tagNovels and NovellasLady Cecelia Ch. 03 Pt. 01

Lady Cecelia Ch. 03 Pt. 01


Each day Cecelia's determined purpose was securing her love's release from the hands of the French and for this she waited on court until Henry deemed give her audience. That day finally came as she was announced in the presence of the Archbishop and Duchess of Canterbury.

"Gracious Sovereign, your highness, " Lady Cecelia stated, "I owe my life and my services to this Imperial throne. I appeal therefore, on behalf of my Lord Sir William of Edenbridge who has served his King with honour in France on the field at Agincourt and his held captive there: to ask my liege for your Knight's ransom and his release."

The Duchess raised her hand for silence.

"I would say upon normal circumstance that this is most unusual! These are matters handled through ambassadors and should not concern a Lady of the Court : certainly not on of your standing Cecelia."

Her heart sank. For many months she had petitioned for an audience. She had steeled herself in anticipation each day, mulling over her words well-practiced in the appeal she would make yet standing now in silence with her tongue stilled and herself humbled by Royalty, Cecelia was unable to stop the tears which had begun to run down her cheeks.

"You weep before this assemblage dear Lady, " the Duchess said softly, "Why?"

"Lord Edenbridge is my life and my love." She stammered barely able to speak the words, " I would gladly go to the ends of the earth to be at his side. I hold his letters. His appeals to which your noble counselors gave all assurances would be honored. Yet day by day my ears have become deaf to these assurances and I long for Sir William to return to these temporal halls to be not only by my side: but to your service, your Highness. This is why I have come in my person to humbly mitigate on his behalf."

The Duchess interrupted smiling, "Still your tears, Lady Cecelia, you have a patron in France! It is in the person of one Lady Yvette, daughter to the Dauphin himself, who has noted your personal appeals. She has sent courier here with letters in hand requesting your presence.

"Lady Cecelia, I too have been moved by your words and through your patron in France we have provided that an issuance be taken from the coffers. That stake gained: you, Lady Cecelia, together with the counselors' letter of guarantee, a court guard, ladies in waiting as you so choose, provisions and ship of sail has been secured. You are to leave on the most convenient tide. There you will petition the court of the Dauphin through Lady Yvette who will personally secure the return of William of Edenbridge."

A low table the length of ten feet sat centered in Yvette's chambers. Its polished surface was cleared and laid out with pad and linen long before William arrived. Yvette had pulled her robe closed. Condescension dripped from her words.

"You have a woman, do you not. " Yvette stood over him haughtily unimpressed. Her handmaiden hadn't released the oral grasp of his manhood. Regardless the question caused William's head to lift at the inquiry; a sudden fire in his soul.

"Cecelia!" He blurted out, " may her name never be upon lips such as yours!"

"You are impudent and rude, barbarian! Agincourt has been tormented as would a battlement under siege by this Lady Cecelia who claims to be your own! I have assumed, for the sake of the Court and God in Heaven knows only why, the many appeals of this persistent Lady of Lindisfarne. She pleads in far too many petitions for your release Sir Edenbridge."

"Release me then! And be done with it!" his demand weakened by the handmaiden ministrations. Yvette spoke on without acknowledging his compromised position.

"I have my own reasons in patronizing this arrogant Englishwoman. She has been relentless. What manner of the male species holds possession of a woman's soul such as you have over the Royal blood of Lindisfarne? Love is fickle and fault-laden; a mere reflection of dreams. Yours cannot be love complete! She professes, to the ends of the earth, that this is so. Yet it becomes my pleasure to be intrigued. She pleads for his release, yet this man of hers, this William of Edenbridge who then is HE to hold such sway over the life of a woman of Royalty?

"So then witness my insatiable handmaiden's talent ." she gestured to the girl on her knees, "For this, as much as her sweet companionship makes Marie dear to me. For all compromises, treaties and bargains in my realm can be judged in their truest nature by exposure to her specific desires. Whether they be sealed or broken they stand on my judgments that uninhibited truth will only be discovered when compromised by the flesh. I therefore shall witness for myself if it is a sorcerer's hold you have on Lady of Lindisfarne's heart and I do it only because this Cecelia interests and amuses me with her appeals. My pet shall find pleasure here regardless, but you? Get you to this table then, serve my wishes and your Lady's love fire shall be proven or discounted. On that and my private council of her: all decisions concerning your release shall be decided."

Marie ceased, stood in response and William reluctantly did as he was told to lie prone on his back before these French women as Marie let loose her clothing and moved to mount the stake of his manhood; its stiffness unabated by threat or insult.

