tagGroup SexLa Playa Ch. 06

La Playa Ch. 06


Edited by Sussurrus

Tuesday Morning at the Spa

Tuesday morning dawned with the broken, puffy clouds typical of a summer day in the Caribbean. A few couples and small groups still slept or stumbled groggily back toward their rooms from where they'd collapsed the night before. Some people, sticky with cum, oil, or other fluids, took advantage of the showers by the pool, while others stopped at the patio restaurant for a Bloody Mary and breakfast. As the refugees from the previous night's revels sorted themselves out, other guests who had not made such a late night of it headed for sunrise strolls or runs along the beach.

John and Carolyn were joined by Lisa and David in a leisurely jog, Lisa having finally been convinced that it was unlikely she would have another encounter with their host such as she'd had the day before. Therefore, the quartet - dressed only in running shoes and socks - ran slowly past the pool and down onto the beach.

The usual maintenance, cleaning, and prep work proceeded on course as the staff prepared the resort for its second full day of operation. The use of vacuums, power tools, and other noisy machines was strictly forbidden before 10:00 AM, but that left plenty of other work before then. A group of Dungeon staff, led by Mistress Claudia, was making an early start of preparing the ballroom for that night's BDSM 101 class. They rolled cartloads of leather, metal and plastic implements and toys from the dungeon toward the catering section of the hotel.

Breakfast was busy both poolside and indoors. Guests and staff were easing into a routine already. Casual sex took place side by side with lap swimming, yoga, sailing classes, and all the other traditional pursuits of a tropical resort. Fishing expeditions were also fitting out, and the large catamaran was boarding a full load of 20 passengers for the six-hour Sex Cruise: an opportunity to make love on the high seas. There was even a Mile-High Special with an airplane specially fitted for up to four people to fuck, while taking a two-hour aerial tour of neighboring islands. Four flights a day were booked solid for the week. The barge plied busily back and forth from the beach to the Isle of Eros, and a few clothed groups could be seen in the lobby, hiring taxis and mini-mokes for shopping and sightseeing expeditions around the main island. One couple, called home early by an emergency, were sadly checking out as the concierge staff arranged for their air transportation back to Peoria.

Melinda and Bill arrived at the reception desk of the Spa around 9:30 AM. Since their poolside epiphany watching Steve take on Lisa and David the previous morning, they were less shy about the nudity and sex that surrounded them. However, they were still dressed conservatively in shorts and T-shirts. Julie, concerned about how well they were fitting in and if the guest screening process needed adjustment, had bought them a round of drinks and asked them bluntly about their swinging experience and sexual preferences. They earnestly assured her that they were enjoying themselves and that they planned to participate in many of the resort's activities. They convinced her they had met a couple and had a play date that evening. Tentatively reassured, Julie suggested they try the Spa the next day, so here they were. What they didn't know is that Julie had put the word out to the staff to test these guests and report back to her.

"Good morning!" Carmen, the Spa receptionist greeted enthusiastically. She was a cheerful, sexy Hispanic woman dressed in the staff uniform of shorts, T-shirt, and tennis shoes.

"Welcome to the Spa. I'm Carmen. May I show you the Spa menu or did you get a chance to review it on the closed-circuit TV channel in your room?"

Melinda smiled and answered, "Buenas tardes, senorita. We're in room 315. We'd like the Couples Relaxation Package, por favor." Melinda had read the travel books extensively, and was following their advice about making the effort to speak the native language.

"Como no, senora, that package includes cleansing in a Japanese-style bath, a sauna, and a massage for two. By your armbands I assume you would like the heterosexual service, no?" Bill and Melinda each wore two blue armbands.

"Yes, er... si, gracias," answered Melinda.

Bill thought all the Spanish was a bunch of nonsense, but was looking forward to getting a massage from a beautiful Hispanic girl, fucking his wife, and maybe even hooking up with another couple. Melinda knew her husband well. She knew she would have to fuck him later in some uncomfortable position, and was determined to enjoy the feel of some young, virile masseur's hands pampering her before that happened.

"I know just the staff members for you," said Carmen. "Rick and Debbie are a married team, both expert massage therapists who can guide you through the entire service. If you'll just have a seat I will call them up."

