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Kisses for Michelle


"Oh Michelle, you should have seen him squirm," Leslie snickered. "I had him in the palm of my hand....literally."

That's Leslie for you. Blonde hair cut at shoulder length. Big blue eyes. Beautiful. And an impossible tease. Back in her dorm room from her date, animatedly telling her best friend since middle-school and current college dorm-mate about her latest escapades.

"We were macking big time," she continued. " I think I gave him hickies all over his neck."

Macking. That was Leslie's term for making out. And she was queen of making out. She liked it better than most anything else.

"He had his hands up my sweater, pawing at my titties. And I had his pants open and was rolling his balls around in my hand. He would give the most adorable little whimper every ten seconds."

A rosy glow had developed over Leslie's cheeks as she talked. Her eyes flashed as she pantomimed what she was doing to him with her hands. She could almost imagine molding Ryan's balls to her will.

"Oh Leslie I love you. Please, you don't know how hard this is for me," she mimicked.

"Oh but I do, I can feel how hard you are. You're like a rock. A big hard rock." Leslie said.

And then he tried to get a little too fresh with his hands so I gave him a little squeeze to let him know who was in charge.

"Oh I need you," Ryan pleaded.

"I need you too," Leslie replied.... "but it's a sin."

"We could get married." Ryan volunteered helplessly.

"You know Ryan," Leslie said. "But, my parents won't let me until after I graduate."

"But I need too," Ryan begged. "It hurts. I can't even walk."

"You are just like all the other guys. All you want is one thing." Leslie took her hand from his pants and pulled away. His eyes grew wide with alarm.

"No it isn't like that. I love you." Ryan said.

"You have probably been doing it haven't you?" Leslie asked. "Looking at other girls in some magazine I bet. Wanking off. You disgust me."

"I haven't. I swear."

"I think it's over between us. I don't think you value our relationship." Leslie turned her back to him.

"No. I promise. I haven't done anything. Please don't leave."

"I don't know why you are complaining so much. You know the bible says to wait until we are married. You know that if we do it, it's a sin." Leslie loved watching him squirm through that one. It was pay back for having to go to bible study for her first three dates with the little bible thumper.

"I know ... but."

"And it isn't like we don't have other things we can do." Leslie moved close to him and kissed him and gave the head of his hard little thing a friendly squeeze. Then she reached underneath her skirt and took off her panties. They were soaked. And the smelled with the odor of her musk. "I loved what you did to me the night before last." Leslie purred, her voice deep and husky. "You know - when you kissed me down there."

"I-I did too," Ryan stammered. "But maybe this time you could -- kiss me too."

Leslie kissed him hard, almost forcing herself on him. "I love kissing you baby. We can kiss anytime you like."

Ryan broke away. "No....I mean.....kiss me down there." He was almost too shy to say it, but his needs outweighed his shyness.

"Disgusting. You ARE just like all the other guys. You just want to screw and spew."

"But it isn't fair." he said.

"What isn't fair?" Leslie dangled her wet panties next to his nose. "You don't have any idea how hard this is for me. Can't you smell know how much I want to feel you inside me?"


"Then come closer," she said, pushing him down on this knees, between her wantonly spread thighs. "Closer."

And then he was almost upon her.

"Now, can you smell how much I want you?"

"Yes." And Ryan kissed kissed her. Kissed her on her other lips. The ones down there.

"I want you so fucking bad, and yet I have to settle for this," Leslie moaned. "Instead of your hard dick, I have to settle for your soft mouth. Your hot little tongue. Kissing me. Licking me. Oh fuck. Sucking me."


"Oh, but Michelle, I wasn't really settling. Oh no. Those kisses, you know the kind," Leslie leered at me conspiratorially.

I smiled in answer, but I didn't know anything of those sort of kisses. I had imagined and read my share of romance novels, but never had the actual experience.

"Those were my favorite kind of kisses," Leslie said. "But I didn't want him to know that - if he knew how much I liked them, he might expect more in return."

"And I could tell I wouldn't be long. All that macking had me hot as a firecracker on the Fourth of July." Leslie continued her tale. "And though I love bible study boys because they are so easy to wrap around my fingers - the problem is - they don't know how to do a girl properly. They are so timid. Their tongues lack a certain level of sophistication that other guys have. A girl has to almost pull them on in there and almost do it herself - and what fun is that?"

