tagRomanceL'Affaire C. 11

L'Affaire C. 11


Ally had maintained her position on the bed, her eyes grasping the decorative rails in the headboard. With her knees bent and legs parted, her naked body was on full display. She felt vulnerable and exposed, and she grew more aroused by Jack's little game with each minute that passed. It took hours before he came to her, still in his button down shirt and suit pants. He looked so aroused he was animalistic, and she knew she wasn't the only one tortured by his game. His eyes were dark with desire when he came to her.

She'd spent the past couple of hours thinking about things she would never have the guts to verbalize to him, and she knew she was beyond wet at this point. Her entire body was on hyper alert as she watched him move to the speaker system and plug his phone into the unit. Soft Jazz music filled the room, and she licked her lips in anticipation when Jack turned back to her. His five o'clock shadow was now a 10 o'clock shadow, the dark facial hair contrasting beautifully with pale skin that rarely saw the sun. Unconsciously, her legs spread wider, and she saw Jack smirk as he languorously made his way over to the bed.

Ally was disappointed when he crept onto the bed, kneeling at her feet, without taking off any clothes. His hands, strong and firm and calloused from stolen moments at the gym lifting weights, slid around her ankles. Ally watched him as he drew her legs up, putting her feet onto his shoulders. His hands slid down the tops of her bare legs, making it halfway down her thighs before he slid them to the underside of her legs and lightly dragged his fingernails down the backs of her thighs. Ally gasped and shivered as the sensations rushed through her, out from the areas of skin where his hands made contact, down each arm and up to her scalp, then rushed back down to collect between her legs, where her clit ached to be touched. Jack moved his hands to the backs of her knees and pushed her legs back, further exposing her to the cool air of the room. He turned his head and kissed the inside of her thigh, just above her knee, then leaned in to kiss his way down her thigh until she felt his hot breath over her sex.

"I want to marry you," he said, and her heart skipped a beat. She wasn't sure if he was making a joke, telling her pussy he wanted to marry it. But he reached into his pocket and pulled out something silver. Ally's breath caught in her throat when he produced a platinum ring with a large oval diamond wrapped in a circle of tiny diamonds, and two smaller half-moon shaped diamonds, one on each side, again surrounded each on their outer edges by a row of tiny diamonds.

"Jack?" Ally asked, lifting herself onto her elbows. The soft sounds of jazz filled the room as, heart in her throat; she could do nothing but blink back tears and shake her head in wonder. The seconds ticked by and soon her silence became impossible to ignorable.

"Please just say something," he said, smiling up at her from between her legs. He didn't look nervous, didn't look like he was unsure of what her answer would be. The only thing that had made him nervous was that he'd intended to take her out to the harbor tonight, to watch the freight ships come in as they smelled the sea air and he told her that he would never not love her. But he'd returned to Ally's apartment, exhausted after Nicki's frantic phone call from jail and trying to cajole Liam into taking over the emergency, only to find Ally on the floor when he got back to her place practicing one of the most tantalizing yoga poses he'd ever seen. It was entirely possible she would be mad about the timing of his marriage proposal, but he could apologize for that, later.

Ally managed to tear a sob away from her throat, nodding furiously before she was finally able to form words. "Yes, Jack. Yes, I'll marry you."

Jack sat up, leaned his clothed body of her naked one, and slid the ring onto her left hand. His heart jumped, seeing it there, as if the future was finally certain. She was his, and she always would be.

"I love you, Ally."

Ally threw her arms around him and pulled him down for a kiss. They had had plenty of passionate kisses, mouths pressed together, tongues exploring feverishly, but it was nothing compared to kissing her in this moment. Her fingers buried themselves in his hair, which had grown longer than usual between haircuts he never had time for. He could picture the look of her hands in it, her small fingers almost disappearing in the strands, but peeking out as she formed fists and held him to her. This time one of those fists had his ring on it.

Jack snaked and arm around her and pressed the front of his pants against her. His arousal had dimmed when he'd tentatively pulled out the ring, but it was back now, in full force. He knew she was wet, knew he'd be taking these pants to the drycleaners tomorrow, but he didn't care. He pressed his erection into her as one of her hands left his hair and travelled down to the back of his neck, where she held him tightly, her short fingernails biting into his skin.