Bill and Melinda sat down on a couch along the wall opposite Carmen's desk. The desk was a modernist design made of aluminum pipe and wood, and afforded Bill an excellent view of Carmen's shapely legs. Carmen made a call, and in a few moments an absolutely stunning couple, dressed in lab coats, entered the reception area.

"Debbie, Rick, this is Bill and Melinda from Room 315," she emphasized the room number and passed Debbie a note to remind her about Julie's instructions for this couple. "Please guide them through Couples Relaxation."

"With the greatest pleasure!" answered Rick, flashing a movie star smile from a deeply tanned face, topped with bleached blonde hair. He actually bowed to Melinda and stretched out his hand to help her up.

"Welcome to La Playa," added Debbie, smiling at Bill, also from a perfectly tanned face. She flashed the note at Rick, who nodded understanding, and they led their charges back to the changing area.

As Bill and Melinda were led to the back, Carmen was delighted to see Joan and Peter enter the reception area. The entire staff knew these two guests, as they were newlyweds on their honeymoon. Carmen knew they were already enjoying themselves, as they had shared a standing fuck surrounded by all the guests and staff during the welcome reception. Not many people had noticed, since the Activities and Dungeon staffs had joined the resort owner that evening in putting on a fantastic sex show for their guests, but the word had gone around quickly that, despite their youth, these two were going to get their money's worth out of this week. She was also pleased to see them both wearing the one blue/one pink armband combination denoting bisexual curiosity. She would love to jump in the Roman Bath with this hot young woman, and immediately began figuring on her morning break. Joan and Peter were dressed in matching thongs, and gauze shirts.

"Hi," Peter said. "We're Joan and Peter, room 212. We'd like the Same Sex Special, please."

"Good morning and welcome," replied Carmen. "The 'Special' includes colonic enemas, douche, hot oil massage, and sudsy body bath, with masturbatory orgasm possible at the discretion of the attendant, who will be of the same gender as the guest. Do you want the service individually or as a couple?"

"As a couple, please," answered Joan, with a slight flush. "And we'd like to have attendants who would be willing to masturbate us, if any are available," she added, flushing full red.

"Of course, I'm sure that won't be a problem at all. In fact, I think I can offer you your choice of staff. Would you step over to this monitor, please?" Carmen led the newlyweds to a large, flat screen TV mounted on a wall, with a keyboard on a stand next to it. Another couple came in the door as she began accessing the staff directory.

"Welcome to the Spa, I'll be with you in just a few moments," she said to the new couple with a smile. They took a seat on the couch and watched the selection process with interest.

"I think either Andrea or Margo would be ideal for you," Carmen said to Joan. "Both are highly skilled at a variety of tissue and erotic massages, and they truly know how to please a girl."

The screen split into two parts, displaying multiple pictures of each female staff member, with their names at the top of the screen. Andrea was a nicely proportioned blonde who looked like she was a runner, and Margo a taller brunette with D-cup tits and shoulders that spoke of hours in the gym.

Joan, reddening even further because of the other guests in the room but gathering her courage, said "I think I'll try Margo."

"An excellent choice," Carmen said as she used the keyboard to send a notification back to the staff ready room.

"And for you sir," she said, turning to Peter," I think you'll be most pleased by either Mark or Steven."

She typed in more commands and the screen was filled with two hunks. Mark was of obvious Latin descent, with dark curly hair, bulging abs and a fat cock, while Steven looked Scandinavian, with fair hair and freckled skin over a slender figure with a long, slim penis.

Peter actually found himself licking his lips as he said, "Steven, definitely Steven."

Joan squeezed his hand, because the man on the right side of the TV screen was the exact physical type they had described in their personal ads on several bisexual and swinger websites.

Joan and Peter had been married four days. She was 27, he was 24, and they had dated and lived together for two years before deciding to tie the knot. She had made some good money doing one of those "nude girls live on the web" sites with two girlfriends during grad school, and had been introduced to Sapphic love in that setting. He had actually masturbated to her site, but had not joined the legion of men sending her both disgusting and sweet emails. They attended grad school at the same university, and had met at a mixer for the Sailing Club. He, of course, had recognized her instantly, and thought she would be unobtainable, but their eyes met in one of those rare, truly electric moments between individuals, and to their great credit they had not let the moment pass.

