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The Interview


Eva was a tall curvy brunette Latina, her thin black glasses balanced neatly on her nose as she sat in the well lit corridor of a large law firm. She and two others were awaiting an interview for the role of a personal assistant, she was easily the youngest amongst the group, as she had only just turned 22 and lacked the grey hair and tired eyes of the others. Her long straight hair was tied back neatly and she crossed her smooth flawless olive skinned legs patiently. She had arrived an hour early just to be sure she wasn't late. She needed this job badly and had spent most of her money on her suit just to make sure she looked the part, she had even bought a brand new set of underwear. She'd opted for some very sexy black lace lingerie including suspenders; she had thought that if she was going for it, she may as well go the full hog, plus it made her feel like she could be one of the sexy business women she had seen in films.

Her suit was smart and perfectly black, she had a well fitted jacket and pencil skirt that hugged her curves all the way around. Her blouse was crisp and white; it gleamed against the darkness of her suit. She had to admit that the blouse she had chosen may have been a little tighter than she thought, looking down to notice that her heaving DD breasts were almost fit to burst out if she inhaled too deeply.

As she looked at the other potential P.A's she realised she was the only female waiting. She could see them glancing over at her, their eyes wandering over her legs trying to sneak a look higher up her skirt. It made her nervous; she had never been comfortable around men without the presence of other women but didn't know why. Even the secretary at the desk in the corridor with them was male, although she could tell that she was definitely not his type. She could feel her nipples harden under her bra with the nerves and pulled her suit jacket further round to cover herself.

The door in front of Eva opened as an interviewee left the office. Eva tilted her head a little trying to see what the interviewer looked like but to no avail, all she saw was a window and the outside world. There was a ten minute wait before the phone rang at the secretary's desk and the next person was called into the office. Again, Eva tried but was unable to see who was performing the interview. The corridor was deathly silent apart from the sound of hurried typing from the camp secretary and intermittent shuffling from other interviewees. After waiting for the final 'competition' to complete his interview for what seemed like eternity it was Eva's turn, her heart began racing and her palms began to sweat as the secretary pointed her towards the door to the office.

As she walked towards the door the sound of her classy black heels clicking with each step echoed down the hall. Eva paused ever so briefly at the door before taking a breath putting a smile on her face and turning the handle. On the other side of the door was the window she had only been able to see and a vast room with a table at the end. The room was minimalist yet functional and modern. As Eva looked around she could tell that a lot of money had gone into decorating this room. She shut the door behind her and proceeded to walk towards the desk.

The desk was glass, with highly polished chrome supports. A cup, some neatly arranged files and a laptop were all that sat on the desk. In front of the desk was a high backed squishy looking leather arm chair and behind it in a tall almost flowing chair sat a thin smiling blonde, she must not have been a day over 25 thought Eva as she extended a hand towards her interviewer.

"Hello, you must be Eva?" said the interviewee.

"Yes." Eva responded, shaking her hand.

"Pleased to meet you. I'm Abby, and I'll be conducting your interview today, usually someone else does the interviews around here, but seeing as though you're wanting to work as my assistant I feel it's better if I interview you myself, that way we can get a feel for each other. As we might not connect and you might think I'm a total bitch!" Abby let out a quick laugh and gestured to Eva to sit.

Abby was roughly the same height as Eva but was a little less curvy. She was a lipstick lesbian and always had been. Her hair was platinum blonde, and tied tightly at the top back of her head in a bun without a single hair out of place. She too wore a smart dark suit and skirt combo, her jacket was lined in light baby pink and down at her feet were a matching pair of stilettos. Her skin was smooth and warm in colour but she seemed pale in comparison to Eva. She wore light make-up with a pink lipstick matching her outfit almost perfectly in hue. Although she lacked the full impressive curves of Eva's body, her push up bra made what she had look just as good, her breasts and cleavage were amplified even more by the low buttoning of her blouse.

Eva sat in the comfy arm chair and felt instantly at ease with the whole situation, her potential boss seemed friendly and like an ordinary person, and she was female!

'Now I'm just going to run down the basic ins and outs of what the job is all about first. You'll be managing day to day filing, maintaining my schedule, dealing with clients and performing little errands now and then. Pretty basic stuff really. Your references and qualifications look well suited to working in this company. Now I've got a couple of questions for you if that's ok?" said Abby as she looked Eva up and down.

"Sure" Eva replied eagerly, leaning forward in her chair.

