tagRomanceL'Affaire C. 05

L'Affaire C. 05


Nicki was nervous and she was drinking too much. Any minute now she was going to start saying something inappropriate. She had been thrilled when Matt had barely waited twelve hours to call her, and even more thrilled when he asked her to dinner. She was still having trouble trying not to think about how forward she'd been last night, and how hard and hot he'd felt under her palm. Just remembering the heat from their kiss had Nicki shifting in her seat. It was ridiculous how much she wanted to be sitting in his lap right now (okay straddling his lap). This was only their first date!

"I can't believe I'm finally sitting here across from you," Matt said. He was one of the most frank and open men she'd ever been with, and she couldn't help but be captivated by him.

"Me neither." Me neither? God, she was a dork. Why was she being such a dork? "I mean, I didn't ever expect to be on a date with you, especially once—"

"Once you realized I was friends with your boyfriend?"

Nicki gave him a wistful smile. "No. Anyway, he hasn't been my boyfriend in awhile."

"I know," Matt said. "I even almost feel guilty for being glad."

Nicki wasn't sure whether he noticed her blush because their waiter arrived with their appetizer and an inquiry about whether they'd made a decision on dinner.

"A few more minutes," Nicki said apologetically. She'd tried to read the menu, but she was so intoxicated by Matt's presence, (and the glass of wine she'd already drank…plus the one she drank in her apartment before that) that she couldn't concentrate on the offerings.

Matt started slipping some of the calamari onto his plate, "Wow, I wasn't expecting so much. This looks really good though. With the bread and the appetizer someone could get away with skipping dinner."

"We could skip dinner. I mean, if you want. This really is enough food. We could go somewhere a little less crowded where we'd have more privacy."

Matt shook his head, a devilish look in his eye. "If we had even a little more privacy I don't think I'd be able to be a gentleman. That dress is incredible," Matt motioned to her dress, a simple black cocktail dress that was conservative in many respects—no plunging neckline, no bare shoulders—but nearly stopped short of decent with the amount of leg she was revealing.

"Oh." Nicki said, and pushed a piece of calamari into her mouth. They ate in silence for another minute before she took a sip of wine and spoke again. "I wouldn't mind a little more privacy."

Matt looked surprised at first, but recovered quickly and reached for his wallet as he signaled for the waiter. They grinned at each other in silence as they ran his card and, once he'd signed, both stood at once. Nicki moved to put on her black wool pea coat but Matt took it from her and held it so she could slip it on. His fingers brushed against her neck as he adjusted to coat and a thrill went through her.

When he turned away to put his coat on she took a deep breath and tried to compose herself. What was wrong with her? She couldn't even get through one date without practically begging this man to have sex with her. Was she really that shameless? Did she miss sex that much?

It was another cold night. The air against her bare legs was refreshing. Matt kept his arm at the small of her back as they strolled. Nicki looked down at her feet as they walked, admiring her shoes. She'd bought new shoes for the date. It had to be good luck to have new shoes. Even if it wasn't it did wonders for her mood. They were beautiful shoes, wine red pumps with a slim heel and pointed toes. Combined with the short skirt, they made her legs look miles long. She'd piled her dark curls ontop of her head for the evening, and she realized now she must look ridiculously tall. She was 5'10" without her heels. But Matt had to be at least 6'3", and next to his broad shoulders and big hands she felt dainty and feminine.

There were people milling around everywhere, spilling out of bars, standing on the sidewalk smoking or talking or falling down drunk. It was so busy that at first she didn't hear anyone behind them, but soon enough she heard a familiar male voice, calling to Matt.

Matt heard it, too. He grabbed her hand to stop her and turned to confirm that it was Adam. Nicki turned to look just as Matt's fingers tightened around hers and tension seemed to flow through his fingers and transmit itself into her body. By the time she looked up and locked eyes with Adam, he was only steps away from them. A man she didn't recognize stood slightly behind Adam, off to the side. "Hey Matt," the stranger nodded. Nicki could tell he was embarrassed. Matt nodded at him and gave him a tight smile.

