tagRomanceL'Affaire C. 03

L'Affaire C. 03


A comfortable silence stretched between Nicki and Matt and she couldn't help but smile. She probably looked completely goofy but she didn't care. Her lips still tingled from his kiss, and she got the feeling by the way he was looking at her that he felt it, too.

"So..." Matt said, eyeing her.

Nicki looked at him from under a thick blanket of black eyelashes and licked her lips. "Weren't you supposed to be making sure I get home safe?"

Matt was on his feet so fast it looked as if his chair had shocked him. Nicki grinned and stood, too, letting him take her hand and lead her out the door into the cool night air. Well, cold night air. She could see their breath and she reflexively crossed her arms over her chest. "Did you forget your coat inside? Do you want me to go get it?"

"I wasn't wearing a coat. Quick, where's your car?"

Matt shook his head and laughed, then removed his own coat and placed it on her shoulders. She was instantly warmed. And it smelled like him.

"So if I never told you my name was Nicki, how did Adam ever find out you 'knew' me from the dog park."

"It's too cold outside to stand here talking about Adam," Matt said, grabbing her and pulling her down the sidewalk. They weaved in and out of people spilling out of bars or waiting in line to get into bars.

They walked in silence for awhile, his hand on the small of her back, gently guiding her. She wished his stupid coat wasn't so bulky so she could feel the warmth of his skin. When he spoke again his voice was soft. "I described you. Every detail about this magical woman I'd met. He must have recognized something in the description. The next time I saw him he had a picture with him. It was you. I wanted to punch him in the face. This one is mine—" he pointed to a Ford Explorer. "And I guess when he got home, he called you to tell you, and I never saw you at the dog park again, you know, cause you suddenly needed to go in the mornings instead."

Nicki could help but blush, feeling silly all of a sudden to her decision that avoidance was the best way to respond to the potentially sticky situation. Matt opened the door for her and Nicki slid into the passenger seat. His car smelled of leather and man and, inexplicably, there was a football on the floor next to her feet. Once he was in the SUV she picked up the ball and held it up between them. "You play?"

Matt took the ball and tossed it in the back. She watched its progress and realized there was at least three other footballs floating about.

"No, I coach high school ball."

"I thought they only let high school teachers coach ball."

"I'm a high school teacher."

"No way!" Nicki grinned. "The girls must love your class."

It was Matt's turn to blush. "I'm not allowed to notice."

The Explorer roared to life and they pulled away from the curb and onto the street, headed away from the bar district.

Nicki gave him the cross streets and they drove in silence, except for the sound of Beck coming from the car radio. When they reached the building that housed her condo Matt parked his the SUV and turned in his seat to face her. Nicki looked back, again from under her eyelashes. Her eyes were the color of coffee. Matt shifted in his seat, repositioning to accommodate the growing tightness under the zipper of his jeans.

"So..." he said.

Nicki nodded, as if agreeing. "So."

"Any chance you'd give me your phone number so we can continue our cliché of a relationship."

Nicki grinned wildly. "Relationship, huh?" she leaned in and brushed her lips against his. "You do move fast, don't you?"

At the touch of her lips against his Matt lost control and kissed her the way he'd wanted to kiss her the first time he saw her, throwing a tennis ball (badly) at a dog who retrieved it even worse. Each time she threw it again she had to wrestle it out of the skinny dog's mouth. She crouched down and, trying not to stare, he'd watched the muscles in slender legs become defined. Long legs and olive skin and a constant bemused-looking smile as she and the dog played.

The first time he'd seen her her hair had been wrapped up in a twist and he'd had no idea how long it really was. When he saw her again, a week later, it had spiraled down her back in curls that landed halfway between her shoulders and her ass. Thick, dark brown hair that looked as if it were black until the sun hit it and suddenly it was dark chocolate moving with her as she tossed the ball.

He kissed her fiercely, plundered her mouth with his tongue and ground as nails painted lavender dug themselves into his stomach. He wanted to push her hand down into his lap and did all he could to resist until she found it herself, sliding the butt of her palm down along his erection. Matt broke from the kiss and closed his eyes, leaning his head against the headrest as she pulled away and reached down to her feet and picked up her clutch handbag. She unsnapped it, pulled out a silver business card holder and slipped him a card before snapping it shut and handing the card to him.

"My cell phone is listed there," she said. "I don't have a home phone."

She was gone before he could respond, dashing into the lobby of the building. He hadn't even noticed she'd slipped her arms out of his coat while they drove. It sat crumpled in the passenger seat. Matt glanced down at the card in his hand. "Nicki Moreau." French? He would have guessed by her exotic looks she had a Peruvian or Columbian heritage.

He smiled down at the card. The Daily News logo was featured prominently. A reporter. The woman was full of surprises.


