Lay-Offs Ch. 05

byLinda Jean©

Becky said as she turned to the door and unlocked it, "I have some K-Y in my purse, I'll be right back." She was out the door and back in a flash with her purse. Locking the door again, she set the purse down on the table near the door and dug out a rather large tube of K-Y jelly and handed it to Tommy. As she did she said, "This is the best. It won't stain and it feels like the real thing."

Tommy opened the end of the tube and as Rebecca kept pumping his swollen cock he put some on his shaft. With Rebecca stroking it she began to oil him up real fast and as she kept pumping away Tommy took her by her shoulders and stood her up.

Once she was on her feet, he said, "Turn around and bend over the arm" (of the chair she was sitting in). Pulling up the rear of her dress he exposed her creamy white ass. Tommy then said, "Play with your pussy, baby, keep the fire going, play with it and prepare for the best fucking of your life."

I watched as he put more K-Y on his cock and then on Rebecca's asshole. He worked in a finger and as Rebecca played with herself she began to moan again, as Tommy fingered her asshole, first with one finger, then another. Becky had moved around closer to my desk as she watched. Tommy was really working Rebecca's asshole, relaxing her and obviously causing her to experience a great deal of pleasure. He set the tube of K-Y on the small of her back as he stroked his cock with his free hand. Rebecca was right where she was when she began begging for it earlier.

She was moving her ass pushing back against Tommy's fingers as he kept working her. She was masturbating like crazy as her pleasure grew and grew. I sat there watching an expert prepare his woman to receive him. From where I was sitting I could see Rebecca's asshole stretched wide open. It was pinkish red and she was so open that it briefly looked like a cavern as Tommy pulled his three fingers out and then I watched as he began using four fingers, relaxing her asshole even more while she was rubbing herself like a woman possessed.

I had never watched anything like that in any movie; every now and then he would let go of his cock to add some more K-Y to his fingers. The sounds that were coming from Rebecca's ass as well as her moaning made it clear that she loved what was going on.

I was mesmerized as I watched; I glanced over at Becky who was now standing against the wall fingering herself at a fast pace, as was I. This was exciting, watching Tommy prepare Rebecca like this. For years I have used my toys in my own ass and I took a lot of time to get myself ready. I have read where most do not and there is considerable pain. Oh, I have sometimes given myself a little pain going too fast, however, I learned very quickly what to do and what not to do.

I watched as Tommy moved. He must have felt that Rebecca was ready because he twisted his body and moved right in behind her. Aiming his cock at her asshole, with one very quick and easy movement he pulled out his four fingers and put in the head of his big black cock.

The only movement I saw from Rebecca was her using the opposite arm that was in front of her as a brace and she shoved herself back against Tommy as he slowly entered her. As he slid into her Rebecca said, "Yeah, give it to me, all of it, more, shove it in my ass, fuck that is good! OH yeAAAH OH BABY YEAH, MORE, GIVE IT TO ME FUCK ME, FUCK ME. OH JESUS I'M COMING I'M COMING FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEEE!"

I don't know why I was so surprised, but I was. Here Tommy did not have his dick even halfway inside of her but she was screaming out that she was coming. I looked at Becky and she had a glassy-eyed look as she was working one of her breasts with one hand while her other hand was working as fast as she could in and out of her hole.

Tommy kept up the pressure, pushing farther in as he continued to deliver his meat into Rebecca. He had the back of her dress up on her back and her legs were spread as wide as she could get them and still stay on her feet bent over the chair. She had dropped her face down over her hands, still holding onto the chair, and she just rested her chest on them as she was watching Becky standing just a few feet from her.

I came as I watched them fucking. I came hard, picturing that it was me over the chair with Tommy in my ass. I came because I knew I would feel what Rebecca was feeling and I hoped it would be everything that I expected it to be.

Rebecca kept going on and on about how wonderful it was, she was moaning and almost out of breath as Tommy buried himself in her. He was so deep that his thighs were tight against Rebecca's thighs and there was no daylight between them.

