tagBDSMkitty Waited Ch. 02

kitty Waited Ch. 02


Master generally gave her some tasks to complete while He was gone so that she would not be idle or feel like she did not have some purpose. T/their relationship had slowly evolved to what it was now. she was capable of thinking for herself but had turned over a lot of those decisions to Him. she wanted Him to have a good deal of control and He had risen to the challenge of it.

kitty went into the bedroom and threw on a t-shirt and shorts and a pair of shoes. she then went into the kitchen and found Belle's leash and the various grooming tools for both her and the cat, Beast. This gathering of the leash generally told the dog, Belle, that she was needed by kitty's side. Sure enough Belle came to kitty without being called.

Belle barked at kitty and indicated that she needed to be walked by running back and forth to the door and kitty. she chuckled at the dog and fastened the leash to the dog's collar. she grabbed the spare set of keys, baggies, and locked the door behind her and made her way slowly down the stairs and outside for the walk. she was glad that most people were not out and about as she had not put on a bra.

Belle tarried as she normally did and had to sniff at all the smells that a dog can pick up. kitty always found that amusing and understood about needing to take time and smell the roses so to speak. Life had thrown her some curve balls that some times made life a bit difficult but she was muddling through. Some time ago simply walking the dog outside would have seemed like a huge challenge but Master had seen her through so much of that.

The walk completed, Belle and kitty went back inside the apartment to start on the grooming part of the chore list. Belle was slowly getting used to the grooming sessions. she had to remember not to groom around Belle's tail too much because she disliked that. kitty chuckled a bit at the growing pile of fur that had been loose and ready to be removed.

kitty just hoped that the grooming was helping and not hurting the allergies Master had. Belle was excited to have the grooming done and wandered to her food bowl for her lunch. Now it was time to find the sleeping kitty otherwise known as Beast. Beast was forever sleeping and sometimes you had to search for him.

Beast was found in the Master's bed curled up on one of the pillows. she picked up the tubby cat and took him into the other room to be groomed. she brought out the catnip scented mouse on a string to keep him distracted as she began to comb out his coat. Beast was less than cooperative on a good day when it came to be groomed.

Beast was good though and didn't try to bite or scratch kitty. He did hiss a bit when she got close to his tail. she had to remember that not all kitty's like their tails messed with. Beast was more than happy to have his treat when she was finished with him. His treat was some loose cat nip and a few scratches under his chin.

kitty cleaned up the floor from the grooming and vacuumed up the loose hairs. The clothes she had on were set in the hamper and a cover up thrown on to take the laundry to the washing machine just outside the apartment. she was careful that neither of the pets followed her out into the hall. The first load was some clothes that were in the hamper.

The laundry started, kitty went to work on writing another section of a story for her Master. she set a timer so that she wouldn't forget about the laundry as sometimes she would while writing. Beast curled up at her feet while she wrote and Belle found a place close by too. Life couldn't be more normal right then if she tried.

When the timer went off, kitty went to put in the next load of laundry. The clean wash was put in the dryer and a fresh load was put in the wash. she set a new timer for herself and went back to finishing up the section before moving onto the journal prompt that had been highlighted for her to do. she liked it when Master did such things for her.

The next time the timer went off; kitty set things down and went to get the clean laundry basket to put the dry clothes in. she would fold them in the bedroom since it was clothes. she looked at the bed when she got into the bedroom and decided the sheets needed stripped and washed. she did that before settling down to folding the laundry and putting it away.

kitty came back to the laundry basket to find Beast curled up in it. she chuckled at him and promptly set him out of the basket. Beast knew better but this was becoming a ritual of theirs of sorts. He would curl up in if she turned her back for more than a few moments. It was cute to see and she carefully made sure no hairs were on the clothing before putting them away in their proper places.

kitty looked at the time and realized that soon she would need to tidy and vacuum the rest of the apartment. she put a set of fresh sheets on the bed and made it. Beast settled down on the pillows once it was made. There was no really telling him not as he had been doing that for a long time all ready. Beast was generally locked out of the bedroom at night, however, because he had a habit of nipping at toes because he wanted fed.

kitty vacuumed the bedroom making sure to get under the bed for dust bunnies and was soon finished in that room. The bathroom was tidied, tub scrubbed from the earlier shower, and fresh towels set out. The towels from this morning had all ready been put in the wash. Just as she was finished wiping every thing down in the bathroom the timer went off letting her know to switch out the next load of stuff.

