tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLady Truckers Are Motherfuckers

Lady Truckers Are Motherfuckers


Donna Dunnigan: 40, mother of four
Lorna Fitzbaugh: 40, Donna's best friend, mother of three
Lulu DeLong: 33, OTR (over the road) truck driver
"Magic" Moreau: 28, OTR driver, part of Lulu's gang

Donna Dunnigan & Lorna Fitzbaugh huddle in a corner of the chilly, dimly-lit room they'd been brought to a few hours earlier, crying softly and trying their best to comfort one another. On their way to New Orleans for a two-week vacation, they're run-off the road by a tractor-trailer and "doolie"-type pick-up truck, pulled from their rented SUV, and tossed-into a waiting van. Their hands are bound, and their mouths gagged, and after a bumpy, seemingly-endless ride, their eyes are covered and they are deposited in a room in the kidnapper's hide-out, scared out of their wits wondering how in the world they've ended-up in such a hopeless situation.

"Lorna, Please try to be quiet" Donna begs, hugging her friend of 20 years a bit tighter. "Try to calm down; I promise we'll figure something out. We just have to get hold of ourselves, and think calmly and rationally."

Sniffling, the mother of three tries to do as Donna suggests. " You don't t-t-think they'll k-kk-kill us, do you?" she whispers.

The question sends a fresh wave of despair through the brunette, which she quashes with a mighty effort. "I think they would have done it by now, if that was their plan" she whispers back, hoping her voice sounds convincing. " I think I heard them talking about ransom money; hopefully, they've already contacted Bill and Lou and it won't be much longer before they get whatever they want and let us go"

Lorna brightens a bit. "Yes, that's right! Neither should have much trouble raising enough money to buy our freedom; we might even be free by tomorrow morning!"

"Don't get too excited, honey" Donna warns. "Let's just sit tight and wait to see what happens when they come back. I'm sure they'll be in before long to check on us"

Comforted, the two friends manage to doze a bit, holding hands and huddling together for warmth.


The women are roused from their fitful nap by the loud, derisive taunt of Lulu, the apparent leader of the small gang. Lorna's arms tighten around her friend as the near-debilitating fear she has managed to quell. "What are y-y-you going to dd-do with us?" she quavers.

"Don't worry, sweets, you're about to get some answers to your questions" She crooks a finger at the cowering blonde. "Let's go; we're gonna have a lil' talk"

Lorna is frozen in place; she can't move.


Lorna is out the door like a shot, stumbling in her haste. Lulu catches up with her and steers her down the hall through another door, which is much better lit and appears to be a living room, which opens into a small dining room and smaller kitchen.

"Make yourself useful, toots, and make some coffee" Lulu orders, gesturing in the general direction of the kitchen. Lorna quickly complies, hurrying so as not to elicit a repeat of the anger Lulu has shown she is capable of.

She is concentrating so intently on her task that she doesn't notice Lulu creeping toward her from behind. Before she is aware of it, the other woman has reached around under armpits to cup the warm, heavy weights of her breasts in her palms as she molds her front against that mouth-watering behind she's desired since she first saw it. Despite her fear and surprise, Lorna's huge nipples spring to immediate, eager life; Lulu chuckles as they grow stiff and rubbery against her kneading palms. "I knew you was a hot one!"

Lorna can't think straight; her husband hasn't touched her in months (Doctor's orders) due to his high blood pressure and work-related stress, and she is so desperate for the caress of another that even though her mind screams 'NO!' her body's reactions to the intimate fondling can't be denied.

The horror of being felt-up by another female is over-ridden by the awakening of her long-repressed lust.

"Oh, God", she whimpers, struggling weakly in the lady trucker's arms, "Please don't; I have a husband, a family"

Lulu trails one hand down between the protesting housewife's legs and dips between. Her fingers encounter a damp patch which has seeped-through the material of her skirt, which contradicts the busty blonde's protestations. "Your husband's a lawyer, right?" she grins. "I think they call this 'incriminating evidence' " she chortles, pressing her fingers against the steamy, panty-clad mound hidden between Lorna's legs, eliciting a gasp from the red lips of the sexy mother. The wet patch gets wetter.

Through the cloud of lust blurring her mind, Lorna is aware of something hard and phallic-like pressing insistently against her behind. What could that be?, she wonders.

"Get them jugs out in the open honey" Lulu orders, and Lorna obeys without thinking, her shaking fingers fumble with the buttons of her blouse while her captor works on the zipper of her skirt.

Lulu tugs the garment down past Lorna's wide, womanly hips so that it pools at her sandaled-feet.

She expects a pair of sensible, white cotton panties but is pleasantly surprised by the brief, lacy red satin undergarment she encounters instead. "Oooo, wifey; you're a naughty one!", she says with a wicked grin.

"Oh, no" Lorna pleads, blushing furiously as her wispy panties are whisked down over her hips and ass and her plush bottom-cheeks are pulled apart. This woman can see her pussy and asshole!

Her pleas fall-on deaf ears as Lulu's hot, knowing tongue worms between her lightly-furred labia and makes contact with her up-thrust clit. The protest dies in her throat and turns into a bleating "Ahhhh!"

Lulu's fleshy tongue darts and dips, fluttering incessantly in the sticky depths of Lorna's drooling gash. All pretense gone, the heavy-titted blonde spreads her legs and humps back against her kidnapper's hungry tongue, no longer caring that it is a woman giving her this long-denied pleasure.

Then, that delightful mouth-digit abandons her oven-hot cunt and laps greedily at her puckered pink anus!

It swirls around the crinkled outer ridge of the starfish, bringing a different, more guttural groan from the voluptuous mother. Her asshole flutters and quivers as Lulu's questing tongue tickles the pink interior, utilizing her specialty: "anal tongue-darts".

End of Part One

Thanks to everyone who has written to encourage me to keep writing and to let me know that even though I make mistakes, my efforts are appreciated. To those who don't like what I write:

THERE'S NO FUCKING LAW THAT YOU HAVE TO READ IT!! (or comment on it!!) THE PATRIOT ACT doesn't require it, Nor the CONSTITUTION, or any State laws that I'm aware of, so....fill in the blank yourself/selves. It really pisses me off when free-loaders don't contribute a DAMN THING and have the nerve to Fucking COMPLAIN when FREE PORN (repeat FREE PORN!!) is not up to your bullshit standards: FUCK YOU, and FUCK YOUR MAMA!! (okay, that's enough venting...)

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