tagMind ControlLeave Me at the Altar Will You

Leave Me at the Altar Will You


Imagine loving someone enough to accept them treating you like shit all of the time. Having to put up with getting dumped if you get laid off, getting told that you had to give up all of your old friends and only see your love, being made to work long hours to support someone who just wants to spend your money and, to top it all off, watching her marry someone else without warning.

That was me during the 1980s. I could do nothing right. My girl, Michelle, kept me at a distance unless I had money to spend on her. Only later in life did I realize that she led me around like a puppy dog on a leash. The only thing she forgot was that puppy dogs had teeth.

I went into the Air Force for many reasons, actually joined in 1987 during the Reagan years. One of the main reasons I joined had nothing to do with seeing or serving my country, it had to do with supporting a family. Michelle's marriage lasted only 6 months and left her pregnant and back home. I was allowed to come and see her and the baby for a while and then trouble set in and I became persona non grata again for a while. Of course things settled down but Michelle decided that she needed to get away from Florida, where we were living so the family decided to pack up and move to Upstate New York.

Not having a job to start if I went up too left me feeling rather useless so I went to talk to a recruiter who got me the job I wanted. The deal was that I would get stationed as close to the area where Michelle's family was and after I got settled into the first base then Michelle and I would get married. All seemed going to plans until Michelle threw a monkey wrench into the plans. Oh she had lots of excuses but nothing made much sense. I was left to explain to my home church why the marriage had to be canceled two days before it was supposed to happen. It was then that I started to plot my revenge.

One of the nice things about being in the service is the GI Student Loan program. I was able to sign up for college and the GI Bill paid for everything while I was in the service without need for student loans. One of the classes I signed up for was Psychology because I knew that the theory of hypnosis was taught through the class. I spent most of my time studying hypnosis, doing papers and even giving class speeches, anything to get me more time for study. Because I gave a good storey to the instructor, she spent time teaching me more than the theory of hypnosis so by the time the semester was over I was pretty sure that hypnotizing someone wouldn't be a problem.

I had been given a new assignment soon after the failed marriage attempt that sent me from New Hampshire to South Korea. I was there for a year and it was there that I began my studies. I tweaked my skills by hypnotizing some of the female airmen around me and testing how far I could go with my subjects. I started out with women that I knew were attracted to me to build up my confidence but by the time I got out of the service two years later, I was able to hypnotize even the women that found me not to their liking. My first task to accomplish after getting out of the service was to ascertain where Michelle was living and if she were single still. That accomplished I packed my bags and moved near where Michelle was living. It was time to put my plans into action.

I met Michelle at work and invited her to stop by my place really quick. Of course she refused so I reached into my pocket and pulled out my new watch. It was one of those brass ones that hang from a chain and I had it polished to a shiny gleam. I knew that Michelle had a soft spot for shiny objects and would love to hold my watch or better yet, for me to give it to her. Instead I dangled the watch just out of her reach and told her that if she didn't try to grab the watch from me she could have it. I then moved the watch closer for her to see while keeping a close watch on her eyes. When I noticed that her eyes seemed to try to stare deeply into the watch as the light from the sun danced off of it I began my mantra in low tones.

"Keep your eyes on the watch, Michelle. It holds many secrets for those who can look deeply enough into the face. Just looking is making your feet feel more relaxed, isn't it? Can you feel the relaxation moving up your legs now?"

Michelle was slowly sinking into a low trance. Any noises louder than my voice right now would break the spell so I gave her a quiet suggestion.

"Michelle, when you hear me say 'terminal' then you will go into a trance and hear only my voice. When I say 'pivot' then you will awaken and not remember what we did or discussed while in your trance until I let you, nod your head if you understand."

At Michelle's nod I told her, "You will do everything I ask without hesitation because you trust me to keep you safe, nod your head if you agree." and she nodded again.

I next suggested that she call her mom and let her know that she is going to the mall with friends from work and then maybe catch a bite to eat. I listened as Michelle picked up her cell phone and did just that in a chipper voice.

"Michelle, you are going to get into your car and follow me to my new house. I am going to bring you out of your trance so you can drive safely but you will not be able to stop following me, nod if you agree." When she nodded I left her standing by her car while I walked over to get mine. When I was in the car and had driven it up to where she was, I leaned out the window and whispered "pivot' and she woke up and got into her car with a frown. I'd have to work on her attitude when I got the chance.

The drive to my house was uneventful. After we both were parked I said 'terminal" and walked her inside the house. I had her sit down and decided to deepen her trance some more.

"Michelle, I'm going to bring you out then put you back into a trance 5 times. Each time you go back under you will be more relaxed and each time I bring you out you will be happier to be with me. You will remember all of the times I was there for you and all of the things I did to make you happy. You will forget more and more of the problems that have been used against me to keep me away."

It was my intention to make her more willing for what was to come but it turned out to have a farther reaching effect on her but I didn't know it at the time. I went through the trance deepening method over the next 5 minutes and then left her in the deepest trance ever.