Leslie didn't wait for an answer. With flushed cheeks and rapid breath, she continued. "And just when I was almost there - just as I was getting set for a big ol' toe curler - the kissing and the licking and the sucking that was feeling so good, starts getting more and more lazy. It starts to peeter out to nothing. I'm having to hold him by the ears and do all the work myself. And then Michelle, there's worse. Oh yes. Do you know what he does - do you know what the little asshole prick does Michelle?"

"What?" Michelle asked eagerly so enthralled in the story. This was better than any romance she had ever read. There weren't stories like this in Cosmo either. It was positively wicked.

"I hear this grunting sound. Like an ape. 'Oh-oh-oh' and all of a sudden I feel this wet slimy feeling on my leg. The worthless little shit was jerking off and spewed all over me and my new pumps. I mean, I know how guys are Michelle, but they have always had the decency to do their business on their own and certainly not on me. Well, I cussed the prick out and stormed out of there pronto."

"God what a useless little shit. And look, Michelle" Leslie lifted her skirt showing her roommate her damp blonde muff and pink lips. Lips that were swollen and glistening with moisture. "I left my brand new panties. The little perv is probably sniffing them right now and jerking off again. Well, it's just as well, the night air helped cool me off."

"And it worked for awhile, but talking about it has me all stirred up again." Leslie flapped the hem of her pleated mini skirt to cool off. "I hate this feeling. God, it's horrible." Leslie pushed her legs tightly together and released them several times to relieve the sensation. "And frustrating."

Michelle was busy thinking about the poor guy her dorm-mate was with . She couldn't help but wonder how long it had been for him. To endure the same frustration Leslie was now feeling for only a few minutes, but feeling it day after day, over and over again. She knew her friend was a tease. She had always had the reputation. But now she began to suspect Leslie was a sadist too. Too expect him to make out with her and then to please her with his mouth...without any mutual pleasure. Worse, not even to be able to masturbate himself. God Lord!

"How do you think your boyfriend felt?" Michelle asked, hoping to make her friend learn to be a more empathetic person.

"Oh Michelle, I don't care how he felt." Leslie said with no compunction. "I care how I feel. And right now, I feel boiling hot. Besides, if he really cared for me...I mean truly cared. He would put my needs before his own."

"Do you know what I need Michelle? I need a new boyfriend. One who can kiss me the way I like to be kissed."

Michelle was all but forgotten by her best friend. Leslie was moving her finger up and down her wet slit. She was masturbating. Her needs had made her oblivious to her audience.

Leslie couldn't help but look. Couldn't help but respond in fashion. Couldn't stop her nipples from growing hard watching her best friend's exhibitionism. Couldn't refrain from growing wet and tingly, but she dared not be as bold as Leslie. She crossed her legs and uncrossed them, suddenly unable to keep still. She knew she shouldn't be getting turned on watching her friend, yet it was happening anyway.

"But this time I want a boy I can keep my eyes on. But how?" And then Leslie caught Michelle's gaze. Both girl's eyes widened in shocked realization. Then Leslie's narrowed. Her mouth widened in a crocodile smile. Blue eyes flashed.

Michelle could feel Leslie's sharp gaze, looking at her as if recognizing her for the first time.

"Maybe I need someone I never even noticed before," Leslie continued after a long pause and now staring lustily at her roommate. "Someone who is in all my classes. Someone who sleeps in the same dorm as I do. Maybe I don't need a boy after all, maybe what I need is..."

No. Oh no! Michelle had to stop this before it could go any further. But, Leslie was already on the move. Michelle tried to get up, but by then it was too late. She was hemmed in.

"Kiss me," Leslie said, cocking her head to the side.

Her bangs dangled down, tickling Michelle's face.

"No," Michelle murmured. She couldn't kiss another girl. She wasn't like that. It was wrong.

"C'mon, Michelle." Leslie said as she moved her hands behind Michelle's neck and ran her fingers through her hair. Michelle could feel her hot breath on her neck. A chill ran down her spine.

"It's just a kiss," Leslie said. "People kiss."

"Please," Michelle begged. People did kiss. She had kissed several boys before in such a fashion, but never a girl. Never even imagined doing it with a girl. She wasn't gay. But, by then Leslie's tongue was brushing her lips ever so softly. And even though it was a girl's tongue, it didn't stop it from feeling nice. Didn't stop her from wanting to be kissed by those lips. To feel that questing tongue against her own.

