tagLesbian SexLaila and the Glass Armonica: Blonde

Laila and the Glass Armonica: Blonde


Thanks go to LaRascasse for his editing expertise in making this story better!

Laila stalked down the concrete steps of her townhouse, the 6 inch gold stiletto sandals ringing in harmony with her tinkling gold chandelier earrings and bangles. Elegant mahogany curls fell down her back and bounced against her bare, creamy white shoulders. The teal and fuchsia bubble mini dress covered enough of her long, lean body to keep her from being cited for indecent exposure, but just barely. A thick black belt strapped just below her small, high breasts cut a walking, strutting hourglass figure as she walked the four blocks to The Glass Armonica. Men stared. Women frowned in envy. Laila ignored them, intent on her destination. Reaching the opaque glass door, pulsing with green and blue lights, she walked in. The sweet, eerie music of the entry washing over her, overpowering the R&B beat humming from within the club.

Benjamin Franklin invented the Glass Armonica. It was based off the sounds made when you ran a finger along the edge of a crystal water glass. Thought to cause insanity, the instrument was banned in the 1800's. Laila loved the sound. The sound ranged within a unique array of frequencies that confused the brain's sense of locating the sound. At least for humans. Laila was not human.

Throwing back the double doors, no one checked her ID nor asked her to sign in. Laila was a regular, and popular at that. Striding into the pulsing throng of humanity, Laila lifted her chin and took a deep breath. Scenting the air, she sought to find the one, the human who could fulfill her this night. It wasn't easy. She'd only been a vampire for twenty years now, and although she had never lost control yet, like many young vampires do, it was always a close thing. They all smelled so good.

The challenge was to find the most delicious human in the room, which would keep the young vampire from nibbling his or her way across the floor. Few figured it out before having to flee the town of their "birth," and then a few more towns before getting it right. Some were lucky enough to find a master to take them on, but that usually meant years of servitude to that elder. Laila had simply followed the elder who'd offered to enslave her, and learned his secret through observation. It helped that her self control had always been rock solid. It served her well as she scented the room again, finally catching a scent that stood out from all the others.

Writhing her body seductively, Laila danced her way across the room towards the tantalizing smell. Her dark blue eyes scanned the crowd until they lighted on the creature that smelled so divine. A petite blonde girl was flirting with a handsome young man who kept handing her drinks. She didn't look quite old enough to be drinking them, and was obviously getting drunk fast. Laila laughed softly to herself. Seemed she would have to rescue the little thing before she ravished her herself. Sauntering over to the table, she danced near the girl, throwing teasing glances over her shoulder. At first the girl looked confused. Her heavily rouged lips parted in surprise. She glanced at the man beside her, but the power of Laila's gaze drew her back. Dark blue stared into light blue and Laila could see the girl's nipples tighten beneath the thin polyester tube dress she wore. Her breath became faster and shallow. Laila smiled hungrily.

The young man stepped between them and tried to grind against Laila's seductive curves. She stopped moving and glared. He wasn't deterred, and placed a hand on her hip to draw her towards him. He barely had time to gasp when she twisted his arm away from her body and practically threw him into the nearby table. Lucky for him, she was famished, and didn't throw him as hard as she could. There were a few jeers from the dancing crowd, but no one made a move to interfere.

Lifting her arms, Laila beckoned to the petite blonde, their eyes meeting and locking tight. The slender girl moved warily, as though against her will, wiggling between the arms of the tall, lush redhead.

Laila put her hands on the girl's body and twirled her once before grinding her body sensuously along the blonde's backside, caressing her stomach and breast as she did. Some of the newer patrons stared openly, the regulars stared jealously. There were a few who showed up at this club at least twice a week with the express desire to receive Laila's attentions. The one thing that no one ever seemed to realize was that Laila never, ever took regulars, and the ones she did take never came back to the club.

The blonde had closed her eyes and was openly moaning a Laila caressed her on the dance floor. She thrust whatever part of her body Laila touched into her silken hands, and when Laila's lips trailed kisses across her bare shoulder, the girl squealed in delight, her arms lifting above her head and behind her to capture the sensuous woman and hold her to the girl's bare flesh. The girl's ample breasts were thrusting out, nearly popping from the tight tube dress. A perceptive observer, of which there were many, may have seen the peak of areola against the ruched fabric. Others watched as Laila's practiced hands slid along the girl's slender legs, pulling the skirt of the tight dress higher and higher, nearly exposing the curve of her supple backside.