"Michelle I am going to ask you some questions and you will answer honestly. Is that okay?"

"Yes" she replied.

"Okay Michelle, here we go. Have you ever sucked a man's dick?"

"Andy made me do it once but I didn't like it and I threatened to bite his thing off if he got it near my mouth again."

Andy was her ex-husband and he had been a real bastard. I believe he probably messed her up so much that she was afraid of marriage back when we were supposed to get married but I wanted her to forget about him for a while and I also wanted to get her over her inhibitions about body parts.

"Michelle, you will not mention Andy in my presence unless I command you too. When I do let you refer to him then you will only call him 'bastard'. Also, I do not have a thing, I have a dick and you have a pussy, you will refer to these sex organs by these names. Do you understand everything I have said so far?"

"Yes David."

"Michelle, you are starting to feel warm. I am going to bring you out of your trance and you will see that we are watching TV and will remember everything that has happened on the show since you came in. The TV show you are watching is your favorite soap opera and it will soon start getting sexy. As it gets sexy, you will feel warmer and start undressing but you will not notice that you are undressing. When you are completely undressed then you will start taking off my clothes but again you will not notice what you are doing. As you are doing this the show will only be getting sexier and you will feel excited but you will not try to touch yourself. When you can't stand the excitement that has grown in you, you will lean over in my lap and begin licking and sucking on my dick. You will bring me to climax and I will cum in your mouth. Only after you have drunk all of my sperm and licked anything that escaped up will you be able to cum yourself and it will be the best orgasm you have experienced so far. Are you ready to begin?"

Over the next hour, after saying pivot, I watched Michelle take her clothes off and then I helped her take mine off by shifting around to give her better access. Not long after she got me completely naked, Michelle's head delved into my lap and her mouth hungrily devoured my dick. She licked and sucked me off like a starving woman until I finally came in her mouth then slurped every drop she could find into her greedy mouth. When this task was finally complete she leaned back and, with a shuddering groan, collapsed into her climax. I let her come completely back before saying 'terminal' again.

"Michelle, did you enjoy that?"

"Yes, I did"


"Because you didn't force me to do this and because I know you won't hurt me if I do not do what you ask."

"No I won't hurt you but you have hurt me. For your punishment I want you to go home tonight and tell everyone at your house that you saw me at the mall and I looked extremely sad. You will go to bed remembering how you have hurt me and you will dream that I killed myself because of the pain you caused me. In the morning you will waken and won't feel better until you have told everyone that you have been lying to them. You will admit that you have been lying to then about everything about me and that you have missed my companionship. You will also realize that I am the only man who excites you and that because of that you will dump any man you are seeing without even giving them a hug or kiss. You will return any gifts that they have given you. The bad news is that you will forget where I am living as soon as you leave here and will have to search for me."

"Each night as you watch your favorite soap opera on tape you will begin to feel sexy but you will not be able to do anything to help yourself. Only I can help you climax; only I can satisfy your desires. Every time anything sexual is talked about, or seen on TV, or even read about, you will think of me. You will feel desperate until you have found me and gotten me into bed with you."

Before I brought her out from her trance I had her get dressed in all but her panties. She was to believe that she had an accident at work and stained them badly so she tossed them out. I also had her write down her cell phone number so I could call her, put her into as trance and bring her over for more sex until her family accepted me back into the fold. I then gave her directions to get back to her jobsite that she was to remember only when coming to my place and going back and then forget as soon as she was back.

Her next trip was only a week later, again on a Friday. Again I had her use the mall and dinner excuse and this time she drove herself over. When she arrived I put her back into a trance and asked her what was going on at home. A small battle was rising because for the longest time, Michelle had been telling everyone how mean I was talking about them and now she was admitting that she'd made everything up. Boy was she in the doghouse. "Michelle, have you been watching your soaps?"


"Do you need my help with anything?"

"David I need you to touch me. You are all I can think about and I just need your hands on me."

"Michelle I want you to remember sucking my dick last week and the orgasm you had when you were finished. Today you will suck my dick but it won't bring you to climax. This time you will start sucking on me and then look up and ask me to lick your pussy. Only by us doing this in the 69 position will you be able to cum and this one will be better than last time. Now I want you to stand in front of me and slowly strip. When you are done you will present your breasts to me so I can kiss each nipple. After I've done that you will take my own clothes off and then go into the bathroom, warm the water up in the sink and then use my scissors, shaving cream and razor to shave all hair off your pussy. From now on you will keep your pussy shaved clean. When you are done you will lay down on my bed for my inspection. If I approve then I will kiss your pussy and then you will stand up and undress me. When I am completely undressed you will guide me into the bathroom by my dick and with careful and loving hands you will shave the hair off of my dick and balls. You will begin when I say "pivot'."