Jack tore his mouth away and lifted himself up onto his arms, and Ally immediately went for the buttons of his shirt. He pushed her hands away and lowered his head to one perfect breast, pulling a nipple into his mouth. Ally fell back, moaned and arched her back, pushing her breast further into his mouth. He moved a hand up to her other breast, moved his hand over and her nipple hard against his palm. He closed his teeth around one of the nipples while he pinched the other, and Ally gasped and cried out. He sucked her nipple into his mouth and suckled her while he pinched at the other nipple, feeling her buck underneath him as her arousal grew.

"Jack," she breathed in between moans, her hips rocking against him.

He slowed his assault on her breasts and trailed kissed down her abdomen, finding the trimmed patch of red curls between her legs, and pressed his mouth against her. He pressed his face and nuzzled his mouth between her pussy lips, finding her clit. His chin was immediately coated in her juices-- he'd never felt her so wet before. He wondered if it was from the emotion of his proposal, or if lying prone on the bed waiting for him as he'd instructed had been more of a turn on to her than he'd expected.

Jack tongued circles around her clit as Ally gasped and moaned. She tried squirming to get his tongue to make contact with her clit, but gave up as he moved his head with her movements, keeping his tongue in circles around the aching bud. Finally she grabbed his hair, held his head in place and ground her pussy against his face with the movement of her hips. His cock jumped and throbbed, he'd never seen her so turned on and desperate for release, and he felt his own need to cum. But he was intimately aware of his ache to make it inside her puckered little asshole, and the thoughts were overwhelming. He'd never asked her for anal sex before, and couldn't imagine it was even on her radar of possibilities, but he wondered about her willingness as she used his face to masturbate.

Jack closed his mouth around her clit and Ally moaned, her hands leaving his head and travelling up to her breasts, where she pinched at her own nipples. She could barely open her eyes, felt drugged as Jack sucked at her clit, and she felt the pressure building in the nub.

"Yes, Jack, please don't stop," she breathed, shuddering when he slid a finger into her pussy. She was grateful to be filled, at least partially, and came that much closer to orgasm. She started to feel the telltale waves of pleasure building, felt her clit tighten and pulse as his tongue took her closer. She was wishing he would put one or two more fingers inside her to increase the sensation, but instead she was disappointed when his finger slipped out of her pussy. She thought he might stop eating her out and slip his cock inside of her, then, but instead she felt a pressure somewhere new. Jack slid the slickened finger inside her ass, and the mixture of slight pain and delicious pressure sent her over the edge. Her pussy convulsed as Jack slid his finger in and out of her ass, and the tightness in her clit exploded in waves of pleasure that made her legs shake.

Jack licked at her as her orgasm subsided, but did not move his face down to lick up the rush of juices her pussy produced, as he normally would. Instead he pulled away and started unbuckling his belt. Ally immediately thought of her earlier fantasy, of the thoughts of a crack of a belt across her ass, and she blushed slightly. That thought had gotten her extremely hot, though she knew she would likely find no pleasure in such pain. Jack had pushed his way out of his pants and boxers and was holding the tip of his engorged cock at her opening.

Jack couldn't think of anything but that tight little asshole as he rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy, coating the tip with her wetness. She was still twitching slightly, and when he slid the sensitive tip of his erection against her clit, her felt the pulse of the after effects of her orgasm. She'd fallen to pieces when he had slid a finger in her ass. She hadn't stopped him, hadn't asked him what he was doing. Instead she had gasped and cum.

He could see Ally coming back to her senses as her orgasm faded, and watched her move a little, positioning herself for his entry. He slid inside of her and groaned. She was wet and slick and hot around his cock. He slid out and immediately missed the feel of her, so slid back in. She felt like home—safe and warm, but still all he could think of was his finger's adventure in her ass. Jack leaned back on his heels and moved her legs, motioning for her to roll over. Ally complied almost immediately, probably expecting doggie style. He had intended to fuck her from behind, had all of the best intentions, but her asshole was enticing him, the juice from his finger coating the brown puckered opening.

