tagBDSMkitty Waited Ch. 01

kitty Waited Ch. 01


kitty waited patiently for her Master to awaken for the day. she had just awakened and was watching Him sleep peacefully. she carefully slipped from the bed to see to her morning routine before slipping back in beside Him. she rested her head against His chest so that He would find her there when He awoke with His alarm in a few minutes.

she had been training herself to wake up before the alarm so that she would be where she had fallen asleep. He seemed to love waking up and finding her head on His chest. This morning was no different than any other. Master pulled her close and kissed the top of my head shortly after hitting the alarm clock to silence it.

"Good morning Master, "she purred at Him.

"Good morning My kitty goes get your leash" was all that Master commanded to her that morning.

she crawled from the bed on all fours and retrieved the leash from the door knob. she carried it in her mouth and presented it to Him. He clipped the leash to her collar and led her to the bathroom doorway. He told her to kneel and wait by the door while He attended to His morning business.

Hands washed and ready for breakfast, W/we padded into the kitchen where she sat out to make omelets with cheese and ham. He went and got the paper while breakfast cooked and began to read it. she quietly moved about the kitchen making sure it was all cooked right and present Him with His breakfast and iced tea with splenda. she waited to see if she would be asked to join Him at the table or not and this morning was met with silence.

she did not eat with Him at the table every morning. she went back to the stove and put her cut up her omelet into her kitty bowl and sat it at His feet. He smiled as she pulled her hair back into a pony tail and ate from the bowl. There was a bit of laugher when the cat, Beast, came into the kitchen and wanted to investigate her bowl.

When she heard His silverware being set neatly on His plate signaling that He was finished eating she rose from her bowl, and began to finish cleaning up from breakfast and wiped off any food from her face. Any scraps were disposed of so the dog, Belle, wouldn't get into the trash after it. The dog and cat were feed as Master finished the section of paper that He was on.

With a snap of His fingers, she kneeled up beside Him and presented the end of her leash to Him. That generally meant that He had something in mind for her to do. With a tug upon the leash He said it was bath time for T/them. she followed Him back to the bathroom and quickly undressed Him. He moved to remove the leash and then her collar. That moment was always met with a bit of hesitation on both T/their parts as it had been a long time in coming for that collar to have been truly earned.

Master got the shaving stuff and instructed her to sit in the shave position. For T/them that meant her laying on her back and legs spread wide so that He would not nick her. This was something He did for her so that it would always be to His liking. It didn't take long for her to be shaved as it was only a touch up.

He handed her the razor and indicated that He too would like to be touched up. she grinned as this meant an extra opportunity to maybe tease Master into a bit of fun. she promptly lathered up the hairs around His groin region and carefully and slowly shaved the areas T/they had long since agreed would be kept tidy. T/they enjoyed this grooming routine of T/theirs.

"Is kitty trying to tease her Master all ready?" He asked with a huge grin upon His face.

"But of course Master. kitty loves to tease You. she enjoys pleasing You even more though."

The shaving completed and items put back in their proper place by kitty, Master turned on the water so that T/they both could rinse off the shaving cream and so He could get cleaned up for work. kitty quickly set about washing Him, and leaving no part of Him untouched from washing. This was another morning routine of that was one that she greatly enjoyed doing for Him. she took pride in how she had grown accustomed to washing Him.

she lingered a bit when she was washing His cock enjoying how it twitched a bit when she ran her hand over Him. she softly stroked Him a bit waiting for Him to tell to stop but this morning He didn't. she kneeled down in front of Him and ran her tongue along the length of Him purring as she did. she looked up at Him and saw His eyes closed in pleasure.

her tongue played with His cock as she ran it over Him some more. Soon she heard a soft moan escape from His lips, and felt His hand grab hold of her hair and holding her head still. her tongue continued to trace a line up and down the length of His cock as He held her head still. she wanted nothing more than to give Him pleasure.

