tagBDSMkitty Waited Ch. 03

kitty Waited Ch. 03


"Master, kitty would like to give Your feet a massage. she knows You could use it and wants to help make Your day even better."

He saws that kitty had lotion and a wash rag and towel in her hands and had hoped that He would say "yes" to her request. Master smiled and moved out from the desk a bit so that she could sit on the floor and massage His feet. she carefully moved into place and was careful not to bump her head on His desk. she undid His shoes and took off his socks, washed His feet tenderly before beginning to rub in the lotion and massage His feet.

kitty purred softly as she went about the task of massaging His feet. He knew this was a not something she asked to do often as feet were a turn off to her. It further showed how much she cared about Him. Sometime it is the little things that one does that expressed more than words that a person truly cares about the other.

kitty felt a tug on her leash and that let her know that her task was over. she picked up her things and carefully moved from under the desk. she moved to put things away but was promptly pulled into His lap and kissed tenderly. she smiled at Him and purred. He gave her another kiss and gave a nipple a pinch as she sat there.

kitty meowed at her Master for pinching on her nipples. It always excited her when He did that to her. she wiggled a bit in His lap and got comfy sitting there. He continued on for a bit talking to someone on the computer, but her interest was in seeing if she could distract Him. she purred at Him and wiggled just a bit more in His lap.

kitty's leash was given a soft tug to let her know to behave. kitty then realized it must be someone whom Master didn't want to have a Freudian slip on. kitty snickered a bit behind her hand and squirmed just a bit. her leash was given another soft tug and she settled back down upon His lap without another wiggle.

Master started pinching on a nipple in between typing on the keyboard. This always made kitty wet when He did this. kitty meowed at Master because she didn't have a towel in His lap and would likely soak His pants if He continued. That was met with another tug on her leash to be good.

He nuzzled her neck and softly bit it. This always drove her nuts. It was something that was an instant "you have my full attention" thing with her. It, also, made her needy and wanting. This was something He was fully aware of as well. kitty tried not to squirm any in His lap but that was fruitless because she could not help herself.

He leaned in and whispered in her ear to spread her legs for Him. she didn't have to guess what His intentions were. This was one of the ways Master loved to tease His kitty. Get her all worked up and make her behave herself at the same time. kitty very much enjoyed nights like this with Master.

kitty spread her legs for Him and He slipped a finger between her legs and pinched her clit. she tried not to squirm in His lap as that would jostle His typing but she could not help it. she bumped His arm a wee bit and that was met with a tug on her leash. she could feel herself growing wet and quickly blushed.

Master caught the blush and asked her if she was dripping for Him yet? she simply squirmed and meowed a bit to indicate that she was wet but not yet dripping. He had come to understand her body and that the teasing had only truly begun. He loved playing this be still game with her.

He tugged on her leash a bit before pinching on her clit again. That indicated to her that He wanted to hear her words not just meows or moans. kitty soon realized that Master was playing a game with her, and hoped that this would end up with them in the bedroom. It had been a while since things had gone beyond a tease for her.

Master liked to keep kitty on the edge. It kept her on her toes and if she truly needed more she was allowed to ask for it. she liked seeing how long she could go sometimes with His teasing. It was a way to challenge herself without causing harm to A/anyone.

Master then spanked her clit and she meowed and wiggled a bit more. she felt the tug on her leash soon after and she wiggled a bit more because the wetness was starting to drip now. she knew that before too long she would soak a spot into His pants. This wouldn't anger Him as He rather liked when that occurred.

"Please Master?"

"Please Master what? you know you must ask for what you need."

"Yes, Master, i do have to ask for what i need. Please Master may this go beyond teasing?"

"Awww...what is My kitty needing tonight from her Master?"

"kitty needs her Master. she needs to cum for You tonight."

"Has kitty been that good that she should be allowed to cum?"

"Yes, kitty has been very good Master. i completed everything on the list of chores and have not disappointed You in a good while."

"I know you did a good job on the list kitty. Master has seen what you accomplished. you have been doing well to please me. Now go to the bedroom and put on your cuffs. Master wants to finish this conversation. I won't be too much longer kitty."

"Yes, Master, kitty will do as You ask of her."

kitty slide from Master's lap and went to the bedroom and opened the toy drawer of their dresser. Inside was her purple faux fur lined cuffs that locked. she got them and the locks out. she put the ankle ones on first using her fingers to leave a small space in them. she then did the wrist ones and made sure that they were not too tight.

The locks were placed on them and the key set on Master's night stand. The key to the locks was on a large metal ring and was easy to locate. she went and sat in her large kitty bed to wait for Him. This was where she normally waited for Master to join her in the bedroom.

kitty's ears perked up when Beast stretched and padded out of the bedroom. Beast always seemed to know when he was soon to be asked to leave his pillow perch. Sure enough Master was soon in the bedroom and patting the bed for kitty to join Him. He checked the tightness of the cuffs and found them to be on just right.