Adam got within speaking distance and stopped, moving only when Matt pulled her out of the foot traffic and up tight against a building. Adam's pupils were black pools and she could tell he'd been drinking. If it was anything like any other night, he'd been drinking a lot.

"Well hello Nicki. Matt." Adam spoke slowly, carefully measuring each word. Matt pulled her back so that she stood slightly behind him, so that his body was between Nicki and Adam, shielding her.

Adam spoke to Nicki, his eyes roaming up and down what he could see of her, taking note of the short dress and the way Matt had positioned himself, almost instinctively, as if to protect her. "I guess it suddenly makes sense why you aren't answering your cell when I call." He turned to Matt. "So…are you fucking her? I guess I can't blame you, she is pretty good."

"That's enough. We can talk about this later." Matt was calm. Nicki wasn't calm. Nicki wanted to gouge out Adam's eyes. And she wanted to cry, or hide, or both. She felt dirty, but she wasn't quite sure why.

"No, really. I've had enough, man," Adam said, plastering a smile on his face and giving Matt a brotherly slap on the shoulder. "She's all yours. I just didn't know you were into sloppy seconds." "Enough," Matt said, a warning tone in his voice. Nicki didn't give a warning. She stepped past Matt and took a swing at Adam, who'd already drowned his reflexes in alcohol and didn't move fast enough to avoid her fist. Her knuckles connected with his jaw and pain shot up her arm. Immediately, she felt Matt's arms wrap around her, pulling her away. "Shh, baby, it's not worth it. He's just drunk."

"You fucking bitch," Adam spat at her, but didn't advance because Matt wasn't about to let Adam get near her. The other guy had also come alive on his feet and was ready to pull Adam away if he decided to hit a girl.

Nicki had relaxed her body into Matt's. His words were like a sedative. Her entire body had warmed when he called her ‘baby'. No one had ever called her baby before. She was inexplicably thrilled by it.

"I didn't want you to find out like this, man, I'm sorry. I'll call you tomorrow." He looked at the other guy, the one Nicki didn't know. "Scott, just make—"

The other guy waved him off. "I got him, get out of here. Catch you later, man."

Matt started walking, tugging her along with him, his hand linked with hers. She heard Scott cajoling Adam off in the other direction. The situation had been diffused quickly, but not quickly enough to save her hand, which stung like crazy.

They walked in silence back to the car and with each additional step she felt dread building within her. He was going to drop her off at home and she was never going to hear from him again. Sloppy seconds. Who could ever get that image out of their mind? She couldn't even blame Matt if he never wanted to see her again. If he couldn't stand the thought of touching her. She felt like she needed a shower and she hadn't been with Adam in months.

They reached his Explorer and she let her hand drop from his and started for the passenger side. He grabbed her elbow and turned her around, pulling her into him. "You okay? You're awfully quiet." His eyes were soft, but searching. Warm brown eyes, maybe a little bit hazel. A five o'clock shadow that made him look dark and dapper.

She managed an awkward smile. "I'm fine, thanks."

Matt settled his hands on her hips, pulling her into him so that they were face to face. He leaned his forehead against hers. "Are you sure?" he whispered, the tips of his fingers tracing soft figure-eights where they connected with her body. She breathed him in. He smelled spicy and safe.

"It's okay, really. It's just—I'm just—Well, let's just say I know that was probably a mood killer."

"Mmm," Matt said, pulling her hips against his, wrapping his arms around her waist. He hadn't heard her, she realized. He hadn't listened to a word she'd said. She was about to reiterate that she understood if he just wanted to take her home and forget any of this ever happened when his lips found hers and he was kissing her, softly at first, slowly adding his tongue to the mix. Prodding, he coaxed her mouth open. She relented and open her mouth to his and he groaned audibly, suddenly moving them so that she was pressed up against the side of the SUV, trapped between cold steel and frosty glass and his hot body.

