tagRomanceL'Affaire C. 06

L'Affaire C. 06


A familiar yellow lab greeted Matt and Nicki at the door when they entered Matt's single story rambler. Nicki knelt down to let the dog smell her and scratched behind his ears, letting him lick her face.

"Hey now, back off Harry," Matt said, pulling Nicki up to a standing position and pulling her into him. "That's my woman."

Nicki grinned and let Matt kiss her, a slow tantalizing kiss that soon escalated and before she knew it she was pressed between his body and the front door. Matt's hands ran up the side of her torso to cup her breasts and Nicki buried her hands in his hair, pulling him closer. The urgency she'd felt in the car flooded back into her body and she rotated her hips in slow circles, moving against his erection. Matt's hands slid to her backside and lifted her so that her hips aligned with his and he could press his erection directly between her legs, where tantalizing heat seemed to lick at her.

"I'm sorry," Matt said, pushing her panties to the side and sliding a finger inside her. "I know I should offer you something to drink." He added a finger and probed deeper as Nicki reached between them to the front of his slacks and worked the button loose. Matt groaned as her hand slid down the top of his pants and her felt her hand close around him.

"I want you in me," Nicki said, trying to work his zipper down. Matt tried to concentrate on stimulating her with his fingers. He knew once he was inside her, once he was finally inside her, he might not be able to last long.

Nicki was finally successful with his zipper and pulled his dick out the opening in his boxer briefs. Matt kept fingering her, trying to ignore what she was up to, rubbing his thumb in circles around her clit, never quite coming in contact with the little nub, just teasing her. Nicki squirmed against his hand. "Matt. Put your cock in me."

"Shhhh," Matt said absently, finally letting his thumb settle directly over her clit. Nicki's head fell back against the door with a thump. He'd just shushed her. She was too aroused to care much, though, and instead did her best to entice him.

"Just fuck me, Matt," she said, hoping that talking dirty would do the trick. Matt closed his eyes and pulled his fingers out of her pussy and further moistening her clit. She dug her nails into his back before returning her hands to his hair. This time she grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his mouth away from where he was licking and nibbling at her neck and ear. "Put your dick in me. Just fuck me. I want you to fuck me."

Matt kissed her. She was pushing him toward the edge with her words alone and he didn't want to come yet. He kissed her hard, trying to keep her from talking, but she managed to turn her head away and gasp for air. "I need your cock," she said, trying to keep her mouth away from his long enough to get the words out. She could tell he was ready to give in, that he was trying to hold back and was barely holding on. Finally he caved and slid inside her pussy. She was tight, but so wet that he managed so slide far enough inside her that he filled her completely, coming up against the barrier of her cervix.

"Ung—" Matt grunted, immediately stilling his hips. She was so tight and slick and warm. She felt so good that he wanted to prolong their lovemaking as long as possible, which meant keeping his orgasm under raps for the time being. She wasn't making it easy though. The woman had a filthy mouth and he loved every minute of it.

"Don't stop. Your cock feels so good. Don't you want to fuck me, Matt? I want you to fuck me hard right here," she rocked her hips as much as she could against him as she spoke, trying to kick-start his thrusting instinct.

Matt surrendered and renewed his hold on her thighs, making sure she was firmly pressed against the door. Then he started moving. He meant to make it slow and sweet but somehow within half a thrust he forgot about slow. As he moved inside her their bodies made the door hit the jam on each inward thrust, providing a soundtrack.

"You're so tight," he voice was low and Nicki reveled in the desire she heard there. "How did you get so tight?"

He increased the force of his thrusts and each stroke ground Nicki's hips into the hard wood behind her. The slight pain this inflicted only worked to arouse her more. He was larger than she'd expected but the feeling of him filling her so completely was delicious. The mouth of her pussy was stretched tight around the base of his cock and she couldn't help noting that his friction his girth provided would have her still feeling the after effects of the sex well into tomorrow.

Headlights from a car pulling into the driveway illuminated the windows next to them and Matt stopped in mid thrust. Nicki felt drugged, but managed to drag herself back to the world outside of the one between her legs as they listened to first one, then two car doors shut. Looking puzzled, Matt placed her on the floor and zipped up his pants as Nicki shimmied her dress back down over her hips. They exchanged confused glances as the doorbell rang.

