tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLet It All Hang Out

Let It All Hang Out


I'm in my forties, an exhibitionist, horny all the time and loving it! But I like to watch as much as I like to show. I was in sexual heaven when I found out that my new and extremely gorgeous neighbor was every bit as kinky and horny as I am. She moved into the house next door about a month ago and from the very first day it was obvious that she enjoyed watching me prance around my place in the buff, posing and jerking off for her, as well as everybody else, to see. My motto is 'let it all hang out, cuz hey, if you've got it flaunt it!'

I love to masturbate, but I love it even more when I'm seen, watched, or caught in the action. I do it on my front porch in the early evening and late at night when I know people in the high-rise across the street might be watching, or perhaps people walking by the house might catch a glimpse of me playing.

I sit in my lounge chair either completely naked or wearing only boxers or bikini briefs. I start by teasing my cock until it's hard, erect and ready for all the attention is so handsomely craves and deserves. I check to make sure I have an audience of interested onlookers excited by the sight of my stiff cock and then start to stroke and pump my dick. It really turns me on and I get so excited wondering what all my horny voyeurs might be thinking or doing while they're watching me.

On her first night my new neighbor came out of the shower, and proceeded to to dry herself off very slowly in front of her bedroom window. She was a knockout! She's tall with long blonde hair, a full figure, beautiful big tits and nipples. When she noticed me jerking off on my porch she stopped dead in her tracks for a moment. I was unsure how she would react, so we both kind of gave each other the once over.

I made the first move, grabbing my dick with both hands, stroking it slowly while she remained frozen, staring at me. She stood there, motionless, captivated by my performance. I made a big production, over emphasizing each of my moves. I spent a long time teasing my swollen, purple cockhead, squeezing, teasing the precum out and spreading it along my stiff, throbbing shaft. I soon had myself at the point of no return and made no effort to hold back. My body shook as the electrically charged spasm rolled through me. My cock pulsated as my cum flew out onto my stomach, chest and hands. I stroked like mad coaxing every last drop out and then brought my hands to my mouth and licked them clean.

My neighbor coyly spread her legs and dried herself sensually. I could see her fuzzy blonde bush and could almost feel the silky smooth texture of her hairy little pussy. I wanted to bury my face in her soft, sweet fur, to dart my tongue inside and gather up all of her hot nectar. She continued drying off, rubbing and massaging her gorgeous hooters. Taking her time, she circled each large pink nipple with the towel. She pinched and tweaked her nipples, playing with her taut cherry topped mounds and her mouth opened slightly. Her tongue snaked out and she licked her full lips, I could tell she was moaning.

Watching her had given a second wind to my cock. I was harder than hard! Such a sexy creature, and she was offering me her own version of my game. Her sensual and suggestive choreography was more than I could ever have expected or dreamed, and this was REAL!

The following night when I undressed on my front porch for my growing audience of faithful, sex-starved fans, she moved close to her window and pressed her big breasts against the pane. She rolled her tits back and forth, flattening and dragging her nipples as they stuck to the glass, with her hands. As my stiff

7 1/2" cock sprang up and out of my jeans she pressed her lips against the window and pressed a kiss at me, and staring at my cock, raised her eyebrows in approval and smiled. She made me rock hard, making my cock dance with joy in the warm summer breeze, pulsating and throbbing much to her enjoyment.

I caressed my big clean shaved balls, standing up to give her a full view of my manhood and making sure that all my regular voyeurs also got a good look. She seemed to like what she saw and let me know with a grin that stretched from ear to ear. One, two, and then three fingers disappeared inside her pussy. She fingered and diddled herself, moving her fingers slowly in and out of her precious treasure hole. Her head tipped back and she thrust herself forward onto her hand as her fingers had found her sweet, swollen button.

It was as though a furnace had been ignited inside her. She rocked her pelvis from side to side, her long blonde hair was messy. It stuck and clung to her beautiful, sweat covers face. My cock was glistening with precum while she drove me out of my mind! I held my stiff prick with both hands, encircling and squeezing it tightly. I pushed and pulled my cock, humping the tightness of my horny hands. I pushed and pushed harder each time, bucking and thrusting myself forward, lifting my ass up as though I were fucking her tight, wet cunt.

