tagIllustratedLake Winnipesaukee Ch. 01

Lake Winnipesaukee Ch. 01


I had just broken up with my girlfriend of 2 years and was completely heartbroken. I took 2 weeks vacation from my job to try and get over the terrible stress I was feeling over it. I booked a little cabin up at Lake Winnipesaukee, a few hours drive north, where I could go and relax. I'd been there before and knew it was a beautiful place that would help me get my mind off of my ex and regain my mental health.

My cabin turned out to be a sort of duplex, sharing a wall with the one next to it. But they didn't have any private cabins available at that time (which I thought I would have preferred) so I was stuck with it. It wasn't so bad, though; the little cabin was beautiful and cozy, it even had a little fireplace and a gas stove of its own. Anyway, it all worked out well it the end, which I'll soon tell you about...

My first morning there, I awoke before the sunrise and went down to the lake to take a walk in the early-morning mist. I stood beside the lake on an isolated spot watching the sunrise clear the mist from over the still water of the lake, which was so perfectly calm that looked just like a sheet of glass. Echoing birdcalls punctuated the silence as I remembered my ex and the years we'd spent together. Tears came to my eyes and I quietly let them flow.

After my little moment, I turned to keep walking around the lake, when I saw her. ...A youngish woman, perhaps 27, of fair skin and long auburn hair, completely naked, and slowly wading into the lake some distance away through the mist. She must not have seen me there, and seemed quite absorbed and enraptured by her morning dip. She appeared to me like some Pagan wild-woman from the Middle Ages or something, and the image stirred my blood terribly.

Embarrassed, I wanted to flee, yet I was spellbound by her beauty so I just stood and stared, transfixed.

Before she slipped into the water and began to swim, I observed that her body was one of some remarkably extreme curves. Her ass was of an extraordinarily large size, smooth, round and apparently flawless, yet her waist was as slender as a 90-pound woman's. Her limbs were long, pale and slender; her apparently natural breasts (huge!) hung before her sporting large, protruding brown nipples. It looked as though her pussy was completely waxed smooth as well; what a siren! I felt like some perverted naturalist observing a female specimen of 'sex-hippopotamus,' a wild and gorgeous species, in her natural environment.

As my dick grew rapidly in my pants, I caught myself and shook myself out of her spell, turned quickly and went away out of respect, leaving her to her privacy.

Later that day I was having lunch on the veranda of my cabin when my neighbor came back from a jog. I hadn't met her yet, but she turned out to be the lady from the lake that morning: the sex-hippopotamus!

'Hi!' she said cheerfully as she jogged up to me, somewhat out of breath from her running.

She was wearing short black spandex shorts which totally showed off her big, sexy ass (and I couldn't see any panty line at a glance either) a skimpy black spandex sports-top of some kind, which left her pale, toned midsection and shoulders bare, running shoes and white ankle-socks. Her long, russet hair was tied back in a single, massive ponytail, which she now undid, letting her thick mane spill down around her shoulders and back.

'I'm Crystal. It looks like we're neighbors!' she said offering me her hand, smiling. She had perfect teeth and a beautiful wide mouth with full, pink lips. Her big brown eyes were like saucers, and she had on thick black eyeliner and mascara which made them pop out all the more.

'Brian,' I answered, and shook her slender hand. She had on candy-pink nail polish, perfectly applied.

'You arrived last night?' she asked.

'That's right. How long have you been staying here?' I asked her.

'I've been here a week, and will be leaving in a few days,' she answered.

We got to talking, and wound up getting along quite well.

After we'd finished lunch and coffee together, she proposed a short hike up a nearby mountain. The weather was beautiful, it was still early in the day, and she was fucking gorgeous, so I heartily accepted!

'Just let me go take a quick shower. I got pretty sweaty from my jog around the lake,' she said and went inside her side of the cabin. I waited excitedly for my 'date' with the voluptuous beauty. I went inside to brush my teeth and throw on cologne.