He unfastened the leash and set it beside the bed in its usual spot. He told her to take care of her business if she needed to. she thought a moment and dashed to the bathroom and quickly came back. she liked to be safe than sorry when it came to sessions with Master. He just chuckled at her for her mad dash to and from the bathroom.

she stopped short of the bed and waited to be invited to join Him on it. He patted the bed and she quickly climbed onto the bed to join Him. she gave Him a soft kiss and purred at Him. That purr was quickly met with a smack to her ass and instructions to spread her legs with her arms behind her.

kitty promptly spread her legs and put her arms behind her. she didn't need much prompting from Him to do so. she half way knew what was coming but always knew that He could surprise her with something else. she promptly found her hands bound at the cuffs behind her back and her legs made a bit wider.

Master leaned in and started biting along her neck causing her to shudder a bit and meow. she really loved it when He did that to her. It was one sure fire way to get her soaking wet quickly. she tried to wiggle close against Him as He continued to nip along her neck. she could feel the moisture begin to collect between her nether lips.

To keep her off guard, Master playfully slapped her pussy and bit a bit harder. This brought a moan to her lips and she knew she was quite wet for Him now. He pinched her nether lips and gave them a tug while tugging on her earlobe between His teeth. she could feel the moisture beginning to drip onto His fingers.

He smiled at her as He could feel the moisture. He gave her pussy a few more spankings and His mouth made its way to the nape of her neck where He softly bit. she squirmed to move her body closer to His and that was met with several more spanking upon her pussy lips. kitty softly moaned and purred at Him as she began to get lost in the pain and pleasure He was giving to her.

Master knew this play would get her needing more and would happily continue until she begged Him for what she wanted. kitty had been good for a while and deserved to be rewarded. It was more than that though for Master truly loved his slave. Their dynamics though was such that kitty had to ask for what she wanted.

she wiggled her body against His and could tell the Master was enjoying the teasing as much as she. she spoke up and asked Him to take her. she needed her Master and love. Normally He may have prolonged her begging but He could see her need in her eyes.

she watched as He undressed and undid her wrists from behind her back. He pulled her softly so that she was over Him and told her to ride Him like a good kitty. she purred at Him and gripped His cock before sinking her wet pussy down over it. she could feel her walls gripping Him tightly as she began to slowly rock her hips.

He grabbed hold of her wrists once more and connected them in front of her so that her hands would rub along His chest. she moved her hands to softly knead His chest as she rode His hardened cock. she moaned as she felt His cock stirring inside of her. her wetness dripped down over Him and she gripped and loosened as she rode Him.

Her body shook a bit as He reached between them to pinch her clit. she meowed at Him and looked at Him with eyes that told Him that she loved it. she gripped Him a bit tighter and rocked her hips a bit more. she could hear His soft moans as she rode Him and that was music to her ears.

kitty's body shook every time that He pinched her clit. It, also, made her pussy grip His cock tighter which seemed to please Him greatly. she rocked her hips and rode Him until her body began to shudder a bit on its own. she looked at Him with begging eyes.

"kitty if you need something you have to ask for it"

"kitty needs to cum for Master. May she cum for You please?"

Master chuckled at His kitty knowing that she wasn't quite desperate enough yet. He told her to hold it for now and continued to pinch along her clit and nether lips. her body continued to shake and shudder enjoying how He played her body. It had been a while since T/they had been T/together like this and He wanted it to truly feel as good for her as it was for Him.

she ran her nails down His chest as she was moaning and hanging onto her orgasm. she would not disappoint Him but it was not getting to be easy to hold it. she wiggled her hips as she rode His cock up and down. she love hearing Him moan and could tell that it would not be long before He came.

"Please Master, may kitty please cum for You now."

"Is kitty truly that desperate yet?"

"Yes, Master, kitty is desperate and needing to cum for You. May she please cum?"

"Yes, kitty, you may cum for your Master. Let me hear You cum. Make me feel You cum kitty."

"Oh yes Master, kitty will do all of those things."

With that said to Master, kitty let herself go and gripped His cock hard. she moaned loudly as she came hard over His cock. she was milking on Him and encouraging Him to cum with her. she loved it when He soon followed her as it prolonged her orgasm.

Master felt His kitty cum hard and long for Him. she hadn't cum that hard in a while and it soon sent Him over the edge and cumming hard with her. her body quaked and she was soon begging to cum again as she was still right there on the edge. All He could manage to say was yes and pulled her down tighter over Him.

her body continued to shudder a bit as she came yet again. she kneaded His chest as she dripped over His cock. she milked Him dry and their combined juices were starting to seep from her body onto His. He didn't mind as He liked it when she made Him good and wet.

"Thank You Master"

"You are welcome kitty. I know you came well both times as you are still gripping me tightly."

"mmm....yes, i did Master. i came very well for You."

"I am glad kitty. Now lay down beside Master and let U/us cuddle a bit before sleep." "Yes Master. kitty loves to cuddle with You."

Master undid her wrists and she slowly moved from her perch. she laid down beside Him and let her head rest upon His chest. He softly ran His hand over her back and held her close to Him. she placed a soft kiss on His chest and enjoyed this calming time.

Gradually T/they fell asleep like that but not before Master covered T/them up with a blanket. Master knew that kitty should not let her legs get chilled or she would have a hard time moving in the morning. This was something that Master has seen first hand and did not want His kitty to have problems. kitty purred softly in her sleep as she stayed snuggled close to Him.

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