Lariats and Lacrosse Sticks Ch. 03


Tanner stood, wiped the saliva from his face, then yanked Randy against him, their hard wet cocks sliding over each other. Tanner intertwined his fingers in Randy's hair and gently pulled his head back, fastening his teeth to Randy's muscular neck and biting down softly.

"Oh fuck," sighed Randy, "You have all year to stop do'n that."

Tanner continued sucking and biting on Randy's neck, enjoying his dominance over his hot man, loving how responsive his lover was to his touch. Tanner enjoyed taking charge, just in this one thing, but Randy seemed to enjoy the role too. Tanner let his free hand glide over Randy's chest, enjoying the textures as if they were newly discovered. With a gentle shove he pushed Randy face first onto the bed. Tanner chuckled as Randy squirmed, grinding his crotch against the sheet as he waited impatiently for Tanner to continue. Tanner leaned down and slapped Randy lightly on his furry butt, and was rewarded for his effort with a deep groan.

Tanner wrapped his hand around own cock and stroked it slowly and then swatted Randy again. "Get up on your knees, I have plans for that hot ass tonight."

Randy responded by bounding to his knees, his hips swaying slowly as he spread his legs wider, ready and waiting for what came next. Tanner pulled out the recently stocked drawer and looked through the variety of lubes, deciding an old standard was the best way to start. Squeezing the thick clear gel onto his finger he moved behind Randy, put his hand in the small of his back and held him in place. Looking between his spread cheeks, Tanner saw Randy's pink hole winking at him. Reaching down, he smeared the glob of lubricant over Randy's ass and then stroked it slowly, teasing over his hole as the hair matted down.

"Oh shit! Fuck yeah, that feels so good. More, fuck give me more, babe," groaned Randy.

Tanner smiled and worked the tip of his finger into Randy, swirling it slowly around his hole, pushing deeper as Randy's response was nothing but pleasure. As he buried his index finger inside Randy, he paused to give him time to adjust to the intruder. Randy did adjust, almost instantaneously as he began pushing back, wanting more. Tanner began slowly finger fucking him, his finger gliding easily into the hot recesses of his ass.

"Oh fuck'n hell! That feels amazing. I'm tingling from my fucking toes to the end of my hair. Oh god, babe. Give it to me."

Tanner let his finger be pushed out, and watched as Randy moaned with disappointment as his ass emptied. Tanner grabbed the tube and squeezed out another healthy blob of lube, and coated two fingers. Pressing his intertwined fingers against Randy's hole, he began pressing in, feeling the muscles stretch as his thick fingers slowly forced their way into his gut. Several minutes passed as Tanner slowly and carefully opened his lover, so turned on that his own cock was dripping precum over his leg, but wanting the experience to be a good one for Randy. He knew that this was new ground for them both.

As he held the two fingers still, he gently caressed Randy with his free hand. His lover, crouched on the bed panting and loving begin finger fucked, was one of the hottest things Tanner had ever seen. Randy's entire body was responding to the sensations, his muscles rippled with cascading waves of pleasure that moved through his body. Tanner was enthralled by the scene before him, amazed at Randy's response.

Remembering the online discussion about fingering your lover's hot button, Tanner slowly started finger-fucking Randy, watching as the big jock panted and moaned as his sexual timbre built. His ass clenched tight, gripping Tanner's fingers in an iron grip as his butt convulsed again and again. Pulling almost completely out, Tanner teased the tips of his fingers just inside Randy's smooth hole as he rotated his hand.

Gliding back in, he probed for Randy's prostate, trying to find the sweet spot inside his lover. Suddenly he bumped against a hard spot, and Randy's response was unbelievable. It was as if he were suddenly afire with passion. Grunting and moaning, Randy was reduced to a sexual animal as Tanner stroked his sweet spot again. Tanner could feel it growing as Randy's now impending orgasm barreled toward a finale, and again ran his slick fingers over the spot. The touch was too much for Randy, cum exploded from his cock, thick pools quickly forming as his body emptied itself, Randy's ass clamping down on Tanner's fingers.

Tanner continued to stroke Randy's prostate, grinning at the response he'd gotten from his lover. The feel of his sweaty muscular body straining under his touch as round after round of semen flooded from his dick was sweet reward for Tanner. He never considered himself to be a great lover, so each time Randy responded so forcefully, it was a wonderful reward for Tanner. Finally feeling the last ripple of orgasm travel through Randy's body, he slowly slid his fingers out of his still clasping ass.

