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Lap Dance


There weren't any special lights. The music wasn't deafening. The drinks weren't too expensive. And, the other men in the room were very friendly.

In fact, the three other men in the room, my living room, were some of my best friends and coworkers.

Chip was the guy everyone just naturally liked. I think that's what made him such a great salesman. Irish smile, blond hair and always, always, smiling.

Tom was the, tall, dark, and handsome one. Although the youngest in the group, he just always took control of a situation. In fact, it was his taking control that had all eight of us here, now, doing this.

Jerry was the finance guy. Great guy and on his second beautiful Oriental wife.

And, speaking of wives?

Well, Jerry's little Sue, I don't recall what her actual name was, is just the cutest little thing you'll ever see. She can't be five foot tall and her slim little body shows all the right curves.

Chip's wife is Linda. Tall, slender frame, good posture always, the business woman type. She's always so serious but she's also always willing to please Chip.

Tom's wife, Pam, is quiet, yet always smiling and, like Linda, always willing to please her husband in any way he asks. I'd say that Pam's best feature would be her smile and the dimples it displays.

My wife, Jan, is probably the one with the figure most admired by the group. Great tits that didn't sag one little bit. Tall, slender, and pretty. And, she's likely the most intelligent of the group and that makes it hard for me to manipulate her into something like this.

I'm just an adventurous guy who just can't get enough adventure. My name is Mike. I was in the military, in fact Special Forces, when I met Jan. Hell, I can't even get within a hundred of how many females, girls and women, I had before Jan.

I never even thought about swinging because there were just so many women available for a young guy in the position I was in.

But after marriage it wasn't long at all before I started thinking about it. Not that I wasn't in love with Jan, but just because they were there..., and willing. I was, am, and will continue to be, totally emotionally monogamous but I just don't think that taking a life's partner means giving up life's opportunities for excitement.

Jan knew this about me and we'd discussed it many times. But every time I thought she was coming to my way of thinking she'd go back to her, 'the fantasy is the best part', seclusion!

Hell! The fantasy is simply the foreplay to me. I've always been the one that thought, "if it's worth fantasizing about, it's worth trying."

So, back to about an hour ago. The Red Lobster restaurant, four couples finishing their meals, the waitress bringing one last round of after-dinner drinks.

"How about we check out that new strip club we were talking about at work?" Tom threw in between Sue's saying the shrimp had been overcooked and Pam agreeing.

"And just what strip club might that be?" Linda raised an eyebrow and looked at Chip who looked a little sheepish.

"Well," Chip paused to consider the most politically correct response, "we haven't been there yet, but it's supposed to be real upscale and nice." Chip paused another moment before adding, "and it's going to try to appeal to couples and not just men."

"That's what I was thinking," Tom looked right at Linda and continued, "let's make sure they have at least four couples tonight, OK?" Tom paused, looked at each of the wives individually before adding, "I dare you all to go with me."

"I'm game," Jerry didn't hesitate to make his vote clear, then without consulting her he added his wife's vote, "and Sue will go to."

"I'll go," Pam grabbed Tom's arm and leaned into him, "if Linda and Jan go too."

"OK." Linda didn't show any expression at all as she answered.

Now nobody even noticed that I was being quiet. Hell, everyone there knew I'd be in for anything like that. And everyone looked at Jan and I was afraid that this would be one of those 'I hate being the spoil sport' moments that I had to hear about for days. I guess I didn't blame her for being put on the spot like that.

"Why do we want to go to some silly club with some women who are probably drug addicts and prostitutes?" Jan looked around the table and saw the disappointed faces of the men and the curious faces of the other women. She looked right at me very seriously, then I noticed the slight wicked grin beginning to form as she continued, "if the men want to see some ladies dancing provocatively, and even stripping, then why do we need to go out in public?"

OK, now I thought she was going to say that we have our wives to strip for us every night and that should be enough.

Jan smiled even more as she took the margarita that had just been brought, licked some salt from the rim with a slow, sensuous, movement of her tongue, licked it across her lips provocatively, and then took a sip of the drink before dropping the bomb shell. "Why don't we go to our place and we ladies can be your strippers?" She glanced at the other women with a confident and daring look and added, "Are you game?"