"What kind of wine do you like?" she asked.

Eva looked surprised "erm..." she mused.

"Or are you a spirits kinda girl?" Abby continued, "or... larger?"

"Spirits I guess, I don't mind wine, but only rose or white. Why?" asked Eva.

"Good. Because as my assistant, you will be required to accompany me on meetings and business trips, and if I have no drinking partner it might get a bit boring." She laughed, leaning forward and smiling at Eva.

Eva could not believe how casual this interview was, and was becoming more excited about fun this job sounded.

They both began chatting to each other across the desk, discussing everything from their aspirations in life to their lifestyle. They were both sat relaxed and comfortable as they joked about their idea of a nightmare interview when Abby let down her hair.

"You don't mind do you?" she asked.

"No, go for it. I can't believe how perfect you managed to get it tied back though! I always have loose strands flying everywhere when I try to do it." sighed Eva.

"It's just practice I guess." Abby paused momentarily. "Hey, seeing as though you're my last interview for the day do you fancy a drink?" She asked.

"Erm, I dunno..." Replied Eva, glancing at the stylish clock on the wall; it was 3 in the afternoon. "I guess so then yeah, sure." She smiled at Abby and began to notice more how perfect her skin looked in the light and how her eyes glistened.

"Great!" Grinned Abby as she reached into a cabinet behind her, revealing an alcohol cupboard and mini fridge. She pulled out two glasses and a chilled bottle of rose from a selection of other bottles.

"I don't have a problem," she assured Abby, "although it sure looks like it, ha-ha! I just started with one or two bottles then decided to make it into a collection."

Abby sat back down in her seat, poured the two of them a glass and passed one to Eva. As the glass passed hands, Eva's fingers brushed lightly against Abby's causing a fluttering in her heart and sending a pleasant shiver through her body. Eva was certainly the hottest applicant of the day; in fact she was the only one that had caught Abby's eye.

"Cheers!" said Abby.

Each took a mouthful of the cool crisp wine, as Eva lowered her glass she sighed deeply in relaxation and popped the already struggling button on her blouse containing her bountiful breasts.

"Ooop shit!" squeaked Eva in embarrassment as her button pinged onto the desk.

Abby coughed and spluttered on her drink as she tried to swallow and laugh at the same time.

Eva hurriedly put down her drink and futilely tried to put the button back onto her blouse. Her face had gone crimson with mortification and her black lace bra was now very visible through the recently made gap. Abby set down her glass and wiped her mouth, still laughing at what she had just seen.

"Don't worry, you look around the same size as me, I've got a spare blouse hanging in my little closet for emergencies just like this! Just drink your wine and relax." Said Abby as she leapt from her chair and went to the near corner of the room.

"Oh no, it's alright, I'll just hold it shut, or do my jacket up or something." Replied Eva still embarrassed.

"I insist!" laughed Abby. "At least you're wearing a nice bra, if it were me I would've probably had some ugly bra on." She said as she pulled out a fresh blouse from the closet.

She took it off the hanger and handed it over to Eva. Abby hadn't noticed until now how big Eva's breasts actually were and found herself unable to stop peaking through the gap in her shirt. Her eyes widened more as Eva stood and slid her jacket off, exposing her torso fully. Eva was now definitely the hottest candidate of the day. Eva laid her jacket over the back of her chair, being careful not to crease it and looked at Abby.

"You can get changed in here if you want? Or down the hall in the bathroom?" offered Abby, still staring at Eva's breasts.

Eva didn't want to go back outside with her bra exposed encase anybody else saw, "Erm, I'll just get changed in here."

Eva looked down at her shirt and began to unbutton her blouse. She felt her skin begin to goose pimple up her back in the cool room as her blouse slipped to the floor. She thought to herself how strangely at ease she felt standing in half a suit in the middle of an office compared to the gut wrenching embarrassment she had experienced only moments ago. She imagined what she might look like to Abby as she looked down at her supple body.

Abby too was looking at Eva's body as she sat in her chair behind her desk, finishing off her glass of wine and pouring another.

"Woww.." whispered Abby under her breathe, although unintentionally loud enough for Eva to hear.

Eva looked up, catching Abby staring at her and quickly tried to cover herself a little.

"Sorry!" she said quickly "It's just I wish I had a figure like yours! Your boobs are amazing! I have to wear a push up if I want cleavage that impressive!" she moaned.

"Thanks." Eva began blushing again.

"What size are you? ...if you don't mind me asking?" puzzled Abby.