On our way up the mountain, Crystal was very friendly. She had put on short, tight jean shorts, a tight- any shirt on her would have been tight!- white T, and hiking boots. Her lips were painted bright red, and her hair was up in 2 cute pigtails on either side of her head.

We talked and laughed as we went, each getting to know the other more and more. At one point after we'd been walking for over an hour, she said she wanted to stop for a rest. We easily found a beautiful spot, a little ways away from the main path up a rocky slope among a sunny grove of pine trees. We hadn't passed anyone else on the path, so it felt like we were quite alone.

We laid out a blanket that we'd brought from my cabin to sit on, and took out some munchies and water.

'So, how come you're here alone?' she asked me. I told her about my recent breakup, and she seemed truly sympathetic.

When I asked her the same question, she said she was on a 'time-out' from her relationship.

'A 'time-out...' what's that exactly?' I queried.

'We just decided to take some time apart... maybe even to see other people, and see how we feel about each other after some time,' she said.

'So... you're available, then?' I asked.

She gave me a sultry look and said, 'Yes!'

'Because, I have got to say, Crystal... I have had such a hard-on for you ever since the moment I saw you...'

'I thought so... You mean down at the lake this morning?' she said knowingly.

'Oh! I didn't think you had seen me!'

'Yep. I like to go down there for a morning swim sometimes. So far, I'd always been the only one down there that early, but I guess today I was lucky.'

'Were you?' I said. My heartbeat was quickening at the turn this conversation was taking.

'And... did you like what you saw?' she asked leaning closer towards me.

'Hell yes...'

Our mouths met and we kissed passionately. Her lips were soft, delicious and plump. Her tongue was just as lovely. Blood rushed straight into my dick making it rock-hard in my pants.

My cock wasn't the only thing getting hard; I could see her nipples starting to stand out from under her T-shirt.

'Ooooh!' she breathed, 'I can feel my clit getting hard, Brian,' and she reached over and touched my hard cock through my jeans. 'Oooooh! Something else is getting hard, too! I wanna suck it...'

This fresh air seemed to be affecting us both; it's good for the sex-drive!

We both stripped urgently down to our skin; Crystal was left in just her socks and hiking boots, and I in my socks and runners.

She was more gorgeous up close than I ever could have imagined. I just wanted to squeeze, lick, suck and fuck the shit out of all of her holes immediately. Crystal lowered her mouth straight down to my cock, took it into her lips and began sucking it gently at first, but gradually harder and harder. Her mouth felt so hot, wet and awesome around my horny shaft. Her neatly manicured fingers gently caressed my balls as she sucked my cock.

After several minutes, without any words, like some wild ape, I knelt down behind her and grabbed her massive butt-cheeks. My cock was hard as stone and reaching for the sky as I spread her big ass apart and ogled her divine, perfectly waxed smooth asshole and pussy from the rear.

I stuffed my face into her bum and licked out her delicious, hot drooling pussy, stuffing my nose nearly right up her sexy, subtly stankky arse-hole. Her bud was like a hard candy on my tongue. She moaned in pleasure and reached back pressing my head deeper into her ass as I licked out her sweet pink honey-pot and rapidly tongued her engorged clit. I slid my tongue up along the entire length of her earthy crevasse, slathering her gorgeous, tight brown-hole with my spit, readying it for a finger or two, or better yet, my dick.

'Oh yeah! Eat my asshole, Brian! Get it ready for your fucking dick!'

I shoved my tongue right up her musky rump-hole as far as I could get it and tongue fucked the beauty's tight, sexy, behind. Her asshole was super-clean; I figured she must have done an enema when she'd had a shower earlier. I couldn't get enough of squeezing and kneading her big, soft ass-cheeks as I licked out her fucking holes.

'Holy fuck, Crystal! I want you so fucking bad!'

'I'm yours!' she sighed.

She stood with her hands on a pine tree, spread her legs and arched her back, thrusting out her massive, sexy fuckin' arse for me to fuck...

