tagIncest/TabooLazy Night Ch. 01

Lazy Night Ch. 01


This is a fantasy based on a real life story of two cousins who were very close when they were young. They grew up together as best friends and thirty-five years later they are still the best pals. Married to their respective spouses and very happy. Their sexual encounters ended when they were young but there is an unspoken attraction, a good tension, a pull that keeps them both close and as best friends.

Chapter 1: Lazy night

My favorite cousin and his wife recently visited me and my husband for a weekend. Its always good to see them, specially my cousin. My cousin and I go back a long way. We were best of friends when we were growing up and we were very close as well. We were so much connected to each other that our moms laugh at us now remembering how we cried and screamed when one summer we were not going to be together due to conflicting vacation plans.

Anyway, my cousin I were very very close. After we caught my mom and dad having sex in their bedroom and after we spied on them for days and learned quite a bit about naughty sex, we became even more close. My cousin was the first one to pop my cherry, he was the first to lick my pussy, finger my pussy and my ass hole. He was the first to fuck my ass hole and his was the first cock I ever sucked or balls every licked or cum every drank. I absolutely loved feeling his cock in my pussy and in my ass. I loved finger fucking his tight little ass hole while I sucked his dick. It was amazing. Whatever we saw my parents do in bed, we would mimic them ourselves. This went on for a few years until we both grew up and went away to colleges in different States.

For years we did not see each other but kept in touch. Then last years of college we started to connect. We saw each other on weekends but only as cousins. I think it was both embarrassing to admit that we had sex at young age and as cousins and also because we did not know how the other would react if we talked about it. So the sexual part was left unspoken but our bond grew tighter.

A few years later, both married, we became very close. We talked about everything, our relationship and our problems. I confessed to him that I love white man's cock or a brown man's large cock. I told him I masturbate four times a day and fantasize about having anal sex. He admitted to me that he loves blonde girls and that he has an ass fetish. He loves fucking a girl in the ass and he loves when his girl finger fucks him in the ass while giving him a blow job. We wonder if this has to do with our past.

The weekend he was visiting, both my husband and his wife went to bed after a long day. I am a night owl and my cousin can't sleep to safe his life. So we both turned on the tv and started watching stupid programs but soon started just talking about life and our past. It was 2 am and the house was asleep so we started talking in whispers. We were sitting very close to each other so we can talk softly. He told me that he is a sex addict but his wife is on a more human plan. She wants it twice a week and he wants it twice a day. He told me how he showers everyday when he is alone and finger plays with his own ass and comes. How he looks at porn on the internet or has phone sex with naughty girls. I was so surprised to hear all that. I was even more surprised how much alike we were. I told my cousin about my addiction to sex. I told him sometimes I come home from lunch to change my panties because they are soaked and sticking to my pussy. How I come home get naked and lay in bed and fuck myself silly before going back to work.

This conversation was not helping the situation right now. We both had a glazed look on our faces. I think we both were thinking how we used to fuck suck and lick each other when we were young. I am wondering if he is thinking how much fun it would be to have our fucking relationship back. Can he tell my pussy is on fire or dripping wet with pussy cream for his cock? Can he tell that my ass hole it dying to feel a big fat cock in it or better yet my cousin's big tongue? Is he wondering if my pussy is still shaved bare like I used to like it? Does he think about what my tight little ass hole looks like now or what it would feel like to fuck me in the ass? I wonder how big is his cock now? I have noticed a bulge a few times and it's not small. I did not realize that we were quiet and looking at each other for over 5 minutes. Then he opened his mouth and said, you feel like going for a smoke break?

Both our spouses know that I like to smoke and when I do go on smoke breaks I take sometimes an hour to come back. I don't know what he had in mind but we both got up and left the house. It was close to 2:30 AM and the whole complex was dark. There are so many places in and around the complex where its dark and hidden and secluded. He asked me if there is a nice spot which would be good for us to smoke in. I did not know why he asked because I have my usual spots where I smoke and people watch. But this time it was different. It was middle of the night we both have been talking about sex and I was horny as hell. I told him I now a spot that is really nice and smiled. He smiled back and we walked close to each other for a few minutes. There was an open space right outside the pool room under the stairs. It was hidden from all apartments and from the pool room door. So you can imagine how secluded it was in the middle of the night with the lights turned off.

We stood there with our first smokes lit and standing very close to each other. I wonder if he can smell my pussy. I have my boxer shorts on and no panties or bra. My nipples are so hard that they are aching and I am pretty sure I felt moisture run down my inner thighs and my legs as I am dripping wet in my pussy. I noticed that his tent is coming back in his sweat pants. It was time to play the game.

I asked him for a light and stood sideways from him and very close so that the side of my thigh was rubbing against his crotch. Oh my God it was hard and definitely not small. When I was lit I turned around faced my butt against his crotch and wiggled it a bit so I can rub it and then went back to take my place which was only a couple inches away from him. I could tell he was flustered and had a large tent in his pants. I asked him if his wife likes to smoke that cigar and he did not get it at first but started laughing. He said not often enough, this cigar wants to be smoked every day more than once a day. My eyes opened wide as I realized how much sexual appetite this man has. The next smoke came quickly and I did the same routine with him. This time he took almost two minutes to light my smoke and I took almost two more minutes to enjoy my smoke after it was lit while standing in the same spot , rubbing my thighs against his huge cock. I was dripping wet and I may have already had two or three little orgasms.

When it was time for our third smoke he took longer than before to light me and I took longer than last time to move away. As a matter of fact I was about to turn around and rub my ass against his cock when he said that the smoke will finish soon might as well stay right where I was. I smiled and agreed to stay there. We were now very close to each other. His cock was wedged against the side of my thigh and rubbing very hard his one hand was on the small of my back while I could feel his chest against my breasts. After ten minutes of standing in that position and making small talk and smiling at each other, I knew I wanted to feel this man's cock better. So I turned around and pretended to show him something on the other side. I pointed my finger to some stupid thing while I stood there in front of him with his fat large cock wedged against my butt. I moved around enough so I can feel his cock rest in the crack of my ass. I was in heaven with his large cock bumping against my ass and my pussy getting wet and feeling his warm body against mine. I pretended to show him something and he pretended not to see it for another 15 minutes. After a few minutes I noticed that his cock was throbbing hard and he uncontrollably put his hand on my shoulder. I responded by moving back. Now his cock was fully wedged in the crack of my ass. I could feel his balls and his shaft and his huge head against my anus and my ass crack. A few seconds later he whimpered and I felt a big burst of wetness against my ass hole. Right then I moaned deeply and shuddered and my knees buckled as I came in gushes. I was about to fall if he had not held my arm tight.

We both quietly stood there for a couple minutes and then silently walked home.

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