I watched my private strip show and then followed Michelle into the bathroom. I have a large mirror over the sink so someone standing in front of the mirror can see what you are doing from the waist up. I stood behind Michelle and reached around her and began rubbing her breasts. She leaned back into my chest and closed her eyes to a squint but never stopped shaving her pussy. I let my dick slide between her ass cheeks and rubbed it along her crack. Michelle's immediate reaction was to stop what she was doing and demand that I keep my dick away from her ass. My response was just as quick.

"Terminal." Michelle stood limply in front of me, with her eyes closed and her hands loosely holding onto the razor.

"Michelle, from now on you will NEVER tell me no. Everything I do to you is okay with you because you know you deserve it. I wasn't trying to fuck your ass just then so chill out, relax and enjoy everything. To apologize you will first French kiss me while facing away from me and then you will turn to face me. You will look me in the eye and apologize then you will kneel down and suck my dick until I tell you to stop. You will then stand up to finish your task but before you begin shaving again, you will position between your ass cheeks again. Pivot."

It was so good to see the way Michelle followed what I said. I decided to let her suck my dick for only a few minutes because I had other plans for my cum now. I knew that her ex-husband had forced her to have anal sex on their wedding night because when she came she called out my name instead of his. I also knew that she wasn't supposed to be thinking of him right now but I thought I'd test the waters.

"Michelle, do you trust me?"

"I guess so David"

"Do you want to try something new?"

"I'm not sure."

"Reach into the cabinet under the sink and get out the KY that's there, please."

After a few seconds hesitation she got it from under the sink and handed it to me.

"Michelle, lean over the sink and relax. I'll stop any time you say so, okay?"

"Okay. Just promise that you won't hurt me, okay?"

Without answering I smeared a little KY onto my right hand and rubbed my fingers together to get the jelly thinned out some. I then began rubbing her ass hole with a gentle swirling motion of my finger. I kept my finger out of her ass for a few minutes but did dip my fingers down into her pussy to help with thinning the KY. I watched Michelle close her eyes and a sigh escaped her lips but it wasn't until she asked me to slip a finger into her ass that pushed my finger inside her.

Her ass was tight from tension but soon relaxed when I slowly slid my finger in and out. It wasn't long that I had her hips swaying back and forth in time with my finger. Soon a second finger joined the first. I took the time to squirt some more KY onto my fingers and slid them as deeply as I could into her ass. I stopped long enough to get the applicator from the Preparation H and slip it onto the KY tube and slid the applicator up her ass to add more lubrication. By now, Michelle knew what I meant to do and was just a bit nervous, but she wasn't complaining because my fingers were soon back to sliding in and out or her ass again. By now a third finger had joined the other two and a smile was spread across her face. It was time for my dick.

When Michelle first felt the head of my dick against her ass hole, she tensed up and started to turn around. I was able to get her to relax and talked her into trying anal sex with me without using any hypnotism. I slowly began pushing my dick into her ass and was amazed at how easily the head slipped in. I stopped pushing when I felt her tense up and stood still until I felt her relax. It wasn't long until my dick was half way into her ass. Michelle's first reaction was to try to lift herself off of my dick but I grabbed her hips and pulled her back and then stopped all action.

I leaned over Michelle's back and began kissing her neck and ear lobes. I also reached around to begin playing with her tits again. I figured I had to try to do something to get her mind off of where my dick was. When I had her totally relaxed, I reached back down to her hips and pulled her back onto my dick as I slowly pressed forward. It wasn't long until my dick was totally submerged deep inside Michelle's ass. I let her rest for a few seconds and then began sliding my dick in and out of her much as my fingers had done earlier. Soon, Michelle was as into having my dick in her as much as I was so I was able to pick up speed. I don't know how long I lasted, but soon I was flooding Michelle's ass with my cum.

I let Michelle finish up the task of shaving her pussy while I washed up in the shower. When she was done and I had kissed her nipples, I let her clean herself up and then follow me into the bedroom. I had her climb up onto me and immediately began 69ing with her. It took only a few licks to have Michelle cumming since she had been getting hornier and hornier the whole time but could only cum when we 69ed. I then had her turn around and kneel on top of me so she could ride me until I came again, this time filling her pussy.

By this time, it was time for Michelle to go so I put her into and gave her instructions on how to get home. I decided that she would soon "find" me so we could continue having sex but I wanted to do one more thing. I had just one fantasy to fulfill and before I woke Michelle up I explained to her what I wanted her to do.

"Michelle, do you know any women that you find sexually exciting?"


"Any that you think you would want to see naked if you were a man?"


"Michelle I want you to begin having lunch with this woman. You will be touchy feely to make her relax but you won't be sexual with her. You will, however, start finding yourself drawn to this woman and she will start exciting you. You will also mention to her that you know a magician who can do all sorts of magic tricks. Only after she is comfortable being with you and comfortable seeing your magician will you "find" me. You will also "find" my phone number and call me to let me know when you are going to stop by and with whom. Do you understand?"


"Okay. Pivot."

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