tagMatureKu Ku Ka Choo Mrs. Robinson Ch. 01

Ku Ku Ka Choo Mrs. Robinson Ch. 01


There they were again, the three young boys thinking they're hiding in the bushes while they watch me. I can hear them snicker and chuckle, stupid shit only boys in the early stages of puberty think of and do. It happens every so often, typically every two or three weeks if the weather is nice enough to sit on the patio and read.

I'm blessed to have a position where I work from home and receive a reasonable salary with benefits. Four years ago I found myself single again after 26 years of marriage, how isn't relevant at this point, suffice it to say that at the age of 53 I'm content with life. I'm used to rising early therefore I begin my daily routine early, which results in me taking a short break around 10:30 to 11, weather permitting on my back patio. The sun is high enough in the sky by then that it has circled to the right and while I get lots of sunshine, it isn't directly beating in my eyes.

A cup of coffee with a book, or just closing my eyes for a power nap charges me enough to take on the afternoon. I've read about older women who suddenly find themselves alone, being so horny they turn toward slutty dress behaviors and lifestyle or purchase twelve inch long unrealistically sized dildo's and then fantasize about what doesn't exist in the everyday world. Then there are women like Ellen five doors down who became a widow at 61 and has decided to bed everything in two counties. No thanks, I have no hidden desires for certain men or women, life goes on and so do I.

Being alone isn't an issue, I have a daughter with three kids who still lives in the area, I get lots of evening and weekend visits, her husband is an over the road trucker so he's gone four or five days at a time. Evan is a great husband and daddy, works hard, dotes over my daughter and grandkids and unlike the stereo typical version of a trucker, doesn't have a big gut or extra girlfriends. He takes the cross country runs or New Your City runs, which according to Evan a lot of truckers hate.

Back to me, I'm no prize to speak of, 5'8", I average a weight of 143 to 148 all the time, I have since my last child, I wear my hair long and in a ponytail during the day, I'll doll it up if I go out beyond the grocery store. Average sized breasts, sorry, no 40 FFF, if that even exists, with me you'll have to settle for a 36 C. My waist is small for my size, which makes my hips look out of proportion with the rest of my body, I like my legs and breasts, my breasts aren't droopy, my legs and ass are still firm, all in all ... I'd do me.

The little boys trying to hide in the bushes came about in early summer, I wear dresses or a skirt and blouse almost every day, nothing fancy or provocative, simple cotton house dresses or cotton skirts and blouses. I think what started it was the fact that when I sit down on the patio it's on a chaise lounger with my legs outstretched and my dress pulled up to mid-thigh. I tell myself I'm getting a bit of sun, which is true, what I really love is the feel of the warmth and soft breeze that wafts up between my thighs and wisps across my crotch.

No, I don't go commando, yes, my nether regions are natural, and no, I don't wear thongs on a regular basis. I own two thongs, one black and one flesh colored, I've worn them less times than I can count on my hands, for me they're strictly for the few pencil skirts I wear and a half dozen pair of relatively tight slacks. My pantie of choice for years was a hip hugger bikini style in cotton or nylon, I do own a few pair of silk, but I don't wear them often. My oldest granddaughter introduced me to boy shorts and I was hooked, they aren't all I wear underneath, but four or five days a week if you lifted my dress you'd find boy shorts.

I like the ones that cover my butt, or at least most of it, I recently bought a few pair that don't go up the crack of my ass but still leave part of my cheeks uncovered. I like those as well, I feel the fabric of my dress swish across my bare cheeks and it makes me sexy as hell. Who do I dress like this for? Me. There isn't anyone crawling between my legs at this juncture of my life, and that's okay, the time will come when I'm ready to let some guy go spelunking in my cave, just not now.

The first time I noticed the boys it startled me, I heard them before I ever saw them, the second time I glanced sideways through my sunglasses and there they were, nowhere as well hidden as they thought. I couldn't see them directly but judging by their motions and what was being said I figured out what they were doing. I knew Allen who lived next door and the other two I'd seen playing in the neighborhood several times. I didn't feel threatened, and if looking at my legs excited them, so be it, in my mind they were doing what young boys do.

