tagHow ToThree Way Stimulation

Three Way Stimulation


I suggest that if you are in love with someone and wish to share intimate oral stimulation that you shower with your lover before any love making session. Starting off with a shower will make you both relaxed, knowing that both of you have squeaky clean bodies. Take turns soaping and fondling each others bodies. Use your whole body as a wash rag, make it really soapy and rub up and down each others torsos. Sliding your crotch up and down a nice shapely ass turns both men and woman on. Men avoid any penetration in the shower because the purpose of this lesson is to clean, relax, and tease your partner and yourself so that you both will voraciously attack each other sex with your succulent mouths.

Learn how to wash your ladies pussy in a way that pleases her. Woman do not like a soapy pussy so be careful. I wash my lover's pussy with the stream of the shower on her crotch and use my tongue in all the nooks and crannies of her flowery folds to get her sexually interested in more oral activities later in bed. Avoid licking the clitoral area because you do not want her to come in the shower and get turned off for more oral play. Afterwards you both need to go to bed immediately for more fireworks.

Make sure that her anus is clean by inserting a soapy finger. (A good loving man always has one of his middle finger nails cut short so when he stimulates his loves ass she will not feel a sharp nail.) As you showering with your lover clean her anus gently with a soapy finger and she will love you for it. If you really want to give her a treat use one finger on her clit, and with your finger in her ass, screw your soapy digit in and out of her ass and give her a quick taste of pleasure just short of orgasm as a real tease. Make sure you clean your finger good afterwards in the shower and remember to use that same finger for anal play only. Never put a finger that you slide into your lover's ass into her vagina without thoroughly washing it first to avoid any bacteria getting into her vagina.

Ladies do not be afraid to grab your loves cock and balls and soap them hard. As you masturbate him look him in the eyes and let him know who is boss. Get him nice and ready, just before he comes squeeze the base of his dick, grab his balls pulling them away from his body to discontinue his pre-orgasmic climax, giving him a good case of blue balls. This is your payback time to tease. Soaping a man's cock brings him to submission faster than anything else.

For those ladies who are a bit more open and willing to please your man, a good prostate massage in the shower will get his motor running. Wash his anus good first and goose him with a well clipped middle finger. Otherwise, save your well manicured nails and use a rubber glove. Stick your finger in his ass a few inches and press under his balls with the flat of your finger finding his prostate gland, sometimes called the male G-spot. It is the size of a walnut and loves stimulation. As you rub and press you finger on his button continue squeezing and jacking his shaft and watch the clear liquid from his gland begin to drool from his pee hole. Make him beg for more and then stop with a promise of more when you hit the sheets.

Now if you want to give all that you can give for your lover during cunnlinigus, try this! This is an exercise in an artful and stimulating 69. I suggest lots of foreplay, kissing, massage, whatever makes both of you comfortable for intimate oral sex. Once you are comfortable with your lover and are ready for oral sex; get ready to fly. This loving act is for the woman's total stimulation and pleasure.

The male lies on his back. It is up to his partner if she wishes him naked, clothed, or wearing only a jock strap to hide his cock. From a female perspective it would be a challenge to dress your man in a jock so he is not allowed any stimulation during this erotic act so he can concentrate on giving the woman all the pleasure. But if your bi polar and want to suck his cock at the same time that is fun as well.

Straddle your partner and present your pussy to his mouth. Leave your pussy up in the air for a minute so he can view your female sexual anatomy and worship it. Tell him to say something about your sex that will turn you on as a challenge to get him thinking about pussy even more. Never begin sucking his cock till your nice and ready to after he has licked and nurtured your pussy with his tongue. The guy should get you nice and wet first licking all over your labia and using his saliva to lubricate your vagina. Give him your favorite dildo or G-spot stimulator and have him insert it into your vagina. Make him lick it good coating it with saliva so it will slip in easier. A good stud should know how to suck your toys for you and get them wet. Next he sticks his middle finger in his mouth for lubrication and delicately sticks it in your asshole. Make sure his nail is clipped short so your delicate anus is not scratched. Lay you head in his crotch and enjoy as he licks your clitoral area screws you with the dildo and stimulates your anus with his finger.

If you have a good sensual relationship you can use his cock as a signal device by sucking and biting it when you need more stimulation. Sucking if you like what he is doing and biting if he is going to harsh with you. If you are into giving even more enthusiastic stimulation try sucking his balls and biting the chord as you pull his balls with your mouth away from his body.

I found it is better to leave the middle finger in your partner's anus up to the second knuckle and only move it slowly around and around. I like the feeling I get against my partners thin tissue as I feel the dildo sliding inside her vagina. I can sense pain or pleasure with my finger as her anus squeezes my finger or relaxes as she is pleasured. Use most of your effort on the dildo sliding in and out of the vagina so you can pleasure your partner better. If you like slip the dildo from her pussy and lick off the juices for an inner taste of her juices. Your mouth will become one with her vaginal tastes.

With your G-spot being stimulated, along with your clitoral area, as well as your asshole you should be on your way to orgasm city with fireworks and lights. Lay back and notice the choices and differences of feeling your partner is lovingly producing in your genitals. Stop sucking his cock lay your head in his crotch and let the vibrations transcend through your body and let go like never before. Surprise your man and roar like a hungry lioness after her prey. Tell him you want Moarrrrrrrr.

Once he makes you wild if you like reward him with a suck from a lioness biting and scraping your teeth on his male cock that need taming. Suck his fluids from his cock into your mouth and like a lioness share your spoils with your male treating him to a taste of his own medicine. Stick your come coated tongue down his throat and make him lick it all off. Watch him lick his lips swallowing in prideful gulps.

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