Matt opened the door a few inches and peered out. His eyes immediately fell on two uniformed officers. "Can I help you?"

"Excuse me, sir, we're looking for Nicki Moreau and Ma—"

"What's going on?" Matt cut in, pulling the door open a little wider. Nicki stepped out from behind the door as he fruitlessly tried to keep her from coming into view.

"I'm Nicki Moreau," Nicki said.

One of the officers flashed a badge. "Ma'am, I'm afraid we're going to have to ask you to come with us."

"What's going on?" Matt said again.

It was Nicki's turn to shush him. "I'll handle this." She turned to the officers, her chin tilted defiantly. "What's going on?"

"Ma'am, we've been called in on an assault and battery complaint."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Matt demanded, and Nicki shushed him again, this time emphasizing her words with a shooing motion of her hand.

"Is this about Adam?"

"Yes, Ma'am. The gentleman called to report that you assaulted him tonight and was able to provide a witness."

"He called the police?" Nicki was incredulous. She had every right to deck the asshole. What kind of baby calls the police after being hit by a girl? Her hand probably hurt more than his face!

"Look, officer, this is just a private matter and Adam is a disgruntled ex-boyfriend. We're happy to talk to you, if you'd just come in I'm sure you'll see—" Matt was using his teacher voice, but the officers were unimpressed.

"We're going to have to take her in. You can bail her out after she's arraigned, but she'll probably be released on her own recognizance."

"Forget it, I'm coming with you."

"Sir, you can't come in the cruiser. If you want to sit and wait in the station while your girlfriend here is processed that's fine, but you'll have to drive yourself."

"You're serious?" Nicki said, still not moving. "He actually called the police?"

* *

Nicki was dirty and tired and livid. Seeing Matt waiting for her, his clothes wrinkled and his face unshaven, only brightened her mood slightly. She stepped into his arms and he embraced her, then turned her in the direction of the parking lot.

"I can't believe he did that."

"You and me both," Matt said, his voice laced with something dark.

"I'm starving," Nicki said as they stepped into the frigid morning air. The sky was grey, much like her mood, and it looked as if it might snow. She hadn't slept and was certain she looked it, though she hadn't had the chance to look in a mirror.

"I'm pretty hungry, too," Matt said, and she realized they were both wearing their clothes from last night.

"Don't tell me you didn't go home last night," she scolded, eyeing him up and down. For his part, Matt looked appalled. "Of course I didn't go home!"

An unexpected smile broke on her face. Some first date, and yet here he was. Had she finally found a man that would stand by her through thick and this? He was doing okay so far, although he did look a little worse for wear.

"Well, next time I get arrested, I want you to go home and get a good night's rest," she said, reaching up and brushing the backs of her fingers against his bristly face. He looked handsome with stubble. He shook his head and tugged her the rest of the way to his SUV.

"No way." Matt opened the passenger door and helped her in. As she settled herself in the seat he leaned in and, when his mouth was just inches from her ear, huskily whispered, "I couldn't have slept last night anyway."

Nicki blushed furiously, remembering what they'd been in the process of doing when they were interrupted. Matt closed the door and walked to the other side of the truck. As she sat in silence Nicki leaned back into the seat. She knew that someone at the paper had to have heard about this already, and she wondered absentmindedly if any tipster had alerted the paper to just what their reporter had been doing when they showed up to arrest her.

Nicki cringed and fell back into the seat, rolling her head to the side to look at Matt as he slid in beside her. "How about you let me treat you to brunch."

Matt shook his head decisively as he pulled away from the curb. "Not before I treat myself to something else first," he said, placing a warm hand on her thigh. Her skin was cool from the winter air but for some reason his hand felt hot, as if he hadn't just been standing outside along with her. Nicki smiled and turned to look out the window, watching the scenery go by as Matt steered the vehicle toward his house.

As much as she was looking forward to spending a lazy day in bed with Matt, she knew she had to confront Adam, and that it should be sooner rather than later.

As if sensing her thoughts, Matt's hand moved higher up on her thigh. Nicki chewed on her lip as a familiar tingle pooled and ignited into a firey heat. Maybe a little later wouldn't hurt.

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