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Lake House Love


The trip down to the lake house was long. Two cars, three people per car, including my sister and I were all going down for my 18th birthday. My sister, Haley, was turning 17 the following month, so the birthday party was both for me and her.

My friends Kyle and Seth were in one car with Haley's friend Jenna and I was driving the other with my sister and Kyle's girlfriend Virginia. We were packed tight with food, luggage, sleeping bags and lots of alcohol.

I looked over at Virginia sitting in the passengers seat. Her black hair blowing back in the wind gave the illusion she was flying. Haley, in back, was listening to her old Sum41 album on her ipod.

"We're almost there. Just one more hour to go." I said.

"I can't wait. We should really get wasted tonight!" Virginia replied, her head turned towards me.

I looked back at her. Her face was covered by her sunglasses, but it was pretty much well known that she was a good-looking girl.

"No doubt. A trip this long deserves a celebration. Well, that and my birthday."

"Good." She said, "That means we can get wasted twice this weekend."

We finally arrived, 2 and a half hours later around 7:30 P.M. and immediately unpacked both cars. As soon as we were settled in, Kyle and I started preparing a bond fire while Haley and Virginia prepared some food and Seth and Jenna were probably gone to make out in the woods.

A few hours went buy and just the right buzz of alcohol had settled in. The fire was nice, the marshmellows were good and the jokes seemed quite funnier than they actually were.

I was sitting on a lawn chair and Haley was lying in front of me, her head settled against my legs I had put up in front of me.

"What are the sleeping arrangements for tonight?" She asked.

"Well, I thought about it. We only have 3 beds, so Jenna and Seth can sleep in the Queen, Virginia and Kyle can have the small mattress downstairs and we can sleep in the other bed across from them." I answered back.

"What, you mean us together? In the same bed?" She asked.

"Well, yeah. Why, you have a problem with that?"

"Aw, gross! I don't wanna' sleep in the same bed as my brother. That's just weird."

"Oh God! Take it easy, there's nothing weird about it. I won't fondle you for Christ sakes!" I later regretted saying that. It was quite innapropriate, I know, but I just thought she was over-reacting.

"Oh my God!" She shouted, "I'm not fuckin' sleeping in the same bed as you, and that's final!"

I sighed heavily and rolled my eyes.

"What do you propose, then?"

"I don't know. Why don't I sleep with V?" She suggested.

V was the nickname we had given Kyle's girlfriend, Virginia.

That's when Kyle interrupted.

"No way, there's no way in hell your brother and I are sleeping in the same bed." He said.

I didn't mind him saying that at all. There was no way in hell I was gonna' sleep in the same bed as my best friend either.

"Dude, if you don't mind", he said, "why don't you just sleep with V and I'll sleep in the same bed as your sister?"

My heart suddenly stopped and I prayed to God they didn't notice my sudden change of facial expressions. I had had an eye on Virginia ever since I was 16. Unfortunately, I had fallen into the infamous "friend" zone and I guess she never realized I had feelings for her. I never had a problem with my best friend dating her, however. They had been going out for a year and to me, it was just nice to finally have the chance to get over her. There were just no chances of us ever coming together, so it was a good chance to move on.

But now, I had the opportunity to sleep in the same bed as her and I wasn't sure if I could ever pull off a whole 9 hours alone with her without doing anything stupid... especially under the influence of alcohol (although I wasn't anywhere close to being poor-judgementally drunk and neither was anyone else).

Everyone was staring at me, waiting for my response, but I was still undecided. I had been trying so hard to forget about her and move on, I didn't want to throw all that effort away. But at the same time, a big part of me wanted to spend the night alone with her. I knew the chances of anything happening were infinitesimally small. She was quite loyal to Kyle even though their relationship together was in the middle of a rough spot. And besides, Kyle was my best friend and I didn't want to risk losing that too.

"I don't know. You and my sister?" I asked reluctantly.

"Well it's better if HE fondles me rather than you, don't you think?" Replied Haley.

As soon as she said it, it was easy to notice she wished she hadn't. Virginia's head turned straight towards Haley and she gave her "the look".

"Don't worry, dude," Replied Kyle, "She's your sister and I'm your best friend. Nothing'll happen. And I trust you with V, and her with you. Besides, you'll be right next to us, if anything happens, you'll know." He added with a laugh.