She wasn't gay, and yet she found herself surrendering. Allowing that silky eager pink tongue to caress her lips and then enter her mouth. Then finding herself kissing back. And when Leslie's knee made its way between her legs, she pressed against it, unable to deny her feelings any longer.

It was wrong. On so many levels. It was a girl. Her roommate. Her best friend. But Michelle wanted her. She needed more. She found herself moaning and went to kiss her pretty blonde roommate again, but Leslie was just out of reach. Michelle quested for those full lips, but she couldn't quite meet them.

Leslie smiled wickedly. Toying with her. She pulled Michelle around and then their positions were reversed.

"Do you like kissing me?" she asked.

Michelle felt the heat rush to her cheeks. "Yes," she replied.

"Even though I'm a girl?"

"Yes." Michelle said shyly.

"Then kiss me some more." This time Leslie, pulled Michelle on top. With their roles reversed, Leslie could no longer allow her friend to be the aggressor. She was forced to participate willingly. And participate she did. She kissed. She touched. She explored her friend's very female form as she had never done before. She became hot. Sweaty. And very very wet.

And in between kisses, Leslie asked. "Do you think I'm pretty?"


"What do you think is the prettiest thing about me?"

"Your eyes. They sparkle."

Leslie fluttered her eyes, while Michelle fell further under her spell. "Do you love me Michelle?" Leslie asked.

Michelle looked into those big blue eyes and found herself falling into them. "Yes," she whispered.

"Then tell me." Leslie ordered.

"I love you." Michelle said.

Leslie teased her finger against her friend's lips. Her touch was electric. Michelle could smell her musky scent on the proffered digit. "As much as Ryan?" she asked.

In answer, Michelle opened her mouth while Leslie pressed her finger in and out. Michelle sucked the digit willingly, giving a low moan in response.

"Then show me." She pushed Michelle's head down, guiding her down to the floor in between waiting thighs. She removed her finger from her friend's mouth and slipped it between her slippery wet folds. Slipped it out and then held it to once again to Michelle's lips.

Michelle knew there was no going back from this point. This went beyond making out. Kissing. This was sex. It was the final test. Michelle passed. She kissed those sticky digits. She sucked them clean.

"Now kiss me like you mean it," Leslie breathed.

She took Michelle lovingly by the hair and guided her between slim hungry thighs, now spread wide in reckless abandon. Tentatively, Michelle kissed her. It was the first she had even imagined of doing this with another girl. And then she flicked my tongue against her clit, imitating what she had done on herself when using her fingers to masturbate.

Leslie moaned in response, but then pushed the girl lower. "Don't rush it," she said settling back and making herself comfortable. "Take your time. Get to know it."

Michelle ran her tongue into the hot wet slit. It was gushing. She explored its depths. She kissed her soft pink petals. She danced with her small pearl, while Leslie moaned and writhed on the small twin bed.

"Oh eat me Michelle", Leslie said. "That's it girl. Eat my pussy. Lick my clit. Suck my pussy. Oh God, you are so good with your tongue. So damn good."

Fingers ran lovingly through Michelle's hair. Michelle moved her hand down between her thighs and touched herself. The pleasure made her moan and low rumbling vibrations plowed through Leslie's sex.

"No. Uh-huh. No way. There'll be none of that going on." Leslie said abruptly, once she realized what her friend was up to, and pulled Michelle's arms up and then placed the hands on her pert breasts. "I want you to keep your paws right here. Out of trouble."

The resulting situation only spurred on Michelle's ministrations. She continued kissing - licking - pleasuring Leslie with her mouth - her tongue - and now her hands, all while her own little pleasure was limited to rocking hips, sore knees, and the feeling of fingers running through and playing in her hair. She soon became overcome by a feeling - yes, an aching need for sex - but something more too. It was a feeling of subservience. Amazingly enough. It turned her on.

"That's my girl. Oh right there - right there," Leslie cried. "Faster-faster. Yes- yes Oh God yes.."

Leslie pulled Michelle tightly into her sex, so forcefully in fact, the bedraggled brunette struggled for breath. Then Leslie tensed up in a glorious moment, her face screwed up in pleasure, she caught her plump lower lip in between her white teeth, then finally cried out in release.

Afterwards. Her eyes closed. A big smile painted across her face. Glowing and sated. Michelle still licking her down below.

"Now slowly. Slowly." Leslie said. "I want to ease down."

