tagGroup SexLearning Curve Ch. 05

Learning Curve Ch. 05

byParis Waterman©

Alena had no classes the following day and lounged around until noon, and then went shopping for a new dress and matching shoes.

On returning to her apartment, she opened the laptop and found an interesting response to her advertisement.

Couple, disease free, seek female to play with. $$$ to be made. Call _________. Ask for Patty.

Alena had to smile as she read the ad. Then she called the number and got an answering machine. She left an appropriate message, adding that she expected $300 for two hours work and gave them her phone number.

An hour later an anxious female called.

"Hi, I'm Patty. Are you the one answering the ad?"

"Yes, I am. You know the price?"

"Yes, we're fine with it."

"Okay, I'm free this evening...."

"We were hoping you might be available in the next hour or so."

"That's possible. Let me rearrange my schedule and... if you'll give me an address and directions...."

They agreed to meet at a restaurant first before heading off to the couple's apartment. Alena showed up on time and immediately recognized the couple from their pictures. She made a bee-line for their table and the man; whose name she remembered was Terry, quickly stood and held her chair out for her.

"Thank you, Terry," she said, feeling an embarrassment coming on because they were dressed so well and she had worn her $52, 'fuck me', low cut red dress.

"I love your dress," The woman, Patty said with enough sincerity in her voice that Alena believed her.

Terry's eyes never left her breasts as he ordered a bottle of white Italian wine for them.

"As you can tell from the way Terry's ogling them, we think you have splendid tits. I prefer calling them tits, as opposed to breasts or tata's, or any other name you can think of," Patty laughed.

"I don't care what you call them as long as you like them," Alena said, more seriously than intended.

"Good, I think we'll all get along just fine. Terry is 28, and I'm somewhat older... 35, truth be told. You're probably 20 – 21, am I right?"

""I'm 20, going on 21."

"Are you concerned with Terry's endowment?"

"Not in the least," Alena responded.

Patty smiled, Cheshire-like. "I like your answer. Actually, he's hung like a horse. What are you, Dev, eight or nine inches?'

"Eight and a half, Patty."

Alena studied Patty while the waiter hovered about, making suggestions. Her dark hair was braided and wrapped over the top of her head. Her make-up was expensive yet designed to look as if it hadn't been applied. She wore a full length caftan which didn't reveal much of her figure, but Alena knew she had a lovely figure under it and was anxious to see them both nude.

"Am I to take it that you find me acceptable?" Alena asked when the waiter left with their orders.

"We haven't decided yet," Terry said as he placed his hand on hers; sudden warmth swept over Alena. She liked them both, and wanted the night to go well.

"Will I know by the time dinner's over?"

"Yes," Patty answered for them, "We'll definitely know by then." Then she proceeded to enlighten Alena about their sexual interests, and when Alena registered no apparent shock and remained seated, actually smiling at them as Patty discussed one sordid possibility after another. Patty smiled back and said, "You'll do, just fine. Our apartment is nearby, would you prefer dessert first, or would you prefer us for dessert?"

"I'd prefer the two of you... but I'd like the money up front."

"When we get to the apartment," Terry said off-handedly.

"Um, I'd prefer it now, if you don't mind."

"Why now?" Patty asked, revealing that she was somewhat peeved by Alena's demand.

"Simply for security reasons; I'll deposit the money in my ATM account on the way to the room. You should appreciate this," she said giving them both a broad smile. "One, acceptance of the money removes me as a potential law enforcement agent. And two, it protects me in the event the two of you are, in fact, law enforcement yourselves."

"Actually it does neither," Terry said as he signaled Patty that he was fine with Alena's request and reached for his wallet, peeled off four hundred dollar bills and gave them to Alena, who put them in her purse.

They had to make a slight detour to allow Alena to deposit the money, and then made directly for the apartment.

Terry had Alena sit on the sofa after they reached the room while Patty 'got into something more comfortable.'

When she returned, Alena turned her attention to Patty. She was a statuesque brunette, wearing only a man's white shirt, a thong, black stockings and endowed with a gigantic pair of breasts and a very slim waist. Her hair was tied into a single ponytail. Quite frankly, her facial features were plain. Alena thought that if not for the huge breasts, Patty wouldn't get a second look from the drug store cowboys who stood on the corner every night.

"First things first, I always say," Patty giggled and then moved to take Alena in her arms and kissed her while her right hand fondled Alena's left breast.