Jack decided that if she didn't want it, she could stop him, so he sent his thumb into her pussy, getting it wet and slick, before sliding it back and watching hungrily as he pressed against her ass. Ally looked back at him from behind a curtain of red hair, and he made eye contact as he sunk his thumb inside her and swirled in circles, opening her whole wider. Ally shuddered and bit her lip. She obviously felt discomfort by the intrusion, the stretching of her ass, but she pressed back against his hand encouragingly.

Jack worked her asshole with his thumb for awhile, watching and barely able to contain himself. He moved in closer, slid his cock into her wet pussy as his finger worked her ass, getting his cock slick and wet. The tight fit inside her cunt normally would have been irresistible, but Jack found he had a one track mind. He slid his thumb out and replaced it with his cock, pushing his cock head in past the tight outer ring before she could think too much about it. Ally whimpered, his erect penis was quite a bit larger than his thumb, but she kept still. He was still for a moment, letting her ass adjust to the invasion, before his pressed in. Ally squeaked after another inch of entry was made, and he stopped and held still again, until he felt her relax a little around him. He looked in wonder at his cock, partially inside her ass, and willed himself not to plunge in all at once. It was hard not to, between the visual stimulation and the incredible tightness surrounding him. He knew by her responses that, though she was open to him taking this liberty, she had never had a man in her ass before. He'd been inside women's asses before, found anal sex broke up the monotony of fucking those women, and it had been good. But Ally's ass—Ally's as was exceptional. He by no means ofund their sex life monotonous, but he wanted—craved—all of her.

jack remained still for another few moments before he slid further into her. This time Ally dropped off her hands onto her elbows, and pushed her face into a pillow. Her ass tightened up, and he knew he couldn't go further until she relaxed. After a minute her breathing steadied and she started to relax, so he slid in again, wondering if he shouldn't have relied on her juices and gotten some lube for this task. His dick was almost halfway in and she was recovering more quickly after each additional inch.

He pushed on through the clenching the last few inches, hoping not to draw out her discomfort any more than necessary, and stilled. She moaned into the pillow, but he knew it was not from pleasure. Slowly, he felt her muscles relax around him and her breathing slowed as she accepted his length inside of her. The view of his cock fully sheathed in her asshole should have been enough to make him cum right there, but his arousal was dampened by her obvious discomfort. But soon he couldn't hold it anymore and drew out a few inches, then slid back in. She squeaked and burrowed further into the pillow and he chastised himself as he thought about ramming her ass until he unloaded inside of her. She next time he slid out a few inches and thrust back in she remained still.

Jack pulled out until the head of his penis was being massaged by the tight ring of asshole, and then pushed in again. On shaking arms Ally raised herself back up onto her hands and knees, her head still hung low, creating a dip between her freckled shoulders. Jack worked her ass again, coming nearly all the way out and back in two more times before her body language changed and he felt her meet him on the last thrust. Jack groaned and grabbed her hips, and let himself relax and enjoy the sensation as he sunk his cock into her ass. Ally started to rotate her hips in circles as he moved, stretching her asshole with the motions, and he was grateful for her effort to please him. He kept his slides slow until she let out a small sound, half grunt, half moan, and said, "Jack, fuck me. Fuck my ass."

The plea was irresistible, and he buried himself in her, thrusting behind her and into her as his pleasure built and she continued to urge him on, meeting his thrusts, her ass tight but relaxed, delicious. His control crumbled and he slammed into her, his head thrown back, his fingers biting into her hips until the pleasure maxed out and the dam overflowed. His cock throbbed inside her ass as he came into this new cavity, emptying his seed into her, claiming her. His thick cum made his last few thrusts sloppy as he rode out his orgasm, and he saw his cum being pushed out of her ass as he moved inside her. It was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen.

Finally spent, Jack pulled out and collapsed onto the bed next to her, watching for her reaction. Ally smiled at him sexily, and lay down beside him. He rolled onto his side and moved to pull her into his arms, but she stopped the progress of one arm and brought it down between her legs. She pushed his hand down as he watched in wonder. "That was really hot, Jack." She kissed him, softly, and pressed his hand more firmly between her legs. "I'm so turned on right now, I need to get off. I need you to get me off."

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