tagRomanceLady and the Scamp Ch. 02

Lady and the Scamp Ch. 02


As always this story is solely my property and may not be reproduced or republished without my express permission. All place names are geographically correct although residences, characters and titles are fictitious. That being said, enjoy the story.



When Andrew got home he immediately went into his room and stripped out of his riding gear. Then he went into the washroom and took a quick shower to calm himself. He'd come so close to fucking Calli again today and he needed to get his head back into shape. On the ride back he could feel her jerk and shudder behind him and he knew bloody well that it wasn't normal road bump movement, she was having orgasms from the vibrations of the big engine of the Harley. Knowing that she was cumming on their ride home had almost made him ditch the bike twice he was so distracted by it.

The quickness with which she had responded to his touch had been amazing, he now knew that she was one of those sensual creatures that would be a true wildcat once unleashed, and he looked forward to the day that happened. He just had to be patient and not rush himself, he didn't want Calli to feel like she was a prize or trophy to him, someone whom he had conquered. He'd meant every word when he said that he had no desire to tame her. He wanted her to be his partner in passion, someone who would be as eager to please him as he was eager to please her. 'God what a woman!' he thought to himself.

Over the next few weeks Andrew and Calli went out to dinner and dancing, or just even going to a small pub to spend some quiet time together. Their verbal sparring continued but moved from being antagonistic to more playful and flirtatious, yet still, neither one would concede defeat to the other. Their relationship blossomed yet Andrew held off getting more intimate than the occasional grope or caress which maddened Calli no end. She on the other hand was fully ready and prepared to take things further with him despite his reservations. She made sure every time they were together that she would somehow manage to get him aroused and in a sorry state sexually. She considered it payback for his leaving her frustrated herself. It became almost an unknown ritual between them that after every meeting they would both end up in freezing cold showers and masturbating frequently to ease their sexual frustrations.


The two lovers were sitting in their favourite pub enjoying some live music together one evening after just coming back from a long bike ride, and were somewhat weary as it had been a day trip to Portsmouth and back. Calli was snuggled up against Andrew while the band played in the background. Andrew had his arm wrapped around her and was lightly stroking her side as they sat quietly together after finishing their meal.

"Andrew I'd like you to come visit with my parents next weekend, they're having a do and I'd like for you to meet them." Calli said.

"Oh, I guess we are a serious couple now that you want me to meet your folks!" Andrew chuckled.

"Well if you really don't want to go I guess I could find SOMEONE to take me!" she giggled.

"Sugar lips, I doubt there's another man in England who could put up with you long enough for this 'do' of yours, so I guess I'll just have to go." he murmured into her ear.

"You really are a beast Andrew!"

"I may be a beast sweet Calli, but I'm your beast." he said as he kissed her.

"I wouldn't have it any other way you rogue." she replied as she returned his kiss. "Meet me at my flat on Friday evening at five sharp. Be there or I'll leave without you!"

Andrew laughed, "Okay miss bossy-pants, I guess I deserved that after the Pony trick I pulled on you."

"Yes you did love. No matter what you pull on me I'll fire it right back at you, eventually."

"I wouldn't expect anything less my dear." Andrew replied with his wolfish grin.

The following Friday Andrew arrived at Calli's flat at four-thirty, knowing full well that she meant what she'd said about leaving without him. It had become a bit of a game between them that they would play together.

Over the course of their relationship Andrew had become good friends with Delia as well and found her to be fun to be with when he'd visit their flat, although she would make herself scarce after visiting for a short time.

"Hi Andrew luv!" Delia said when she answered his knock, giving him a friendly peck on the cheek and a hug as he came in.

"Hey Delia, how's my second favourite girl in all of England doing?" he joked.

"Fair to middling hon," she giggled. "Calli's just finishing up in her room. Would you like a cuppa while you wait?"

"Sure sweetie that'd be great if it's no trouble."

"It's no trouble at all Andrew! Have to keep my best friend's man happy so he can keep her happy right?" she said with a wink.

Andrew laughed, after getting to know her he realized that although she had a bawdy sense of humour Delia was a very sweet girl at heart. He also suspected that she knew a lot more about his and Calli's relationship than she let on, but he was okay with that.

Calli came out a few minutes later with a small suitcase in hand. "So Mr. McCord, are you ready for your trial?" she giggled.