I considered telling Allen's mother what was going on, then reconsidered, no harm, no foul. Allen was going around the neighborhood asking if he could mow people's lawns to raise money over the summer months. I thought what the hell, it'll put a few bucks in his pocket and it'll be one less time I catch him looking at my legs from the bushes. I was sitting on the patio reading a book the first time he'd finished mowing, my soft skirt was a little higher than usual and I could see him coming toward me from behind by the reflection on the back of my sunglasses. Closing my legs tight I spoke.

"Are you done Allen? Would you like an Iced tea? I'm ready to go in if you'd like to follow."

Sitting at the counter we sipped tea and chatted.

"Thanks for hiring me to mow the lawn. Mrs. Robinson you sure are a pretty lady."

"Thank you Allen, you're a sweet boy. If you're interested in doing more work I have several small projects I want to complete but I'm just too busy this summer. Are you old enough to work part time, I know the school has some sort of rules about that?"

"Oh, yeah, you hafta be 14 and you can't work more than 20 hours a week, but that's when school is in session. I'm 14, I'll be 15 in four months, I'm older than I look Mrs. Robinson."

Over the next few years I hired Allen for an assortment of odds and ends kind of projects throughout the year, not just mowing grass in the summer. I grew to like him very much, having a special place in my heart for this boy who always complimented me on my appearance and always told me how pretty he thought I was. Within a week of his 18th birthday it all changed, not enough to run the train off the tracks, but enough to have my hand on the brake lever.

Sitting at the counter sipping tea as we'd done hundreds of times over the year's he kissed me as he stood to leave. It was a quick kiss on the lips, he was awkward, embarrassed and blushing. Fumbling with his words I put my finger across his lips to silence him.

"Allen, I'm not sure what that was all about, and thank you for thinking I'm attractive enough to steal a kiss but honey, you're still in school, you're jailbait."

"But I love you Mrs. Robinson, I have for years."

"Allen, I've watched you grow up next door to me, I used to babysit and change your britches. I love you as well, I just don't think in the same way."

"I think of you all the time Mrs. Robinson, even at night."

I looked at him and made the wisest decision I'd made in a long time. I wanted to lift my skirt, drop my panties, sit him down with his cock pointed straight up and ride him hard, instead I leaned forward, gave him a sweet kiss and told him to return when he was a little older. I then blurted something that later on would become a reality, I told him to save himself for me.

Allen was cute in his own way, not dashing or overly muscular, just another average looking kid hoping he'd get laid before he went to college. Over six feet tall, average body, wore thick glasses which detracted from his natural cuteness, and to a degree I think those glasses isolated him from some activities other kids normally experience in high school. He never played sports, never went to homecoming or prom with a girl, to my knowledge he'd only had three dates, none of which were a repeat.

His birthday was in April which put him a half year in age behind most seniors, he was smart enough they let him start school at five instead of six, and though he had the smarts to be an honor student every semester throughout his high school years, he was failing socially. I attended his graduation, still having him mow my lawn along with other chores, knowing he was now of legal age I showed him more attention within reason. Twice I let him kiss me in the kitchen, no arms around me or groping, a simple kiss. I'd pat him on the cheek and tell him he was sweet.

Here is where this now 56 year old woman makes a paradigm shift in her existence. The week before he was due to leave for state he raked the leaves and mowed my lawn one last time, at the counter he reached his hand to cover mine. Soft, tender, a very loving gesture.

"Mrs. Robinson, I know you think I'm still a boy, and in some ways I am. However, I've become much more than that little boy who used to spy on you from the bushes. I'm going away next week, and I'll miss you, but when I come back, I'll be older and hopefully wiser. You once told me to come see you when I was no longer jailbait and to save myself for you. I've done that Mrs. Robinson, and when I come home next summer if I don't have a girlfriend, I want you to teach me about love."

I was speechless. How do you even think about responding to a statement like that? I turned my hand over and squeezed his, looking him in the yes.

"Allen, I'm flattered, truly flattered that you would think of me like that. Let's wait and see what next year brings, I will promise you this, when you come home if you don't have a girlfriend I will seriously consider your statement."

