tagIncest/TabooLawnmower Boy Ch. 08

Lawnmower Boy Ch. 08


As she grew more comfortable, we even went to our original 'date night' place for dinner and dancing a couple of times and she seemed to enjoy dancing and listening to the music. While we danced close in slow dances, I managed to maintain control knowing that getting aroused would not likely be something to promote our continuing this relationship.

I definitely wanted Mom to begin enjoying life again and getting her out of the house occasionally even if with me was good I thought. My judgment seemed vindicated as I watched her become more comfortable with our outings.

She seemed to be looking forward to our outings more and more. She was more comfortable with our new relationship as it remained entirely platonic. We were strictly mother and son with the possible relaxation of that when we danced to slow numbers. Even then, I was careful to be respectful and managed to control my reactions so it didn't seem I was trying to push her toward something. Our good night kisses were mostly chaste.

We talked often and I learned lots about hers and dad's life together and how happy they had been. She told me a couple of times she hoped I found a wife with whom I could be as happy as they were.

I told her I was keeping my eyes open but I wasn't in any big hurry. I also told her I wasn't in any great hurry to make her a grandmother, something in which she seemed to find some humor.

At home, I noticed she was dressing more modestly and was more careful about keeping her door closed when changing or showering.

I tried to keep any disappointment I felt from being detected. Eve was right; she had to make this decision herself and I knew it could be difficult. I promised myself not to make it any more so.

So I continued working, providing the moral support I could at home and when I could, visiting Eve. Sometimes we sat and talked but more often we made love after talking for a while. We talked of my future and she made sure I understood that when I decided to get married, the relationship we had would be that of friends only and no longer lovers.

She asked occasionally how things were going with Mom and I told her what I observed and what I thought. She occasionally admonished me to respect Mom and her decision. I faithfully assured her that I would do so.

I let Eve know that Mom was apparently reconnecting with some of her other friends as she was often on the phone talking to one or another of them when I came home. She even had visitors occasionally whom I hadn't seen since coming home from school.

Once I mentioned to Eve that Mom's behavior had changed regarding her being more modest and careful about her privacy. Eve kind of wondered aloud if perhaps Mom had subconsciously been inviting my attention but when confronted with the reality was not ready to deal with the consequences.

Eve's a smart lady. That's something that would have eluded me for a very long time. But hearing it from her, it did make some sense.

* * *

It was wonderful watching Mom enjoy herself so much. I felt great being the one who could bring her out of her grieving over Dad and begin enjoying herself again. I hadn't really paid much attention to Mom's excursions during the day as I was working more and my little landscaping business was growing.

The next time I talked her into dinner and a movie, I found she had been shopping for clothes. She wore a new dress that showed her beauty and sensuality superbly; in short, she looked hot! While modest, the skirt was a bit shorter than I was accustomed to seeing her wear. But her legs definitely made the dress look good! And the dress showed a modest bit of cleavage.

"You better close your mouth unless you're trying to catch flies," she said with a smirk.

I closed my mouth and looked at her with what was probably a dumbfounded expression. Finally I apologized, "I'm sorry, Mom. I just can't get over how beautiful you are."

"Well, Jeff, that's the nicest thing anyone has said to me in quite a while. But I think part of it might be that I'm your mother," she said softly.

"Mom, that's insane! You are hot! I mean, any man would be drooling over you!"

She looked at me sharply and I knew instantly I had said the wrong thing.

"Mom, I'm sorry," I said allowing my head to sag with my spirit.

"Jeff, that's okay. I think I know what you meant and I'll take it as a compliment," she said smiling softly.

"Are you ready to go, then?" I asked offering my arm.

"I'm looking forward to accompanying my handsome son tonight," she responded placing her hand lightly on my offered arm.

I escorted her to the car opening her door and helping her get seated. I closed her door and got into the driver's seat.

We talked quietly as I drove to the restaurant/club, the same place as our first 'date'. Mom apparently had gotten over whatever objection she had formed after our first visit.

We arrived and managed to park fairly close to the entrance. I assisted her alighting from the car and escorted her politely to the door.

We entered the restaurant were greeted by the hostess.

