back, and as long as I won't be giving too much away.

Have fun

Chapter 6

Wolfgang supported Amy's weight in the elevator. The porter watched with concern. Wolfgang smiled. "She doesn't travel well, a couple hours of rest and she'll be fine," he told everyone in the elevator. Bastion pushed a porter trolley as they got out on their floor. He picked her up and carried her to the room.

Bastion tipped the porter and went to deal with the luggage. Wolfgang gently put Amy on the bed and took off her shoes. He left her lying on the covers; if she got cold she would call out for help. Amy was asleep in seconds.

Wolfgang watched her for several moments then he went and sat in the lounge. Amy had been working with Bastion to organize this trip the right way by seeking permission, organizing movement requests and much more. It had taken them a week to make the necessary arrangements including the double suite, two rooms linked to a dinning/lounge in a central hotel in London ran by Were.

Wolfgang pulled his laptop onto his knees and started to work on paperwork, some days he wished he could just hand all the decision making over to another like Amy did, he did not want to deal with this at the moment but he knew he had to get it done.

Bastion offered Wolfgang a coffee as he sat, "When can we expect the Merlins to arrive?" Bastion asked.

Wolfgang checked his watch, "In two hours."

Bastion frowned; Amy was sleeping far too deeply to be awake in two hours. "She won't be awake by then."

Wolfgang shrugged, "Then they have to wait for her, I will not disturb her just because they want to poke and prod her."

Bastion nodded. He went and got several of Amy's blouses to replace the buttons. He worked silently as did Wolfgang. An hour later there was a knock on the door. Bastion put aside his work and went to open the door. "You are early," Bastion told the Merlins.

Both men smiled and shrugged. For men who were considered as old as humanity they didn't look any older than Wolfgang, however there was a kind of insanity to the two men's eyes that betrayed their age. Taliesin had blue eyes and platinum blond hair that was left long. He wore a dark coat over a pair of faded jeans and a shirt.

Mryddin was dressed similar to his counterpart. He however had black hair that he kept short, he also wore a beard, and from the corners of his mouth a line of white hair began and joined to form a V at his chin. His vibrant green eyes studied Bastion for a moment, "Hello Bastion," he said softly.

Bastion stood aside and let them in. "You remember me?" Bastion asked surprised.

Mryddin smiled, "Of course, you actually had a brain," he said as he swept into the room after Taliesin.

Bastion paused wondering if that was a compliment or an insult, he decided to take it as a compliment.

Wolfgang nearly toppled his laptop as he jumped to his feet, "You're early," he complained.

Taliesin chuckled, "Forgive us Wolfgang, time doesn't really mean much to us."

Mryddin was glancing around, "Where is she?" Mryddin asked.

"Asleep and I won't have you waking her," Wolfgang said defensively.

Both men sat realizing that something was wrong. "What has happened?" Mryddin asked knowing that Wolfgang would attack if he thought they were a threat to his mate.

Wolfgang sat. Bastion put down tea for the Merlins to drink and refreshed Wolfgang's coffee.

"The night you told Nathanael that Amy was never human and will never be Were, we were attacked by a pack of Rogues," Wolfgang told them.

They nodded, "Yes we know of the attack, a pack was dissolved because of it," Taliesin said to show Wolfgang that they were still in the loop.

"Well we tried to get her to a safe place away from the fighting, Becky...the woman who survived the Rogues, she's a seer. They were going to take Amy, anyway we were surrounded and in the resulting battle the leader tried to steal Amy. She forced a shift and tore him up good."

Both men frowned, "Impossible..." they said together.

"I watched her shift and I had to mate her in that form so she could shift back," Wolfgang told them firmly.

Mryddin clicked, "Not a Wolf form then."

Wolfgang shook his head, "A hybrid form, from her appearance, part wolf, part saber-tooth."

Taliesin frowned, "Sabers were never a Were race," he said more to himself then to anyone else.

"But she shouldn't be able to shift, we agreed her aura would never incorporate Were tendencies," Mryddin stated.

"She's been suffering from weakness ever since," Wolfgang slid in.

They both turned to him, "Weakness?" they asked as one.