"Ready as I'll ever be I guess," he replied. "They're not going to be gentle are they?"

"Dad will probably be okay, but Mum may be a hard sell. Elizabeth and Madelaine will love you, but Nigel's a right pain." Calli explained.

"Okay, watch out for Mom and Nigel. Good to know. Are Elizabeth and Madelaine as pretty as you?" Andrew teased.

"They're gorgeous Andrew!" Delia said with a wicked chuckle. "Watch out for Maddie though, she's a terrible flirt."

"Shut up Delia!" Calli said.

"Well she is Calli. There's no denying it." Delia grinned at her friend.

"Got it. Mom, brother and trampy sister are all dangerous."


Calli's phone rang just then, "Oh that should be Mr. Henworth! Come on Andrew the car's here for us.

Andrew grabbed his suit bag and suitcase as well as Calli's and followed her down the stairs to the door. When they got downstairs he paused for just a moment in surprise, there at the curb was the stereotypical chauffeur waiting for them to arrive.

Andrew laughed, "A Bentley? Seriously sweetie you're doing a bit better than okay financially!" he said to Calli.

"Miss Calandria how good to see you again." their driver said as Calli gave the gentleman a hug.

"Mr. Henworth! It's good to see you, you're well I hope?" Calli said. "How are Mrs. Henworth and Sarah?

"Oh the Missus is fine, and Sarah just got engaged." Mr. Henworth said with a chuckle.

"You must be very proud, I'm sure her and John will be quite happy together." Calli said, pleased for her friend.

Andrew placed their luggage into the trunk and they got into the car for the ride to her parent's home. Once they were on the road Calli looked at him a bit nervously before speaking, not sure how he'd take what she was about to tell him.

"Andrew I haven't been totally honest with you about my family." she said quietly.

"I know, you're father's Lord Robert Locksley-May of Foxwood Hall. I googled you after you told me your name. I figured there couldn't be many Locksley-Mays kicking about, Miss Calandria." he said with an evil grin and chuckle.

"And you didn't say anything. You're a rogue Andrew, but thank you for understanding and not being upset by my not telling you."

"Calli I don't care about your title, I even said I thought you were royalty remember? That doesn't matter to me, you're what matters."

She gave him a little frown before speaking, "I'm almost afraid of what else you may have found out about me on the net."

"I know you were engaged to Roger Chilton, and suspect that the engagement ended when he realized that you were too much woman for him to handle." Andrew grinned.

Calli giggled, "Yes, Roger was a bit of a wimp, he never really understood me. He was really mother's choice for me not mine."

"So tell me a bit more about this 'do' of yours so I know what I'll be walking in to."

"Well there will be prominent locals there, as well as some of my family and of course the 'commoners' as Mum jokingly calls them. Dad holds the party after harvest so the locals can get together and have a bit of a fun time after their hard work."

"Oh good, so I won't be the only country bumpkin there!" Andrew said with a laugh.

"Trust me love, you'll do fine with anyone there. Now when you first meet Mum and Dad address them as Lord Robert and Lady Anne. Daddy probably won't make you call him that but you never know with Mum."


After their long drive to Calli's home Andrew saw that the property was gated and they had to drive in a bit before coming up to a huge old Tudor-style manor house. Calli's parents met them at the door, her father was a big man with a ruddy complexion and a shock of graying dark hair. Calli's mother was a slight blond woman, who even in her fifties was still very striking.

Calli ran to her parents and gave them both a hug and kiss in greeting, then introduced Andrew to them. "Mum, Dad this is Andrew McCord, my friend from Canada that I told you about."

"Lord Robert, Lady Anne it's a pleasure to meet you both." Andrew said with a slight bow and smile as he shook their hands.

"Oh please!" Calli's dad said with a laugh. "Any man who can tame my wild daughter has earned the right to call me Robert, Andrew!"

Andrew laughed, already liking the older man. "Well I wouldn't say tamed so much as came to an agreement with, Robert!"

"An agreement is probably the best that could be managed with our Calandria." Robert chuckled.

"Your family are 'farmers' I hear." her mum said a bit icily.

"I guess if you consider seventeen thousand acres of land and five thousand head of cattle farming then I suppose we are." Andrew replied with a half smile, enjoying the surprised look on her face.

"Henworth, please make sure their bags are taken to their rooms," Robert said.

