tagIncest/TabooHer Trick, My Treat

Her Trick, My Treat


This is my entry into the Halloween contest and my second story. Any feedback and votes would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and enjoy.


I was up late the night before Halloween working on an essay for class. All I wanted was to binge watch all things horror, but like usual I had procrastinated and put off most of the work on a five-page essay until the last night. My teacher was old fashioned and insisted on a printed copy being turned in at the start of class tomorrow. I tried my best to keep my focus on writing my paper, but I never close my tabs when I browse the internet so they are always there to tempt me away from my schoolwork. Facebook was always one of the websites I left signed in. I was surprised when the messenger app alerted me. I wondered who would message me so late, at this point it could have been anyone, I just wanted a distraction.

All thoughts of working on my paper vanished when I saw who was messaging me. It was Lilah, my first girlfriend's little sister. A couple of weeks earlier she had friend requested me out of nowhere, I wasn't even friends with her sister anymore. I had accepted and within a day noticed some of the sexy pictures that she was posting on Facebook. The last time I had seen her she had been a short and loud little girl who was as quick to scream a cuss word at me as she was to try and kick me in the balls, which always seemed to be one of her favorite games.

In my senior year of high school shortly after I turned 18 I lost both of my parents in a car crash. I had tried to stay with my older brothers but things weren't working out. I had been dating Vivian for over a year. Her mother had always had a soft spot for me so all Vivian had to do was ask her mom and I found myself becoming a part of their family. It was just Vivian who was a few months older than me, her mom, and her 15-year-old sister Lilah. Lilah became like the little sister I never had or wanted. I tried to get along with her but she had this amazing skill to always get under my skin. This skill combined with her knack for preventing Vivian and me from having sex more times than not by annoying us made me often take out my frustrations on her.

They each had a different father but neither one of them were involved in their lives so Vivian and Lilah lacked a male authority figure. I admit sometimes I overstepped my place and scolded Lilah for her crazy actions. I tried my best to try and help her out because I could see from her rebellious nature that trouble was going to find her easily. I was critical of Lilah and tried to help her out when she was in trouble thinking that maybe we could reach an understanding, but that never happened. We stayed at each other's throats the entire time I lived with them.

I felt comfortable in that family, I was finally starting to feel like I had a home. Right when I was starting to feel like I finally was dealt a winning hand in life I found out that Vivian had been cheating on me nearly the whole time we were dating. When I found this out from her best friend I packed my stuff and prepared to leave. I had nowhere to go but I didn't care, I just wanted out. My best friend needed to get away from her overbearing father and we were able to get a cheap apartment together. Even though I hated Vivian for what she did, we kept in touch sometimes over the last three years. I hadn't ever heard from her sister.

Once I accepted Lilah's friend request I went through the pictures that she had posted on Facebook. She was still petite but her body had developed curves in the last three years since I last seen her when she was 15. She now had firm b cup tits and a tight but well-rounded ass. In one of the pictures she was sitting on her bathroom counter and she was wearing a pair of short cotton shorts. They only reached the bottom of her ass and most of her thighs were on display. I stared at this picture and had a hard time accepting that the cute little girl had evolved into this sexy young woman. To add to the strange sense of familiarity to her appearance she still had the same haircut she had when she was little. Her black hair reached nearly to the middle of her back and was always straightened.

In the next picture she was bent over towards the camera revealing most of her cleavage. I couldn't stop staring at that exposed skin so it took me a moment to look up at her face. She was flipping off the camera and sticking out her tongue. There was a metal stud in the middle of her tongue. Being with a girl who had piercings, especially a tongue piercing, was always one of my fantasies. I wondered if she had any other piercings in other places. That first night I went through all her pictures and admired her beauty. She didn't have a lot since this seemed to be a new Facebook account, so I didn't feel like too much of a creep when I made it to the first picture that she had posted which was the most innocent out of all of them from only a few months ago.