Wolfgang nodded in confirmation.

"Okay, may we see her?" Taliesin asked.

"She is sleeping, if you wake her I don't care who you are I will hurt you," Wolfgang told them firmly.

"We wont," they told him, they were confident that they could wait for her to be awake before they started to poke and prod her.

"Don't get too close to her, she has a tendency to lash out at people while she's sleeping, she sent Sienna flying a few days ago. She doesn't lash out at me though," Wolfgang warned.

They nodded and walked into the room and stood on either side of the bed. They studied her for a long time but even in person they couldn't figure out what exactly what she was. Taliesin leant in for a closer look and Amy lashed out and smacked him across the face. Mryddin tried not to laugh out loud. Taliesin rubbed his face and they left the room, as Bastion offered Taliesin an ice pack. Taliesin took it and pressed it to his abused face.

"So what is she?" Wolfgang asked.

"We still can't tell, however there are genetic tests we can perform to find out. She'll have to come to our home, the other Ancients want to meet her," Mryddin told him.

Wolfgang sighed, "We found out a week ago that Amy is adopted," he held out copies of the same pieces of paper Marshal had given Amy, "Conventional methods of investigation have brought up no clues as to anything, we can't even find out who handled the adoption or the hospital Amy was born in."

They nodded as Taliesin took the papers; they had their own methods of investigation. "We'll see what we can find," Taliesin told him. They stood and went to leave.

Bastion handed them a thick file, "Her pack medical records," he told them.

Mryddin weighed the heavy file in his hands. He turned to Wolfgang, "What happened to her to deserve such an extensive pack medical record?" He asked.

Wolfgang sighed, "I met Amy after the plane her brother was flying..."

"Her adoptive brother..." Taliesin corrected.

Wolfgang glared at Taliesin, "Her BROTHER..." he emphasized telling Taliesin that no matter what they dug up about her true identity her brother was still her brother, blood bond or not, "Crashed his plane into my pack lands, either luck was on her side or the gods have taken interest in her life but for some reason I was there when the plane crashed. I felt compelled to go for a run, I was perhaps a quarter mile from the crash site. I pulled her from the wreck. Nathanael..."

Taliesin frowned and interrupted, "The riddle man..." he asked Mryddin.

"Will you let me finish?" Wolfgang growled, he quickly remembered Amy was asleep in the other room and lowered his voice. The two Merlins gestured for him to continue.

"Nathanael is the packs doctor, he noticed first that Amy wasn't human," Wolfgang told them.

"How did he know?" Mryddin asked gently, hoping not to aggravate the already stressed Alpha.

Wolfgang gave Mryddin a sidelong look before answering, "She survived wounds that he doubted even a Were could have survived. It's all in her medical records, he keeps extensive records," he explained.

"I will go over the file," Mryddin said, he was truly interested in what had alerted Nathanael to the fact she wasn't human, and too how badly she was damaged.

"When do you want us to come to the temple?" Wolfgang asked.

"When she is awake, I take it you want to know as soon as possible. We'll also look at her weakness when she comes." Taliesin told him.

Wolfgang nodded. He watched as they let themselves out.


Taliesin and Mryddin shut the door, they glanced around for several moments making sure no one was around to witness them physically teleport themselves back to their home, aptly named the temple, the manor was the one constant in the Ancients lives. A place they could go to reflect, relax and add to their combined wealth of knowledge and technology.

"The Kitchen?" Taliesin asked.

Mryddin nodded.

They closed their eyes and focused for several moments on where they wanted to go. Bright light surrounded their bodies as they willed their bodies back to the manor. The old proverb that if you want something hard enough it will happen, that was basically the Ancients power, almost everything was within their ability as long as their will to succeed was strong. Physical teleportation, time travel and much more were all within their abilities because almost nothing was impossible.

Their bodies materialised in the kitchen of their home. Mryddin put the file down on the large wooden table in the kitchen and sat. He opened the file and grabbed a CD marked X-rays. He focused for a moment and before him a small black dome appeared, he sat the CD on the dome, the CD floated, above it a holographic screen appeared showing Amy's X-rays.