Speechless is an understatement! I was disbelieving my ears.

"Sounds OK to me," Pam spoke so quietly that I wasn't sure I'd heard her but I was sure what she added, "I'm game if everyone else is."

"Sue's in." Jerry smiled excitedly as he answered for his wife.

"Sure," Linda still showed no emotion as she spoke, "but are we talking about only dancing for our husbands?"

"Well," Jan glanced at Sue and Pam, then looked at Linda and finished, "we'll all be in the same room, won't we?" Jan thought a moment before adding, "and the reason the men wanted to go to the club was to see different girls, right?"

"Damn!" Chip spoke out loud but it was clear he didn't mean to. He was looking at Jan's face as she spoke but when she finished he was looking at those great tits that he never thought, until now, that he'd ever really get to see. Tom was eyeing the little Sue and it was very apparent that Jerry wanted Pam by the way he was ogling her.

Hell, I'm like the old bull that told the young bull, who wanted to run down and get a cow from the herd, "I'll walk down and get them all!

But, I think it was obvious who the, at least, initial partners would be in this. And as I watched Jan wink at Chip, I looked at Linda and saw a rare smile on her face as she looked back at me.

We were in two cars so I can't say what was said in the other, but in ours, the conversation was not about our intentions at all. I felt it sort of weird that neither us or Tom and Pam said anything about where we were going and what we were going to do.

When we got home the other car was already in the drive. The other two couples were on the front porch and we quickly got out of my car and joined them and I opened the front door and we all went in.

Everyone was obviously nervous.

I'm guessing the gals because of what they'd agreed, and were about, to do.

Us guys were simply in shock and excited and totally afraid that something would happen to stop this. But nothing did. Nothing at all.

"Pam?" Jan spoke as soon as everyone was in the living room. "Would you help me get the men some chairs?"

"Sure," Pam didn't hesitate at all, "where?"

"Let's get the dining chairs and put them in the living room, OK?"

"Yes," Sue spoke for a rare time, "dining chairs are good lap dance chairs."

"And," Jan smiled at little Sue, "just how do you know so much about lap dancing?"

"I lap dance for Jerry often." Sue spoke with such an innocent honesty that it caught everyone off guard. "Jerry like me to lap dance for him, and I like lap dancing, it fun."

There was silence. Jan and Pam went to the kitchen and returned with four of the dining room chairs. They placed the chairs against the open wall about three or four feet apart and told the men to take a seat.

I took the chair on the far left, Chip on the far right and Jerry and Tom took the two middle ones.

"Well," Jan was the first to speak after the men were in their places, "since Sue's the only one, I'm guessing," Jan looked at Pam and Linda who both nodded agreement, "who's actually done this, why don't we let her show us how?"

"OK," Sue quickly answered and smiling, added to our surprise, "but I want to dance for Tom now."

"Let there be music." Jan turned on the stereo and grinned as she reached to dim the lights in the room.

Pam, Jan, and Linda sat on the couch on the opposite side of the living room as Sue began to sway to the music and work, ever so slowly, her way over to, a very delighted, Tom.

Sue was turning, slowly moving forward, unbuttoning her shirt, and undoing her tight jeans, all in one incredibly fluid motion.

I don't know about the other guys but I was rock hard by now. This cute little Oriental lady was a pro. And, damn! What a hell of a nice little body she had.

I looked at Jan and the other two ladies and noticed they were as transfixed as we were. Now I don't know Pam and Linda as well, but I know that horny look on Jan. And it was very there!

As Sue made her final turn away, just a few feet now from Tom, I was so glad that Tom was in the chair next to me. I could tell by the smiles on Jan, Linda, and Pam's faces that Sue must be smiling at them as she bent over, reached back and unclasped her bra letting it fall to the floor. Then she was reaching down and sliding her thin panties down her legs and stepping out of them completing the trail of clothes that led from the couch to our chairs.

Sue's little naked butt was within an easy reach of me and it was so tempting but I just wasn't sure of the rules. Plus, she was dancing for Tom right now and with her smiling husbands, obvious, approval.