In the weeks between the friend request and her first messaging me, it seemed like a lot was going wrong for her. Her posts were annoyingly cryptic. When people would ask what was wrong she wouldn't answer. When I see a girl upset I want to do everything I can to make her happy. This has probably lead to me getting into more trouble than I would like to admit but we all have our character faults. I wanted to say that I would be there for her but I felt weird messaging my ex's little sister out of nowhere. Now it seemed Lilah did that exact thing in the middle of the night. She messaged me a simple "Hi."

I couldn't believe that the girl I had just been picture creeping through over the last couple of weeks messaged me. I tried my best to wait a couple of minutes before responding so I didn't seem too eager. I lasted all of 30 seconds before I responded with, "Hello."

"How are you doing?"

"I'm good you? We haven't talked in forever."

"Lol, I know. I'm 18 now by the way."

I knew she had been 18 for a few months from her Facebook profile, this had made me feel a little less like a pervert while I had been looking at her pictures. "What, that's crazy, last time I saw you, you couldn't even drive yet."

"Yeah, I am all grown up now."

"How have you been?"

"I'm doing bad. Like always it seems."

"What's wrong?"

There wasn't a response for a while so I went back to working on my paper. A couple of minutes later she responded with "My boyfriend cheated on me."

The thought of someone cheating on such a beautiful girl really didn't make sense to me. "That is really dumb of him, I'm sorry."

"Thanks, it just really hurts. I loved him and I have no one to talk to."

I remembered how it aches to find out your partner was cheating on you. "I'm here for you," I said and meant it. It felt a little ironic that I was trying to comfort Lilah against the very same pain that I had suffered from her sister.

To this she sent several smiley faces and responded, "Thank you."

"If I was your boyfriend I would never cheat on you." She sent me several hearts and I sent back a hugging emote. I thought about how intricate courting must have been in the past, and how now a well-timed use of an emoji went a long way into getting a guy a foot in the door sometimes.

We messaged back and forth throughout the night, asking each other about how our lives have been since I broke up with her older sister. I found out Lilah had been living with her ex-boyfriend but was now staying back home about 40 minutes away from me. Despite the vagueness in her messages, I learned that she had had a rough time in the last couple of years. She was mostly guarded about her past but I knew it had to do with her recent breakup and probably some other relationship woes. I could sympathize with her about that.

I checked my phone and realized that it was past 3 am. I hadn't even thought about working on my paper since we started talking. Right when I was going to say that I was going to go to sleep so I could work on it she said that she was tired and wanted to go to bed. I said good night and a minute later she said, "I love you."

I reread those three words to make sure that's what they really said. The three dots popped up showing she was still typing and I expected her to say something more, but then they disappeared. My heart started to beat faster but then I realized that it was most likely the sibling type of love. I typed "I love you too." I don't know how I was able to focus on my paper because I had an erection nearly the whole time from the conversation. Even though nothing sexual had happened at all, just connecting with her again had made me happy, apparently, it made my dick happy too. After two hours I finished my paper just as the sun was rising. I quickly scanned the paper for spelling errors, and after a couple of fixes, it was as good as I was going to get it.

I hit the print button and turned my monitor off. I turned off the light, which didn't make a huge difference because the soft light of morning was already entering my room. I laid down while my printer screeched and screamed during the birth of my paper. I hoped that I could get a few hours of sleep before class at noon. My erection was still going strong after trying to sleep for twenty minutes. I knew I wouldn't be able to get to sleep without masturbating.

I grabbed my phone to find something to masturbate to. I was thinking about going to a porn site but when I opened my phone from the lock screen it was still in the middle of Lilah's pictures on Facebook. I decide that these pictures are exactly what I wanted. I scrolled to the bottom of the pictures and started at the first picture she had posted. As I swiped through her pictures I saw her developing breasts start to get bigger and her feminine figure starting to become more pronounced. She must have hit puberty late.