He gently and lovingly ran his hands over Randy's body as they enjoyed a few moments of bonding. Randy slowly fell to his side, his face still red with exertion and passion, but he smiled lovingly at Tanner and reached up to touch his face gently.

"Oh crap, babe. You make me feel amazing," said Randy softly.

"Good, I'm glad," said Tanner with a grin.

Randy grabbed a towel and threw it over the pool of cum. Grabbing Tanner's arms he pulled the cowboy down to him, kissing him hard.

"My turn now," said Randy with a grin.

Tanner smiled, but it was with some worry that he felt Randy begin to run his hands over his ass. But as the gentle touches continued, Tanner was able to relax. Eventually he felt Randy roll him onto his back.

"Pull your legs up, and relax," said Randy as he kissed down Tanner's neck.

Tanner looked down at himself, heels against his ass, granite hard cock levitating above his stomach and leaking precum. He felt very exposed and vulnerable, but somehow Randy made him feel safe. As he relaxed against his boyfriend, he felt Randy move, covering one finger with slick gel. The thought of the discomfort he'd felt when he'd tried fingering himself caused him to clench his ass muscles.

"Relax, Tanner. I promise I'm not going to hurt you," whispered Randy in his ear.

Willing himself to unwind, Tanner was finally able to release his muscles. As soon as he relented, he felt the ball of Randy's finger glide along the rim of his asshole. Tanner focused on the feelings it generated, and started to understand what Randy had enjoyed so much. Time was suspended as his lover brought him pleasure different than any he'd experienced before. The ripples of indulgence seemed to flow from his core, surrounding him with amazing sensations. Gradually Randy's finger probed deeper and deeper, finding new spots that Tanner had never known. The pleasure far outweighed the small jolts of pain that occasionally shot through Tanner's ass.

Trying to repeat what Tanner had done to him, Randy covered two fingers with lube and began working Tanner's backdoor. As he eased through the first gateway, he looked up to see a grimace of pain playing across Tanner's face. Pausing, he watched for a few seconds, then let his fingers slip back out slightly. Randy kissed Tanner's taut stomach, feeling the light covering of hair and silky skin covering solid muscle, willing Tanner to relax again.

"You ok?" Randy asked finally.

"It's ok, go ahead," said Tanner with a valiant smile.

"Did it hurt?"

"Maybe, a little."

"Then we need to slow down, I don't want to hurt you," said Randy with concern tinting his voice.

"Ok, that's probably a good idea," said Tanner, relieved that Randy was not upset.

Randy smiled and let his fingers slip out, his fingers traveling up and down Tanner's ass crack, coating the hair with slick gel as he teased his hole with each pass. Twisting himself on the bed, he took Tanner's cockhead between his lips and began cleaning it of the coating of precum.

As Randy sank Tanner's thick cock into his mouth, he firmly pushed his finger inside until the first joint of his finger was again inside of Tanner. Moving his finger in small circles, he slowly moved his head up and down Tanner's cock. He soon had Tanner twisting on the bed as he sunk his finger deeper inside his ass. He began to slowly finger fuck Tanner while he sucked his cock, trying to find the magic button that Tanner had used to drive him insane.

"Oh shit, that feels good," gasped out Tanner.

Randy grinned as he found what he thought he was looking for. Stroking his finger over a firm spot, he soon had Tanner thrashing under him. The combination of mouth and finger sent Tanner plunging over the edge. He grabbed Randy's head and was bucking in and out of his mouth as his seed raced for release. Randy relaxed, wanting the bellyful of man juice that he knew was going to be delivered. Tanner gave a final thrust into Randy's mouth and then began emptying his balls.

Randy felt the flood of cum rush into this mouth. Swallowing quickly he tried to contain the torrent, but as usual with Tanner, the volume was immense. Randy soon had white trails of cum running down his face as Tanner bucked into his mouth. The flow quickly subsided though, until Tanner relaxed against the bed with a soft sigh. Randy let his finger slide out slowly and then carefully licked remnants of semen from Tanner's cock. After enjoying the last drop, Randy crawled up the bed and lay on his side, gently running his hand up Tanner's side.

Tanner's eyes had drifted shut as he recovered from the orgasm. With Randy's touch, they fluttered open and a wide smile quickly covered his face.

"That was amazing," said Tanner.

Randy burst out into a hardy laugh. "What was so far beyond amazing that it isn't even funny. I've never felt anything that good before. Shit, your fingers up my ass felt so good."

Tanner smiled, leaned over and kissed Randy. "Good! That's what I was going for."

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