"May I kiss you one more time before I go? I won't be coming back to see you anymore before I leave."

I stood on tippy toes, put my hand at the back of his neck and drew him into a kiss. This time I kissed him like a lover, soft, tender, longer than normal. Pulled back and kissed him again lightly.

"There Allen, now you know what a kiss from someone who sees you as more than a boy feels like. Don't settle for less honey."

He squeezed me one last time, turned and smiled as he walked through the door. I felt sad, and I felt elated that this once young boy now saw me as desirable, attractive and even sexy. He wants me to teach him about love, I'm not sure if I can do that, but I can certainly teach him about sex. I felt tingles in places I hadn't felt tingles in years, as I involuntarily touched my breast's I noticed the nipples were hard, and there was a warm wetness in my panties that hadn't been there in decades.

I found it hard to concentrate at times, especially in the evenings when the house was quiet and I wasn't necessarily busy. I'd find myself thinking of Allen, young, dumb and full of cum I would tell myself, hoping he didn't have a girlfriend, but also hoping he did if for no other reason than to experience young love. To be twitterpated and hopelessly overwhelmed by one of the opposite sex. To go home after saying goodnight at her door with a hardon so strong that laying in bed his balls ached and he would desire nothing more than to unload inside her as she screams the sounds of sexual ecstasy.

I hadn't played with myself in years, and yet recently I'd done so two or three times in the shower thinking of what Allen might have hanging between his legs. I'd been turned off to sex for a number of years, these new feelings caught me by surprise, a surprise I found myself liking. I thought I had a good marriage overall, we went to work every day, ate supper together, made love a few times a week, well, what he called making love. I was obviously blind to what was going on behind my back.

My ex was a history teacher, long story short he had groomed a girl from the age of 16, showing her favoritism, paying attention, getting her little gifts to the point that on her 18th birthday she couldn't wait for them to check into a motel so she could give him her virginity. Our sex life was less than satisfying for me, but I still couldn't grasp why he did what he'd done. He took her virginity in February, and as I was to find out later, they were together at least three times a week from that point until she left for college.

He'd wisely never touched her prior to being 18 but certainly made up for it after she was. The demise of their affair came about when she returned on holiday break and found him screwing her next door neighbor, also her supposed best friend. Both girls being 18 there was nothing the cops could do, but after the girls began singing their tale of woe shit hit the proverbial fan. He lost his job and teaching credentials for our state, forcing him to move out of state to try and find work.

First and foremost though, he destroyed a marriage, a family, and the lives of two otherwise innocent young girls. Were it not for the fact that my ex was such an excellent manipulator there's a good chance those girls would not have been in bed with a 50 year old man. When it was all said and done, I wanted to blame myself, what had I done wrong, was I unavailable or inattentive, reaching the conclusion he was simply a philandering prick with a thing for young girls. I finally decided fuck him and the horse he rode in on, I was going forward, and I damned sure didn't need someone between my legs to do it.

Allen had found part time work on campus so he didn't come home at Thanksgiving and then only for two weeks during Christmas break. During the only visit we had while he was home he talked about having dated a few times, nothing serious, no sexual contact at all, saying he was awkward about it and didn't want to do something wrong. I told him not to worry, in time things would all fit in place.

Walking him to the door he turned, put his arms around my waist and pulled me in, his lips touching mine lightly. When I didn't pull away, he kissed me more passionately, his right hand sliding up onto my breast over the dress. I allowed it to stay there about three seconds then moved it away breaking our kiss.

"I think you're getting ahead of yourself Allen, I didn't invite you to feel me up, all we did was kiss."

"But I thought that's what you're supposed to do. See Mrs. R. that's why I don't date, I always do something wrong."

"It wasn't wrong Allen, it was just not invited. By the way, those come in pairs, if you're going to feel one you need to feel the other."

I drew his hand up to my other breast and held it there an equal amount of time as the other. Pushing back on his chest I pecked him on the lips and whispered "save yourself for me" as I guided him out the door. When I heard the click of the lock I spun, slumping against the door I immediately cupped my breasts, softly squeezing them, teasing the nipples through my dress, pulling and pinching them. My legs were shaky, knees weak, I felt like my body was made of jello.

