tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKitty Tales: Yvette Pt. 2

Kitty Tales: Yvette Pt. 2


For those of you who like a physical description, I'm about 5'8" tall and 120 lbs now. (I was a little thinner back when Yvette and I became playthings of three bastards.) So I'm tall and thin. I have small breasts (at least I think so). Sorry you guys who like women with HUGE tits. I can't lie about it. My boobs are b-cups. But I have great nipples. Very pink and long when they are sucked, pulled or nipped. Sorry to say that I don't shave my pussy either. I trim, but I have a fairly thick bush, but it's blond. If you want to eat my pussy, you'll have to work for it. I hope I didn't kill the fantasy.

I have a small, tight ass. Although I have a fetish for anal sex, my asshole is very tight. I guess I'm lucky there. I've been fucked in the ass enough that it feels great to me, but not so much that I've lost any elasticity.

It's great having an anal fetish. There are worse things than licking the asshole of a woman or man. In fact, one of my favorite foreplay activities is licking a guy's asshole, while jerking off his cock.

Yvette was and still is a close friend. Although, like many women, she enjoys sex with another woman given the right circumstances, she is not bisexual. I guess she is bi-curious, and I am bi-serious. Unfortunately, at the time when this incident occurred, Yvette was an avowed vanilla girl, and flatly denied any bi-sexual tendencies. I am happy to say that her bi-sexual tendencies have increased over the years, and so has our fun together.

Yvette has jet-black hair. She is about my height and a little thinner than I am. She has fantastic legs and ass. Her tits are about the same size as mine, but her areoles and nipples are brown, while mine are pink. She also doesn't shave her pussy, but trims. Her black bush is soft and curly. She does shave around her pussy lips though, and she keeps trying to get me to shave mine. But I refuse. I'm just stubborn I guess. Maybe I can get her to do the task for me.

One thing that I get off on is that delicate trail of hair that travels from her pussy to her belly button. It's hardly noticeable, but it turns me on. She also has a line of hair from her pussy to her asshole.

Yvette is a natural exhibitionist. She loves to show herself off. I guess she likes to exhibit herself as much as I do. Come to think of it, that's how we met. Back when the three dweebs fucked us, we were both strippers working out of the same club.

Yvette and I were really young back when this happened. We were only in our early twenties. She was living with Darren and I was still living at home with my folks and sisters.

Yvette's boyfriend, Darren, was out of town on "business," and Yvette and I were spending the night together. I was glad that Darren was out of town. He was a real sleaze bag. He only cared about what Yvette could do for him. He never really cared for her.

When he was out of town, Yvette and I would go clubbing together and tease the old farts who wanted to fuck us. We never paid for a drink. We always hung at one of the meat-market bars, such as Smuggler's Inn. These are the places where guys in their 40's through 60's went to have a couple drinks and to try to get laid. Of curse, on occasion I would take a quick spin to the local Regal 8 with some guy who grabbed my interest. Some of those adventures were interesting, but most were just routine sex.

I have always had a "daddy" complex. I love fucking older men. Heck, my first husband was about 20 years my senior. Even in high school I dated guys in their 30's. Older guys had more money and were willing to do anything you wanted just to get a taste of young pussy.

Darren ran with a bad crowd. He was always trying to find an easy buck (or easy fuck), and was always off doing something that got his skinny ass into trouble. Well, this night Yvette and I paid for his transgressions.

Yvette invited me over to watch some old movies and have a few beers. She said she didn't feel like clubbing and getting felt up. I was all for that because I wanted her for myself. I figured that I might finally get her drunk enough that I could at least play with her pussy, or even eat her out. We always slept in t-shirts and panties, and there was only one bed in their apartment, so her pussy would be easy access.

The night started out great. We started drinking around 7:00 and did a couple of joints. By 9:00 we were feeling no pain. Neither of us were heavy drug users. So a little weed was all that was needed to get us over the top.

By 10:00 we decided to get ready for bed, and watch some tube. Before changing into our sleep ware, I convinced Yvette that we should both take a bath. I had brought along some new bath soap with me that I wanted her to try. I promised her that she would love the feeling.

We ran the bath water and Yvette stripped. I just stared at her gorgeous body. That's all the motivation I needed to put a quick seduction plan into action.

