tagBDSMkitty Waited Ch. 04

kitty Waited Ch. 04


she started kneading His chest in the middle of the night purring. Usually that meant she was dreaming but out of the corner of His eye He could see that she was slightly awake. He bound her wrists together and rolled her over on her back and started running His hand over her skin. she let out a soft meow like moan that told Him it must be a really hot dream.

He leaned over and started whispering in her ear things that He knew she loved Him doing to her. This got her hips to rock a bit and spread her thighs. He could see that her lips were parted and that her clit was aroused and glistening. He thought He would see how far this dream would go on its own before waking her.

He loved the little noises she made when she was aroused. He knew she has issues about not much being done to her when she was sleeping so He let her indicate what she needed. she spread her legs a bit further and He took that as a chance to softly tease a finger along her slit. she meowed a soft moan once again and wiggled against His hand.

He leaned over and whispered in her ear to wake up and play. He knew that would awaken her but He loved saying such things to her. He tugged on her earlobe and pinched her clit softly teasing her. Her eyes started to flutter open and she moaned a bit more. He spoke a bit louder for her to awaken.

kitty woke up when He pinched her clit yet again. she stretched and found her hands bound. she didn't struggle when she thought back to the dream she had just been having. she was actually quite thankful that He had awakened her as she was not sure she could have been a good girl if the dream had continued as it was.

"Was My kitty having an erotic dream?"

"mmm....yes she was Master. she was dreaming about what she was doing this evening before bed. she was enjoying reliving the moment."

"Was kitty on the verge of being bad if the dream continued?"

"kitty would have done her best not to be bad but perhaps it would have been rather difficult to stop in her sleep."

"Yes, I do think it would have been hard considering how you were kneading Me."


Master cut kitty off before she could complete saying sorry. Master was not fond of her saying that word too often and He always wanted her saying it with meaning and true and sure thoughts behind it. It was not very often that kitty really needed to say that word. she was generally a good kitten for Master.

"There is no need to be sorry My kitty. I know you had very good and hard orgasms before bed. I know that makes it hard for kitty to then behave in her dreams. you were a good kitty and did tell me even in your sleep what you needed."

"mmm...yes Master...i was trying to tell You that i needed more of You."

"Oh? kitty wants more of her Master?"

"Yes, kitty would like to cum again for her Master at Your hand or even *purrs* Your cock."

"you think a sleepy kitty that could have cum in her sleep deserves My cock?"

He pinched her clit and made her squirm as He asked that question. she knew that He had a point. she really could have cum in her sleep without His permission. she did need Him and knew that she would have done her best to obey Him. she enjoyed these questions from Him just as much.

"Yes, Master. kitty has been so good for You and rarely disappoints You even in her dreaming. She knows how You feel about such things as W/we have talked about it before."

"Yes you do a good job most of the time to please me in such things. I do wonder if you would have been good had I not awakened you."

kitty looked down a bit in disappointment. she was feeling a bit like some how she had disappointed or failed Him. It stung a bit because she never wanted to something like that at least not intentionally. She prided herself in being able to please Him in all things. Sometimes even after all these years together, she was unsure of how to take things with Him.

"Awww....you have done nothing wrong My kitty. I was teasing you. you have to remember that Master likes to tease you and will do so when ever He wishes."

"she knows that Master. she just doesn't want to ever let You down. she wants to always be Your good kitty. she does not want to be a bad kitty."

"Then stop your cute little pout and enjoy this. Master knows you need more of Him. He knew you would before the night was up."

With that said Master pulled kitty close into His arms and kissed her tenderly. He did truly know her and knew what His kitty needed. she knew that down to her core. she squirmed up against Him as His hand ran over her clit and gave it a soft spank. she let out a soft meow as He did. It felt very good to her and she very much wanted to express how good He was making her feel. she was all ready dripping wet and making His hand slick. she wiggled close against His hand and welcomed more of His touch. He spanked her clit once more before pinching it once again.

kitty let out another soft meow and arched her pelvis towards His touch. He alternated between the two for a while to keep her deliciously on the edge. He watched how her body reacted to Him. He took joy in how her clit responded to His pinching and spanking. He loved watching it glisten with her wetness.

"What does My kitty want? Tell Master what you want."

"kitty wants You."

"How do you want Me kitty?"

"kitty wants Your cock inside her please."

"Is it a want or a need kitty?"

"kitty needs Master's cock inside her. Please won't You take Your kitty?"

"That is better but still not good enough yet. I'm not convinced you need me that badly yet."

With that said, He spanks her clit a few more times and then pinches her clit hard. she writhes on the bed and arches towards His touch. she begins to meow loudly and wiggle her hips as if to show her need. He chuckles a bit at her and tells her to use words if she truly needs Him.

"Please Master will You take Your kitty. she needs Your cock inside her pussy that belongs to You."

"Much better My kitty. kitty finally expressed what you truly need."

"kitty very much needs her Master's cock inside her."

"kitty is not to cum until she is told. I know she is on the edge but you must not fail me in this. Will you obey me kitty?"

"Yes, Master, kitty will obey You. she won't cum until she is told that she may."

"Good kitty."

With that said, Master began to rub His cock over her clit getting it wet from the juices that were flowing from her pussy. He took His time and further teased her. she meowed at Him and arched her body towards Him even though she knew that that would not get what she wanted. she needed patience and it would be rewarded soon enough.

He brought her right to the edge once more before plunging inside her slick pussy. she fought hard to not spill over the edge and meowed loudly at Him. He knew this was difficult for her but wanted her to be able to sleep well when T/they were done. He knew she needed this as much as He was.

kitty rocked her hips and met His movements enjoying how He was making her feel. He pinched her clit every now and then to keep her on that edge. He knew there wouldn't be that much more that she could take. her pussy was in spasms around His cock as He slid back and forth insider her.

she meowed a bit at Him being unable to run her nails down His back to show Him how good this was feeling. Instead, she squeezed her pussy tighter around Him making Him moan. she loved hearing the sounds that He made when T/they were T/together like this. she was right there on the edge and knew that He wouldn't be that far behind by the sound of His moan. her juices coated His cock and dripped down out of her pussy.

He growled against her breast as He bit a nipple causing her to buck under Him. The sensation brought her right to the edge but not over. He bit the other one as not wanting to make it feel left out. she meowed loudly in pleasure and writhed beneath Him. she so wanted to cum but was holding off for permission to do so.

"Please Master, kitty needs to cum. May she please cum for You?"

"kitty cum now!"

That was all He could manage to say as He was right there close on the edge Himself. He felt her crashing over that edge and spasm around His cock tightly. she meowed loudly as her body shook beneath Him. she came long and hard for Him.

He soon followed her orgasm with Him own and it lengthened her own. He loved the feeling of her orgasm as He came. It brought delight to Him and He very much enjoyed making her cum. she came slowly down from her orgasm and was purring for Him. This was a noise He very much loved to hear.

"Mmmm...thank You Master for allowing me to cum for You. kitty very much enjoyed it."

"You are welcome My kitty. Master is happy that you enjoyed yourself."

He undid her wrists and cuddled her close to Him with her head resting upon His chest. kitty purred at Him loudly and softly kneaded His chest to show Him how happy she was. He loved when she did that. It made Him feel all that more close to her. He held her close as she began to drift off happily to sleep once more.

This was one of His favorite ways to get her to sleep. He knew she had problems sleeping and it always gave them time to express T/their feelings for O/one A/another. He loved how she felt when she came and she loved to feel Him cum. It was always a special time for T/them.

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