It wasn't enough for Tommy just to fuck her, he began talking to her. "You like that, don't you, bitch? You like that black cock in your ass, don't you, baby? Feel the log in there filling you, making you come. Feel it, baby, feel it?"

Rebecca was not in any position to carry on any kind of a conversation, she just kept saying over and over so loud I was thinking someone outside my office might hear her. All she could say was "YES, YES, YES." Over and over with each question Tommy asked her.

Looking at me with a calm face and tone he asked, "Is this what you want from me? Is this what you want to see? You want to watch the girls go crazy with my cock, don't you? You want to feel this in you, Ms. Jackson? Do you want to feel what it feels like in your ass, boss? When I finish with her, if you want, I can fuck you next. I can go all day and never get soft like white men do."

Rebecca was going nuts as he talked to me. She was using her arms to push herself backward against his invading cock. She kept getting louder and louder, and I thought she was going to let out a blood-curdling scream when Becky quickly moved over to her, knelt down and put her mouth to hers. Rebecca responded and the kissing muffled her cries.

I was extremely turned on, and I wanted to see if Rebecca could take more. And if so, just how much more could she take?

I sat up, reached in my drawer and pulled out my rubber dick. I got up and walked over to them, kneeling down alongside Tommy and Rebecca. I worked my arm in under both of their legs. I found her opening and put pressure on it, as she kept moaning from Tommy's assault on her ass. She moved her legs some to allow me more room beneath her. I felt the head of my dick begin to slide in and as it did, Rebecca's legs trembled and shook.

Once it started in I kept the pressure on it just to make sure it was in far enough for my next idea. Once inside I began to move it in and out. I reached up and took Rebecca's right hand and pulled it under her and placed it on the rubber cock I was holding in her. I said, "You do it. I'm going to sit down again and watch."

Once I felt her fingers grab hold of the rubber dick I let go, stood up and went back to my chair. I looked over at Becky and she was off in another world, her eyes locked and frozen on the pair in front of her. She was kneeling in front of Rebecca and would kiss her a bit, lean back to masturbate, then move back and kiss her again.

Rebecca began moving the cock in and out of her cunt, soon moving it faster than Tommy was pumping in and out of her ass.

As she increased her speed with her hand she began telling Tommy to go faster. It was almost an hysterical cry as she said, "FASTER, FASTER, I'M GOING TO COME AGAIN, FASTER HARDER, FUCK, FUCK IT'S COMING, OH MY GOD I'M COMING AGAIN. OH JESUS, IT IS SO GOOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH, OHHHH, OHHH MY GOD, I'M COMING, I'M COMING AGAIN, NOW, NOW, NOOOOWWW!"

I watched as her whole body shook, and Becky was kissing her again as Rebecca came. I looked at Tommy and he said, "I can do this all fucking day and not break a sweat. I can come now and keep going. Do I get my job back, boss, or should I do something else? Are you ready for my dick yet, boss?"

I sat there watching and said, "Come in her ass, I want to see you come, give her your seed, pump it in her." Becky pulled back from her kiss and Rebecca called out, "YES, OH GOD YES COME IN MY ASS, GIVE IT TO ME, NOW GIVE IT TO ME."

Tommy picked up speed and began to pump into her like a madman. Rebecca was doing the same with the rubber cock in her cunt. Tommy grabbed Rebecca's hips with his big black hands and held onto her as he pistoned in and out. Watching him reminded me of Rusty. Rusty fucked like that, fast, hard and with a purpose. He always fucked me so he could come and come hard.

I watched as Tommy's fingers dug into Rebecca's ass as he gave out a groan. As he pulled her back by the hips, the back of his ass was as tight as a sheet of steel. He was coming and coming hard. Rebecca started to scream out she was coming but Becky's lips were quickly on her mouth and they were kissing again.