Mryddin loved this little bit of technology, unlike most of the things they had brought back from their hops forward in time, this computer came from back in time, from the time of Atlantis and surprisingly compatible with everything they had. They actually had quite a few bits of Atlantian technology, for the moment, both present and distant future Atlantis was the only place where they could get telekenetically controlled anything.

Taliesin gave Mryddin a cup of tea and studied the X-rays with him. Mryddin used his mind to flick through the various X-rays. Atlantian technology was based on simplicity, in both design and use, the mind worked faster than the hand so their computers had a telekenetic/telepathic processor, which translated mental commands. The small dome Mryddin had made appear was the equivalent of having four super computers sitting in the palm of his hand.

"We're agreed then..." Mryddin asked.

Taliesin nodded, "Yes, definitely part Ancient."

"But what is she?" Taliesin asked.

"No the real question is who sired her? I'll rally the others." Mryddin stood and paused for a moment. "Her recovery is remarkable," he remarked.

Taliesin nodded, even Ancients couldn't heal as fast or as well as Amy had.


Amy rolled over and pressed her face against Wolfgang's chest. Wolfgang wrapped an arm around her. He knew she was slowly waking up. Amy made a little noise as she stretched. Wolfgang leant in and kissed her, Amy moaned but broke the kiss, "How long was I out?" she asked.

"Four hours," Wolfgang replied.

Amy sat up, "Shit I slept through the Merlins."

Wolfgang chuckled, "Don't worry, Taliesin will not forget you any time soon."

Amy turned and gave him a perplexed look.

"He got too close," Wolfgang told her.

Amy's jaw dropped she knew what she had done; she had lashed out at him, "I hit him?"

"I warned him not to get too close," Wolfgang told her, then pulled her into his arms.

"I had questions," Amy told him.

Wolfgang pressed a finger to her lips, "Have a shower and get dressed, since the Merlins still don't know what you are, they want to perform some tests."

Amy smiled and leant in to kiss him. "Join me?" she asked seductively before she sucked on his bottom lip.

Wolfgang groaned as he broke the kiss, "You'll fall straight to sleep if I make love to you."

"Don't care," Amy told him.

Wolfgang grabbed her and carried her into the bathroom. He stripped her and turned the water on as she tugged buttons free, she slid her hands over his chest and pushed his shirt from his shoulders. She leant in and licked his chest, gently scrapping her teeth against his skin.

Wolfgang growled and flung his shirt away. Amy undid his pants and slid her hands into his boxers. She slid one hand between his legs to cup his balls. Wolfgang groaned, he slid his pants and boxers down, wiggled his hips and they fell down. He stepped out of them as Amy was already stroking and squeezing him. They walked back into the water. Wolfgang leant against the wall as Amy knelt and licked him. Bastion walked in and grabbed their clothes.

Wolfgang tangled his fingers in her hair. Amy gripped him with both hands and started to suck and Wolfgang felt his wolf come forward. Amy brushed her teeth gently against the spongy head as Wolfgang moaned and felt his control slip slightly. Amy felt his body shift slightly beneath her fingers and she felt him jerk. He jerked her lips away and took a deep breath to steady himself.

Amy smirked as she watched him. Wolfgang glared playfully at her, "Pleased with yourself?"

Amy smiled and nodded. Wolfgang gently tugged on her hair. Amy stood, Wolfgang released her hair and picked her up and pressed her against the tiles. He kissed and nibbled at her throat and neck. Amy groaned and burrowed her fingers into his hair pressing his head down to her breasts. Wolfgang lifted her higher to give her breasts the attention they deserved. Amy wrapped her legs around his waist as he gently nibbled and sucked on her breasts. Amy moaned.

He lowered her back down kissing his way back up her body. He kissed her deeply as he went to position himself. Amy's hand joined his and Wolfgang removed his hand and let Amy position him. Amy pressed his maleness against her and jerked her hips forward impaling herself on him. Wolfgang groaned and pressed forward sinking himself within her as he held her against the tiles.