"Are we allowed to touch?" Tom held his hands up as Sue turned and showed us all her gorgeous little breasts and that silky soft looking wasp of pubic hair.

"When she dances for me, I sure do." Jerry laughed as he spoke, then added, "We're not going to have rules here, are we?"

"We're lap dancing, not swapping wives, right?" Linda looked at a disappointed Chip as she made her statement.

"But, it's almost impossible to lap dance without touching something." Jerry had his sales spiel ready as he seemed to be prepared to negotiate the issue.

"It's not that I mind contact," Linda spoke defensively, then added, "I'm not on the pill and it's about that time."

I was relieved to hear Linda's response because I was pretty certain that she was going to be my private dancer tonight. And, I sure didn't want to draw the lady who was most hesitant to enjoy herself.

"OK, so the only rule besides 'what plays at the Jones's, stays at the Jones's, is no intercourse, OK?" Jan was starting to stand up and was already unbuttoning her blouse as she spoke.

"I saw one of the girls at a club giving head to a guy once." Chip just had to push the rules.

"We're just drawing the line at fucking." Pam stood up beside Jan now and also started to disrobe.

I'd been distracted by the negotiating but noticed that Sue had continued her dance as if nothing had been said.

And, she was doing as good a job as any pro I'd ever seen. She twisted, turned, swayed and swooped her little body all over and around a smiling Tom.

And my friend, Tom, was enjoying every moment of it too. Hell, so was I. The only difference is that Tom was getting to feel of those beautiful breasts, hips, thighs, and I even notice him reaching down and feeling Sue's little ass and pussy too.

As stimulating as it was to watch Sue and Tom, it was even more stimulating to watch as my beautiful wife was taking off the last of her clothing now and was finishing her dance to a smiling Chip.

And, having never seen Pam naked before, it was a real delight to see that her body was ever bit as nice as it had been in my mind's eye. As Pam slipped her panties down over her foot she smiled at me, but then danced her way to Jerry.

I was alternating watching Jan as she seduced Chip, and Pam as she was rubbing her body all over Jerry but quickly turned my complete attention to the last lady of the group.

Linda was transfixed with the sight of Jan sitting her naked butt in Chip's lap and rubbing back and forth with the music.

I thought for a moment that Linda might be the link that just wasn't going to fit.

Then I saw a smile on Linda's face, and when I looked at what she was looking at I saw that Chip was grinning ear to ear as he rubbed his face back and forth across Jan's large, firm, breasts.

"He's been dying for your breasts for years, Jan," Linda stood, began undressing, and added, "now he's in big breast heaven."

As Linda completed her disrobing I noticed that, although small, she had one of the nicest set of breasts in the room. Firm, but not hard like fake ones, well shaped and with gorgeous long, dark, nipples. We're talking almost an inch and they might get longer with some talented attention from me.

Linda finally took her eyes off of her husband and my wife and began her dance across the living room to me.

I have to admit that I did want to watch every single thing that was happening with the other couples, but I also wanted to savor every second of my time with my dancer too. So, I looked deeply into Linda's eyes, smiled, and leaned back in my seat as she approached.

"You're beautiful, Linda." I more mouthed the words than spoke them.

"Thank you," Linda smiled as she mouthed her words back to me, "I've always thought you were the best looking guy at the store."

OK, she might have just been being nice. She might have just been saying what she thought she should say. But, I didn't care and right now I was glad I had her, although Sue and Pam were pretty damn hot too.

Linda approached, facing me, and leaned down and tentatively, pressed her lips against mine. I wasn't expecting a kiss and it caught me off guard so my lack of response was probably misinterpreted.

I looked over, saw that Chip and Jan had been kissing too and realized that, that, is what probably gave Linda the OK to kiss me.

Linda's legs were perfectly shaped. Her pubic hair was thick but covered only a small patch around her vagina. Her belly was flat and she had a belly button that you could almost fuck as another orifice, a real inzie.

As Linda approached again I reached out and placed my hands on her thighs and felt how soft her flesh was. She swayed in my embrace and I pulled her gently forward allowing my face to be close enough to smell her heat.