"Oh don't worry about that Mr. Henworth I can take them up," Andrew interjected.

Mr. Henworth looked at Calli's dad and he nodded, "Thank you Henworth, I'm sure Mrs. Henworth is looking to see you. Have a good night."

Mr. Henworth nodded and left for the evening, smiling and shaking Andrew's hand before he left.

"Please, let's go into the parlour and have a drink." Robert said, leading them to a room not far off the main entrance to the house.

The ladies sat while the men moved to the bar, "Will Glenfiddich do?" Robert asked Andrew.

"Yes Sir, that would be fine." he replied.

"Ah, ah! Robert please, Andrew."

"Okay then Robert, that would do nicely then." Andrew said with a chuckle. He knew that he and Calli's father would get along famously, the man was very personable and down to earth. Her mother on the other hand might be another story.

Calli and her mother were talking quietly about her school when two more visions entered the room, followed by a young man who was the spitting image of his father.

"Calli! the taller girl said as she ran to hug her sister.

"Lizzie!" Calli cried as she hugged her younger sibling. "Hi Maddie, Nigel." Calli said as she hugged her other sister and brother.

She took Andrew's hand and introduced him to her siblings, "Andrew this is Elizabeth, Madelaine and Nigel."

He shook their hands, and Maddie leaned in and gave him a hug, pressing herself against him. Andrew blushed a bit but laughed it off. "Calli warned me you were a flirt Maddie, you'll have to behave or I won't save a dance for you tomorrow!"

Robert laughed and Maddie blushed deeply while her sisters and brother teased her. Even her mother chuckled at Andrew's comment. 'The ice queen does laugh' Andrew thought with a small grin.

"I see how you managed that agreement with our daughter now Andrew, a good firm hand has always kept these hellions in line."

"Daddy!" the three girls chorused.

Andrew laughed at Robert's comment. "I can see that beautiful women are common in your family, which doesn't come as a surprise really after meeting you Lady Anne." he said with his roguish grin.

Calli's mom managed a bit of a warmer smile to Andrew's comment which pleased him. He knew that gaining her parents' confidence and respect was important for them to accept him. He had to agree with Delia's comment before they had left Oxford, Calli's sisters were indeed gorgeous, and rivalled Calli in their beauty. He'd best watch out for young Maddie though, at seventeen, she was very aware that she was gaining a newfound power over men and would try to use her charms against him. Nigel seemed to be a decent kid, a bit sullen, but at least he was polite when Calli introduced him.

While they sat and chatted over drinks one of the housemaids brought in a tray of snacks for them to nibble on. The girls were fawning over Andrew, especially Maddie who sat as close to him as she could get. When Andrew mentioned taking Calli out riding on his Harley Nigel perked right up.

"You've got a motorbike?" he asked.

"Yeah, a 2001 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide touring bike, I restored it myself including the custom paint. She's a real beauty, I got my Dad to ship it over when I decided not to go back home. I'm not much into the rice rockets, I prefer my bikes to be beasts." Andrew laughed.

"Yes, he seems to like having a beast to go with his beastly nature." Calli teased.

The girls giggled at her remark and Nigel grinned, "We have a couple of motorbikes if you'd like to go for a ride while you're here!" he said.

"Sure that'd be great, but it'll have to wait until after your sister takes me out on the horses. Sunday morning for sure okay buddy?" Andrew replied with a smile.

"You can take Samson if you want Andrew, he's my horse," Nigel offered.

"Thanks Nigel, I appreciate that."

After a bit everyone retired to their rooms, Andrew's was just down the hall from Calli's and he dropped her suitcase onto her bed for her. She moved to him and gave him a tight hug. "That wasn't so bad was it?" she asked.

"It went better than I thought. Your dad seems to like me, though I'm still not sure about your Mom." he chuckled.

"Oh Mum will come around I think, she takes her time to warm up to people. Remember you're a 'commoner' who's romancing her daughter." she giggled. "I think Maddie's madly in love with you!"

"Yes I gathered that. I think she should come with a warning label, 'May cause head and neck injuries due to walking into light posts or whiplash'."

Calli laughed at that, "Well I don't think you can deny her her dance tomorrow since you've promised her one now."

"How could I refuse her? It would break her heart if I did." Andrew laughed.

"Well we should get some rest, tomorrow's going to be a busy day love." She said as she gave Andrew a light kiss.

