tagBDSMkitty Waited Ch. 12

kitty Waited Ch. 12


kitty did not blunder that next morning. she was up before the alarm as usual and saw about her business. she crawled back into bed and lay beside Master until He awoke with the alarm. She greeted Him with a smile and a kiss. He was happy to see her that morning.

T/they went about T/their usual morning of routine of showering T/together. This time the shower was without kitty teasing her Master. kitty went on to prepare breakfast while He shaved and got dressed for the work day. she was allowed to join Him at the table that morning for a change.

"kitty, I have a list of chores I would like for you to attend to today. Please have them done by the time I get home. It's not a very long list but it is things I would really like to be seen done."

"Yes, Master. kitty will make sure she finishes the tasks on Your list."

kitty saw Master off to work and went to read what was on the chore list. Most of the time it was simple things like grooming the pets but sometimes it was a bit more than that. she never complained about the tasks set before her because after all she was a stay at home slave. she didn't work outside of the home.

List of Chores:

-Groom both Belle and Beast. you may wear clothes for this task.

-Tidy up in the living room and make sure all the pillows are fluffed.

-Clean the bathroom and wash all of the towels.

- Make the bed and wash the dirty bed linens.

-Have dinner ready for Me and My guest by 7 PM.

-you are to wear a sun dress tonight while serving Me and My guest.

kitty wondered who the guest might be. Master usually wasn't one to throw surprises at her but this was one. she did not know ahead of time that Master was bringing S/someone over to the apartment that night. It wasn't mentioned and the list did not say if T/they were in the lifestyle or not. she was assuming not by being told what to wear.

kitty read over the list of chores a few times before deciding where to start. she went to the living room and tidied up there. she made sure that all the pillows in the room were fluffed and straightened. she made sure the floor cushions look nice and vacuumed the floors and cushions.

Next she cleaned the bathroom and started a load of towels in the wash. she stripped the bed and remade it with fresh linens. Taking care to see that it was just so. she started the other machine with the dirty linens and smiled. she was getting the list of chores done quickly.

Next she called Belle over to her and groomed her fur in the kitchen where it would be easy to clean up after wards. Belle was a good dog while she was groomed and kitty gave her a treat. By the time she was done with Belle, Beast had promptly found some place to hide. kitty eventually found him curled up in the bedroom snoozing under the bed.

Beast was a pain that day to groom. He meowed at her for moving him from his hiding spot and fussed the entire time of grooming. kitty just chuckled at the cat and continued on with the task. Beast did not get a treat this time because he was making it so difficult. As soon as she released him, he ran right back into the bedroom probably into his hiding spot.

When the towels and sheets were done in the wash, kitty switched them over to the dryer. she looked at the clock and realized she needed to start thinking about the dinner menu. she had 5 hours to go before dinner but had not thought of what to make yet. she looked in the fridge to see if Master had put any thing down to thaw.

There wasn't any thing down so she started thinking that maybe she should go to the store once the towels and sheets were done. In the mean time, she vacuumed up the loose hairs and mopped the kitchen floor. she was thinking maybe some baby back ribs would be nice for dinner. The butcher wasn't the far of a bus ride and she could easily carry it on the bus.

she got her shower while the towels and sheets were finishing. Taking care to get all her bits and parts washed well. she was toweling off and wiping things back down when the buzzers went off. she got dressed and collected what was clean. she folded them and put them away in their proper places.

she made sure the pets had food and water, grabbed the spare set of keys and headed to the butcher shop for the baby back ribs. she took her time in selecting which ones to buy. The butcher was used to this and was very patient with her. she finally decided upon six nice ones and had him package it up for her.

she put the ribs away in the fridge when she returned home. she did not want them to spoil and there was time before she would need to start preparing them. she collected the towels from her shower and the clothes from grooming the pets and threw them in the wash. she went about mixing her secret recipe sauce while waiting on the wash.

Belle came up to her barking and wanting to go for a walk while kitty was preparing the sauce. kitty grabbed the dog's leash and a baggie and headed out the door with keys in pocket. Belle decided to chase after a cat while on the walk. Luckily kitty was able to hang onto the leash this time.