"So it's settled," Virginia said, "Haley and Kyle sleep together right across from me and him."

She was looking at me, the light from the fire lighting up her green eyes. My head was racing with thoughts and I was filled with mixed feelings and emotions.

"Why don't we all just sleep downstairs?" Seth suggested, "Like that we can all chat and whatnot before going to bed."

"And how do you plan on bringing the Queen-sized bed downstairs?" Kyle asked.

"We can just get two of us to grab the mattress and bring it down. No need to bring the whole bed." He answered.

So it was decided, we were all going to sleep downstairs. I felt a little reassured but I was still nervous and reluctant about sleeping with Virginia.

The night ended a few minutes later and we all started heading inside. While Kyle and Seth brought the mattress into the basement, Jenna and I made the beds. Jenna was a cute girl. She had been dating Seth since just last week but they were both madly in love which got on Haley's nerves. Jenna was her best friend but it seemed she was always off with Seth.

When we were done making the beds, Jenna went upstairs and I slipped my PJ pants on and put on another t-shirt. The collar was still a little wet from left over water that was on my neck after taking a shower. Jenna and Seth were outside doing whatever (I didn't really want to know anyways), Kyle was upstairs making food, Haley was watching TV and chatting with Kyle and Jenna, and Virginia was taking a shower. Myself, I was now sitting quietly on my bed in the basement thinking everything over. I was still confused and nervous.

I got up quickly when I saw someone was coming down. It was Virginia. She was wearing a white tank top and pink pajama bottoms. Her wet black hair had made a see-through stain on her shoulder, just missing her right breast. I immediately turned away as to not look at it. She came over to me.

"Well, this'll be a first, eh," she said, "Me and you sleeping together." She smiled and was looking straight up at me.

I laughed a little, nervous laugh.

"Yeah, it'll definately be a first." was all I managed to get out. Her beautiful green eyes felt like knives to my heart and the butterflies in my stomach seemed to be flustered.

"I think I'll go to bed, I'm getting pretty tired." I said.

"Ok, I'll try not to wake you up when I get in." She replied.

I woke up some time after that when I heard commotion upstairs. The whole room was dark. It was past 2:00 A.M., I had been asleep for almost forty minutes. It was Virginia and Kyle having another arguement.

Kyle had told me some time ago, when he and V had first split up that he had the desire to be free. He told me had had so many chances to sleep with other women since he had been going out with V that he couldn't bare being restrained to just her. Two days after they had broken up, he had had a threeway with an ex-girlfriend and her best friend in his shower and he had slepped with another girl at a club 3 days later. After that week, he had started going out with V again but had sworn me to secrecy. Unfortunately for him, Virginia suspected something had gone on after finding a make-up kit in his room that wasn't hers.

I could overhear Virginia telling him she couldn't believe he could be so cold-hearted, that she felt so betrayed, and all Kyle managed to relpy was "Quiet, you'll wake everyone up."

A few minutes later, Kyle came down slowly and went straight to bed, being careful not to wake Haley up. Virginia stayed upstairs and I fell back asleep. I woke up again when I felt Virginia getting in. I could tell she had been crying. I could hear her still sniffling and her breathing seemed a little heavy. I asked her if she'd rather sleep alone. I offered to go upstairs and sleep on the floor with covers and sleeping bags under me. She said it was ok, that she'd rather not be alone. I turned my back to her to at least give her the most privacy possible. She was curled up in a ball and I could still hear here sniffling.

She turned her head around over her shoulder and quietly asked me if I could scratch her back to help her fall asleep. My eyes shot open and again, my heart started pounding, but I turned over towards her and started scrathing her back. When I thought she was asleep, I stopped and fell back asleep.

Again, I woke up and realized Virginia was no longer next to me. I guessed she was probably upstairs talking things out with Kyle when I realized Kyle was still in bed. I looked at the time. It was 3:20 A.M. and everyone seemed to be fast asleep. I got out of bed and went upstairs to get a glass of water. When I put my cup next to the sink, I noticed V was on the wharf down by the lake, sitting alone, her feet in the water.

