We were watching tv in my Aunt Jayne's living room that unusually hot evening in June, 1958. My aunt, her next door neighbor Sally and I were wearing only our nylons and heels and a light sheen of sweat on our otherwise nude bodies. The large pitcher of lemonade and ice cubes in the middle of the coffee table was forming a ring of condensation on the table top as it warmed in the hot air

We were watching 'Father Knows Best' and Sally said, "Do you think Margaret's getting any from her son Bud?"

"I would be, he's a cute kid!" my aunt said. "I wonder how big his cock is."

"Not as big as Stephan's I bet," Sally said, looking at me.

My sweaty cock started to rise as I looked at Sally's full tit's in the black half-cup bra and her long legs in sheer tan nylons.

"And I bet he'd like to hump Jane Wyatt. Wouldn't you, Stephan?"

I looked at the tv and Jane Wyatt on the screen in a scene with Billy Gray, who played her son, and tried to imagine her dressed like us, and my pecker rose to a full erection. "I see our young fucker would like to pump Jane's love hole, huh Stephan?" Aunt Jayne asked me.

"I sure would! She has nice tits," I answered, stroking my hard-on.

"Don't do that. That's our job," Sally laughed. "How many times did you cum today?"

"Four times," I answered proudly. "First in bed this morning in Aunt Jayne's pussy and then in your pussy after breakfast. Then Aunt Jayne's sucked me off in the back yard this afternoon and then I jacked off for both of you in the back yard."

I remembered how I woke up next to my aunt in her large bed in the hot bedroom. She kissed me then rolled onto her stomach, spread her legs, reached behind her, pulled her ass cheeks wide and let me kiss and lick her wet fuck-hole and fragrant dirt-hole. Then she slipped her large pillow under her stomach, raising her hips and delicious ass and I fucked her in her tight cock clamp. It didn't take long to milk my ball's of the days first cum and we were both covered in sweat and my face, ball's and cock were smeared with cum and pussy juice. We laughed, groped and played in the shower as we washed each other of sweat and cum and it was eight o- clock when we dressed in our "house" clothes of nylons and heels and went downstairs to the kitchen to make breakfast. "You have quite a memory," Sally laughed.

"A young swinger should always remember the pussy and ass he's enjoyed," Aunt Jayne said.

"And from the look of that pussy-plug you're ready for a another milking, Stephan."

"Let him rest, Sally. He's only a young boy," my aunt said, watching Bud on the small black and white screen.

"He's training to be a swinger, Jayne. And you had your first hump of the day before you two even got out of bed." Sally continued looking at me, her hand down between her sweaty thighs.

"He is my nephew after all. I discovered him and should get his first load of the day."

"You discovered him? His parents sent him to stay with you for the summer. You discovered him, as you put it, when you pulled up your skirt and gave him a look at your hairy, smelly cunt. You knew a young boy would get a hard-on."

"He likes my hairy, smelly cunt, don't you dear?" my aunt asked me with a smile.

"I sure do," I answered. I wanted to look at her aromatic pussy now but her lovely legs were crossed and I had to settle for her full, tasty tit's. My sweaty ball's were resting on the chair below my stiff cock which was now as hard as when I woke up this morning! A drop of pre-cum squeezed out of my dick-hole as I again looked at Sally's tit's in her half-cup bra, Jane Wyatt's hidden tit's and Aunt Jayne's bare tit's. I loved a woman's tit's! And still do, although I like pussy and ass better.

"And it had to happen sometime," my aunt continued, "so why shouldn't I get to pop his cherry instead of some hairless little cunt in the woods behind their school."

"I see your point. His cock gets me wet just looking at it". Sally sat up straight in her chair, reached behind and unhooked her bra. "I like the support, but it's too hot."

I was disappointed. Sally looked sexier in the bra, pushing up her tit's and offering two large pink nipples for sucking.

I watched Jane Wyatt as I thought about fucking her with my hard pecker and my pecker stayed nice and hard! I picked the pre-cum off my dick-head and sucked it into my mouth. Clear, thick and salty. I wondered if Jane would like my pre-cum?

When the commercial came on, (a singing Speedy Alka Seltzer), Sally said she had to pee.