"Mmmm, nice and firm," Patty chirped."Feel mine; I'm not wearing a bra."

Alena gave Patty's breast a light squeeze and ran her palm over a rapidly hardening nipple.

"Patty likes having her tits played with," Terry said, not having moved from his chair which was directly across from the two women.

"Don't we all?" Alena laughed and gave Patty's other breast the same treatment.

Then she reached around Patty and drew her close and kissed her. Alena let her fingers draw across Patty's ears and down to her neck. Patty moaned and her breathing accelerated. Alena nuzzled in closer, their legs entwined, and she began kissing Patty's neck, nibbled on her earlobe, and then sucked along the edge of the ear.

"Whoa, you two should get a room," Terry laughed and approached the women.

"We have a room, darling," Patty whimpered as she worked a hand under the neckline of Alena's dress and teased the nipple she found waiting there.

"Mmm, how do you want to do this, Patty?" Alena whispered.

"With as much enjoyment as possible," Patty replied while producing a cigarette lighter and a joint containing some very potent marijuana, a strain appropriately named, appropriately enough, 'Thunderfuck,' which she passed to Alena after lighting up and taking a toke.

After everyone had a hit, Terry said, "Now that we're relaxing, why don't you come outside with me to catch a breath of fresh air. You and I can watch a beautiful sunset from the balcony."

Alena stood up and walked over to the balcony door Terry was holding open, and they walked out onto the secluded, screened-in balcony.

Patty sat in a well-positioned easy chair, ready to enjoy whatever came next, content to play the part of voyeur watching her husband and Alena through the glass door. Terry offered the joint to Alena, who accepted it and took a deep hit, and relaxed.

Terry embraced her and she clung to him, caressing his back as he touched her hair and then her face.

"Mmmm," Alena sighed when he kissed her. Alena's mood went through several cycles in rapid succession. The weed certainly played a role in her actions, but she had been anticipating this double coupling ever since she'd read their ad.

Her hands were all over him, she grabbed his ass as he pressed a hand on her breast.

They continued kissing, swapping spit, dueling tongues... she reached for him, squeezed his erection as he freed her left breast from the skimpy folds of her red dress. Seconds later her dress was on the floor of the balcony and she stood there wearing just a thong and heels, in full view of anyone happening to look out their window in their direction.

Patty called out to them, "You two better get back inside. Security will be getting calls about some exhibitionist in our apartment. We don't want that."

They returned to the room, closing the balcony drapes and moving to join Patty, who was removing her white shirt. Alena smiled appreciatively on seeing Patty's breasts, which jutted proudly, with no noticeable sag whatsoever.

"I hope I look that good when I'm your age, Patty," Alena said and meant it.

"Thank you, Alena. It's always nice to hear I've got great tits."

The only garments remaining on Patty's body was a thong, a black pair of highly erotic thigh highs with a scalloped design in the elastic at the top, and heels, which gave her legs a sexy look.

Then a serious expression crossed Patty's face. She whispered a couple of words to her husband and he nodded. Turning to Alena, she said, "C'mon, sweetie, have you ever used a bidet?"

"Um, no... I haven't," Alena replied, thinking, 'What do I know about those things? Nothing, nothing at all, except it's a device for women to cleanse themselves... maybe.'

The two women marched into the master bathroom together and closed the door behind them. "I hope I'm not embarrassing you by bringing you in with me, but I have to go and I didn't want you and Devon starting without me," Patty said as she squatted over the toilet and let loose a forceful stream of urine.

Alena watched soberly as Patty grabbed a handful of toilet paper and wiped herself.

"Did you think I brought you in here for some water sports?" she asked playfully.

Alena wasn't sure what Patty meant and didn't reply.

"Well in a way I did. Watch me while I make use of the bidet. It's a lovely tool, I just wish I had one at home."

That said Patty squatted over the bidet, and facing Alena, reached back and turned on the water. "You need to bend down to see what's going on. The water shoots up and cleans the pussy, or if I shift a little... like so... the water hits my ass. At any rate it feels delightful and cleans one at the same time."

Patty stood up and turned. Alena saw that her behind was still dripping water off of it. Patty took a small towel from the rack alongside the toilet and wiped herself dry.

"Now you try it, Alena."

"I... I didn't pee," she protested.

"No, but I'm going to eat that lovely pussy of yours. I'd like it nice and clean for me. So..." she gestured toward the bidet with her hand. "...Please?"

