tagBDSMkitty Waited Ch. 05

kitty Waited Ch. 05


That next morning kitty woke up and found the bed empty save her. At first she thought she would be in trouble for over sleeping. her thoughts were soon quieted by her Master as He approached the bed and placed a finger to her lips. He simply told her to quiet her thoughts as He had allowed her to sleep in.

"Take care of your business kitty and meet Me in the living room. Don't bother to dress as I want you naked today."

"Yes, Master, she will follow Your instructions."

kitty scampered to the bathroom to take care of her morning business, and quickly prepared herself to meet with Master in the living room. Master had the leash in His hand and she kneeled up in front of Him presenting her neck so that it could be attached. The leash was attached and He patted His lap for her to join Him. she curled into His lap and purred at Him.

"Today, I want to spend with My kitty. It's been a while since W/we have had such a day. you will have to earn any orgasm that you might have today."

"Yes, Master, kitty will do her best to earn them."

kitty blushed as she said that because she knew it meant some fun times today with Master. It was not often that such a day occurred and she wanted to enjoy every moment of it with Him. Master probably had been planning this for a while because it was not normal to devote an entire day to just U/us. It was, also, a sign that T/their relationship was growing still and was being rewarded with time devoted to just T/them.

kitty was happy about what the day was to bring. she was excited and nervous as well. kitty was never quite sure what Master would have in mind or in store for her but she always rose to the challenge. she never wanted to disappoint Him as He meant the world to her. kitty loved her Master with every fiber of her being and that included her heart, mind, and soul.

Master rubbed His hand along her belly as if it was covered with fur. This was a treat for kitty because it was something she enjoyed very much. she very much enjoyed being treated like a cat. When T/they had met on online she had spent a lot of time wearing fur on her avatar. Master had encouraged her to be furry there and encouraged it now in real life.

Master then told kitty before she got too relaxed to go get her ears and tail. she purred happily as this meant it was a kitty day. It had been a while since she had worn the kitty ears and tail. she loved it when He had her wear them. The ears were on a headband and it pushed her hair back out of her eyes. The tail was on a plug that went into her ass.

kitty scampered into the bedroom to retrieve the items. she came back into the living room with the items for Him to place them upon her as this was T/their ritual. He carefully set the headband in place knowing she would adjust it just slightly if need be. she made one slight adjustment to it so that it didn't pinch her glasses against her head. she bent over His lap as He placed lube on the end of the tail where the plug was. she wiggled her tush and parted her legs so that He could place the tail's plug inside her. she felt Him finger her ass a bit with some lube preparing her for it. she did meow a bit as she found this rather pleasurable. He placed the tail's plug in her ass and gave her a slight swat on her bottom.

she washed His hand with the cloth she brought along to clean things up with and purred at Him. He told her to let things sit where there were for now. she smiled at Him and purred some more. He casually ran His hand over her body inspecting her and caressing her. she found her body growing hot at His touch.

she knew this was just the beginning of things to come. He wasn't one to tease her without some purpose to it. Sometimes that purpose was simply to see how she responded to Him. Other times it was to get her ready for Him. He knew she liked to be turned on and thoroughly wet before engaging in sexual activity.

Master idly rubbed His hands along her slit and smiled as He felt her body growing wetter. kitty squirmed a bit upon His lap and rested her hands upon His chest. she purred at Him as He pinched her clit and spanked it every now and then. It was like He was purposely bringing her to the edge.

kitty soon realized that today may just be at test of how long she could remain on edge before begging for release. This was something Master liked to do to her from time to time. He loved seeing how she responded to His touch and how she responded to His voice. It was something that had not changed much over time -- she had always responded well to Him.

He reached down between her legs and wiggled her tail a bit. He was testing to see how well she had tightened around it and wanted to give her pleasure with that as well. It was not often that He played with her ass but she enjoyed it when He did. It was a special treat of sorts. kitty squirmed in His lap some more. she loved what He was doing to her. she could not keep still for the life of her. This was just feeling way too good. she purred and meowed at Him so that He would know exactly how she was feeling. The cat vocalizations were all that she was allowed unless she was begging.

