tagLoving WivesLacey's Story Ch. 04

Lacey's Story Ch. 04


Chapter 4

Lacey's Car Ride

It took a couple of days but eventually I received an e-mail from Ben containing the pictures he had taken of my wife at the hotel that night. My hands were shaking with anticipation and my dick was threatening to burst through my pants as I opened the e-mail to see two very sexy photos.

The first shot was of Lacey laying completely alone on the hotel bed. With one hand behind her head, she wore a smile on her face and absolutely nothing else. It was clear that Ben had taken the picture from the foot of the bed so as to fit all of her beautiful and gloriously naked body in the shot, her tits and freshly shaven pussy clearly on display.

This was the height of excitement; a nude picture of my wife taken by another man for the purpose of sending it back to me. I was in heaven, and the next shot was even better.

As I opened the second picture I felt the strong urge to free my hard cock from my pants and start jerking off right then and there. The picture was taken from Ben's point of view and focused on his own crotch as he lay on the bed. Lacey's face in profile dominated the shot and her hair was brushed around to the other side of her head to prevent it from obstructing the view. She had her right hand wrapped around the base of Ben's shaft and cupping his balls and, as promised, his dick was in her mouth.

I can't explain the thrill I felt. Here I was sitting at my computer and stroking myself as I stared, for the first time, at a picture of my wife's lips wrapped tightly around another mans hard cock.

I don't know how long I sat there staring at that picture before I made myself cum, nor can I recall how many times I've repeated that behavior but believe me it's been often.

Later Lacey asked me if I had enjoyed the photos and I responded with an enthusiastic "Yes!"

"Hmm, there was video, too," she said. "But I erased it."

"Why did you do that?" I asked

"Because you said you didn't want video."

She had a point, but it seems that my opinion of that was changing. Was I disappointed? Would I make the same mistake if the opportunity ever presented itself again?

Anyway . . .

The week progressed with Lacey and I having sex every day, and before long Friday rolled around again. Ben called to see if my wife wanted to hang out again and she accepted although since she had already decided that she didn't want to continue her newfound sexual freedom, she assured me that they would just hang at the bar for awhile and then she would be right home.

I kissed my wife goodbye as she left to meet Ben at the bar and then I walked to work. I doubted her resolve, however, and felt there was a good chance that something my happen tonight between her and Ben and to be honest I wasn't entirely sure how I felt about that. Remember I said it was one thing for a woman to be naughty with her husbands knowledge and consent but something else entirely if she was playing behind his back? Well, that's kind of how I saw this night. Of course I still wanted her to be my naughty little slut wife, but if she did anything tonight after telling me that she didn't like the way it made her feel and that she only wanted to be with me from now on. . . well, that was kind of a betrayal.

As the night wore on with no calls or texts from Lacey, I grew more and more certain that something was going to happen, if it wasn't already and I decided to make it possible for her to avoid committing this small act of betrayal by giving her the opportunity to tell me in advance that that she was feeling horny and was going to act on those feelings. My plan was to open up the lines of communication via text in the hopes that she would either ask for permission to be naughty or just flat out tell me that she was going to fuck Ben right then and there.

The first time I texted, they were still at the bar and she gave no indication that anything was happening or that she had any desire for anything to happen. We chit-chatted for awhile and I let her go. I left her alone for about an hour and texted again. This time she was much less talkative. Nearly all of my texts received mono-syllabic responses. 'Yes', 'no', 'yep'; this was all she was saying. It seemed something else was occupying her time. Now I felt certain that she was being a naughty little slut and wasn't going to tell me about it so I continued to text just to cock-block. At first I was doing this because I was upset about the secrecy but after awhile it started to seem like a fun little game. I would give what I felt was just enough time for them to start something and then I would text. After doing this for about a half hour I decided that I was okay with what was (probably) going on after all and decided to leave them alone to have their fun. I spent the rest of the night at work wondering what was going on and if my wife would tell me about it.

Lacey showed up shortly before six o'clock to pick me up from work. She hadn't been home yet. After I climbed into the car, she looked at me and asked "So do you want to hear about what I did last night?"

