tagRomanceLady in Waiting

Lady in Waiting


Dusk settled over the trees, and she watched the gravel driveway from the big bay window, waiting. He had given an estimated arrival of late evening, and as darkness fell, the moon rose above the horizon… she paced the floor, listening to music on a very expensive stereo system – speakers were positioned inconspicuously about the house for the ultimate in environmental sound control. She had an interesting collection of compact discs – all specially selected to enhance a relaxing, mood-altering state.

She wore an A-line satin gown in an elegant rose red, a damask print with shimmering roses, the fitted bodice framing enticing cleavage with a deep V trimmed in lace. She wore almost no jewelry, only a simple diamond solitaire on her left pinky and a silver bangle on her right wrist…. Rose red lips - the only makeup applied - and a delicious scent custom made for her filled with the room with sandalwood, cinnamon and musk.

Her hot bath was fragranced with vanilla cream softener… her skin reaping the benefits, soaking up moisture thirstily. She shampooed long, straight hair, immersing in the bath, and then rinsed in cold tap water… sure to shine in candlelight. Taking the long handled razor, she shaved with long, careful strokes until she was so smooth, he would feel only silky bare flesh.

Hair dried, she fluffed it out loosely… layers of dark brown, red and gold falling haphazardly down her back. She looked in the mirror at crystal blue eyes where flickering candle flames gleamed in pupils dark as black onyx. Softly sculpted features suggested Native American ancestry, her stance confident and determined as she walked back to the front room window.

Standing there, she saw headlights, and her heart began racing… “Breathe” she whispered to herself… and took a deep breath.

Seeing her silhouette – standing there like a beckoning shadow in the window – made him smile. He never knew what to expect when he arrived – she was completely unpredictable – he readily admitted that was part of what kept luring him to her… exploring her deepest mysteries, discovering what made her feel alive… what took her breath away. She was an enigma, and he was just as captivated by the hidden secrets as the ones she revealed and allowed him to explore.

She admired him from the window – the way he strode purposefully toward the porch… up the steps, and finally stopped in front of the richly detailed stained glass front door.

Outside, using his key, he heard erotic instrumentals accompanied by a familiar musician, listened momentarily, recognizing the words… smiled again, imagining it was her voice… yes, she was definitely alluring. He gazed at her beauty in the glow of candlelight, reached out his hand and stroked her cheek… holding still. He pulled her closer, wrapping her tenderly into his arms, and she sighed. Finally.

She kissed his neck, inhaling the scent of him… breathing so deeply it was as if to imprison him within. She felt his strength, her lips tasting his skin as she ran fingers through his hair, traced his face, touched his beard… kissed his mouth, darting her tongue in and out. Slowly she began the seductive dance down his chest, unbuttoning the shirt to nip at fine, dark hairs, twisting them playfully in her fingers… rubbing her cheeks against his belly so that she could feel his soft down on her face.

He grasped her hair - the sensations she aroused in him undeniable and absolute. She gasped, feeling his control over her… and yet, he found her to be a precious treasure… to touch, explore, reveal… the passage to their destination never-ending… only detours of pleasure taken along their journey.

He watched as she gracefully dropped to her knees, removing his black leather belt with the same eloquence in which she moved… so effortless he barely felt it slip out of the loops. She looked up at him intently, blue eyes showing the fire inside… an unmistakable message of passion burning. She untied his shoelaces, and he let her take off his shoes as he stood there, one at a time… and just as deftly unbuckled and slipped off the jeans… leaving only cotton jersey boxers… and a very obvious erection.

She smiled, knowing… and wrapped her lips around his cock, teething it through the soft material. He moaned softly… and held her to him, one hand wrapped in her silky hair and the other stroking her shoulders.

She slipped her fingers in the boxers, pulling them down while taking all of him into her warm mouth… such a smooth motion, he could only close his eyes and feel her… the gentle way she rolled her tongue around the sensitive, bulging head… how she swallowed to enhance the sensation, lips tightly hugging the throbbing shaft as if to never release it… taking his swollen balls in her palms, caressing him possessively… knowing… oh, yes, she knew.

He held her hair, feeling the deepness of her oral delights… her kisses like tattoos on his anxious and pulsing cock… pulled her up, wrapped his fingers around her throat and kissed her – his tongue searching and demanding.

The music still played, and he stepped away just enough to take her hands, placing one on his left shoulder and taking the other in his right hand… “A dance…” leading her to the bedroom.

The four-poster bed, with its intricate headboard… hidden within the detailed carving was the lock to a sliding door, where alluring special effects were limited only by imagination. She continued to be driven – stirred by his touch – hearing only whispers – quiet commands. She closed her eyes… seeing him there, releasing all and surrendering her body to him – every time like the first – a dream, unbroken and surreal.

His skin burned her flesh, invisible currents like electricity flowed between them – alive and desperate. And… when she finally gave in to him – released the final guard, submitting her freedom – he became her Keeper, unlocking her treasures until there was just one key left. But it alone bound her to him in a destiny that promised to be… forever – never-ending.

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