"36 DD, you?" Eva said opening her arms cautiously.

"Ooo, same! Kinda... except I'm smaller...32 C" laughed Abby.

Abby stood up and walked round her desk, and leant back against the front of it, her ass perched perfectly onto it. She handed Eva her glass of wine and they both took a large gulp.

"They look really soft! I know this is very unprofessional, but hey, we're already drinking," she laughed "but can I have a quick feel?" Asked Abby.

"Errrmm..." Eva looked at the floor a little unsure.

"Just to compare!" Interjected Abby quickly. "Look, you can feel mine too."

Abby necked the last of her drink and Eva followed suit as Abby swiftly dropped her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her full breasts supported by a pink bra.

"Yeah....I match my underwear to my makeup, clothes and shoes, it makes me feel co-ordinated." Explained Abby as they both stood in front of each other with their bras on. Abby moved her hands up towards Eva's boobs, and slid her fingers and palm onto them, she squeezed gently and worked her hands around them. Feeling the bare flesh at the top with her finger tips excited her and made her wonder what they would feel like free of the bra. Eva's nipples had begun to harden under her bra as Abby felt her breasts, the skin on skin contact was starting to turn her on, and she found herself a little disappointed when Abby removed her hands to squeeze her own.

"They feel loads softer than mine..." Abby said slightly glum. "Ok, so do you wanna feel mine now?" She asked, puffing her chest towards Eva.

Eva stared at her breasts and started reaching for them, she had felt her friends' breasts before but this seemed different, she was enjoying this more than just being inquisitive, she could feel herself getting wet at just the idea of touching her breasts. She held onto Abby's tits, she was right, they didn't feel as soft as hers, they were firmer, but it wasn't bad. She stared at her breasts in her hands then began looking around Abby's body, following her contours with her eyes. Abby was looking at her own breasts as well, she too was enjoying the sensation of being touched by another girl, but it wasn't enough.

"Hold on a second," said Abby as she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, "I've got so much padding in this bra to push these bad boys up that you're not gonna be able to get a good feel and comparison I mean."

Eva withdrew her hands a little unsure as Abby cast aside her bra to the floor, fully exposing her breasts to Eva. Eva watched mesmerised as she saw this woman's nipples begin to harden in front of her eyes.

"It's a bit cold in here." said Abby, trying to cover up for her excitement. "Ok, NOW have a feel of them."

Eva carefully took Abby's breasts in her hands once more; they were firm, yet soft in her hands. She squeezed gently, working her hands gently around her boobs, she could feel Abby's nipples rubbing in her palms as she moved, and secretly hoped that she was enjoying it. She stared intently at the breasts in her hands, she was enjoying this a lot more than she thought was acceptable, and suddenly realised she had begun to massage Abby's tits rather than just 'compare' them, and had also moved her whole body in closer to Abby.

Abby was well aware of this and was unable to control her gentle moans as Eva worked on her tits, stimulating her nipples. She could feel her clit aching to be touched at the thought of taking this further. Abby lightly took hold of Eva's wrists and moved her hands off her; Eva blushed heavily and stared at the ground taking a step back.

Abby stared at Eva's heaving breasts, "Do you think I could feel yours without your bra?...."

Eva looked up from the ground; she could see a burning passion in Abby's eyes. Eva nodded bashfully and started reaching round to unhook her bra. Abby quickly stopped her, moving in close, she reached around her back for her and undid her bra. Eva let it slide down her shoulders and straight to the floor. Her breasts bounced out of their confinement and into the waiting hands of Abby.

"Wow! These are amazing!" exclaimed Abby as she cupped Eva's tits, squeezing them firmly.

Her pussy was getting wet and she was finding it harder and harder not to start touching herself. Eva gasped as Abby began to trace her finger around her nipples. As they looked into each other's eyes they smiled cheekily. Abby slid her hands down and around Eva's waist and brought her closer as she leaned back against the glass desk. They could feel the warmth off each other's bodies and Eva struggled to hold in a quiet moan as their nipples rubbed against each other.

This was all very new to Eva; she was confused but becoming more and more excited, her heart was racing faster and faster in her chest, thudding against her rib cage as her cheeks flushed. Her pupils had dilated as Abby's scent began to intoxicate her. She knew that she shouldn't be doing this and definitely shouldn't be enjoying it, but she could not resist. She leaned into Abby and kissed her, their tongues met and wrapped around each other, she paused; her lips still pressed against Abby's. Her lips felt much softer and far gentler than those of any man she had ever kissed. She quickly pulled away.