Wolfgang panted as he paused holding still with him buried deeply. He nibbled at her ear, as they enjoyed the closeness. It had been a while since they had last made love. Amy rested her head against his shoulder. Amy turned her head and bit his neck, wanting him to start moving but knowing that he wanted to calm a little to enjoy this. He slowly started to move, grinding his body into hers, building a delicious friction that made Amy moan.

Wolfgang's control slipped a little more as Amy groaned his name, and he shifted a little more; water soon plastered his body hair flat. Amy knew that soon he would be in his hybrid form, his part man part wolf form. Amy arched her neck so she could nip and bite at his throat knowing he liked it.

Wolfgang growled and jerked his head away from her lips, her bites were just driving him closer to climax when he knew she wasn't ready. He jerked her head to the side and bit her neck to hold her still. He grunted and started speed up. He released her neck and pressed his face to hers to keep her face turned.

Amy felt the telltale signs that he was getting close to cuming. He groaned and started to pound into her willing flesh. He pulled away from her freeing her head. Amy moaned and arched her head back as her body tingled, Wolfgang already on the edge of a shift nearly snapped. In the animal world of a wolf, exposing the neck and belly were acts of submission, doing it while they made love was paramount to saying she was his sexual slave.

Amy lunged forward and sunk her teeth into his neck hard enough to draw blood, knowing how much he loved it and knowing how close she was to climax.

Wolfgang growled as his hands turned into claws that circled her hips and pressed against the wall. His member expanded within her, making her cry out in both slight pain and pleasure adding to the sensations coursing through her body. Wolfgang's jaws lengthened. He gripped her shoulder between his teeth, biting hard enough to mark but not to draw blood, as he almost started to jackhammer into her. His knot slid in just as Amy cried out in climax in unison to Wolfgang's groaning grunt, which barely escaped his jaws because they were holding Amy in place.

Amy's cry was like a sirens call to his beast, calming him. He gently released her neck and licked her from shoulder up her neck and over her lips. Amy opened her mouth and touched her tongue to his. She felt the first niglings of fatigue hit her system but it had been worth it. She pulled herself tight to his body and sighed.

Amy held on as her body shuddered around his pulsing maleness. She took several deep breaths as she felt him take back control and his body shifted back; the only part of him not to change was lodged deeply within her. Wolfgang turned the water off and carried her into the room and to the bed. They lay side-by-side and Wolfgang stroked her. He leant down and started to suck on one of her nipples.

Amy moaned when Wolfgang slid a hand between their bodies and slid two fingers inside her, he pressed against the knot pushing it further in. Amy jerked in surprise as it swelled further and sent little pleasurable after shocks though her body. Wolfgang pulled his fingers out and licked the mixed juices from his fingers. Bastion walked in and started to organize clothes for them. He glanced over and smiled, every time they tied together like this meant more of a likely hood that Amy would get pregnant.

Wolfgang leant in and started to lick and nibble on a breast. Amy closed her eyes in pleasure. They ignored Bastion as he took off his jacket and crawled forward. They both jerked down when they felt a tongue licking at them.

"We aren't official yet." Wolfgang commented.

Right, like someone is going to take Amy from you. I will be busy during the introduction and I've been wanting to learn Amy's scent since I first smelt it after your first time. Bastion retorted to them both not once stopping in tasting them.

Bastion glanced up but kept on licking, learning the scent of the Alpha female because he was so close to both he was allowed to really get to taste Amy, everyone else at the introduction were only allowed to smell and lick at their pooled juices. Bastion dipped his tongue into Amy's womanhood to collect their combined juices from the source. As Wolfgang slid free Bastion took over licking and sucking Amy's womanhood.

Wolfgang was about to growl a warning at Bastions behaviour but Bastion was already retreating.

"Go clean up, we can't leave the Merlins waiting," he said as he walked away licking his lips clean.

Amy stood and stumbled back into the bathroom, her legs felt like jelly. Wolfgang was behind her; he supported her in the shower. His hand slid between her legs and splashed water onto her, he grabbed the extendable showerhead and turned it on. He pointed it at her womanhood in effect douching her. He turned the extra showerhead off and put it aside. Amy turned around, she squirted some shower gel into her hands and proceeded to wash him in much the same way he had washed her moments ago.

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