His tongue delved into her mouth, exploring. His hands moved to her ass, caressing, before he finally grabbed her ass in both hands to pull her in hard against him. His mouth moved down her jaw to her neck, just below her ear, and Nicki let her head fall back against the SUV. She could feel his erection pressing into her abdomen as he rocked against her. Nicki tried to remember whether there was a streetlight shining down on them but couldn't quite open her eyes to double check. She pressed her hips back against his and hands were suddenly on the backs of her thighs, pushing her legs apart as he lifted her up against the truck. This took Nicki by surprise, and she opened her eyes as he ground himself against her. Her dress was so short that he'd managed to connect his fly with her panties.

Nicki noted the darkness around them and the tree he had parked under before her eyes slid closed again. His movements were stimulating her clit and suddenly she felt empty. All she could think about was having him inside her, filling her up.

Matt groaned as she squirmed her hips, moving with him. He could feel her pussy hot against him, even through the layers of clothing. Only poorly functioning self-control was keeping him from unzipping his fly and pushing her panties to the side. He wanted to slide home. She was amazing. Her slender body felt even better than he'd imagined under his hands and she moved against him in a way that made him feel wanted and needed, which turned him on even more. He'd wanted her for so long that he craved this reciprocation.

"Please," Nicki groaned as his mouth found hers again. Matt kissed her, sweeping his tongue into her mouth, exploring. She squeezed her thighs tight against his hips and buried her hands in brown waves. She tugged and pulled and moaned and sucked his tongue into her mouth before pulling him away by the hair. "Please, I can't—"

Matt kissed her again. He wanted to keep her quiet. He knew she was going to ask him to stop but if he let her he'd have to stop and more than anything he didn't want to stop. She took charge of this kiss, sending her tongue into his mouth. He sucked her tongue into his mouth and released it, slackening his jaw enough that she could explore him. He'd forgotten he wanted to keep her from talking.

"Please, Matt," just her voice saying his name made him want to bury himself in her pussy. He wanted to lay claim on her. It was absurd but he needed to make her his. "Please I can't wait."

A surge of relief flushed through Matt. She didn't want to stop. His hand slid up her ribcage until he was cupping her breast, kneading and sliding his thumb over her nipple.

"Please take me home."

Matt kissed her again, a long, slow, kiss. A gentle, tender kiss that he only hoped could convey what he was feeling now that, finally, she was in his arms. She was a queen and he wanted to treat her like a queen, which unfortunately meant not fucking her up against the side of his truck. But he really wanted to fuck her up against the side of his truck.

Matt let his hand drop between their bodies and sent his fingers exploring, pushing silky panties to the side and exposing her wet pussy to the cold night air. Nicki's whole body shook in anticipation. Matt slid his middle finger inside her. She gasped and arched her back, pushing her pussy down onto his hand. Her need pushed him forward. He added another finger and started sweeping his thumb over her clit. "Oh, fuck, oh--"

Matt lowered his mouth to hers to muffle her cries as he shoved his fingers into her slick, hot pussy.

"I don't want to cum like this," she begged, when he finally let her up for air. "I want you inside me the first time I cum for you."

Matt stilled his movements. His cock was stiff and aching to be inside her. His balls were on fire. He could just pull his cock out of his pants and, if anyone happened by, they wouldn't know they were doing anything more than dry-fucking over clothes. Matt slid his hand out of her pussy, set her on the ground and pulled her dress back down.

"Nicki," he said into her hair.

She kept her arms wrapped around his neck, still using him for support. "Take me home, Matt," she said, he voice languid. "I want to be in your bed. I want you to remember fucking me when you look at your bed."

Matt pulled her into a hug, stroked the pale skin of her neck. He didn't want to remember her every time he looked at his bed. He wanted to see her every time he looked at his bed. "Let's go home," he agreed.

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