tagBDSMLesson #1

Lesson #1


You have instructed me to prepare myself in all the ways that I know you like. I have been acting cocky for the last few days and you decide it is time I learned my lesson.

First off, you have me bent over the bed to accept my punishment. First comes a few good swats to my ass with your belt. Letting me know that I will learn not to push my luck.

You then guide me onto the bed where you tie my arms above my head. You then take a silky scarf and place it in my mouth and tie it in back of my head. Telling me "My Pet, It is your mouth that has gotten you into trouble. Eventually, you will learn to control it at all times."

You have tied my arms in a way that allows you to flip me over easily when wanted. Easy access to my ass whenever you decide the time is right for a few more swats from your leather belt.

You crawl up my body till your dick is inches away from my face. My mouth begins to water at the sight! You begin to press your dick against the gag, while telling me that my mouth is an instrument meant to bring you pleasure. And instruct that I am only to use it in that fashion.

As I struggle to push the gag out of the way so that I may try to taste you, you ask me "Would you like to pleasure me with your mouth my Pet?"

My response is a quick nod YES.

At which time, you once again remind me of who is in charge by moving away from my face.

You flip me over for a few more stinging swats from your belt while instructing me to think of my actions for a while. And you leave the room.

I lay there reflecting on the moment and the lingering sting from your belt on my ass.

When you return, you notice how excitedly wet I am. And ask me if I want to taste you again.

All I can do is nod in agreement.

This is when you really get my attention by pulling your dick out of your pants and telling me "Since it is what you want, it is what you will not get. Till I say it is time!" You begin taking my punishment a step farther. For you know how much I lug playing with your dick! You begin rubbing it yourself in front of me. Smiling wildly. You know it is driving me crazy to watch you and not be able to touch you.

To make matters worse, you begin telling me how hard it is and how good it feels in your hands. My mouth begins to water at the thought of having you in my mouth.

When I cannot stand it any longer, I close my eyes. Only to have you yank my leash and command me to take my punishment and watch you pleasure yourself. After a few more strokes, you instruct me that I am to lay there and think. Think of all the ways I can use my mouth to bring pleasure to you, My Master!

With that said, you turn and leave the room and leave me to my thoughts.

After a while, you return and ask me if I have been thinking as I was instructed. All I can do is nod in agreement. You walk over to me and remove the gag so that I may speak. After doing this, you lean over me and roughly kiss me deeply. Then pulling back, you tell me to enlighten you as to what my thoughts were in your absence.

I response by saying, "Master, all I could think about was your dick. How hard it gets when it is in my mouth...How it feels when my lips and tongue search out every inch of it. Oh, and to taste your juices as you grow more and more excited! The feel of your hands holding my head and hair, controlling my every move. I love it when you pull it out of my mouth and rub it all along my face."

"Is that all you thought about My Pet?" you ask.

I respond " No Master. I also dreamed oh how it feels when you rub your dick across my pierced nipples. How the instantly react and harden to the touch you dick gives me. It sends a tingle all the way down to my pussy."

You respond with a sharp yank of the leash...

"Your thoughts have strayed from the task at hand! You were to think of ways to please me using your mouth. Not of things that pleasure yourself."

You position your dick in front of my face...teasing me...torturing me. You replace the gag in my mouth and push your dick closer. I am desperately struggling with the gag to try to sneak a quick taste of you.

"In due time, you will get what you want so badly. But only after I am certain that you will not take it for granted any more!"

"And for your added punishment for not keeping your thoughts from straying to the task at hand...

You quickly brush your hard dick against my cheek. I turn to try once more for a quick taste. But you move away. You begin to move down my body, lingering only for a moment at my nipples. As you continue to move down my writhing body, you notice the glistening wetness of my pussy. Dipping a finger into me for a moment, you take it out and put it to your mouth. You ask me if I still want a taste of your dick. I once more respond with a quick nod.

"No dick for you yet. But I will allow you a taste of your own juices." And with that said you plunge your fingers into my wet pussy once more. You pull the gag aside and I eagerly lap at the sweet taste. At the same time I am always aware of the fact that your other hand is continuously stroking your pulsing dick.

You move up to position yourself over my face and tell me my true punishment is about to begin.

You start off by stroking your hard dick just inches from my watering mouth. Every time I try to close my eyes, you are quick to pull me back to attention. I am to watch you pleasure yourself and know that I could and should be the one doing it. But you have chosen to take that privilege away from me for the time being until I learn the proper use of my mouth at all times.

After a while of this up close torture, you decide you need a little lubrication in order to fully pleasure yourself. You move down my body and push my legs apart. And plunge your hard dick into my waiting pussy. You ram it hard and fast for just a few strokes before pulling out and stating that that should be sufficient lubrication. I watch helplessly as you spread my juices over every inch of your dick. Stroking faster and harder you begin to moan and ask me "Are you ready to show that you have learned your lesson?" Moving back up my body you tell me that I must ask for the pleasure of pleasing you. You then remove the gag once more.

"Please Master...allow me to taste your dick. Allow me to bring you to bring you pleasure."

I respond.

You grab my head and say to me "Yes my Pet, you know how to make me feel good."

I hungrily suck your dick into my mouth. Ravaging every bit of you like this may the last time I am allowed to taste you. I lick and suck with all my might! As always you are in total control. My actions are controlled by both of your hands on my head. Guiding me back and forth, I sense that you are getting closer and closer to the edge and I suck even harder...

Suddenly your reach down and touch my waiting pussy. The surprise makes me jump! Your fingers go straight to my aching clit. it only take moments before I cum all over your waiting hand.

Then you replace the gag, and clip me over onto my hands and knees. You come up behind me and grab the leash that binds me and take a firm grip holding my head back and at attention. You tell me my time has come. You slide the leash under my body so that it comes up between my legs and rubs my clit. You then position it so that the loop handle is around your dick. You tell me this is so that the leash will rub my clit while you fuck me.

You ram your hard dick into my pussy. Stroke after stroke...the leash is rubbing my clit and bringing me to new heights. You continue to fuck me with everything in you!

"My Pet, your lesson is not over yet. You will finish things off with your mouth, since you like to use it so much."

You pull out of my wet pussy and crawl to my face. The gag is pulled away for the last time so that I may finish what has been started!

Tasting your dick covered in my juices is more than I can stand. I look up at you and say

"Cum for me My Master, Allow me to taste the essence of you."

And with that said...it is done.

You fill my mouth as I quickly swallow it all down. I do not waste a drop!

"Very good, My Pet. Maybe now you will think about what your mouth is to be used for the next time you want to get cocky and sassy with me."

You deliver one final hard swat to my ass and leave the room.

Yes, I learned my lesson. But, at the same time, the bad girl in me knows that I will push my limits again and again. And I will gratefully take whatever punishment is deemed necessary!!

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