tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLeela and Her Toy

Leela and Her Toy


Leela stood under the hot stream of water in her apartment. She liked to take a hot shower each day before work, it relaxed her. Leela stood there enjoying the feeling of the warm water for one last moment before stepping out, The shower turning itself off automatically.

The purple haired mutant stood in her bathroom being automatically blow dried. She stood five foot eleven inches tall and had a lean physique. Her face had her one round eye just below her purple hair. Leela had full wet lips which smiled at the warm breeze sensation she was experiencing. Below her strong shoulders were her ample breasts each topped with a pink nipple. Between her long slender legs was her neatly trimmed pussy - it had a small lit of hair just above her slit but was otherwise bare.

Leela looked down at her new toy. It was a pair of panties but with a difference. The material was just like normal panty material but with a hi-tech feature which enabled the user to change the shape into anything they wanted. Leela had chosen to have a six inch protrusion into her pussy and a slight raise at the back to rub against her asshole. And of course, they vibrated. She slid the tight blue panties on cooing softly at the penetration, she could already feel herself getting wet.

To complete her outfit she slid on a tight white vest and skintight black leggings. Putting on here boots she set off to work at Planetary Express. As she was not wearing a bra her nipples became extremely obvious as she walked, poking out obscenely - they drew frequent stares from passers by.

By the time she arrived at the large red building where she worked she was completely dripping wet and aching for release. But everyone was there. During the company meeting Fry kept on staring at her cleavage and she did as best she could not to squirm too much as both her holes were pleasured. Eventually giving in to temptation she subtly slid her hand in between her legs to her aching clit. No one noticed as she had her hand down her panties and began to rub her clit in tiny circles.

She played with herself intently as the professor went on about some nonsense of a life threatening delivery they would have to make that day. As she toyed with her clit she could feel herself coming close to the edge and to climax. Her eye rolled back into her head and she shuddered slightly as she came. Leela could feel her juices flood her panties and coat her hand. Looking around, everyone else seemed as bored as hell anyway so there was no doubt that they were busy staring off into the distance and had missed her display.

After having relived her pressure she decided to load the ship with who knows what so they could deliver it to some far corner of the universe. Faithfully though, the device buzzed on. Just then Bender arrived right on time. Late.

On board the ship they were two hours into their seven hour journey and Leela could feel the need to orgasm build again. She began to rub her pussy through the damp material of her leggings. She knew it was going to be a long flight so she just sat back in her chair and played with herself - trying to avoid undue attention. She twisted her nipples and fondled herself a bit but mainly she teased her clit until she was on the edge and then stopped.

Leela eventually pulled out a thin remote and decided to extend the nub against her ass to six inches. She was so horny she needed the double penetration. Her pupil grew wide as her ass was violated to which she gave a deep moan of pleasure.

Leela just sat there for a while, bucking her hips at the sensations both her holes were giving her. She came at one point - shaking on the spot and breathing sharply, but managed to avoid anything more than the odd look.

Bender, feeling slightly mischievous decided to "help" her out - he knew what was going on.

Without warning he quickly and precisely ripped the clothes from Leela's body leaving her in just her panties. With a shocked expression on her face she stood up, her firm tits bouncing, and ran at Bender. He just laughed as he stopped her dead and plucked the panties off her. She now stood there completely nude. Her tight ass was on full display as were her dripping pussy and rock hard nipples. Before she could react Bender had inserted a metal finger into her pussy and a second into her ass.

The cold metal rods became slick with her juices and soon extended to six inches long each. Leela was now lost in the moment and began to fondle her large breasts and pinch her rock hard nipples. Then the vibrations started. Bender's two fingers began to buzz and she could take it no more. Her pussy and ass clamped down on the rods as she had an earth shattering orgasm. She came explosively and covered Bender's hand with her juices.

"Ohhhhh yeeeesssss!" she screamed as she collapsed to the ground. Leela just lay there panting in a daze. Her breasts rising and falling while her body was shiny thanks to a small film of her sweat and in some places cum. Fry and Amy just stood there gawking. Amy subconsciously rubbed her pussy through her pink trousers and Fry didn't even try to hide his boner.

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