When the music briefly stopped as the DJ switched tracks, Laila's seductive dance ended, and she stepped away from the girl, neatly extricating herself from the blonde's grip around her neck. It took several seconds for the girl to compose herself, and when she did, she whirled around, feeling desperately bereft. At first she didn't see Laila anywhere, and a choked sob rose into her throat. She didn't know why, but she felt as though she had just lost something precious forever. Then she saw the bouncy mahogany curl and the deep blue gaze, calling her to cross the floor.

The girl's sandaled feet slapped against the floor as she ran, following Laila up the stairs to the private lounge, and then through a door. Inside was a small, darkly decorated room with a large leather couch. The girl stepped inside, her eyes taking a minute to adjust to the darkness. Laila didn't have that problem, and gazed hungrily at her prey from a dark corner. When the girl had crossed far enough into the threshold, Laila stepped into the dim light and smiled seductively. The girl blushed, the blood blooming on her cheeks, neck and chest, and Laila felt her mouth water at the sight.

"Close the door."

The girl obeyed the husky whisper, and when she heard the soft click, she momentarily felt a trickle of fear. It disappeared instantly, as Laila stepped forward and took the blonde in her arms, thrusting her tongue between the warm, surprised lips of the girl. Laila gave her no chance to protest, sliding her hands over the tight, erect nipples while she explored the girl's mouth ravenously. The blonde whimpered in surrender and threw her arms around Laila's shoulders, holding on tightly as her desire made her weak in the knees. Feeling the body of her prey capitulate, Laila growled in triumph and began sliding her tongue along the silken skin of the girl's jaw and throat. She pulled the tube dress and the girl's tits sprang from the thin material.

Laila took one tight, pink nipple into her mouth and sucked hard before lathing it gently with her tongue. The girl moaned, thrusting her breast into Laila's mouth, entranced by the way Laila's silken curls caressed her chest and stomach as her mouth tortured her nipple. Laila sniffed. She could smell the blonde's arousal and cupped her, still teasing her taut nipple. The tiny thong was soaked with the girl's excitement and Laila could wait no longer.

Turning her prey's body, Laila gently maneuvered the girl towards the couch, her fingers tickling and teasing her swollen mound, making the blonde sigh and squeal in pleasure. When the girl felt the couch against the backs of her calves, she eagerly fell into the soft cushions. Laila dropped down between her knees and began kissing the inside of her thighs. The blonde watched the dark mass of curls as it teased and tickled her flesh. She couldn't help herself, and began to stroke the silken hair, winding it between her fingers.

The blonde had never thought of being with a woman before, but strangely she didn't question it now. She had just graduated high school and was celebrating her adulthood with a fake ID at one of the city's most exclusive clubs. She had lost her virginity to her school's football captain on prom night, and when he hadn't returned any of her calls, she began to feel depressed. Desperate to prove to herself that she was still attractive and desirable, she'd dressed herself as appealing as she could and slipped from her parent's house and into the night. The man she had been flirting with was more than enough to boost her ego, and she had been trying to think of a way to sneak away from him when the haze of alcohol began to sink in. Her desire to save herself from a promiscuous encounter with a perfect stranger began to fade as she became more and more uninhibited. This however, went well beyond becoming tipsy. The all consuming fire in her loins as the beautiful redhead had stared at her on the dance floor was unreal. She felt the supernatural pull immediately and couldn't resist. Now that gorgeous hair was pooled in her lap, and as she felt her thong slide down her legs, she held her breath.

Laila stared at the gorgeous pussy before her. The girl had shaved her labia, leaving just a small puff of dark golden curls at the apex of her slit. Her lips were glistening with moister and puffy with her excitement. Laila could see the tiny nub of her clit already peeking from beneath its hood. With a growl of hunger, Laila could wait no longer and thrust the blonde's legs apart as she ran her tongue from the girl's anus, between her sopping lips and curled around her throbbing clit. The hands in Laila's hair gripped her tightly, but Laila didn't notice as she began vigorously licking and sucking the girl's labia, letting the folds open to her slowly as they swelled with her pleasure. The blond was panting, her head resting on the back of the couch as she writhed against the pleasurable tongue. When she was nearly open to Laila's mouth, Laila placed both hands on either side of her lips and spread her wide, her tongue assaulting the pink inner folds. The blonde was gasping as her moans rose in pitch. Laila felt her fangs drop and knew the girl was ready. When she sunk one of her long canines into the swollen clit, the girl screamed in pleasure, not pain, as her body shattered against Laila's cool mouth. The blood rushed from the swollen nub and Laila eagerly wrapped her lips around it, sucking and swallowing the sweet nectar of the girl's blood along with her rushing orgasm. After a moment of slaking her thirst, Laila began to let the blood trickle down and mix with the girl's creamy cum, then she began to lap it all up.