Master went back and forth between teasing the tail and teasing her clit. Then He abruptly stopped all of it and told her that He was going to play a game of fetch with her. she was told to go get her mouse yarn toy and T/they would play with that for a while. kitty realized this was going to be a long afternoon.

Master waited patiently as kitty got the mouse yarn toy. It was very soft and easy to pick up in her mouth. It was put up after every play time because Beast and Belle would probably dash off with it otherwise. Belle followed kitty back into the living room and seemed anxious to play fetch too. Master had a separate toy for her to fetch -- a ball.

Belle's toy was tossed farther away each time and kitty's toy was tossed just a short distance. Master didn't want to wear kitty out with this game but he loved seeing how her ass moved while she fetched the item on all fours. When Belle got tired of playing fetch she curled up on the couch for a nap. kitty rested her head in Master's lap when He called a halt to the game of fetch.

kitty was flushed a bit from the game of fetch. It was not humiliating to her as it was something she had once begged Master to do in order to make her feel more like a kitten for Him. Granted fetch was normally a puppy thing but kitty loved doing the activity with Master. It never made her feel silly or less human but rather her kitten self.

Master patted His lap and indicated He wanted kitty to straddle His lap. she crawled up into His lap and was soon leaning back a bit as Master started spank her nether lips. It felt really good for Master to tease and bring her joy like this. This did not hurt kitty in any way except for a slight sting. Any thing that Master did was never to truly hurt her as that was not His way of doing things.

Master was more mental then He was physical with kitty in many of the things that He did with her. It was how He had always been. It had taken kitty a while to get used to how Master was but once she did things were really great. kitty was a very visual person and it was different learning to be more mental.

Master slid His finger along her slit bringing her attention back to Him. He always seemed to know exactly when her mind was beginning to drift along some train of thought that might take her away from the matter at hand. she meowed softly at Him and wiggled upon His lap as He did that. He smacked her clit a bit with the palm of His hand.

kitty wiggled a bit more as He smacked her clit and could feel herself growing wet again for Him. she meowed at Him a bit more as she felt Him slide a finger inside her to check her wetness. she moaned a soft purr as He did that because His touch felt so good to her at that moment. she wiggled in His lap and could feel herself beginning to dampen His lap.

she leans in a bit and begins to kiss along His neck and tugs on His earlobe softly with her teeth. she rests her hands upon His chest and softly kneads like she was a kitty. This was a ritual of hers to let Him know that she was enjoying just what He was doing to her. It was also a way she very much enjoyed touching Him.

Soon Master was pinching and tugging at her pussy lips. she meowed and wiggled in His lap a bit more. she leaned in and kissed Him and flicked her tongue against His lips. she could feel Him moan a bit as her paws roamed along His body. she was generally encouraged to touch Him unless He told her other wise.

kitty wiggled a bit more in His lap and as she did it tugged a bit on the tail. she did meow a bit more at Him letting Him know she was feeling pleasure. Soon she was looking at Him with her bright blue grey eyes and opened her mouth to start to beg. He placed a finger upon her lips to quiet her a moment.

"Does kitty need something from her Master?"

"kitty needs her Master."

"How does kitty need her Master?"

"kitty needs Master to be inside her."

"Oh? kitty needs her Master inside her does she?"

"Yes Master. kitty needs Your cock inside her"

"Is that what kitty really needs?"

"Yes Master that is what kitty really needs. Will You please take Your kitty?"

"Then beg really well for Me."

"Yes Master. Please will You take Your kitty? Will You please drive me to the point of no return and make me cum hard for You. kitty needs You."

"Master thinks You can do better than that"

"Please Master will You take Your kitty and make her cum hard for You. she really needs Your cock inside of her. she really needs You Master."

"I do love how kitty says those words. Has kitty earned the right to cum yet though?"

"Please Master. kitty wants to cum around Your cock. she has been such a good kitty for You and knows she will continue to be good for You."

"I have the best kitty don't I?"

"Yes Master. You have the best."

"kitty may have My cock and she may cum when I tell her but not before."

"Yes Master. Thank You Master."

"Now climb on Master's cock and ride me like I have told You how. Be a good kitty and drench me when W/we cum T/together."

"Yes Master."

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