Nodding her acceptance, Alena positioned herself over the bidet and sank down.

"It's perfectly acceptable to sit on the edge, I prefer squatting over it, but that's a matter of choice."

Alena sat on the edge and looked at Patty for guidance.

"Just turn the water on... as you would a sink."

Alena turned the water on and jerked slightly when the stream hit her genitals.

"Now use your hand to wash the area clean," Patty instructed.

Alena felt a little pleasurable thrill as she brushed over her pussy, sneaking a couple of light touches to her clit.

Patty laughed. "I do that myself. It's hard not to touch it after the water hits it a couple times."

"Oh!" was all Alena could say.

"Want to share another joint?" Patty asked quietly. She had a feeling her husband had his ear to the bathroom door.

"Sure," Alena replied, "Why not?'

She tossed the towel to Alena, "Dry off." Then she reached into her purse, produced the joint and lit up. After taking a deep drag and holding it in, she passed it to Alena.

Alena was putting the marijuana to her lips when Patty dropped to her knees, and using both hands, parted Alena's legs. Alena, concentrating on the toke she was imbibing into her lungs, hardly noticed anything amiss until Patty's tongue began lapping at her pussy.

"Ohhhh!" she moaned, for the combination of weed and tongue brought on a rapturous feeling that spread throughout her body lightning fast.

Patty quickly added several fingers to aid her tongue and Alena's knees started to cave on her. Bracing herself on the bidet, she managed to keep herself from falling to the floor and in the process, provided Patty with a wider target from which to attack her cunt.

Alena's first coherent thought while this was going on was that she was still holding the joint, and took another toke from it while her free hand went down to caress Patty's head.

Her orgasm hit quickly, and to Alena's surprise, Patty abruptly left off her tonguing, took back the joint, and told her to get ready for Terry.

Both women looked a little flushed in the face when they emerged from the bathroom. Patty looked like the cat after eating the canary. Alena resembled Little Red Riding Hood on looking under the covers for her grandma, and seeing the wolf.

"Why not help him take his clothes off, dearie?" Patty inquired mischievously.

Alena took a step toward Terry, who moved much quicker in her direction. He was obviously highly aroused. She helped him off with his suit jacket and tie, while he kicked off his loafers. She loosened his belt, opened some buttons and pulled down his zipper.

They both watched his trousers drop to his ankles before he stepped out of them. His erection was poking out of the fly of his boxers as they both sank onto a white L-shaped couch.

Alena took it in both hands and stroked it slowly.

"He still has some things on, dearie," Patty cooed from where she stood watching.

"Oh!" Alena said, and let loose his stiff cock to pull his undershirt up and over his head. What's the matter with me? She thought, and ran a hand over his chest, noting his solid frame. Do what you're supposed to do. Seduce them. She told herself, then tugging on his chest hair with her left hand, she leaned in and sucked his nipples in turn while relocating his hardon with her other hand and slowly jerking him off.

"She's very good!" Terry croaked to his wife.

"I thought she would be," Patty replied as she sank two fingers into her own cunt, and grunted with satisfaction.

"Are we sticking to the plan?" Terry asked breathlessly.

Patty didn't reply immediately, but moved over to them and placed herself against Alena's flank and began rubbing herself against the younger woman. Terry breathed a deep sigh and leaned forward to feed on her succulent puffied nips.

Alena kissed the back of her neck then sucked on the juncture between neck and shoulder, leaving a sizable hickies as a souvenir, while Patty sucked contentedly on her nipple.

Suddenly the impact of having both breasts sucked at once hit home. Alena's cunt sang out and she groaned loudly.

"She likes having her tits sucked," Terry laughed.

Feels good," Alena croaked. "Suck them harder. I can feel it in my clit."

"Ah, an appreciative comment, I like that," Terry laughed and did exactly as requested, causing Alena to moan even louder.

Meanwhile, Patty had left off Alena's nipple and was busy opening her jeans.

Alena used the time to shake the shirt from Patty's body, revealing an interesting, if minimal tan line around each of her breasts, and a purple thong.

"Now I would have sworn you had no tan lines at all. You certainly fooled me there," Alena laughed.

"Suck them!" Patty hissed.

Obligingly, Alena hefted a breast up to her mouth and licked a nipple. She realized that Terry was no longer seated next to her, but didn't look to see where he'd gone, thinking he was doing something to Patty.