"I...I'm so sorry! I should... probably go" said Eva as she began turning away.

"You will be, if you leave without finishing." said Abby softly as she grabbed Eva's wrist, pulling her back.

Abby smiled as she pulled Eva back and kissed her even more passionately than before. She ran her hands over Eva's smooth back and unzipped her skirt, it held still on her wide hips and full thighs. She then reached behind her own back and unzipped hers, working it down over her hips with a sway and dropping it to her ankles. She stepped out and squatted down in front of Eva. She looked up at Eva, her supple breasts looking even bigger from this angle. She reached around her waist and slid her skirt down. Her mouth began to drool as she revealed her black lace lingerie.

She moaned softly as her hands explored up and around her curvy, stocking encased legs and over her firm toned ass. Eva ran her hands through Abby's hair as she began to kiss her inner thighs, working her way closer to her crotch. Abby's hands had cupped Eva's ass as her lips pressed against her underwear, teasing her clit with kisses. She could smell how sweet her pussy was and badly wanted to eat it.

Abby stood, her heels enhancing the shape of her smooth legs and pushed Eva against the desk, bending her over it. As Eva braced herself against the desk, Abby knelt behind her once more, sliding her underwear down to her knees and let her tongue glide up her legs and over her ass cheeks. Eva's freshly waxed pussy was glistening it had gotten so wet. Abby teased around her lips gently with her fingers, her skin was so smooth and soft.

"Mmmm." Moaned Abby quietly as she let Eva briefly feel the tip of her tongue against her wet opening.

Eva couldn't help but moan as well, her eye lids were closed lightly as her eyes rolled back and her palms were sweating. Her breasts had heated up the glass table which had until recently been cool to the touch, yet her nipples remained hard. Eva stuck her ass out against Abby, giving herself to her; wanting her to devour her where she stood.

Abby teased each of Eva's lips with the end of her tongue. She started to kiss and suck on each one, catching her clit briefly each time before slowly licking the entirety of her pussy with the wide flat of her tongue. She lapped firmly and slowly at Eva's wet pussy, getting faster and faster before sucking tight on her entire pussy and wildly licking at her clit in her mouth. Eva began to moan louder as she felt her knees grow weaker.

"Do you like that Eva?" asked Abby, knowing full well that she did.

"Yes" she replied.

"How about this?" offered Abby.

She kissed slowly around Eva's ass, circling her way to the middle and traced the tip of her tongue over Eva's asshole whilst beginning to massage her cheeks with her hands. Eva gasped rapidly and deep as Abby sent a sensation never felt before shooting through her body. She had pulled away at the initial feeling but had very quickly relaxed and was soon leaning back onto Abby's tongue, welcoming it with great pleasure. She had never been rimmed before, but was soon starting to wish it would happen more frequently.

Abby withdrew from Eva's ass and gently spread her delicate lips with one hand. Eva was arching her back and moving her hips side to side, desperate to find Abby's tongue once more.

"Do you want more?" asked Abby.

Eva nodded and let out a short moan in response.

Abby smiled and began to lap again at her clit with her wet tongue. She massaged it slowly, letting her drool lubricate it so it glided continuously around her swelling nub of pleasure. As Abby sucked on her clit, making a tight vacuum and then releasing over and over, Eva couldn't believe how soft and gentle Abby's lips felt around her pussy no matter how rough her tongue and mouth were.

"Mmmnnn!" moaned Eva. "Oh god yes!" She exclaimed, spreading her legs further and arching her back as she clenched her fists in pleasure.

Abby stopped and turned Eva around, guiding her back onto the desk and making her sit on it. Her full ass pressed against the glass as she spread her legs for Abby. Her pussy was dripping and she found herself teasing at her clit with her fingers as Abby watched. Abby moved back in with her mouth as Eva spread her lips revealing her swollen clit which had become a deep pink with excitement. After sucking on her clit some more, Abby began to kiss and nibble around Eva's thighs, working her way up her torso. She flicked her tongue over her nipples briefly then buried her face into Eva's neck, grabbing the other side of her head and pulling it back as she kissed her passionately. She traced the tip of her tongue around Eva's ear and smiled as she felt her back tighten and arch with the sensation. As she withdrew and slipped away, Eva's eyes opened slowly, her lids were heavy, her cheeks had blushed and she was watching Abby's every move.

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