It took about twenty more minutes for Leslie to "ease down". By now, Michelle's face bore a striking resemblance to a honeybun wrapper. Yet she still plied those sopping wet lips with gentle kisses and carresses while Leslie cooed. And then finally when Leslie said enough and Michelle was allowed to come up for air and to finally relieve her sore knees and aching tongue. She finally moved up to kiss Leslie again. To resume their play - only this time it would be her turn.

However, those hopes were dashed with a wrinkling of Leslie's pert nose as turned away from Michelle's advance.

"No," she said. "No more kissing until you wash your face."

With growing humiliation and embarrassment and now a fair measure of feeling used, Michelle got up and wiped her face on a washcloth and then made herself as presentable as possible in case she met someone in the hall. She was positive she must smelled of sex - of female sex. She prayed she would see anyone in the hall. And after Leslie's actions, her distaste at the concept of kissing Michelle's soiled face, when the secretions she was so afraid of, came from her very own body, Michelle was beginning to worry that her only release tonight might take place in the restroom after she washed her face.

"Michelle," Leslie said, as the young girl began to open the door.

"Yes?" Michelle said.

"How long do you think it will take you to wash your face?"

"Um...maybe five minutes" Michelle thought quickly and added. "...but I may need to use the restroom." Giving herself a margin of error in case she decided to masturbate her hot aching sex.

"It's 7:30 now," Leslie said. "I want you back her by 7:35. And I don't want you doing anything you shouldn't."

Michelle's cheeks burned in embarrassment. How did Leslie know what she was planning?

"You do still love me don't you?" Leslie asked. "You're not just using me for sex?"

"Y-yes. I still love you." Michelle stammered. She felt like she had been the one being used, but apparently Leslie had some of the same concerns.

"More than Ryan loved me?"

"Of course."

"Ryan lasted two months. Two months of kisses."

It slowly began to dawn on Michelle, just what Leslie equated love with. Love was someone giving up their own pleasure, while making sure Leslie got hers. And judging from the aching needs from her own body. How much she now craved sex. How much she desperately wanted release. Michelle wondered if Ryan had really lasted two months. Or had he been taking matters into his own hand long before tonight.

And the thought of two months of kisses. Two months of being on her knees between Leslie's creamy thighs - eating her. Face damp and sticky. Knees sore and scratched on the hard tile floor. Mouth and tongue aching from use. All while her own sexual needs remained unfulfilled. Suddenly, those very same knees began to tremble. How could she even contemplate it? And yet there she was - more than contemplating it - burning with desire at the thought.

"I want you to wait. Not too, but three months," Leslie said. "Will you do it for me? Will you prove you love me more than Ryan?"

Three months. Dear God. From sneaking moments of pleasure every few nights - to nothing for three months. Maybe Michelle could manage one in on Thanksgiving break. Or have a long session with herself. She could really appreciate it by then.

"Y-yes," Michelle stammered. "I love you. I-I'll wait for you. I-I'll do it. I will."

"Let me see how much you love me." Leslie said. "Show me."

Michelle was unsure what her roommate meant. But then Leslie reached down with her right hand, and opened her damp wet folds between her fingers. "See how much I love you. Now, let me see how much you love me."

Oh God. Michelle took off her shorts and pulled down her panties.

"Shirt too."

Soon her T-shirt and white bra lay on the ground at her feet.

"Show me."

Her damp curls were a testament to how much she wanted her roommate, but Michelle knew what her friend wanted. She opened her wet folds. Displaying herself lewdly.

"Oh, you do love me." Leslie said. "Just look at that big clit. So wet. So horny."

Michelle blushed in embarrassment.

"I bet you'd like to touch it," Leslie said, while strumming her own clit and moaning. "Do you want to touch it? Do you want to stroke that big clit?"

"Yes." Michelle breathed, her fingers trembling from need.

"How long are you going to wait for me?" Leslie asked. "How long are you going to wait before touching that big hot clit?"

"Th-three months." Michelle stammered.

That's right. Three months," Leslie said. "Now, hurry up and go wash your face. I want you back here pronto."

Michelle quickly put her clothes back on.

"Hurry," Leslie urged. "I'll be waiting."

Michelle opened the door a final time before going to the restroom to wash her face.

"And Michelle," Leslie said. "When you get back, you can kiss me some more. And then I'm going to show you all the different ways I love to be kissed."

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