There had been times where Belle had gotten lose because of a cat. That was always a fiasco. kitty didn't understand why Belle chased after strange cats when she lived with one. Finally they headed back home after taking the scenic route. Belle was panting a bit form her chase and headed straight for her dog bowl for water.

kitty finished mixing the sauce and put it in the fridge for later. she got out some potatoes, washed them, sliced them a bit putting in pieces of onion and butter, and wrapped them in foil. Next kitty checked the tank on the grill and found that it was very low. she went to the storage closet and found the extra tank and changed it out.

she figured that she would need to start the grill about 6 so that the potatoes and ribs would be cooked and ready by 7. she started mixing a salad together and went ahead and set the table. she shooed Belle out of the kitchen and into the living room so that she could work without her underfoot. she made a quick call to Master's cell phone letting Him know that everything was on schedule.

kitty then changed over the wash and set a timer so she would know when to go get them from the dryer. she made a pitcher of lemonade and one of iced tea with splenda putting them in the fridge to chill. she made up some of her salad dressing and put that in the fridge as well. she would just have to remember to get it out and warm it up a bit later.

she sat down around 4 in front of the computer and did some writing. she made sure that she kept one eye on the computer's clock so that she wouldn't forget what she was supposed to be doing. At 5:30, kitty stopped on her writing and shut down the program until the next day. she put away the clothes and towels from the dryer finally.

Just as she was heading to the kitchen, Master called from His cell. He was checking on her progress and making sure things were going well that day. He had not bothered to check His cell phone messages yet. kitty told Him of her plans for dinner and that was met with much happiness. Ribs was one of Master's favorite meals.

Master finally told kitty who to expect for dinner. It was an old friend that He had not seen in years. He told her to mind her manners and that this was not someone He cared to fault things in front of. He wasn't sure how the guy would react. kitty assured Master that she understood and would make sure she did so.

At 6, kitty started the grill and heated it to the right temperature for the ribs and potatoes. she basted the ribs with the first coat of the sauce and left them to cook a while. she went into the bedroom and changed into her cutest sundress and took off the collar and put on her necklace she wore when they dined out. she made sure that all the toys were put away before going back to the grill.

Master called again when He and His guest were on their way. kitty made sure everything inside was still in its place, got out the salad, and dressings. she turned the ribs and basted them with more sauce and checked on the progress of the potatoes. Everything was on schedule and running smoothly.

Belle was barking at the door when she heard Master's car pull up. kitty thought it was cute. kitty finished taking the potatoes and ribs off the grill and covered them up so that Belle wouldn't change course and come after the dinner she had prepared. kitty waited in the kitchen for Master and put the finishing touches on the table. kitty made sure to turn off the grill before coming in.

Master softly kissed kitty on the cheek and smiled. He asked if things were done and was happy when He saw the table. He whispered in her ear that she could sit at the table with them but would be serving them both. kitty smiled and waited for Master to usher His friend into the kitchen area.

Master's guest's name was Tom she quickly found out. kitty served them both before sitting down and taking some dinner for herself. Tom quickly commented on how good the ribs tasted and inquired about the sauce on them. kitty chuckled and commented that it was a secret recipe. That was met with a round of laughter and a few smiles.

kitty made sure to keep their glasses filled during dinner and that was met with a smile from Master. Things were going well and kitty had not slipped once so far. He was proud of her. After dinner, Master and Tom retired to the living room to talk while kitty cleaned up thing in the kitchen.

kitty brought them both a bowl of ice cream with fresh berries on top. Tom commented that it must be nice to have such a wonderful cook around and such good service all the time. Master chuckled at that a bit. Once desert was over, kitty excused herself once more to finish cleaning up and let the dishwasher clean the dishes.

Tom stayed until around 10 talking with Master and catching up on old times. kitty snuggled on the couch beside Master. Normally she would have curled up on a cushion on the floor but with tonight's guest decided it wouldn't be a good idea. Once company was gone, Master praised kitty for being so good.

Master checked emails on the computer while kitty put dishes away and put her collar back on. she was pretty pleased with how things had gone. she stopped in the computer room and curled up at His feet while He was talking to someone online. He reached down and patted her on the head.

"you did a very good job tonight kitty. I will reward you this weekend provided you are good all week."

"Thank You, Master. kitty will be good."

kitty most definitely wanted that reward so she strived to be good for her Master. she even did a few extras in hopes the reward would be that much better come the weekend. These extras did not go without notice either but nothing was much said about them.

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