"We don't want to miss that, do we Stephan?" Aunt Jayne asked.

As I followed the two women up the stairs to the second floor and the bathroom, I watched the two lovely ass's sway back and forth on their high heels and my fully erect cock was getting harder if possible. I knew the women knew it and the ass show was for me. I also knew my hard cock would be put to work before we went back down to the living room and I hoped it would be soon as another drop of pre-cum squeezed from my dick-hole and fell on the carpeted stair.

It was hot on the second floor, hotter then downstairs and we all started sweating even more. The bathroom was soon filled with the delicious aroma of sweat, pussy and shit hole's as Sally sat on the toilet. She spread her legs, put her hands on her stockinged thighs and smiled at us.

Aunt Jayne took the water glass off the sink and handed it to me. I went down on my knees in front of Sally, held the glass between her legs and soon a golden stream of warm piss filled the large glass. The metallic aroma of female piss soon mixed with the other aromatic smells of the bathroom!

"You first, Stephan," Aunt Jayne told me.

I drank a third of the glass and handed it to my aunt who did the same, letting some run down her chin and dribble down her tit's. I liked the taste of Sally's piss. I liked it better then Aunt Jayne's, although I would never tell them that! I tried to stay neutral in the on going, sometimes debated "Piss Question".

Then Sally drained the glass, smacking and licking her lips in mock appreciation of her own "wine".

When I was introduced to piss drinking by my aunt I thought it would make me sick, and it can! But not if it's fresh from its lovely source!

The smell of sweat, pussy, shit and piss filled the hot room and now I had to piss! When I told Aunt Jayne she laughed.

"Well that lovely boner you have isn't going to piss into the john. You know what to do, dear."

I slid out of my heels and stood in one end of the bathtub and the two women crowded in and got on their knees in front of me. Sally raised her arms to the ceiling, pulling up her full, lovely tit's and, laughing, gave the "benediction".

"Oh God of The Golden Shower, bring forth your sweet bounty of warm, golden pee for your humble, loyal and needful servants..."

"Oh, brother," Aunt Jayne said with a mock sigh of impatience.

"Shut up, you slut, I'm not done bringing forth the golden pee."

"Hurry up before I have to pee."

I was trying to piss as I strained and pushed and Sally continued.

"Thy needful servants pray to be shown your generosity. Thy needful servants pray to be pissed on!"

Right on cue, as the women laughed, my bladder let go and a stream of piss squirted from my stiff dick, arched upward like a fountain in the warm air and rained down on the two women. My aunt tried to catch it in her mouth as Sally rubbed it over her face, shoulders, arms and tit's. Aunt Jayne washed her face with the golden drops and I tried to keep the stream going as long as I could as I held my cock and directed the stream like an upraised hose. I got my last squirt into Sally's face, most of it into her open mouth. My cock was still hard and my ball's tingling as the last drop of piss rolled off my dick-head.

Aunt Jayne had a wonderful collection of pornography and one entire book was pictures of people pissing on each other. One picture showed a woman with large tit's and long, curly hair laying in a bathtub. She was wearing a short black corset and red stockings and looking up at the two men who were pissing on her. But what caught my attention, after the lovely sight of her wide open pussy, was that the men were holding up their limp cocks as they pissed! Limp Cocks? How could you piss on a lovely woman and not have a hard-on? Sure it was easy to aim that way but I was never able to piss on Aunt Jayne or Sally without a really stiff cock! Was there something wrong with these guys? Aunt Jayne told me that a woman who liked to be peed on didn't care if a cock was stiff or limp and maybe they were limp because she made them that way before they peed on her. Remember, dear, a woman has three holes!

"I want Stephan's pecker," my aunt said.

"I want your mouth," Sally said.

So we arranged ourselves with Sally on her back, Aunt Jayne with her head in Sally's crotch and her ass in the air facing me. I took her by the hips and pushed my dick-head up to her cunt lips, letting her pussy juice wet my knob just as she had taught me and then slowly pushed into her. She wasn't as tight as normal which surprised me. Maybe because her cunt was wetter then usual. Sally sometimes called Aunt Jayne a "tight cunt" but how would she know? I was becoming the expert on my aunt's fuck-hole and how she felt around my cock and how she liked to be "serviced". The night I first saw her slit and she showed me where a hard-on should go I was to much in heaven to remember how tight she was, only how wonderful it felt to be deep inside her with her legs around me, her tit's squished against my chest and her lips all over my face. But I was learning, and she was tighter in bed this morning then she was now.