"You're right sweet buns, when does breakfast happen here?"

"You're still a beast, I'm just glad you didn't call me that in front of Mum, she would have had a fit! I'll be down for seven. Then we can head out for a ride right after that."

"See you in the morning then honey bunch," Andrew said as he left her room.



After breakfast the next morning Calli took Andrew out to the stables. She introduced him to Frank Jones the stable master who then showed Andrew where Samson was kept. Andrew was quite impressed by Samson, he was a big roan stallion of about 17 hands. Andrew fed him a few sugar cubes and patted his large head, talking gently to him and getting to know his new friend before taking him out to ride.

"Have ye ever ridden before lad?" Mr. Jones asked him.

"Yes, I haven't ridden since coming over here but I've ridden most of my life. I have a big black beauty at home named Raven. He was a wild horse before I taught him to take a saddle."

"Good good! Samson's a good horse, very well mannered. His tack is over here, did you want help setting him up?"

"No I should be fine thanks Frank. If I have any trouble I'll give a holler though." Andrew replied.

"Right then, I'll leave you to it and see how Miss Calli's making out." Frank said with a wave as he walked down the barn.

Once they had the horses ready Calli met Andrew at the barn entrance. "This is Horace, Andrew." she said, introducing him to her piebald mare.

"Horace?" Andrew asked, trying to suppress a laugh. "You named your mare Horace!"

Calli giggled, "It made sense when I was eight Andrew!"

"Horace the horse! You're full of surprises cupcake!"

"Will you ever tire of your pet names for me?" she asked in mock indignation.

"Never," he said as he kissed her deeply.

Calli melted into him but pulled away after a few moments. "If you insist on doing that we'll never get out for a ride Mr. McCord!"

With that she mounted her horse and took off at a gallop. Andrew cursed and jumped onto Samson, kicking him into a gallop as well. They rode fast for a bit then slowed the horses to a walk once he caught up. Calli leaned over and kissed him as they rode. "Andrew I'm glad you came."

"So am I Calli, it was worth it just for this ride."

She smiled at him coyly, "There's another type of ride that should be worth it too, love."

"Baby that would be the best ride ever," he said with a grin.

"Follow me then!" She called as she got Horace into a canter and headed for a copse of trees in the distance.

Andrew followed her and when they got to the trees they dismounted and walked the horses into the bush. Calli followed a trail even deeper in until they were in a small clearing with a little stream bubbling through it. They tied off the horses and sat at the base of an ancient maple tree.

"This is nice," Andrew said as he looked around.

"Yes, this is my quiet spot. I've been coming here for years whenever I've wanted to be alone. I got my first kiss here."

"Oh? Who was the lucky boy?" Andrew chuckled.

"Jeremy Watson, I was fourteen and he was sixteen." Calli sighed.

"Well why don't you come here so I can improve on your experiences here."

"Mmm okay!" Calli said as she climbed into his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling Andrew into her warm embrace.

He kissed her deeply, his tongue probing into her mouth and dancing with hers, then he rained kisses down the side of her neck as his hands slid up until they cupped her firm breasts. Calli moaned and pushed forward into his hands. Andrew's thumbs rubbed her nipples through her shirt, making them hard instantly as he rolled them around. She arched her neck and gasped when he kissed the hollow of her throat. His hands slipped back down and eased her shirt out of her pants then slid it up and off of her body, then unhooking and slipping her bra off, revealing her perfect breasts to him. Andrew leaned forward and pulled a hard little nipple into his warm mouth, gently sucking and nipping it. Calli groaned and pulled him tight to her chest as she felt her core heat up quickly. She could feel herself starting to vibrate with excitement and her vagina was getting that familiar tingle again like it did every time he touched her.

Andrew moaned as his member swelled in his jeans, straining at the fabric and pushing against Calli's hip. His hand drifted down and stroked her belly, making her giggle and squirm in his lap. He knew that she wasn't just ticklish there but it was also one of her erogenous zones so he massaged it gently as she melted into his fingers. Calli pulled back for a moment and pulled his shirt off so now they were skin to skin, the hum of their excitement building between them. She adjusted her position in his lap so they were now facing each other and she felt his hard manhood pressing into her groin, throbbing between them with his heartbeat. Calli gasped and moaned as she ground herself onto him while he kissed her chest, neck and face.

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