"Master wants you to suck Him off this morning like a good kitty" was all that He said.

she wrapped her lips around His cock in answering Him and slowly began to move back and forth over His cock. her tongue played a bit with the skin that covered His cock and let Him know that she enjoyed this extra bit of fun by purring at Him loudly. He simply moaned softly and braced Himself against the back of the shower wall. her hand slipped around His waist and a finger traced along the strip between His balls and His ass.

she was always gentle but teasing in her touch. she continued to suck on His cock as she felt the wetness growing between her legs. This wetness was not from the shower but from her hunger for Him. she seemed to always be hungry for Him. she loved Him so completely and enjoyed every moment that she got to be with Him.

she could feel Him getting close when He reached down and pulled on her nipples which brought a loud moan to her throat. This sent Him spilling over the edge and cumming into her mouth. she cleaned every last drop of His cum from His cock and washed Him once more but not teasing Him this time. she was just as complete in this second washing as she had been in the first.

"Now, My good kitty this is a good way to start the morning."

"Yes, Master, it is a good way to start the morning."

she quickly washed herself as He stepped out of the shower to shave off the whickers from His face. she was turning off the water of the shower when the last of His shaving cream was rinsed off. she quickly stepped out and held a towel out for Him to pat His face dry with as she wrapped her hair in a towel. she then towel dried Master's body off and as He combed His hair she hung up the towels up to dry.

He swatted her ass playfully soft and told her to join Him in the living room when her hair was combed. she softly meowed at Him as something was missing from her neck still. He chuckled at her for meowing and fastened the collar back around her neck. He gave her ass another playful swat. she did not speak much beyond meows when it came to simple things such as a reminder about her collar.

"Good kitty for reminding Master but I really was not forgetting. I was just keeping you on your toes."

"kitty enjoys Your spankings even in play," she purred at Him.

"Hurry up kitty as Master has things He must do this morning."

"Yes Master, kitty will hurry."

Master left the bathroom to go get dressed and was sitting in the chair waiting for me as she glided over to Him. she still had not dressed and this was not uncommon when W/we were alone T/together. she kneeled up before Him and presented the end of her leash to Him once more. He smiled at her and caressed her face as He collected the leash from her hand.

"Now kitty, I am going to leave you a list of chores to do while I am out. I trust you to complete them and start something for dinner. I will be back around five. you will remain as You are but i will unclasp the leash so that you won't get tangled up while doing the chores."

"Yes, Master, kitty will do as You ask of her," she slightly purred as she said those things.

she rose up on her knees and gave Him a tender kiss knowing that soon the leash will be unhooked and she will be left to complete her tasks. Tasks normally meant laundry and general picking up around the apartment and after the pets. she purred at Him as He returned her kiss and she smiled sweetly at Him. The hardest part next to having her collar removed for bathing was the leash being undone for kitty truly loved wearing her leash for her Master.

The leash had become a part of her wardrobe when He was at home because it symbolized a part of O/our agreement. she was not just Your kitty...she was Your slave. Some days You permitted her to wear a tail and a set of ears while You were gone but today were not one of those days. Those items represented her kitten side that was special to her and You encouraged that side of her.

You unhooked her leash and sat it down on the chair beside You. You pulled her back in for a kiss and playfully swatted at her ass. When You broke the kiss You handed her the list of chores with a smile. You told me that for part of the list, kitty was allowed to throw on some clothing. Pet grooming in the nude was never a good idea, and that was generally what that comment indicated.

You stood up and ran Your fingers through my still damp hair and gave it a tussle before heading to the door to leave. she told You good bye as in my usual manner which was to nuzzle against Your leg. she looked more closely at the list that Master had given her and smiled. As usual the list included some time writing as it was something that she enjoyed doing.

List of Chores:

-Spend one hour writing and complete a journal prompt.

-Groom Belle's, the dog, and Beast, the cat's coats with a brush.

-Do any laundry that needs done, fold and put away when dry.

-Have dinner ready by 5 PM.

-Tidy and pick up the living room and vacuum.

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