Towels and clothing from in the bathroom this morning were folded and put away neatly. kitty checked the time and surmised that she needed to start thinking about what to fix for dinner before tidying the living room up. she opened the fridge to see what might have been set down to thaw as a hint and found that pork chops sat on a plate defrosting. she could make pork chops and apples with some steamed vegetables.

The chops were browned in a skillet on the stove being careful to just lightly brown them. kitty chopped up a couple of apples and added some brown sugar and water. The oven was preheated and ready by the time the pork chops were ready to be baked with the apples. The skillet was washed and put back away.

A timer on the stove was set and a pan to steam the vegetables was set out as a reminder to her self. she checked the freezer and found a bag of corn and knew that would go nicely. A tossed salad from the mix in the fridge would finish off the meal. she wiped off the table but knew she would have to do it again before setting it because of the pets.

kitty wandered into the living room and picked up things there. An old glass of iced tea was taken in to the kitchen and dumped down the drain. That reminded her to make sure there was some in the fridge. It looked a little low so she got out the tea brewer and set about making a fresh jug of iced tea. Splenda would be added when it was cooling.

The living room was dusted and vacuumed by the time the last wash timer went off. kitty hurried to get the sheets folded so she could finish up be ready by the time Master would call to make sure things were on schedule and that He was on His way. He knew that sometimes she was not having the best of days and was forgiving provided there was a very good excuse as to why something was left unfinished.

Everything was put away in its place by the time the phone rang. It was Master and He was calling to let her know that He was going to be on time. kitty could not help but smile and her heart raced a bit. she had just enough time for a super quick shower to scrub off the loose hair and dust from cleaning that day. she always hated the part of taking off the collar but leather and water did not mix well.

kitty was dried, collar put back on, and the bathroom tidied once more by the time the timer for the pork chops and apples went off. she got the bag of corn from the freezer and set it to steam in a pan. she wiped off the table once more and set it. Making sure to shoo the dog and cat both from the kitchen.

kitty put the pork chops with apples on warm in the oven so that neither pet would get a bright idea and try to run off with dinner. The duo had been known to team up on Master to get a bit of the meals for themselves. kitty did not encourage such behavior with them. she looked at the time and made her way to the door.

kitty kneeled up at the door with the leash draped over her out stretched hands when the door opened and Master stepped through the door. He smiled when He found her naked and smelling as fresh as she had when He left. He wasn't 100% sure how she managed that but suspected that she had cleaned up from the damp look on the ends of her hair.

He fussed with her hair and clasped the leash onto her collar. He gave it a short tug and asked if dinner was ready. When kitty replied that it was except for the salad put into bowls and the food set on the table He smiled at me. she was forever doing last minute things when it came to cooking but the apartment looked very well picked up so far.

He gave her bottom a small tap and told her to finish up dinner while He inspected the rest of the things from the list. Beast was curled up on the bedroom pillows once more. He smiled when He saw that the bed had been made and that a different set of sheets had been put on the bed. The set that had been on the bed He found washed and put away. Clothes were hung and put away as He liked them to be.

The bathroom was clean and tidy. Every thing looked to be in its proper place. Belle came up to Him and barked at Him meaning she wanted to be walked. He wandered into the kitchen and saw kitty putting the finishing touches on the table. He told her that He was going to walk the dog quickly and to keep things warm. she told Him that she would.

Walking Belle didn't take very long since she knew food was ready. She would take her usual begging spot beside Master. kitty kept her place setting at the kitchen counter as she did not want assume she would be eating with Him at the table. Sometimes she was asked to join Him and sometimes she ate in between serving Him.

she had His glass of iced tea poured and the things not needed to be kept warm on the table when They walked back inside. Master asked kitty to join Him at the table that night and she quickly added her setting to the table and brought everything to the table. she served Him first as usual and waited patiently for Him to be told to join Him. To an outsider this might appear odd but kitty had grown used to the life she was leading with Master.

Belle sat down on the floor beside Master and quietly waited to see if she would be given something from the table. kitty asked to be given free speech during the meal so that she could inquire about His day. Master granted that to her without condition that night for doing more than what was on the chore list. kitty smiled at the happiness that He was expressing to her.

Master expressed that He was full and was going to check messages on the computer when dinner was over. she took that as her cue to tidy up the kitchen, wipe off the table, put leftovers away, and do the dishes. she made short work of doing those things because she had a surprise in store for Master. she was normally not a foot person but she thought He might like a foot massage.

Master was talking to someone on the computer when she came into the living room. she kneeled down beside Him and waited for Him to acknowledge her. It didn't take long because He enjoyed her company. He patted His lap but she shook her head and asked to speak. He smiled at her and told her that she may.

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