She pulled her long hair into a ponytail and stepped into the bath. She leaned back and closed her eyes. As she relaxed in the soothing water, I disrobed. Gawd! My pussy was drenched. It sounded like I was walking across a swamp as I walked toward the tub. I could have been fucked by a 10-incher at the moment and took it all in with little effort. I don't mean an AOL 10-incher either; I mean a real 10-incher as thick as a beer can. LOL

I gave her a nudge in the back so that she would move forward, and slid in behind her. I opened my legs so that she was between them with her back to me. My knees were resting against her arms. I reached around her and pulled her back to me until her damp back began to rub against my nipples. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her.

My mouth involuntarily moved to the side of her head, and I gently licked and nibbled her earlobe. She responded by tilting her head so that I had access to her mouth. I gently pulled her chin toward me and kissed her mouth. I ran my tongue over her smooth lips, and she opened her mouth to grant me access.

Not wanting to hurry things and scare her off, I continued to gently kiss her month and run my tongue over her lips. Fortunately, she was responding, but she wasn't responding in a way that told me that she was really getting into it to the degree I wanted. It was more like two sisters sharing an intimate embrace than two women who were about to fuck each other. (Yeppers, my sisters and I have had such embraces on occasion, but that is a future story.)

I rubbed my nipple against her back while I worked my hands around her ass searching for the soap. I was not going to miss the golden opportunity to run my hands all over her body.

Once I retrieved the soap, I began to slide my hands along her shoulders and back. Moving to her front, I cupped both of her pert titties and rubbed the soap into her nipples. I pulled on her nipples and pinched them. Then I rolled them between my fingers.

She relaxed more and moaned how good it felt to have her breasts massaged. Encouraged by her responses, I ran my hands along her sides to her legs. I washed the tops of her thighs, and then moved my hands to her inner thighs. I was bound and determined to finger fuck that sweet pussy.

As my hands moved along her inner thighs, I firmly pressed against them until they spread slightly, giving me better access to her pussy. My fingers moved down to her bush and I began to lightly pull on her outer pussy lips. She moaned something unintelligible, so I slid my index finger along her slit. It was soft and slick. I was in a perfect position to finger fuck her, and I planned to do just that.

As I slid my finger in and out of her pussy, I searched for her clit with another. Once I found it, I quickly encouraged it out of its hood. I treated her clit just like her nipples. I pulled, squeezed and rubbed her swollen clit.

She had a small clit, but I could tell it was sensitive. Yvette moaned every time I squeezed her clit a little. Soon, she was gently grinding her pussy into my hand. I keep my hand still as she took over fucking herself using my hands and fingers. It reminded me of the time that we watched each other masturbate.

I felt her body tense, and I knew she was ready to let it go. She climaxed into my hand, grinding herself against it and moaning loudly. Her orgasm came in waves as she continued to masturbate herself with my help. I swear that I came with her. Surprisingly, I felt my pussy spasm as she came. My pussy wanted a cock in it, and soon I would get what I wanted. In fact, I'd get three of them for the night, in all three of my holes.

As she relaxed for a minute, I slid my hand under her ass. She lifted her weight and leaned forward so that I had access to her asshole. I slid the bar of soap along her ass and pushed it against her sphincter. She winced a little, but then relaxed as I gently pushed the bar of soap into her ass. I knew that she also got into anal sex, so my intrusion was not strange.

After a couple of minutes of fucking her asshole with the soap, I replaced it with my fingers. I gently spread her sphincter and pushed my index finger up her ass. Soon, I had three fingers in her ass, as I gently fucked her with my hand. Little did I know that finger fucking her ass would be a blessing.

Leaving a couple of fingers in her asshole, I asked her to get on her hands and knees so that I could finish cleaning her. She slowly complied and spread her legs for me. I was in heaven. I had my finger up her gorgeous ass with a full view of her engorged pussy lips. All I wanted to do was lick her from asshole to clit.

The tub was a little small for ease of access, but I did manage to lean forward and place my tongue on her pussy. I withdrew my finger from her ass and began to lick her from stem to stern. Rather than stopping me, she started to sway back and forth in rhythm with my tongue. Finally, I was getting my wish. Her pussy was mine. All that I had to do now was get her to lick me.