I grabbed her petite waist and carefully viewed what was about to sheath my fuckin' salami. Her ass was beyond perfect! Miraculously, there was not a trace of cottage cheese in sight on her huge perfect pair of ass-globes; they were as smooth as polished marble- What an ass!

I opened up her ass-cheeks reverently, let some spit fall down from my mouth onto her mesmerizing shit-chute, and positioned my cock-head for entry into her temple via the backdoor...

'Push it in, stud! Fuck my tight asshole!'

She hadn't even taken my cock in her pussy yet, but there I was, sliding the length of my dick up her ass- to the root! 'Fuck yeah!' I yelled, giving one of her big gorgeous ass-cheeks a good hard SMACK!

'Fuck meeeeee!' Crystal wailed as she sloshed her fingers rapidly back and forth across her wet, swollen clit.

I thrust forwards, slapping my balls up against the back of her wet, bald pussy as my cock slid completely up her tight arse.

'OH yeah!' Crystal squealed, 'Again!'

I reached around and grabbed two handfuls of the most perfect, massive natch fuckin' boobs a man could ever fuckin' squeeze on this planet and started quickly sliding my dick in and out of her hot, tight shit-box.

Crystal's cries of, 'Fuck me! Fuck my asshole! Harder! Oh yes! Ram your cock up my goddamn shit-hole! Don't fucking stop!' and so on, mingled with the sounds of the wind in the trees and the calls of birds. The beautiful scent of the pines filled our nostrils, along with the increasing aroma of sex. The perfume of Crystal's holes was an aphrodisiac driving me wild as I plowed my shaft repeatedly into her thickly cushioned, tight rear fuck-hole.

I lifted one of her legs up onto my shoulder and continued fucking her ass. The sight was spectacular! I gave her glistening bald pussy a couple of decent smacks with my hand as I plumbed her backdoor with my cock.

Suddenly I lay down on the blanket and had Crystal straddle me in Cowgirl. I took one of her gigantic erect nipples into my mouth as I thrust my dick this time up her bald, wet snatch and began to fuck the shit outta her from below. I had one hand on one of her ass-cheeks and the other holding the massive tit that I was sucking as I fucked my sizeable love-candle up into her hot, wet girlhood fast and hard like a machine.

She was moaning and working her hips on my rod like she really wanted to cum.

'Lemme help you cum, baby,' I said and repositioned her in a no-nonsense manner into mish', spread her smooth long legs wide open, and planted my sausage back into her hot, drooling pink fuck-flower for the home stretch.

'Fuck meeeeee!' she cried as I drove my cock into her hole like a fuckin' jackhammer, determined to make the horny bitch cum hard... 'Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!' she cried, and I could feel her cunt spasming around my dick and gushing as I continued to fuck her like a man possessed.

When her orgasm had subsided, I figured it was my turn, pulled out, smacked her tits, straddled her pretty face, and fed my hard dick into her mouth. She took it eagerly and sucked it hard, working my shaft with one of her hands as she sucked. I fucked her hot, wet mouth thus, nearly as fast as I'd fucked her pussy, and could feel I was about to cum...

'Oh, fuck, Crystal, take it!' I cried as I shoved my dick down her throat to the root, my balls squashed up against her chin, as I came a huge, long cum deep down her throat.

'Aaaaaaah, baby!' I cried as I pumped the last of my love-sauce into the slutty angel. Crystal took it all, swallowing my whole load, and sucking my cock relentlessly even after I'd finished cumming.

Even after I'd cum, she worked my shaft with her mouth, apparently still eager for my meat. I was rock-hard again in no time, slapped my dick against her face, positioned her in doggy and slid my cock back up into her insatiable pussy and began to fuck her again!

We fucked for a long time there in the sun until finally we were both satisfied, finished our picnic and went back to our cabins.

'Call me...' she said teasing sexily as she retreated into her half of the cabin, leaving me there on the doorstep of mine. Whew! I thought. ...My ex-girlfriend who??

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