Yvette's handmaiden was a sprite of a girl. Light hazel eyes, freckles, an upturned nose augmented by light ash hair braided down her back and a firm lithe body would have been the envy of any Lady of any court on the continent. But she was Yvette's own plaything and true to the demands of her mistress, Marie was soon straddling Williams' prone frame and reaching between and below to manipulate his cock into the recesses of her prolific and dripping cunt.

Suddenly Marie talked and she spoke as if possessed! The girl knew not one word of English. Instead her full verbal attentions, always directed towards Yvette, consisted of nothing William cared to understand. In a flurry of French, she spoke answers to all of Yvette's appeals. William might have admired the frequency and generousness of Maries smile under other circumstances, for it was unique. It lit her face like soft firelight; its excited beauty expressly for Yvette's eyes alone. The Dauphin's daughter was curious and questioning. Marie chattered Francaise in words that could have been the Devil's own for all William knew. Yet Marie spoke idly with her protector as one would discuss weather not the revelation of feminine discovery!

He was being used. For that, he felt no passion except what animal stimulation asked of vagina on cock. No excitement or arousal beyond the hump of Maries hips against his own. The chamber in which this tryst progressed was richly appointed all of it lit by candlelight placed in excess to illuminate what would be. William stared at the ceiling as the two women cooed and nuzzled. Female lips on female lips worked no magic in his imagination. The feminine hand caressing the fairest of breast failed to demand attention. The whispered sensitivities shared between soft voices inches from his own ears did nothing to thrill him. Nor were they intended to do so. Their shared richness was meant for one to the other.

Marie spoke her French with kisses. A suggestion was made. In concert with Yvette's wishes she leaned over Williams chest with her own, putting elbows to the table aside and rotated her hips onto his manhood.

In Marie's experience the uncontrolled excitement of all men would soon cause them to flail then loosen their thrusting misguided causing a misconception in which Marie would be forced to correct with a pause for reinsertion. This male had none of that. The repetitive lowering of her opened womanhood on his thickened cock proceeded without interruption. Its constancy built a pattern that Marie found to be a pleasant respite. Even the most vigorous rotations of her hips in rapid succession were met with a strength and firmness that allowed her to exercise the full length of fuck stroke from an almost-appearing cockhead to base of the long shaft she rode to the plate of musculature which consistently bumped her clitoris. This Marie did longer than necessary becoming more aware of the girth and length of Williams manhood.

He was not coming.

"Maîtresse, qu'il me prendre comme la bête?" To Yvette, Marie had requested something different. This suggestion by her handmaiden was considered for a moment then agreed to.

"Oui, nous allons le voir." She answered and instructed him to come down from the table. There he was to find Marie leaning over its edge. He was to enter her from behind. William assumed then this had been the handmaiden's thought put forward and agreed to.

"Let us see what kind of barbarian you truly are." Yvette mocked.

Marie positioned herself on the tables edge elbows on the spread and offered the buttocks of her posterior to him positioning her legs to expose the wet mound that just had used him from above. She looked upwards to Yvette standing opposite her and the male poised to enter. Marie appealed for approval and found despise of the man poised behind in Yvette's eyes. Yet she was told that it suited.

Without reservation or dignity William took hold of the handmaiden's hips and positioned them working the head of his cock to press open the legs before him. There was no end to Marie's capacity for wetness. Manhood splayed the lips of her pussy opening her warm hole and slipped easily within the cocoon of her vagina. The rhythm and pace of his strokes were no different than what Marie had given him from above.

She expected something different. Perhaps a furious thrusting and rapid orgasm of a man unused to a woman's subjugation in this manner in seizing her reins in a bid to expend himself finishes to quickly for the unsatisfied mount he rides. Instead Marie discovered the engorged hardness of him was even more pronounced filling her repetitively with hot thick pulsing cock. It drove her into the tables' edge. Because of it Marie's raised ass cheeks absorbed the repetitive press of his torso and spread her sopping exposed vagina for complete entry at each forceful thrust.

As before; the women spoke. Yvette faced her from the table's other side. But Maries answers became more hesitant. The words had become quick responses. Yvette witnessed that with her handmaiden's high ass prominent, Marie had begun turning her head to witness with her own eyes the cause of her sensations. She became restless in her positions. At times she dropped to her chest on the covers. Her head rested there looking rearward. Then it turned to the opposite side again to look back. The hands had come away to become fists filled with bedsheet.