As her body developed so did her photography skills and confidence. She started to use different angles in her pictures that let me see just how perfect her whole body was, she wore skimpier clothing and posed in sexier positions. When I got towards the most recent pictures I couldn't take it anymore and was about to cum. I squeezed my phone as I approached my climax and quickly swiped through the last of her photos. The last one was of her in shorts and a crop top bending over towards the camera and sticking out her tongue. The site of most of her thighs, flat stomach, cleavage, and tongue piercing put me over the edge. I clutched my phone as cum started to shoot out. I caught most of it in my hand and cleaned up with some tissues I kept next to my bed. I had just enough energy to set an alarm for before class and then I fell asleep.

I think I dreamed about Lilah, but they were those half-formed dream fragments from when your brain just barely dips into REM sleep before peaking back up consciousness. My alarm blared at me and woke me up. When I saw the time I realized I must have hit the snooze button several times. I bolted awake and rushed to do the bare minimum to be ready for class.

As I hurried to take a shower fragments of my dreams began to come back to me. Images of Lilah topless, but her tits covered by some sort of fog. Of her lowering down onto her knees and unbuttoning my pants. Of her licking along my shaft with that tongue stud of hers. I still had an erection from when I woke up and it was throbbing at these thoughts. I didn't have time to take care of it so I tried my best to ignore my desires.

Fifteen minutes later I was out the door. I made it to class just in time and turned in my paper on the professor's desk. I took my seat towards the back of the class and settled in. I was exhausted and had an hour and fifteen minutes to survive before I could go home and nap before my next class in two hours. I tried my best for all of five minutes to pay attention but I had already read the books the professor was droning on about and had no interest in taking notes. I stacked up several of the class's books and laid my phone sideways against it.

I spent ten minutes browsing the internet and going through different social media sites. Without meaning to I found myself looking back through Lilah's pictures. I was a little startled to see that it was Lilah who messaged me, and a lot more so when I saw her message. "So, I take it you liked my pictures?"

Does she know I'm looking at them right now, or somehow that I was looking at them last night? I swiped through her pictures and realized the stupid mistake I made the night before. I accidentally liked one of her oldest pictures. As I traced back through the photos I masturbated to the night before I realized I accidentally liked increasing amounts of them as I had squeezed my phone tighter. While before I had skipped liking a few photos every now and then, once I got towards her newest pictures and where I had reached my climax, I had liked every single photo.

I decided to try and play it cool even though I felt anything but. "Yeah, you are really beautiful. I had to like them."

"Especially the ones where you can see my tits and ass?"

Shit, she got me. I decided to double down and hoped for the best. "Yeah, how could I not like those?" From looking at her pictures I was starting to get a hard-on and I let it do the thinking for me as I added, "I wish I could see more." Unlike the previous messages she didn't read this one right away and I felt like I had finally overplayed my hand. I could probably expect a call from her older sister later yelling at me for perving on Lilah.

I tried to focus on taking notes as a distraction from my embarrassment. I still had my phone open and would glance at it occasionally. 15 minutes later I saw that she was typing. I was ready to apologize when she said, "Here are some more ;)." In the picture, I could just see her upper body and face. She had her shirt off and was just in her red bra, which complemented her slightly bronzed skin well. She was pressing her tits together so that the amount of cleavage between her tits looked even better, like the perfect amount to be able to rub my cock between. I looked around to see if somehow someone noticed my erection and could read my thoughts. Most of the other students were on their phones as well so we might as well have been on different worlds from one another.

She sent another picture with her bra strap sliding down her shoulder slightly. In the next picture, the strap hung loosely on the inside of her elbow. In the next, the straps were fully off and she was holding up the bra by cupping it against her tits. "I'm not going to be the only one sending pictures, am I?" She asked.

"I'm in class right now."


Lilah's argument was more persuasive then any academic paper could ever be. I got up and left the classroom. There were about 30 minutes left of class so I felt like I had more than enough time to see how this played out. I walked downstairs to the basement level of the building that was always less crowded than the floors above. It was perfect luck that there was no one else in the bathroom. I locked myself into the furthest stall from the door.