"Table for two?" she asked.

"Yes, reservations under Meyer," I replied.

The hostess made a quick check of her reservations list and looked up again.

"Very well, Mr. and Mrs. Meyer, your table is ready, Right this way, please."

Mom didn't react to the hostess' remark this time. I hoped that was a good sign.

We were seated and the waitress gave us menus. We talked little while perusing the menus, discussing our dinner options.

I asked Mom if she wanted wine with dinner. She looked at me briefly and nodded.

She ordered a couple of appetizers as we ordered our dinner.

The wine was served and soon after, our appetizers. We sipped our wine with the appetizers. I watched Mom's face for some sign of how she was feeling but her expression was not helping me read her mood.

"Well, Jeff, this is really good, the food, the wine, the atmosphere. I appreciate you bringing me here again. I remember being here a few times with your dad and we always enjoyed ourselves.

"I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am. I really appreciate your insistence that I get out and start enjoying life away from the house again.

"I know your father loved me as much as I loved him and neither of us would have wanted the other to stop living if the other was lost.

"I guess that's kinda' what I've done since he died; I tried to hide from the world maybe hoping if I denied it long enough, it wouldn't be true.

"Thanks for being persistent. I'm feeling much better about everything. I still miss him terribly but I guess I still have some of him remaining as long as I have you.

"I'm sorry I've been so bitchy to you for trying to help me."

"Mom, you haven't been bitchy. I made a mistake and I'm sorry for that. I wanted to help you and you didn't need that kind of help. I'm glad you are getting to the point where thinking about Dad doesn't distress you.

"It was painful seeing you shut yourself off from the world. Eve and I seemed to be your only contact and I'm glad you see you getting back with some of your other friends again. You seem happier now that you get out and about more."

"Isn't that a new dress? I don't remember seeing you wear it before," I asked.

"Yes. I bought it last week. I expected you'd be asking me to come here again and I wanted something new and nice to wear. A new start I guess."

"Well, Mom, you make it look great."

Our food arrived and we poured another glass of wine as we began eating continuing to talk occasionally as we enjoyed our dinner.

Our waitress returned and asked if we would like anything else.

"Would you like some dessert, Mom? I asked.

"Let's see what they have. I could maybe share something with you if we can agree on something good."

Bring us the dessert menu, please," I told the waitress.

She returned quickly with the menus.

"Go for it, Mom. What do you like?"

"This fresh fruit medley looks nice. Want to try it?"

"Sure thing," I said to Mom then to the waitress, "One fresh fruit medley dessert please. We'll share."

"Yes, sir," she responded.

We finished our dessert and I asked, "Mom, would like to dance this evening?"

"Why thank you, Jeff. That would be very nice," she said.

We took our last glass of wine with us into the club and found a quiet table. We sat and enjoyed our wine while the band returned from their break. They immediately began with a nice waltz and I offered Mom my hand. She took it and I guided her to the dance floor. It felt wonderful holding her in my arms once again.

The band flowed from one waltz to another for several dances. Finally we took a break and sat out a couple of numbers. We chatted as we listened to a couple more numbers before the band took another break.

We each visited the rest room during the break. I waited outside the ladies room until Mom emerged and walked back to our table with her.

As we sat down, Mom said, "Thank you Jeffrey. That was very nice of you to wait for me and walk me back to our table. Your dad always did that, too."

As the band returned, I turned to Mom. "Another dance?"

She rose with me and we went back to the dance floor. As I opened my arms, Mom moved smoothly and easily into my arms once again this time seemingly closer to me that earlier.

"It feels good to be held by a strong man again," she said softly.

"It feels good to hold you like this and feel you enjoying yourself," I said.

As she relaxed and lay her head against my shoulder, I became conscious of her breasts pressing into my chest. The softness of her body against me, her fresh sweet scent, her perfume and her shampoo was intoxicating. I felt the uncomfortable feelings of an erection begin.

I wished it away, tried thinking of anything else but her soft body and wonderful fragrance but the more I tried to divert my attention, the more focused it seemed to become. As my hard on grew, I knew she had to feel it pressing against her.

I whispered to her, "I'm sorry, Mom. Do you want to go back to the table?"