Yvette witnessed her handmaiden struggle to momentary rises on elbows. But these were brief noted by an unseeing stare quickly collapsing to the cushion's support again. The man was taking her handmaiden unexpectedly. Marie was moving in a way that showed a certain deliberate joining less controlled yet more readily accepted. There came a time when there came no response to Yvette's words but gasps. This continued longer than Lady Yvette planned to allow.

"La prendre et terminer cette!" Yvette finally said in frustration, "Marie se remettre sur la table et le finir!"

With great difficulty Marie was able to separate herself from William unwilling to do so until the man holding her initiated it. Without speaking she clambered quickly onto the bed made of a table and lay on her back watching him. Without pause William followed and mounted her. Maries legs went wide open for him. Pinned beneath and fully engaged by his cock, those same legs had raised and locked around his waist. Her arms went around his shoulders. There, eyes closed, she endured a long series of entry and withdrawal that left her gasping for air. Uncontrollably she was meeting each of his thrusts with her own. Pleasure began to seep slowly through her being.

Edenbridge went to his toes. He straight-armed the table, poised the platform of his body on a plane above her shoving his hips into the handmaiden's own. With each of these new feelings Marie held new parts of him: his sides, his arms, pressed to his chest holding his neck. She began to twist beneath him as the table to which she was pinned shook. He was driving the nine inch spear of his cock fully into the splayed opening of her torso, pulling its length fully to cockhead before sawing his manhood into her again. The pace of repetition never slowed, yet never increased. Instead it continued with unremitting animal fury as he plowed the gash of her sopping cunt with singular intensity.

Somehow she had gotten her legs raised enough that William in two quick moves captured them above his muscular arms. There on her back, legs spread wide, her knees at the sides of her naked breasts and feet above her head caused her spine to curl towards the fucking. Her ass from torso to buttocks to thighs flattened formed to the pounding and rebounded as he withdrew. The tan sunburst of her asshole puckered then sagged with each shove as muscles met, held and released with every coupling. His fucking this way caused her legs to lock onto the anchor of his arms using them to tighten the musculature of her cunt around his shaft making it grasp as it withdrew and open as he entered her in a mirror image of her mouth upon his cock earlier. Pinned like this her whole body was able to clench it within her before giving it up.

Maries elfin face was transfixed with furrowed brows. Jaws tightened then opened wide to gasp. Her head began to rock back and forth. Utterances began making sounds from her breathing in small French cries of passion. She had never felt anything like this. Each entry possessed her in building increments. It seemed endless. She could barely stand its intensity. Doubled up on herself legs from toe to hip stretched wide and high to gulp at cock deep inside her. He fucked her in a way that splayed them wide, took her to her very depths, tested her cervix and deserted the clenching walls of her vagina too quickly only to repeat itself on her again.

The table shuddered. Marie's insides were an earthquake of pre orgasm. The Englishman was relentless within her. Deep inside and ominous her belly felt the seeping onset of it. The walls of her vagina began to clutch and spasm. Feeling, sweet beautiful luxurious pleasure began sweeping through her torso and up her spine.

William of Edenbridge entered then held his cock deep within her. It stayed there. He remained motionless.

"hnn....hnn....no.." she pleaded as her head went side to side. Marie's husky voice had become incomprehensible in any language. She grasped his arms, she held his sides. With each sound came a breath and with each breath came a cry. Her head went back and forth. She dug her fingers in his rock solid arms. Her voice pitch rose.

"....oh...mon ....dieu..." there came one then another breathless gasps followed by a series of high pitched cries.

William, prone and elevated above her poised as a statue, his shaft deep inside the handmaiden, his hips crushed to Marie's squirming torso and he held deep while she came on his cock.

Legs locked behind his arms; her thighs shinnied, shimmied and squeezed inwards with each gulp of her pussy spasms causing Marie to cry out as one would having lost their very soul in an earthquake of orgasm and sobbing as if her dearest possession had been lost, stolen and taken.

"Marie..." Yvette was stunned. She had been powerless to stop the seduction of her handmaiden. In an interview she arranged herself. She softly whispered again the name its owner could not hear. "Oh, Marie." She whispered sadly.

At that very moment, In the channel between England and France, the seas were almost calm. Lights from the French coast were distant on the horizon. Unable to sleep, Cecelia came on deck, made her way to the prow and watched the universe and all its stars bright in the blackness. The sails barely filled with breeze and shifted in frustrating luft. There she stood and prayed for a wind that would hurry her to the Port of Calias. Nothing would keep her from returning with him...... Nothing.

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