I had never masturbated in a public setting and I was nervous about getting caught, but the thought of getting the pictures to continue from Lilah helped me get over my nerves. I pulled out my dick and started to stroke myself. With my other hand, I held my phone and flipped through her pictures. Once I was at my hardest I held my dick up with my palm supporting it from below and to provide some scale. My dick was six and a half inches long which was about average, but it was thicker than average, a fact that I had always been proud off.

I had never sent nude pictures before but I guessed that today was a day for a lot of firsts. I switched to my camera and took a picture. I looked at it to make sure it looked good, but I wasn't a scholar in taking or viewing pictures of dicks so I figured it was good enough. I sent the picture before I decided to back out.

Almost immediately Lilah responded with "That looks like a mouthful ;)." She then sent me another picture. Her bra was gone now and she was covering up her perky tits with one arm. She had placed her arm so that I could see the bottom curves of her breast and only just barely covered up her nipples. She was looking down and slightly to the side, strands of her long her draping across her face.

In the next picture, she was cupping her tits and pressing them up and against each other. Her fingers were sprawled out and her middle fingers just barely covered up her nipples. I could see some of the edges of her areolas that were pink. I masturbated faster, I couldn't believe that I was seeing so much of this beautiful girl.

"I'm about to cum." I typed with my thumb, relying heavily on autocorrect to get my message across.

"Send me a picture when you do."

My dick was throbbing and I enjoyed what I had seen but I wanted more. "Send me a picture showing me your full tits."

This time it took her longer to reply and I started to slow my jerking down in case I got something better to look at. She responded with, "Why see them in a picture when you could see them in person. Does tonight work?" I had no plans for Halloween other than watching scary movies. The thought of being with her in person, of fondling those perky tits and her petite body pressed up against me put me over the edge and I started to cum. I moved my hand over my erupting head and caught most of it in my hand. Three thick ropes of cum shot into my hand and stretched across my fingers. I switched to my camera and took a picture of my cum filled hand and sent it.

"That's a lot! Make sure to save some for later."

"Ok I will try but who knows, maybe I might get bored during my next class."

"Careful you might get caught and be known as the chronic masturbator at school." That made me laugh. I wouldn't want that, but with the right motivation, I would be willing to risk it.

"Good point."

I leaned against the wall and wiped my hand off with toilet paper. I washed my hands and walked back to class. I was only gone for about 15 minutes. When I walked back towards my seat I wondered if anyone suspected what I just did. I tried not to smile so big, but couldn't help it. I felt like I was going to float away with joy but I decided to just go with the happiness.

During the day Lilah let me know that there was a costume party later and asked if I wanted to be her date. I said yes even though I hadn't bought a new costume this year. She asked if I had a costume with a mask and I told her I had a Michael Myers one from last year. She said that was perfect. My other classes were the ones that I liked more than the first one of my day, but after what happened I think that the one I left to sext Lilah in would always have a special place in my memories.

I was done with school around 5 pm and I went home and started to get ready. When I stepped out of the shower I saw that Lilah had messaged me asking when I would head over. I said I would be there in 40 minutes and rushed to get ready. Once ready I put her address in my phones GPS and started driving. Lilah lived in the next city over that adjourned the one I lived in. While I lived near the heart of the cities that were bunched up in the desert, Lilah lived in one of the outskirt cities that was more open desert then developed city. The sun was on its slope downward as I pulled onto the freeway and started the longest leg of the drive.

I had my phone connected to my cars stereo system and was listening to music. The messaging chime interrupted my music first once and then twice. At a red light I unlocked my phone and looked down to see that Lilah had messaged me. "Here's a sneak peek." After the message was a picture taken at a downward angle showing off her entire body. She was wearing a tight white button up top and with a large opening on top that allowed me to see down her cleavage, or part of it because she had one hand under her shirt caressing her tit. She was wearing a plaid skirt that didn't even go to the middle of her thighs. Her legs opened so that the skirt rose up allowing me to see most of her inner thighs. I was lucky I was at a red light because if I had been driving I probably would have hit a tree. While I had seen her in less earlier, the outfit as a whole added to her sexiness. I couldn't wait to see it in person.

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