I felt really bad for her. Every single boyfriend she had ever gone out with had cheated on her. I had assured her that Kyle wasn't like that when they first started going out. I was wrong, but I really didn't expect Kyle to have a sudden change of heart. He had been madly in love with her almost a year before they finally ended up together.

I debated for a few seconds if I should leave her alone or if I should go down and talk to her. I always seemed to have a good friendship with V in the past. She would easily open up to me and, in fact, that's how I ended up finding out she too had feelings for Kyle, almost a year ago. So I decided to go down and see her.

I brought a big blanket with me and a hoodie so I wouldn't be cold and we could sit on the blanket instead of one the cold, wet wharf. When I got there, I noticed she was surprised to see me.

"You wanna' talk?" I asked her.

She tapped the wharf with her hand, signaling me to sit next to her. I put the blanket down and sat.

"What's up?" I asked her.

"It's Kyle. He fuckin' cheated on me."

I looked down. I felt even worse. I had known about this for almost 2 months but hadn't ever said anything. I was caught between two of my best friend's at the time but had promised Kyle I wouldn't say anything.

"I'm really sorry. I never would've thought-"

"No, me neither," she said, crying, "I was surprised when he broke up with me last month, but I never thought it was to go out and fuck some dumb whores."

"Listen, V. I know this is hard for you. If you want to, I can always bring you back home." I assured her.

She nodded gently, closed her eyes and bit her lower lip.

"Thanks," She said faintly and looked at me. Even when she was crying, she was still beautiful, "Thanks for everything. You've been a great friend in the past years."

Friend. That single word had cursed me for the last three years. It resonated in my head.

"I'm glad I met you," She continued, "You're always there when I need you and I've never properly thanked you."

"Hey, it's my pleasure. You're my friend and I care deeply for you." I told her.

I gently rubbed her back to comfort her.

"You're a great girl and you'll make a good guy happy one day. Don't worry about Kyle, I'll have a talk with him. You deserve better than that." I told her.

I took my hoodie off and put it around her. She slipped into it and I helped her zip it up.

She looked at me and gave me a hug. Her head rest on my chest and I hugged her back. She thanked me again.

"You're hearts beating really fast," She said, lifting her head away, "Why?"

I tried to think of an excuse, but couldn't seem to say anything, so I just put my head down and stared at my legs.

She just stared at me.


"Listen, V..." my head started spinning. I was about to tell her how I felt about her but just couldn't seem to get the words out.

"What? What is it?" She asked.

I sighed, then looked up at the stars.

"I'm glad I met you too." I said, and placed my hand on top of hers.

Our eyes connected and I suddenly felt I could look at her without my heart racing or having angry butterflies in my stomach. No, now the feeling was different. I still had butterflies, but they seemed pleasant now. My voice wasn't shaky anymore and I could look at her without having to look away.

She looked at me with a curious look in her eye, as if she was unsure about something.

"Do you like me?" She asked.

Confused and somewhat unsure why she was asking this, my head stepped back.

"Well, of course I like you, you know that." I said.

"No," She continued, "Do you LIKE me?"

I suddenly realized what she was asking. Every instinct in my body was too answer "No, not like that." But I couldn't lie to her.

"Listen, Virginia. I like you. I like you as a friend, as a person and as a buddy, I always have. You're smart, you're funny, you're beautiful, gorgeous, even. And even though you've always been popular at school, you're not as superficial as others, you care about people. You're a great girl, V. So to answer your question..." I looked up at her and stared her straight in the eyes, "Yes, I love you."

As soon as the words came out, things seemed to have gone dead silent. She kept looking at me, still with that unsure look in her eyes.

"So is that why you care so much for me?" She asked.

"Oh no! Don't get me wrong, even if I didn't have those feelings for you, I'd still care about you. Like I said, you're a great person inside and out and you deserve more than what people give you." I assured her.

She was still looking at me with the same look. I couldn't bare it much longer, it was killing me. Why did she seem so curious or unsure?

Suddenly, without expecting it at all, she leaned towards me and kissed me. My immediate response was to kiss her back, but when I came to my senses I gently pulled away.

"I'm sorry," I said, "I shouldn't have done that."

"It wasn't you, it was me." She said.

I looked at her, confused.

"V, you can't play with me like this." I said.

"What? What do you mean?" She asked, obviously confused.