She pulled a chair close and then sat down, her shapely legs spread open wide. Placing her feet up on the window sill she gave me a wonderful view of her sopping wet cunt and tight little asshole. I gasped out loud, it was almost too much, but my cock definitely wanted more. I positioned myself the same way for her. I faced her, placed both my feet on the railing, spread my legs and let my heavy balls rest patiently against my asshole. I slowly started caressing myself, massaging my inner thighs, my stomach and then my nipples. My shaft lay long and hard on my stomach, forming a slick puddle of precum as it dribbled into my belly button. I dipped a finger and brought some of my sweet cream to my lips. Licking and sucking it slowly clean, I watched her hands and fingers while she responded and licked her pussy juices off her fingers after each deep dip into her sexy twat.

I watched her spit on her fingers and then trace them over her tight asshole. It was winking and pulsating, wet with her warm saliva. With a slow circular massage she pushed one finger into her hungry ass while her other hand moved up and down the shiny slit of her pussy. She rocked her sweet ass, her precious hole wrapped tightly around her wriggling digit. A second and then a third finger joined in on the tight anal fun. Her hot back door relaxed and her hole took each finger hungrily and totally. Her other hand flew in and out of her pussy harder, faster and deeper frigging like there was no tomorrow. I watched her double fuck herself and could feel my hot load building and my cock throbbing. I knew that one touch was all it would take to launch my creamy explosion.

She gave me a big smile and then produced a big, fat, flesh-coloured dildo. She brought the big toy up to her luscious mouth and demonstrated how good she was at sucking cock. She teased the big fat head with her experienced tongue, licking and darting all over it passionately, licking it as though it were the very last lollipop on earth!

I folded and placed my hands behind my head, relaxed and enjoyed the show, besides I had to keep my hands away from myself or I would blow my load instantly! Besides, this was definitely one XXX show I wasn't about to miss!

She circled the tip of the dildo with her sexy lips, then slowly, very slowly she took it down. Inch by inch the pink sex toy gradually disappeared into her hot, hungry mouth. She gave it head until it was shiny, wet and slick before bringing that fat, lucky dildo down to her sweet ass. She pushed the fat head inside her tight opening until it was past her clamping sphincter. Slowly she slid it in further and once she had it half way inside her hands moved quicker, pumping it in and out with brisk and determined fluid motions. It slid all the way in and back out, the big rubbery balls slapping and mashing against the pale skin of her ass.

WOW! She was certainly no beginner at this! Not a chance! She played that dildo like a virtuoso. It wiggled, vibrated and fucked her sweet hole with delicious and well-seasoned expertise. In my books, she had won the Golden Dildo Award hands down, showing the passion of a real pro, just like me! She dildo-fucked herself harder and faster, while fingering her gushing pussy with her other hand. I spit and wetted my own fingers, then slowly teased my own tight asshole. I was relaxing and enjoying the events of the evening in a big way, with the help of my new, kinky neighbor and her colossally climactic performance.

We got our fuck-rhythm in sync, me pumping my throbbing and ready to explode cock, while she took care of her red-flushed pussy and raging asshole with intense passion.

I knew we were both close as we made it around the bend and into the home stretch. I fucked my ass and pumped myself as fast and hard as I could. I stroked my meat like a madman while I stared into her sweet and sexy eyes as I blew my load. My cum erupted, firing out of me endlessly in thick warm blobs. At the same time I saw her moan so loud I think I actually heard her delicious voice echo from behind her window. A Hot Sweet Pussy Rhapsody in Fuck Major!

Wow! Let me tell you, from that night on the two of us had more and more lusty, nasty voyeur fans showing up each and every night...which made us even hornier and nastier! Tonight, she'll be joining me on the porch and the two of us have planned a performance that we know will have the entire neighborhood dreaming wet dreams after they watch us in hot embrace as we suck, lick and fuck each other into delirium

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