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Knowing What Women Want, Updated


This is my first attempt to write and post here at Literotica and I hope in anticipated defense "Knowing What Women Want The Needed Updating" is worthy of your attentions.


I have to give you a thumb up for the attempt and direction to complete and total justification into the learning and practice of "Knowing What Women Want" by almost. I however think there is an even more important connection, the mental connection. Though the path you chose by talking to all men as if they were the dumbest rock in the desert was a bit over the top for my own taste and for that I give you a thumb down. I felt that by taking this path you have degraded the importance of the mental functioning both men and women need and its shared importance that leads to the physical nurturing every great relationship is foundation-ally built upon.

Taking generalizations not mentioned, like: "if it's easy it's not worth much" or "the more you put into something the more you'll get out" is a foundation that can easily be built upon. Is it not? So, men if you are reading this (and God I hope you all are) timing and purpose are the very nature of harnessing the power a (your) woman has over us (you). Being pleasant all day, agreeing often, holding hands, light kisses (a mere brush of the lips without any puckering) the softest moist drag of lower lips every time you get eye to eye and she looks at your lips is mandate. But holding hands, wrapping your arm around her waste and holding her solidly and meaning it, touching her shoulder and using your thumb to rub a knot out (if you feel one) and never over looking any chance to reinforce your admiration for her is all part of the connection process. When combined, is powerful and the most important need that any of us can do toward preparing the path of least resistance into the joys of mutual sexual satisfactions. Shared respect, dedication to each other along with devotion together adds up to the journey into the world of your well deserved sexual appetite, its attention and fulfillment. Prove to her that you deserve her and she will prove to you that she deserves you. By doing this, it's more than satisfactory coupling you both will enjoy much more so than any other path discussed above.

Women are touchy feely creatures and men are visual animals, we forget that by holding our chosen one's hand, women actually think we love them, they do. It burns right into and through the brain faster than any other single thing we as men can do. Hold her hand, walk with her as if no other woman in the world exists, truthfully, when you are holding your woman's hand, no other woman should exist. And who gets rewarded? You both do. Reinforce her dreams of singularity, dedication and give cause to her purpose, she will repay you so many times over the top and nothing can be more satisfying than having her take you to bed while being so ready to do things she would normally ignore doing. Fact is that you might actually have found that she is your "the one". If you remember that the connection is mental and holding her hand while you walk into the mall through the stores and back out to the car is physical and she will be smiling inside so large because you are giving her all she mentally really needs, your devotion.

Women look at the man holding another woman's hand as if berating it, judging its worthiness and belittling the hidden true reason for your need to connect. They do, even men do, and we say things like he's pussy whipped or I bet she gives good head but women think about jealousy, why? Because, it's connection they don't have or perhaps even deserve. To all those women you are walking past (and maybe you hope they would glance at you) and notice you at the mall, just know they usually don't. But, when you are holding a woman's hand and devoting your each and every thought to her existence, it actually gains you clout. Your worth as a man goes up each time they see you and all those ogling women in the mall will remember you. They will walk up and talk to you later when you go back and are alone. I have had them walk right up to me while my "the one" was in a changing booth, they conjure up some kind of a conversation just to see if your brains are in tact. But that's another story.

Men if you are thinking when in the mall with your woman that if you remain aloof by keeping your distance, you think that maybe you'll get lucky and find an upgrade to a better looking or more sexually alluring woman. Let me tell you right now, no, that remaining aloof actually works in reverse. That is an inconsiderate greedy choice of direction that actually weakens any chance of adding any additional lover types and by remaining aloof to a woman you are with actually keeps you aloof. Never in my years have I seen such a greedy and worthless effort at "I'm available" work. Fact is, it degrades your chances of such potential opportunities while diminishing the needed effect on your woman's own desires.

By holding her hand, other women who watch and actually see your dedication, even while in the smorgasbord of all onlooking other women (especially at the mall) they look and think that you are the rock god of love, dedication and devotion that their own life has searched for since puberty and still seeks. Your rating as a man skyrockets and goes way off any chart. I have been told that while they see another mans devotion that the on looking women actually get wet wishing they had you or (someone, anyone), like you, in their life. So they all want (and need) to be paraded around and shown off. We as men think in the now, women remember the past and together, we all seek a future. Make it a wonderful future even if it's just for the night. Start playing chess in your head and make your moves count by setting up later moves in the future by making the right choices in the now.

Lastly and this is the truth, the woman you are dedicating your devotions to is the one who is melting inside, she is looking at all the other women and her chest is sticking out, she is standing and walking taller and her swagger is dotting the I's as she struts while her inner cravings to return the favor is crossing all the T's right on past all the ogling glances by other women that you are probably not even aware of. Give her, her day in her own spotlight of fame and glory. Lead the dance of love by giving her the best dance she has ever had, start it with holding her hand and with each step you are reinforcing the fact or at least the fantasy that she will see as devotion, dedication and watch as her desire turns into actions you can only be grateful for. And if it doesn't, well she's probably the wrong one.

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