He was surprised to learn that, even though she displayed her body and made love to her roommates on a web cam, she was actually a shy, intelligent girl. Inspired by the many lies and half-truths aimed at men on adult sites, he thought of himself as a metrosexual, and had kissed and made out with men in some of the college bars in town. As they talked and began to share more intimate knowledge, they both realized that their view of the world was a little rosy. They shared a couple of threesomes, both MFF and MMF, in which he had lost his anal cherry and she let go of a few of her own inhibitions.

When they decided to get married, they also decided that they would move to New York and develop a hip, urban lifestyle. This included developing themselves sexually, and they had booked their honeymoon to La Playa, thinking of the trip as immersion training in swinging.

Margo and Steven came to the front and were introduced to Joan and Peter. Peter blushed profusely as his cock hardened at the sight of Steven in the flesh, stretching his thong out in front of him. Margo took Joan's hand, put her at ease with a knowing, frank look, and launched into a steady stream of girl talk about the wedding as she led the group toward the changing area.

Meanwhile, Carmen had gone to meet her next customers, Len and Judy. She was a fiery looking short redhead with curves that were just short of rubenesque. Dressed in a mesh serape and a G-string, Judy looked hungrily at Carmen as she approached. He was a distinguished, slightly overweight businessman type with salt and pepper hair, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and Speedo. They ordered the same basic services Bill and Melinda had selected, but wanted individualized treatment until they met later in the Roman Baths.

Carmen took them through the attendant selection process, with Len selecting Stephanie and Judy picking Ron. Stephanie was a statuesque brunette whose physique resembled some of the female wrestlers on TV, while Ron was a guy-next-door construction worker type with strong looking arms and hands. They came to the front, met Len and Judy, and led them to the back of the Spa.

In the changing room, Debbie and Rick passed Bill and Melinda terry cloth robes, towels, and bath slippers. All public restroom areas at the Resort were unisex, so Bill and Melinda chose adjoining lockers, slipped out of their clothes, and into the robes. From here, Debbie and Rick led them into the Japanese Baths.

This was a low-ceilinged room with several of the free-standing square bathtubs commonly used at Japanese hot springs. Each tub was about three feet deep, and filled with very hot water. Next to each tub was a small wooden deck that held a low wooden stool and a wooden bucket and ladle, with a stainless steel hose topped with a showerhead hanging on a tall rod. A collection of brushes and natural sponges, soaps, oils, and shampoos were located on a small shelf.

Debbie took Bill's hand and led him to a tub. She helped him out of his robe and hung it on a hook, then surprised him by shedding her lab coat to a reveal a gorgeously tanned body and perfect 38C breasts. His cock sprang to attention faster than it had in fifteen years, but deflated somewhat when he saw an already nude Rick helping Melinda out of her robe with lots of care and touching.

Bill saw that Rick sported a very healthy looking uncut cock and washboard abs. He knew he needed to get over it, but still felt a pang of jealousy as he saw how intently his wife was watching this young stud's ass as he hung her robe. Debbie recognized the play of emotions on Bill's face and body, and decided that a little ego stroking was in order.

"Ooh, is that for me?" she asked, reaching out and lightly caressing Bill's half-hard cock.

Bill's head snapped around and he found himself face-to-face with a beautiful, mature, self-assured woman who smiled at him and lewdly licked her lips. He had expected a native hooker like he had known in Thailand and the Philippines, but this woman was the complete opposite of that.

"We'll have to see how this tiger purrs later on, won't we?" she asked with a twitch of her hips.

Any thoughts of wife, fidelity, jealousy, or self-restraint were dumped as Bill's small brain took over all higher functions and he reached for Debbie. A very experienced sex surrogate, Debbie had been expecting this reaction and easily deflected his advance by pulling down sharply on his cock and directing Bill to take a seat on the stool.

"Let's just take our time and focus on you, shall we?" she said, dipping water from the bucket with the wooden ladle and pouring it over his shoulders. She proceeded to wet all his skin in the same fashion, preparing him for a sudsing.