"You can't make me believe there's something between us if there isn't. You just broke up with Kyle, how do I know you're not just getting back at him or something?"

"So that's what you think of me? You think I'd toy with people just to get back at my ex-boyfriend?" I had evidently insulted her.

"No, I don't think it would be deliberate. But love's a strong emotion and can make people do things they might not ordinarily do." I said.

"You're thinking of alcohol." She replied.

"No, I'm not," I said, "Love and alcohol can both make you feel great or can both make you feel like death. And they can both cloud your judgement. So I have to know. Please don't do this if you don't really want to."

She smiled and just looked at me for a while.

"Look... I've never properly thanked you for all you've done for me. And maybe because you've always been like the great friend I never had, I never realized how I really felt towards you," She answered, "But I see now how much you've always been there when I needed you. There's no reason why I couldn't love you back."

As she said this, she leaned towards me and kissed me again. I was in ecstacy. It felt like time had stopped and our kissing was the only thing happening. For that moment, I saw nothing else around me but her. I gently put my hand on the side of her face and kissed her. I then slowly leaned toward her and as I did, she leaned back until she was on her back. I leaned over on top of her and kissed her some more, caressing her waist and thighs. She wrapped her arms around my neck. We kissed for what felt like hours on the big blanket on the wharf as I caressed her thighs and ass. She had a perfect figure. I don't mean to be judgemental of others when I say this, however, she had a really nice ass.

As I caressed her fine bottom, she started tugging at my pajamas. Knowing what she wanted to do, I started taking my shirt off and she took my hoodie off. We kept kissing and I slowly took her pink pajamas off as she took mine off too. She was wearing nothing underneath so I started to rub her clit and play with it. Her breathing got a little bit heavier and she started gently stroking my cock. We masturbated each other for a little while until I took her white tanktop off, revealing a beautiful pair of firm breasts. Perfectly shaped. They weren't huge, but nor were they tiny. She probably wears a size B cup (I later found out she wears 32B). I fingered her and played with her clitoris with one hand and massaged her breasts with the other.

Her breathing had now started turning to soft moans and I knew she was starting to get hotter and hotter so I started going down her body, kissing her breasts and her belly on my way down until I reached her clit and started eating her out. She immediately responded with a hip thrust and her moaning suddenly got louder. I fingered her as I licked and sucked on her clit, her hands pushing my face deeper into her as she raised her hips.

"Oh God! Oh God fuck me! Right now! Fuck me now." She said, breathing heavily and moaning.

So I came back up, kissing her belly and sucking on her beautiful, average-sized tits, and then french kissed her.

I grabbed my cock and slowly pushed it into her. As soon as I penetrated, I started fucking her faster and faster in the missionary position. Her legs were raised in the air and she wrapped them around me. I kept fucking her with hard thrusts. I worried for a second that I might have been a little too rough, but my worries were cast away when she started crying "Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Harder!"

So I kept pounding her beautiful self until she asked me to stop. I got off of her and she turned around so she was lying on her stomach and told me to take her from behind.

I got on top of her again, put my cock in her pussy and started fucking her from behind. She was lying flat on her stomach, her legs straight and I was ramming her beautiful pussy. I leaned on top of her completely and grabed her hands with mine, wrapping my fingers around hers and kissed her back, then her neck, then the back of her right ear, still pounding her. We were no longer being careful to stay quite as to not wake anyone up. It seemed as if the rest of the world didn't exist. She was obviously too pleased to stay quite anyways. Her moaning was almost turning into screams.

I kept fucking her when I felt I was about to cross the point of no return. I quickly realized that it may not be safe to come inside her and I didn't have time to rush to the lake to spray my load, so I pulled out and somewhat paniced.

"It's ok, I'm on the pill! Fuck me! Keep fucking the shit out of me!" She said.

So I stuck my cock back into her and kept fucking her and sank my whole dick inside her when I blew my load of cum into her beautiful pussy. Still towering over her, panting heavily, just as she was, I kissed her back. She turned her head to look at me over her right should and I kissed her, our tongues caressing each other.

I got off of her and collapsed to her right. I stared into her beautiful, green eyes. She smiled back at me and just seemed to stare at me. She pushed her head forward and kissed me.

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