The blonde never had a moment to recover from her first orgasm, and she felt herself building again as Laila's tongue stroked her quivering flesh. She felt one of Laila's cold fingers slip inside her pussy and begin pumping and stroking her while her tongue continued to lick the hot fluids gushing from her pinched clit. She screamed again as Laila thrust a second finger inside her tight sheath, her lips wrapping around the fully erect clit and sucking hard. The blonde held Laila's bouncy red curls between her thighs, grinding into her mouth as she screamed in ecstasy. Laila felt the blood pooling in her own belly and the pleasure of it was intoxicating. The taste of the alcohol in the girl's blood sank into her body, and as the girl screamed her release, Laila felt the fullness inside her sink into her own loins, causing her to swell and burst into a fierce orgasm at the very same moment. The moisture between her own thighs brought a soft moan from Laila, and she felt the girl stroke her ears in understanding of her pleasure.

Laila's thirst and her lusts were now slaked, but she was enjoying the girl's pleasure too much to stop now. Instead of letting the blonde come down from the orgasm, she doubled her efforts, reaching deep inside to stroke the soft, swollen spot on her upper wall. She pressed down on the girl's lower abdomen, increasing the pressure of her fingers as she rubbed the girl's g-spot. The blond felt the pulsing in her clit lessen as she was completely overtaken by the new throb deep within her center. Laila could feel the girl's pussy lips flutter as her tight walls tried to suck her fingers deeper inside. Laila's mouth never left the girl's clit, but she was flicking it lightly now, nuzzling the sensitive flesh. The blood flow had changed and it now merely oozed from the skin. She concentrated on gently rubbing the soft flesh inside the girl, swirling her fingers and letting her pinky lightly dance against the puckered flesh of her anus as she pressed deeply into the girl's shaven pussy.

Just when the blonde thought she would die of the pleasure, it got even better. Laila left her tortured clit and began trailing soft, wet kisses upwards, locking onto a nipple, then the other, her free hand teasing the newly moisten nub with her tongue did the same to the other.

"My name is Laila. Say my name. Scream for me."

Laila's hand inside the blond began to pump rapidly against her sensitive flesh, her thumb now pressing against the sensitive clit as well and the girl couldn't hold back any longer. Laila timed it perfectly, the DJ was just switching tracks outside the room, and anyone within twenty feet of the door could hear the blonde as she cried in ecstasy, her body squirting cum onto the soft leather of the couch. Laila took perverse pleasure in letting everyone in the club know exactly how much pleasure she was bringing to the girl.

"Laila! Laila! Yes, yes, yes! Oh God! GOD! Laila!!!!!!!"

Laila continued to pump and suckle until she felt the quivering body beneath her go slack, sinking into the cool leather cushions. She gently slid her fingers from the blonde's body, feeling a slight after tremor as she did. Looking at the girl's face, she saw the wispy smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. The girl's hair was tousled across her shoulders, her mascara smudged from squeezing her eyes so tightly. Her tube dress was bunched between her large tits and her round hips. She was pale from the blood loss, but there was still a faint bloom in her cheeks as she lay gasping for breath. The girl was a mess, and Laila thought she had never seen anything more beautiful in her life. However, she always felt that way about her prey.

Standing up, Laila, arranged her bubble mini across her thighs and then leaned down to kiss the girl tenderly. The blonde's hand fluttered limply, unable to rise and caress her lover. Laila sighed with happiness and went to the door. She opened the door and slipped out into the crowd, letting the door click softly behind her. With the hot blood singing in her veins, rich with tequila and arousal, she danced to the pounding beat of R&B and techno songs, a solitary beacon of sensuality beneath the pulsing lights. Finally, even above the pulsing music, she heard the click of the door. Turning, she smiled, seeing the dazed blond stumbling back into the club. Laila caught her eye once and smiled sultrily. The girl blushed with heady embarrassment and rushed to the exit to the chorus of laughter from a few regulars.

Laila felt a twinge of sorrow knowing that the girl would never come back to the club. However, she knew that there were many, many more beautiful humans to love. Tomorrow.

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