I leaned forward and pressed my tongue to her rosebud. Since I had been fucking it with my fingers, it was easy to slip my tongue into her. I licked her asshole and tongue fucked it for all I was worth. At the same time, I reached forward and pinched and pulled her long nipples.

I felt another orgasm building in her, but I wanted to get her gorgeous mouth on my cunt. It came to the point that I could not wait any longer. I reached for the bar of soap and pushed it against my own asshole. I worked it around until my asshole loosened and I pushed it further inside me. I left it there, as my free hand moved to my pussy. I had to masturbate. I needed to get myself off before I exploded, and the best way was shove something up my ass while fucking my pussy.

We were both so close to orgasms that nothing else mattered. All I was concentrating on was fucking us both, and getting her to bed so I could push my pussy into her face. She was going to lick me that night one way or another. I was way beyond caring if we would remain friends. I was in lust and didn't care. I would not take no for an answer.

Normally, I am a sexual submissive with men. I want them to take the lead, and I will respond to a dominating male. I am a bit different with women. I can be either submissive or dominant depending on the other woman. Basically, I have not trouble taking charge if a pussy is waiting for me.

Given that Yvette seemed reluctant and passive, I took charge by slapping her ass checks. I told her that we needed to get into bed. I knew the interrupting her orgasm was a cold thing to do, but I wanted her to fuck me. Also, interrupting her orgasm helped me establish more control over her.

She looked back at me curious as to why I stopped licking her. She wanted to get off and was desperate, but I was determined. As I stood, I grabbed her arm. She responded by standing and reaching for a towel. I pulled her arm away from the towel rack. I didn't want to wait until we dried off. It might give her a chance to have second thoughts about what I had in mind.

With some hesitancy, Yvette started walking toward the bedroom. I was right behind her, watching her ass sway as she walked. Soapy water was dripping off both of us, but it didn't matter. I spanked her ass cheeks a couple of times to hurry her up. He tight ass jiggled every time my hand made contact.

Yvette had a large bed; queen size if I remember clearly. So there was plenty of room for us. Yvette stopped short of the bed, as if she was reconsidering the situation. I gave her a little push and she fell on her stomach on the bed. I climbed on the bed and straddled one of her thighs and placed a hand against the small of her back.

As I surveyed the luscious, young body below me, I couldn't help myself thinking that I had to have her regardless of the circumstances. Her olive skin was shiny with droplets of water. There was a small ring of soap hugging one of her ass cheeks. Her legs were partly opened. Her pussy hair was damp, and her lips were engorged. The inner lips spread like a blossom ready to be plucked by my teeth and lips.

I wanted to suck on those lips, but I needed her to reciprocate. I wanted her to eat my pussy and lick my ass. Since I had already cum once, I was extremely wet. They were so swollen that my pussy lips must have looked like two sausages.

I grabber her arm and turned her over on her back. As she started to protest, I leaned over until my face was directly over hers. I told her in a stern voice: "Look, I need you to fuck me. You've teased me enough and I'm not going to be satisfied just eating you tonight. I want your mouth on my pussy and ass. Friend or no friend, you are eating me tonight."

She started to wrestle with me so I moved forward until my hands were braced on the headboard of the bed, and my pussy was just above her mouth. Without waiting, I lowered my soaking pussy to her mouth and began to press and slide it against mouth and nose. I leaned back and pinned her arms with my legs. I had her and she knew it.

I heard muffled complaints as I humped her mouth with my pussy. I was so turned on that I did not care. I moved my fingers to my clit and massaged myself as I ground my pussy into her.

To my surprise, she started to respond to my forceful play. Her mouth started to press against my pussy, and I felt her tongue enter me. In response, I eased the pressure on her slightly. In other words, I was saying with my body: "Eat me you fucking bitch, and I won't smother you with my pussy."

I was oblivious to my surroundings as I concentrated on rubbing my pussy against her mouth. Closing on a huge orgasm, I was interrupted by voices emanating from the doorway to the bedroom. I heard a male voice exclaim: "Hey! Charlie, Fred. Come take look at this. Darren has two of his lezzies licking each other."

The night festivities were about to heat up.

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