I slowly slid my cock back and forth in her as she ate out her neighbor's cunt. Sally started moaning and I started increasing my strokes. A slurping sound was coming from Sally's hairy crotch and I increased my humping even more, the heat of my aunt's fuck-hole causing a tingling in my cock root. My ball's were wet with cunt juice and the sucking sound of my cock as it slid back and forth in Aunt Jayne only increased the wonderful sensation along the length of my pussy-plug and cock root. I increased the pace of my humping and began to fuck my aunt faster and faster, the way she had taught me she liked it! As much as I always wanted a good fucking of my aunt to never end I never had a chance! My ball's let go and I squirted a stream of thick, youthful man-juice into my aunts womb!

I shot my last drop, my ball's were empty for now, but I didn't stop my humping as Aunt Jayne and Sally had taught me the first thing a man has to learn about women is that you don't stop fucking a female until she cum's. Not if you want more fucking, that is!

I increased my strokes as Aunt Jayne's ass banged into my stomach over and over and then her sweat covered body stiffened and shuddered at the same time and I knew from wonderful experience with my aunt that she had hit her orgasm. But I didn't stop even thought my back was starting to hurt because a woman has to come down slowly. So I slowly wound down my humping until I could pull my cock out of her. It was dripping with cunt juice. I formed a ring with my hand at the base of my cock and moved it up the length of my still erect pecker, catching her sweet wetness and then licked my hand clean. I loved the way my aunt tasted in her most feminine place and she knew it. She pulled her head from Sally's wet crotch and smiled at me over her shoulder. "Clean me, dear," she told me, her voice husky.

I slid onto my knees behind her smelly, still raised ass, my nylons tight on my sweat soaked legs and buried my face in her musty and very aromatic fuck-hole! My nose was pushed against her shit-hole and as I sucked in air I also sucked in the wonderful aroma of her dirt-hole as I licked her fuck-hole, trying to lick and suck all the sweet pussy juice from her. I was so engrossed in my cleaning job I almost missed Sally's excited voice saying, "I've cum, I've cum!

"Now I have to go!" Aunt Jayne announced. She got on her back on the bottom of the piss stained tub and soon a stream of warm, gold pee streamed out of her pussy and arched into the air and fell on Sally and I like rain! I rubbed the piss over my still hard cock as Sally tried to catch the warm piss in her mouth.

We washed each other in the warm water from the shower head, groping, grabbing and sucking until the water ran cold. We left our soaked stockings on the bottom of the tub and went to the master bedroom where my aunt turned on a small table lamp next to the large bed. Also on the table was an alarm clock in the form of an American Indian with a full headdress and a huge hard-on, and the round clock face was in the middle of his huge balls. Aunt Jayne once told me she sometimes used that huge ceramic dick to fill her hot cunt and bring herself to a wonderful cum when something warmer wasn't available! Maybe someday my dick would be that big!

But that night my dick was large enough as we three climbed onto the bed and Aunt Jayne took my soft cock in her hand and began to stroke it. But Sally pushed Aunt Jayne onto her back and started to eat her damp fuck-hole.

I was on my knees beside the two sexy women and my cock was growing longer as I watched my aunt and her neighbor enjoying themselves on the damp sheets. The tingling in my ball's told me I was soon going to be ready to join the fun as my pecker grew longer!

Then suddenly I felt a pressure in my gut and knew I had to shit! But the wonderful scene on the damp sheets of my aunt's bed was to wonderful to leave as my aunt started moaning with pleasure. Sally was moving her tongue up and down Aunt Jayne's pussy lips as if she were licking an ice cream cone.

I wanted to watch, to cum! But my gut wouldn't let me and I started to ease off the bed.

"What are you doing, Stephan?," Aunt Jayne asked between breathless moans.

When I told her my problem Sally raised her head from between Aunt Jayne's legs and said, "We can't miss that!"