Patty's thick, rubbery tip popped out a little after some strenuous suction by Alena.

"Suck it harder," Patty whined as she combed her fingers through Alena's hair. Alena opened her mouth wide on the teat and gave it a hard suck, making a big slurping noise.

"Yesssss, like that," Patty groaned happily.

After a moment more at that breast, Alena moved to the other, running circles around it with her tongue. Then she played windshield wiper, moving from nipple to nipple, biting, chewing and sucking while Patty moaned and groaned joyously.

"So good! Oh, you are so fucking good at this! I love it!"

Alena laid a hand on Patty's thong. It was hot and very damp. She pressed the hand into the woman's crotch and kissed her hungrily. Patty spread her legs wide in invitation.

When Alena's fingers found their way inside the thong, Patty arched up against her hand. The kissed continued for a time, during which Alena's fingers made their way into Patty's drenched cunt.

Patty broke the kiss with a gasp. "Wait!" she croaked and raising her legs, stripped the thong off and threw it aside.

Alena could smell her.

But rather than attacking the glistening black thatched pussy, Alena returned to Patty's huge breasts and fingered both nipples between thumbs and fingers.

Patty's face shone with sweat.

Alena looked down between Patty's legs. Her knees flapped open and closed like butterfly wings. Alena let her fingertips caress their way across the other's stomach and into the dark hair between her legs. Alena's fingers parted Patty's outer lips and were greeted by soft, slick flesh. The big-breasted woman was drenched. Alena ran a finger up and down the length of her slit, testing. Patty's body jerked in response.

"Like that?"

"Shit, I love it!"

Alena used two fingers, and drew them softly up and down on either side of Patty's clit. She whimpered and bit her lower lip.

"A little softer, a little slower," she whispered.

Using two fingertips, Alena went a little softer and a little slower. Patty held her breath and her face twisted up. And then, with a sudden rush, she yelled; her eyes and mouth opened wide. For a moment she breathed in quick bursts. And then she groaned. "Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Oh, my god!"

It was then that Alena saw Terry standing next to them, stroking his erection and smiling down at them.

"Go on," he said, "Eat her."

Alena didn't hesitate, but lowered her face to Patty's cunt. The woman's pungent aroma tickled her nostrils. Her pussy looked so soft and inviting. The hair at the center was all sticky with moisture. Alena stuck her tongue out and ran it up and down Patty's slit.

Then, using both tongue and fingers, Alena went to work on Patty, licking, sucking, biting and manipulating her fingers to every conceivable part of the woman's vagina until Patty was climaxing with a violent series of almost convulsive shudders.

Patty's hands were clutching Alena's shoulders hard. Her face was flushed, and a little dark river of mascara ran down her cheek.

It occurred to Alena that this was the time for Terry to be sinking his cock into one of them, but when she glanced at him, he was jerking off, eyes closed.

"Are you..." Alena began, but just then, Terry started to shoot his load on the two women. It was a copious amount of semen he sprayed on them, getting a large portion in Alena's red hair and an almost equal amount on Patty's breasts.

Then still jerking his shrinking penis, he fell on top of the women, kissing and hugging them indiscriminately. Moments later, he started lapping up the traces of semen on Patty's breasts, and when satisfied he'd gotten most of it, he moved to Alena, licking at various points in her hair while Alena sat passively without so much as a smirk on her face.

When terry finished licking both women clean of his semen, Alena managed to slide slowly to her knees.

"Oh, baby!" Patty cooed when Alena's hand reached back, found Patty's pussy and sent two fingers into the older woman. A moment later, Alena took Terry's semi-hard cock into her mouth and started to suck him off.

"Jesus... she's doing us both at the same time!" Terry exclaimed.

"We've got all night, dear. Why don't you take a shower? Clean up for us?"

"All right, Patty. I will."

"Don't play with yourself, darling!" she called out as he entered the bathroom. And looking down at Alena's face, now inches from her bushy cunt, Patty said, "Wait just a minute. I have something for us to play with."

Terry went directly to the shower, turned it on and then retreated back to the bathroom door and after turning the lights off, cracked it open.

The women were already moaning as Patty produced an 18" long, double-headed dildo that he had bought her as a birthday novelty gift several years earlier. To his knowledge she had never made use of it. But seeing that it was certainly being used to its fullest capacity at the moment, with one end deeply embedded in each woman, it presented him with the most libidinous picture he had ever imagined.

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