I was breathing hard as I reached for the hem of my dress, lifting the bottom I put my hand between my legs and softly slid a finger along the slit, a gush of liquid dropped into my panties. I couldn't help thinking that had I let him stay another five minutes we'd have been on the floor with his dick buried in my cunt. What the hell had come over me? I'd put his hand on my tit, he didn't steal a second feel, I put it there, what the hell kind of slut was I becoming over this boy? I decided I needed a mid-day shower and orgasm in the worst way, after which I took a nap, waking up with my hand lying flat against my thigh in between my legs.

As the weeks dragged into month's I found myself thinking about Allen more and more, about what I wanted to teach him, to show him, to have him do to me, and what I'd like I'd like to do to him. My ex wasn't interested in giving me oral, but wanted it for himself, I love oral, I enjoy the feeling of a stiff cock in my mouth, the light control I have over him, and he over me if he fucks my face gently. It needs to be reciprocal though, I like an experienced tongue on my clit as much as a guy would like my lips wrapped around his shaft.

During my time in the Marines I was licked by some experts, male and female, and I had sucked more than a cock or two, discovering if the guy had a half way decent diet his spunk wasn't bad tasting. Unlike a lot of women, I actually like the taste of cum if it isn't nasty. Since my husband wouldn't eat me, I wasn't going to blow him, so it came to pass that I discontinued sucking my ex's cock. He wouldn't do me, so I didn't do him, simple as that.

Other than that, not much in our marriage bed was off the table, including anal a few times, but he was rough and I didn't like it. I think if I had someone who was gentle and took their time, I might enjoy it. In the early days of marriage we made love a lot, as the years wore on, he was more a frantic fuck kind of guy, fast, furious, cum quick and roll off. Fortunately, I cum easily and made sure I got off before I tightened up enough around his little pecker to give him a climax and dump his hurried load, I'd had lots of orgasms, but nothing earth shattering for years.

In April I received a pleasant and unexpected surprise, a text from Allen. He asked how I was, along with the sort of chit chat one goes through before getting to the point. He then asked if I was free during the last week of the month, I replied I was and asked what was going on. He texted he was going to Perdido Bay in Florida for spring break and would I like to come along. A condo had been rented, three guys in one suite and three girls in the other suite, unfortunately one of the girls had broken her ankle and was going to be a no-show.

Would I like to fill her spot? He'd cover my costs. I told him to call me, there was too much to discuss via text messaging. I brought up my being so much older which he poo-pooed away, didn't matter to him or the others, I would be his guest, the others were already couples. He simply didn't want to be a fifth wheel and I was the only one he cared about enough to invite, I told him give me a day and I'd have an answer.

My work wouldn't be an issue, I hadn't taken more than a few vacation days in five years and I could take my laptop along just in case something came up that needed my attention. What about clothes, what should I wear, did I even have a bathing suit that fit any longer? It seemed like 45 questions and only a dozen answers.

I called my daughter, she thought going with Allen was smashing idea. As for clothes, take some of what I had and buy some summer dresses along with sandals or low platform sandals. As far as a bathing suit she told me to go to a better lingerie store where they would fit me with a nice one piece, there'd be no skimpy bikini going on this broad. Something that accentuated my breasts without them spilling over and something cut high enough in the back to show the edge of my ass and my long slender legs. She brought up shaving, not a chance baby cakes, she suggested I tell the ladies at the shop so they could find a suit that wouldn't have my short and curly's sticking out the sides.

I texted Allen the next day and accepted his invitation, he told me which Saturday he would pick me up, we'd fly out and be there late afternoon, a rental car would be waiting. The dresses and shoes were a snap, the suit on the other hand was not so easy. If it was cut high enough to show my legs and ass it was so narrow in the front half my pubic hair stuck out. One of the older gals finally stepped in and told me I could trim without having to shave, she had the same dilemma and made the decision to simply trim along the sides. Would I mind if she showed me what she meant? What the hell, if she got to touchy feely I could always knock her out.

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