I let my hands wonder up her thighs and over her hips until I was feeling up her sides to each side of her perfect breasts. Then I reached slightly behind her and pulled her gently toward me, and this time it was me who was, initiating the kiss.

Linda's lips were soft. I felt her continue to sway as our lips remained pressed together.

Then she broke the kiss and turned away from me. She looked back over her shoulder as she allowed herself to almost sit in lap, but maintaining her legs support, she rubbed her naked ass across the bulging crotch of my jeans, not once but several times.

Linda stood again, took several dance moves to turn back around, then straddled me and placed her mouth on mine once more.

Now Linda can kiss! Man, can she ever kiss. Her lips, her tongue, and even her soul was in that kiss. I think we might have been kissing for several minutes before I was aware that she was also dry humping my cock through my jeans. Well, it was dry inside my jeans, (at least so far), but she had the zipper and outside pretty darn wet.

When we finally broke the kiss Linda had her arms around my neck and leaned back, allowing my cock to rub against her ass as well as her pubic area. I began to hump back against her and, leaning forward, managed to get one of her sweet breasts in my mouth.

As I sucked that long nipple I felt it get even harder and, amazingly, longer.

We continued to dry fuck each other and I alternated from one nipple to the other sucking them like I might suck a small penis.

I knew I wouldn't cum. I seldom cum without vaginal intercourse. But, I didn't care. I was having one of the best sexual experiences of my, very experienced, life.

I felt Linda humping in a different, and more assertive, manner now so I reciprocated accordingly.

I now removed the hand that I'd been holding the breast I was currently sucking, keeping the other still on the other breast, and let it slide down Linda's belly to her pubic area.

I began to suck her nipple even more aggressively as I also rubbed her very swollen and wet clitoris.

Linda responded by hunching against my hand, as well as my cock.

I could tell she was getting close so I allowed a finger to enter her and found that ribbed area easily. Linda was pushing her breast hard against my face and fucking my finger with earnest now.

She stopped her motion for the first time and then lurched hard against me. Then, stopping again she pushed my face away from her nipple and gave me my life's second best kiss as she lurched her pelvis again onto my finger.

Have you ever felt a woman's insides as she really cums? You know, that wet, but squeaky clean feel? Well, along with her muscles contracting on my finger, I felt it very much right then.

I so wanted my cock to be inside that pussy at that moment but knew it just wasn't going to happen. But I also relished the experience I'd just shared with Linda.

"God, fucking, damn," Linda whispered in my ear as we broke the kiss and she had calmed down a bit, "pardon my French, but," she looked at me and grinned, "God, fucking damn!"

"I totally agree," I smiled back at her and leaned in and gave her a nice, quick, kiss on the lips before adding, "in any language, Linda, you're really a hot young lady."

For the first time in what seemed hours, I looked over at the others.

Beside me, Tom had his pants undone. Who knows if he'd done it or if Sue had, but his pants and his underwear were around his knees.

Sue was sitting in floor, still naked, in front of him and was slowly stroking his cock.

It was obvious that they'd been watching Linda and I. I looked to see if there were any signs that Tom had cum but realized that, if he had, Sue must have taken the evidence in some way or the other.

Pam was sitting in Jerry's lap. She was slowly lifting her body up and down in a manner that appeared they were still slowly fucking. I could tell that Jerry still had his slacks on, but his fly could certainly be open.

By the looks on their faces it appeared that, whether actually fucking or not, they'd both been satisfied.

Jan was sitting in the floor in front of Chip just like Sue was with Tom, only Chips pants were still on. But, his fly was open and Jan had Chips soft penis in her hand, fondling it idly.

The mass of white cum on Jan's breasts told the story there.

People began to get dressed or just get organized a little better. I, for one, hadn't undressed at all but it did take some adjustments to be able to stand.

"What played at the Jones's," Jan spoke in a rather cheerful voice as she broke a long moments silence, "stay's at the Jones's."

"Absolutely!" Chip responded first.

"Totally." Pam was still dressing as she spoke.

"Here, here." Jerry, Tom and I affirmed almost as if we'd rehearsed it.

"And next time," Linda surprised everyone when she confirmed what all of us must have been thinking, "it can stay at the Smith's, OK?"

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