I was sitting there playing with myself, loving the feeling but not coming myself. I was fascinated by the control Tommy had and the way Rebecca reacted to everything going on. This was no act on her part; she was into this, and so was Becky. Hell, I had over half the office left to interview yet and I began hoping that more of the girls would jump up and run, making my choices easier.

I sat there expecting Tommy to stop pumping in and out of her but he didn't. He came and when he finished he started up again, slamming in and out. Rebecca was dead tired; she came and let go of the rubber cock. It took some time but it slid out of her. Becky had stopped masturbating, but she kept kissing Rebecca with care and love.

Each of them held the other behind the head as they kissed. It was a lovely kiss and I sat there wanting to be kissed like that. Rebecca kept moaning but not anywhere as loud as she had before, I could tell that she was beat.

I said to Tommy, "OK, Tommy, OK. You are in the contest, but it isn't going to be just fucking and being sucked. I have some plans for you and Frank. You guys get off watching two girls, well, we are going to watch you two. If you can't handle that you may as well forget it. We will see two men do it and I mean do it. Both you boys are going to get it in the ass, so plan on it."

Becky stood and said, "Yeah, baby, I'm going to watch you fuck Frank and Frank fuck you. I can't wait, and you better plan on sucking some cock right, Linda?"

I corrected her immediately. I said, "That's 'Ms. Jackson,' dear. Let's see who's left after two weeks. Those left after that can call me Linda. She's right, Tommy, you better plan on sucking some cock cuz you ain't staying if you don't and neither is Frank."

Tommy pulled out of Rebecca and stood there looking at me. He said, "You bitches are fucking crazy. I ain't sucking any dick and I know Frank, he won't either. I ain't quitting and if after two weeks you don't want me around it's your loss."

I looked at his cock as he stood there; it was as big as it was when he stuck it in Rebecca. Becky helped Rebecca stand and she said to Tommy, "The bathroom is over there if you want to clean yourself off."

Tommy went into my bathroom and after some time running the water he came out smiling, as he walked to the door he said, "You know, maybe Frank will do it after all. I'd let him suck me and, hell, I'll even fuck him in his ass if you want, but other than that, count me out.

"I'll be in the mail room. If ya need me again, just give me a buzz."

As he walked out of the bathroom Becky helped Rebecca walk into it. She had to help her because Rebecca could hardly walk, her legs were still shaking from her incredible orgasm.

I could hear them talking in the bathroom but because of the running water I could not understand what they were saying. When they came out Rebecca was hanging her head down trying not to look at me. This bothered me, so I said, "What's wrong, Rebecca, why are you acting like this?"

"I'm so ashamed. I can't believe I acted like that and in front of both of you, too. I never thought I could do anything like that. I'm so ashamed that I lost control like that."

I got up and walked over to her. I held her and said, "Dear, I am doing things today that I never ever would have thought I would do in my whole life. I loved watching you and Tommy; I loved watching you and Becky; and I am positive you loved it also. Admit it, now, you did like it, didn't you dear? You liked doing it, and you liked being watched doing it, now, didn't you?"

Putting her head down again, she said, "That's why I'm so ashamed. I shouldn't have liked it that much. I shouldn't have come so hard or so long. I never came like that and I'm ashamed to say I want to feel that way again, I'm a sick person."

Becky spoke up and said, "If you call that sick I have no idea what I am, because I could not get enough of that myself. I can't wait to do that with Tommy or Frank. Hell, I just may go to the mailroom when I leave here, 'cuz that man can fuck!"

Rebecca looked up and said, "He sure can, he came and kept going and going. I never came so much in my life, and when you gave me that rubber thing, my god, it was like two men doing it to me. I never felt so full in my life."

I hugged her and said as I kissed her forehead, "I'm glad you are going to stay with me and give this a try. I think this is going to be one very hot two weeks for all of us."

I went back to my desk and they walked out. Just as Becky was about to close the door I said, "Before you go see Tommy, send Heather Lee in here. She's about to make a decision."

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