When Ally got home she found Jack in the bedroom, the lamp on the nightstand still on, a mass of papers surrounding him, including some perched precariously on his stomach. He chest rose and fell with each breath and Ally couldn't help smiling. She crept into the room and made her way to the chest of drawers, opening one and pulling out a peach satin nightie.

Ally watched herself in the mirror as she pulled of her pink cashmere sweater, pushed her black jeans passed her hips and down her legs. The soft light in the room gave off so little light that she actually felt beautiful. Her hair was a thick red blanket caressing her shoulders. Ally reached both hands behind her back and unhooked her pink lacey bra. Her breast were small enough that they'd so far managed to avoid the detrimental effects of gravity, and for that she was grateful. She reached her hands up and cupped her breasts in them, feeling the hard nipples pressing into her palms. Her skin was soft and pale, though speckled with faint freckles. Ripples of heat went from where her hands cupped her breasts to pool between her legs and suddenly she ached for Jack to be awake. She reached for the nightie, slid it over her head, and pushed her thong down her legs.

Jack was sleeping fairly soundly, despite the fact that he'd obviously dozed off while working. Carefully, trying not to disturb him, she started moving his papers from the bed onto the nightstand. He groaned a little when her hand accidentally brushed his upper thigh, but nuzzled his head deeper into the pillow.

Ally walked around the bed and kneeled next to him, gazing down at him. He looked so peaceful when he slept, nothing like lawyer Jack, who scheduled his life in six-minute intervals for billing purposes.

Ally leaned in and reached into the opening in his flannel pajama bottoms, pulling his dick out. He was still soft in her hands. Ally lowered her mouth to his cock and gently began to suck, using her tongue to massage him to life. He quickly expanded in her mouth, filling it, and she heard him groan.

"Oh God," he muttered, one hand reaching up to find the back of her head, knotting itself in her hair and pushing her face into his lap.

Once he was erect she pulled her mouth away and threw one leg over his body, as if she were getting on a horse. Jack's eyes slipped open as Ally positioned herself ontop of him, facing away from him. Why did she insist on these fucking nighties?

Jack pushed the peach fabric up over her hips so he could watch her slide her pussy down onto him. She moved slowly, but lowered herself all the way with the first stroke. Her ass looked sublime and he couldn't help but imagine slipping his dick in her tight little asshole, bucking into her as she whimpered and moaned until he finally emptied himself into her. The thought of his cum leaking out of her asshole had him closing his eyes tightly as he tried to focus on not blowing his load. Stop thinking about the ass, Jack, he told himself. He couldn't imagine Ally—his angel—letting him pound her ass. But fuck, that ass!

He opened his eyes and watched her ride his cock. Using her thighs to push her body up and off of him, and then to lower her body down his cock in a controlled slide. The slick fabric of the nightie kept escaping his grasp and falling down, blocking his view. "Dammit, would you take this fucking thing off?" he barked. Ally laughed and turned to glance back at him over her shoulder but didn't stop her movements. Jack looked at her face, suddenly mesmerized. "I missed you."

"I was only gone an hour and a half."

"It was a long time. I didn't think you'd actually come home when I called you."

"I missed you, too."

"Come here and kiss me," Jack said, pushing himself up onto his elbows. Ally lifted herself off him and turned around, bringing her mouth down over his. Jack took the opportunity to grab her and pull the nightie off, sitting up and pushing her onto her back as he did so. Her hair fanned out around her face in glorious red waves.

He kissed her fiercely, then pulled away. 'Nicki actually wanted to leave after only an hour? That's not very Nicki-like."

Ally dragged her nails up Jack's back as he moved between her thighs. He slid into her in one smooth stroke, then found her clit with his fingers and started manipulating her clit until she was panting and writhing underneath him. Jack watched her face as she neared orgasm and buried himself in her tight folds, stroke after stroke, then leaned down so his lips brushed against her ear. "Cum for me, baby. Cum around my cock."

Ally obliged, gasping out as his fingers pushed her over the edge. Jack felt her pussy tighten around him as her body started shaking. Even her legs shook when this woman came. Jack let his hand fall away from her clit and started fucking her with real force, in and out. In. Out. In. Out. Until he let out a guttural cry and came into her. He kept up the motions until the last of his orgasm subsided and he felt himself softening inside her. Spent, he collapsed next to her and cuddled into her body, resting his head in the crook of her neck as his pulse started to slow.

"No," Ally said. "She let me leave. I made sure she had a ride home."

Jack was confused before he remembered they'd been talking before he came. "With who?" he asked, not really very interested.

"Dog park guy," she whispered, her body sinking toward sleep.

Jack shot up. "You sent my sister home with some guy at a club?"

Ally opened her eyes. "Of course not. We were at a jazz lounge."

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