Meanwhile Melinda was in heaven, forcing herself to forget Bill and place herself in this gorgeous younger man's hands. Rick was an expert who quickly had her covered with jasmine-scented suds and was using a horsehair brush to bring her skin alive. After a vigorous scrubbing he rinsed her with the hose, then applied a jasmine scented oil with a natural sponge, being careful not to over-stimulate either her nipples or clit, but making her intensely aware of her erogenous zones. Her eyes were closed, and she felt any cares she had melting away.

Rick whispered in her ear, "Now, my beauty, we're going to carefully immerse you in this tub. Notice the steps at this end," he helped her rise and step up to the side of the tub.

"You step in very slowly, sitting on the edge for a while, then moving down one step at a time until your body adjusts to the temperature. This is very hot water, but it will not scald you, and I'll be here the whole time to help."

He held her hand as she stepped down to the first step. At first she felt nothing, but then as she bent to sit and moved her feet she felt the intense heat of the water. Steam rose from the surface, and Rick scented that steam with more jasmine oil, directing her to breath deeply. As she sat, he ran his hands lightly up and down her back and arms, stopping to occasionally knead her shoulders and check that she was adjusting to the water.

"Move at your own pace. We have all day," he said in a low, sultry voice.

She smiled at Rick, and a hunger greater than any she had ever known lit a fire in her eyes. She wanted this man more than anything she had ever wanted in her life. She knew she could not fully have him, for unlike Bill, she remembered that Spa staff were only allowed to masturbate guests. However, she decided she would live her fantasies to their fullest extent today, and if Bill couldn't handle it, it was better to know now than later.

The Spa was a sprawling complex built lengthwise along one contour of the hill that framed La Playa. Most of the bath and massage rooms faced out over the beach and lagoon. Many were actually outdoors, while the more intense spa treatment facilities, such as the enema rooms and other more medically oriented treatments were in rooms built deeper into the side of the hill, with no windows.

Dug even deeper into the hillside were the many rooms, passageways, and public spaces of the Dungeon. While both the Dungeon and the Spa had only one access point, large double doors could be opened between one of the Dungeon public areas and the Roman Baths of the Spa. As well, each had an independent access point into the Caves and a water slide communicating with the River.

Margo and Steven led Joan and Peter, now dressed in robes, into the colonic treatment room. The guests had been given slippers with non-slip rubber soles, and Margo and Steven had donned nurse's shoes for safety. The room was filled with stainless steel equipment, including four treatment chairs with stirrups like in a gynecologist's office and two treatment tables. Both the chairs and the tables included vinyl covered pads for comfort that could be easily removed for cleaning. Joan and Peter were asked to disrobe and take their places in two of the chairs. Margo and Steven remained in their lab coats, and went to a cupboard where they put on rubber surgical gloves.

"The goal of the Same Sex Special is to help prepare the guest both physically and spiritually to appreciate same-gender sex," explained Margo as she and Steven moved about preparing the opening procedure. "To do this we cleanse you as completely as possible, both inside and out, and provide you with maximum same-sex stimulation throughout the day. Steven and I are thrilled to be a part of your sexual exploration, especially so early in your marriage, and want to do all we can to provide you with maximum pleasure today."

"Of course, you are aware of the limitations placed on Spa staff behavior. I can't let you fuck me no matter how nice I think your cock is," Steven said to Peter. "However, both Margo and I want you to know that we welcome your touches, kisses, and any other contact you wish to initiate."

Joan and Peter's chairs were swiveled so that they faced each other at an angle. This way the two young lovers could be voyeurs to each other's treatment while enjoying the physical feelings of the enema.

"The colonic enema takes a while to complete. You'll feel some discomfort in the forms of fullness, some minor cramping, and an urgent need to expel the water at various times during the treatment," Steven explained as he and Margo raised Joan and Peter's feet into the stirrups and reclined the chairs to the proper positions.

"Notice that Steven said some discomfort, but you must tell us immediately if you feel sharp pains," added Margo. "The treatment is intended to cleanse you, not hurt you. We want you to resist the urge to expel, but please don't be embarrassed by any leakage that might occur. You will actually be helped to expel a few times during the process, and of course we will all take showers after the treatment is complete. Any questions?"

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