Aunt Jayne sat on the open toilet and Sally sat on the edge of the bathtub and I stood in the middle of the bathroom floor. My half erect pecker was pointing at the two women like a pistol when my aunt told me to assume "The Position". The pressure in my gut was growing, along with my cock! I turned around, spread my legs and bent over, grabbing my ankles.

"Nice, brown, and puckered. Beautiful," my aunt said.

"I like the way his ball's hang down," Sally said.

"And with a hard-on too," Aunt Jayne commented. "Move the rug, dear."

With my bare foot I kicked the rug from under my ass. The first time I had assumed "The Position" Aunt Jayne made me wash the rug in the bathtub! I knew what Aunt Jayne wanted and began to push!

The two women were laughing and making dirty jokes and remarks about me and, still bent over, I grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them open to give them even a better view of my puckered dirt-hole. I pushed harder and soon I felt the shit begin to open my dirt-hole and Sally said to wait! Then she was under me between my legs, her sweat covered face looking up at my hole and ball's, her hair spread around her head on the tile floor.

"Come on, Stephan honey, right in my face."

"Shit on the smelly slut's face, dear," Aunt Jayne laughed.

Aunt Jayne told me before that her friend Sally liked shit better then piss, especially young shit.

I was rubbing my stiff pussy-plug with one hand and cupping and squeezing my ball's with the other as I strained to dump my shit into Sally's face as Aunt Jayne called out ribald encouragement! I felt my gut loosen and a rope of brown, fragrant shit slid from my shit-hole and Sally moved her head to catch it in the middle of her face!

Aunt Jayne's collection of pornography included copies of a magazine called "SCAT" that was devoted to shit and the people who liked it. It was full of black and white and color pictures of people and what they did with shit. Some even showing men and women, and kids, eating it! It turned our stomachs and my aunt told me if I ever joined a swingers club where they did that kind of thing to find another club! Shit was part of the swingers world and could be fun but you didn't eat it! Sally felt the same way as we all felt in my aunt's club. And now she showed how it could be fun as she wiped my brown dirt from her face and spread it between her spread legs and over her stomach, leaving a target with her fuck-hole as the bulls eye. And I was the bull! My cock was as stiff and hard as when I watched Sally in the living room and my ball's were full again!

"That's an invitation, Stephan!" my aunt goaded me. "Fuck her!"

It took only a second to get my cock between Sally's legs and as she reached for me I pushed my pecker all the way into her hot cunt! She wrapped her legs around me and the shit squeezed out between our bodies. I couldn't kiss her shit covered face so I sucked a hard nipple on a full tit and we moved in rhythm with each other as we started a good fuck. We were moving together and I felt hot hands on my ass as Aunt Jayne squeezed and gently pinched my ass cheeks. Then she cupped and fondled my ball's. I liked it and it caused me to move my hips faster as I tried to get my cock deeper into Sally's hot fuck-hole. The tension in my ball's grew until I squirted a load of jism into that tight hole!

Sally hadn't cum yet and it was a man's duty to make a woman cum, my aunt always said, so I kept humping the tight cunt! Then she came and arched her back as she hit and we both relaxed. The smell of shit filled the bathroom and the warm, gooey dirt lubricated our bodies as we continued sliding against each other!

"I think Stephan should rest for a while before our next lesson," Aunt Jayne said, sitting on the floor, watching us come down from our fuck.

"Oh, he'll be ready again real soon," Sally said with a smile, squeezing me with her legs.

So we took another shower until the warm water turned cold. Then we went to the bedroom and I helped the women dress in fresh nylons as they playfully fought over who would pull up my stockings. They each did one leg and by then my cock was pointing to the ceiling again. Sally was starting to jack my stiff pecker but Aunt Jayne said it was time for something cool to drink. So we all went back down to the living room. Aunt Jayne went to the kitchen to get the other pitcher of lemonade from the fridge and we watched the end of the The Nelson's. Next on was the show that really kept my cock up! As Aunt Jayne and her neighbor Sally made dirty remarks about the show's characters and my pecker grew even stiffer, we watched the opening credit's of 'The Donna Reed Show'.

It was not an unusual but certainly one of the most memorable evenings I spent with my aunt that summer.

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