She looked up at me and said, "Nonsense, Jeff. I'm enjoying the dance and being close to you. You have nothing to apologize for. It was bound to happen at some point. You're a healthy young man. An attractive one, too." She smiled.

After another glass of wine and a few more dances, we decided to call it an evening.

As we emerged from the club, the evening embraced us with a slight chill. I took off my jacket and draped it over Mom's shoulders and put my arm around her to keep her warm.

"I'm sorry about what happened when we were dancing, Mom. I tried to keep it from happening."

"It's okay, Jeff. It happens. I'm not bothered or upset. Let's get home and have a cup of hot chocolate and go to bed. Okay?"

"That's fine, Mom. I'm sorry. It's just that you're so pretty, so soft and you smell so nice."

"Jeffrey, quit apologizing. I took it as a compliment." She smiled.

We got in the car and I adjusted the heater controls to warm it up once the engine warmed up.

When I checked to see if Mom had her seat belt on, I noticed she seemed to be watching me.

She smiled and said, "Just because you got a hard on doesn't mean you're getting any tonight."

Her expression suggested she was teasing me. I responded, "Yes, ma'am."

She reached out and gave me a playful slap on the bicep that was more like a gentle push and then sat quietly as we rode home.

We arrived home and went into the house through the garage. When we arrived in the kitchen, Mom said, "Let's change clothes and meet back here for some hot chocolate.

"First one changed makes it," she said with a smile.

* * *

I went to my room and changed into my shorts and a T-shirt, went to the bathroom and returned to the kitchen to find I had returned before Mom, not especially surprised since I figured she had more clothing to change than I. I gathered everything needed and started making preparations.

As I was heating the milk, she came into the kitchen. I said, "Sit down, Mom. I'll have it ready in a few minutes." In a few minutes, everything was ready and I poured us each a cup and took them to the table.

I was surprised to see Mom sitting at the table in only her nightgown which was a diaphanous off white. It was clear she had removed her bra as her nipples were visible through the fabric. I whistled softly getting her attention. She looked at me, her eyes sparkling.

"What's the matter, son?" she asked.

"I'll just shut up before I get myself in trouble," I said.

"Oh, nonsense, Jeff, tell me what it is."

"Mom, I've told you before, you are gorgeous. You are a beautiful, desirable woman."

Studying her face, I thought I detected the hint of a smile. She asked, "What do you mean desirable," she asked.

"Mom, I love you. I don't want to upset you."

"Jeff, you're not going to upset me if you just answer my question. Do you really see me as desirable?"

"Of course, Mom."

"Well, how do you see me as desirable?" Her questioning was bothering me. I couldn't understand why she was suddenly asking such loaded questions. I didn't want to tell her she was sexy and hot and I wanted to take her to bed, especially after the last time we started down that road and she suddenly thought better of it and backed off.

"Jeff, please answer me. I'd like to know what you're thinking."

"Mom, I'm not sure this is a good idea."

"Jeff, when we were dancing tonight, I felt you get hard. I didn't get upset. I'm not upset now. I'd like to hear your answer and I won't get angry or upset. I promise whatever you say, I won't let it upset me."

By this time we had finished our drinks and I asked if she'd like a refill which she accepted. The delay gave me a brief reprieve but as soon as I sat back at the table with her and our fresh cups, she asked again, "Well ...?"

Resigned to my fate, I finally lowered my gaze and said, "Okay, Mom. I love you. You are a beautiful, attractive, desirable, sexy woman. The way you're dressed right now is exciting me uncomfortably. There is nothing I'd like more right now than to take you to bed and make love to you."

"Now that wasn't so hard to do was it?" she asked.

"Honestly, Mom, that is one of the hardest things I ever had to say to anyone."

"But why, Jeff?"

"I'm sure you remember the night we first went to dinner and dancing. That night didn't end well and you were upset with me for a long time. I am afraid of that happening again. You're a beautiful, desirable woman and you're also my mom. I don't want you angry or upset with me."

"Jeff, it's time for a talk, I suppose. Since that night, I've talked with Eve a few times and been over it many more times in my own thoughts. She's been my friend for many years and we've been very open with one another.