"I don't know, did you do anything I'd want to hear about?"

"I think so. A little bit."

"I thought you said you didn't want to do those things anymore?"

"I know, but one thing just kind of led to another. I didn't feel so bad afterwards this time but I wasn't sure how you'd take it since I said I wasn't going to do anything."

"Well, I'm a little upset but lets wait until we get home. Once we're in bed you can tell me about your night and we'll see how we both feel."

After we arrived home and climbed into bed I starting kissing and caressing my wife. My left hand wandered all over her wonderful naked body and finally came to rest between her thighs to find her pussy already dripping wet, her clit rock-hard. I've mentioned before that it was an entirely new experience for her clitoris to become so engorged and ultra-hard but it would become a natural condition for the next several months as she continued experimenting as a slut wife.

Since she was obviously ready for me, I wasted no time sliding my cock into her.

"So," I asked, "what made you change your mind about being naughty last night?"

"I don't know, really. He just tells me to do things and I do them."

"Oh really? And what did he tell you to do?"

"Well we stayed at the bar until closing and then I was giving him a lift home when he started getting a little frisky. We were just talking but he had his hand on my thigh, just sort of rubbing back and forth, and every once in awhile his hand would brush against my pussy."

"Did you tell him you're not that kind of lady?" I asked as I slowly and deliberately pushed my cock all the way into her, eliciting a low moan.

"No. He knows me better than that. So, we were talking and I ended up driving past his road. I just kept driving until we got to a spot where the road we were on was little used, and parked."

Slowly, I pulled my cock all the way out and then all the way back in, grinding against her clit on the in stroke, repeating until she was gushing cum all over me. Then I went down and started sucking on her swollen clit.

"Oh yeah," she said. "Keep doing that! Anyway, Ben and I were talking and we just started making out. Before long, we got out of the car . . .he bent me over the hood and started fucking me from behind . . .right there beside the road."

I lifted my head at that. "Beside the road? Did anyone drive by?"

"No," she replied as I went back to licking her pussy. "It's a little dirt road in the middle of nowhere no one has any reason to use it that late at night. So, we were having fun fucking like that but there were too many mosquitoes out and they were all biting my ass, so we got back in the passenger seat."

Her breathing was heavy and her hips were fucking my face with a vengeance as I attacked her clit with my tongue. She grabbed the back of my head, forcing my face down into her cunt, as she continued to ride my face. She was humping against my face so violently that it was near impossible to keep my mouth on target and her pussy slid all over my face, coating me from chin to nose with her juices.

Lacey let out a loud moan as she finally reached orgasm and sprayed her cum all over my face.

After she calmed down I asked what happened next with her and Ben.

I rolled onto my back and listened to her story as she lay her head on my stomach and stroked my cock. Every so often she would pause to take me into her mouth. The sensation of receiving a blow job from my wife while she told me about how she had fucked another may the night before was amazing.

"Well, we put the passenger seat back and I rode his cock until I came. I came a lot. It coated his cock and ran down his balls to drench the seat. After that we tried a few different positions. I sat in the seat with him on top, then we tried doing it doggy style across the center console with my hands in the drivers seat."

"How did that go?" I asked as she sucked on my pole. I had to wait as she slid her mouth up and down my dick a few times, but I didn't mind. When she had my cock sufficiently lubricated with her saliva, she went back to stroking me with her hand and continued her story.

"It was difficult to do anything in those positions so I ended up just sitting in the drivers seat and leaning over the console and giving him a blow job. I sucked his cock until he came. I just stayed right there and let him cum right into my mouth. I wasn't in the mood to swallow, though, so I had to spit it out but he didn't mind."

As she said this my dick started to jerk in her hand and I came all over my stomach. Lacey watched as spurt after spurt of cum shot out of my cock to land right in front of her face. It ran down my shaft to coat her hand as she continued to stroke until she had milked everything she could out of my balls.

"So," I said as I regained control of my senses. "Does this mean you don't feel bad about what your doing any more? Are you gonna keep fucking other men?"

"Hmm . . .I'm starting to get into it a little and I don't feel quite as bad as last time. I think I'll keep doing it because it feels good."

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