"I told her about that night and a few other things like the afternoon I let you see me showering and masturbating."

At that, my head jerked up until I met her eyes. The look of incredulity I wore was probably fantastically humorous to her as her lips curled upward in a distinct smile.

"You knew I was spying on you?" I asked incredulously.

"Well, I knew you saw me. But I guess it was at least as much my fault as yours. After all, you're a young man with normal sexual desires.

"I guess I was using you to feed my vanity, my desire to feel attractive again. I was beginning to cope fairly well with the loss of your dad and I had seen you look at me as more than your mother.

"My need for attention affirming my desirability got a little out of my control and I started 'accidentally' letting you see me exposed. I had always been careful to remain modest around you as you grew up but I guess I let my desires take over and direct my actions.

"And you were a willing victim." She smiled as she said that. "Besides, I guess it's not really spying when you have such a blatant invitation, now is it?"

"Mom, I'm ashamed of spying on you. I knew it wasn't right when I did it but you are so lovely and you have a fantastic body. When I saw you in the shower, I thought you had your eyes closed."

"Oh, I did. And I didn't actually see you watching me. I left the door open to bait you into coming into my room to watch. I actually watched until I knew you were almost in the house before I got in the shower. I just had to hope you'd take the bait.

"After I got out of the shower and dressed, I found the panties I had dropped behind the door were moved. I'd put them where the door would move them if it was opened and I set the door so you'd have to push it open to come into the room.

"Yes, I was devious but I was also desperate for some confirmation that I was still attractive and what better way than to have a twenty year old guy peeping at me even if he was invited, in fact, even set up.

"I'm not especially proud of that now but at the time I needed it and you were very accommodating."

By this time we had finished our hot chocolate. I offered a refill but Mom wasn't interested.

I took our cups and washed them along with the rest of our dishes and put them away.

I turned back to the table and saw Mom still sitting there watching me. I walked over to the table and offered her my hand which she took as she stood.

I opened my arms offering a hug. She stepped toward me and put her arms around me. She felt warm and soft against me. I loved feeling her head against my face; in fact I loved feeling her whole body against me. I felt an erection starting and moved to try and reduce the contact so she wouldn't feel it.

When I moved she drew back slightly and made eye contact. She tilted her head as if inviting me to kiss her.

I took a chance and brought my lips to hers in a chaste kiss. She didn't react immediately but slowly she returned my kiss and I thought I felt her lips open a little. She didn't pull away tonight. Encouraged, I let my lips part slightly and stroked her lips with the tip of my tongue.

Her response was a total surprise, I felt her lips open more and her tongue met mine and pushed gently into my mouth. Still uncertain I played along and wrestled tongues with her gently. I could swear I felt her pull me tighter against her body and I was getting seriously hard. I know she had to feel it pressing against her.

Our kiss which started as a chaste 'good night, Mom' kiss turned passionate and I wasn't too comfortable from our previous experience. As we continued a steamier and steamier kiss, my hands slipped farther down her back until I was touching on the border of her firm butt. Still no reaction indicating I should stop.

I ran my hands up and down her back each time letting them roam farther south until I was stroking her butt but not overtly grabbing her, just firmly caressing. The next time my hands felt her ass I also felt her press her pelvis against me almost insistently as if she were trying to feel my hard on.

Despite my apprehension, I moved my hands down to her very nice ass and squeezed gently pulling her even harder against me. I heard a soft moan or groan and for a moment wondered if it were she or I.

We pulled apart and looked into one another's eyes. She smiled and said, "That was nice, Jeff: I haven't been kissed like that in some time and it's nice to be reminded I'm a woman."

She surprised me by moving her hand between us and rubbing my hard on. She wrapped her hand around my length and held me tightly. My shorts were loose enough she could wrap her fingers almost completely around me. The feelings were exquisite torture.

She said, "Jeff, you're so hard. I thought I felt you get hard when we were dancing. Does this mean you really find me that exciting?"

"Of course it does, Mom. You're beautiful and sexy and desirable as hell."

"What will you do about this if we stop now?" she asked stroking my dick once for emphasis.

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