tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLet's Party with the X-men Ch. 04

Let's Party with the X-men Ch. 04


The noise of the party was still going on, but neither Katherine "Kitty" Pryde, nor Kurt "Night Crawler" Wagner cared anything about that just at this moment.

They were too concerned with each other. Kurt looked deeply into Kitty's big brown eyes and kissed her lips, wrapping her close to him. It'd been such a long time coming, that he hadn't even realized how much he was in love with the 27 year old lass.

Kitty stared over at Kurt, as deeply in love with him as he was with her. She was already wet, sopping to be exact. How no one had known that, had been pure folly on their part. It had started out so easily, and simple, just go over and have a party over with all of their friends in the x-men, they had gone down to the common area, and had walked over in to see people, then the next thing that both of them knew Kurt was whispering in Kitty's ear that he wanted a little alone time with her. He'd disappeared in a trademarked "Bamf" and Kitty had phased up through the ceiling, the only oddity of the whole evening was the fact that Kitty had been so excited that she'd forgotten to phase most of her clothes with her, and some of them had stayed down on the bottom floor of the X-mansion.

Kurt stared openly at Kitty. "Well, isn't this a surprise libschien."

"What are you talking about lover," Kitty had thrown her hair to the side of her face coyly. "It appears that one of us happens to be a little overdressed for this occasion, aren't we?"

Kitty walked over to Kurt, gently embracing him, trying to concentrate just enough so that she would be able to phase through Kurt's clothes and only Kurt's clothes.

Kurt for his part felt the slight shifting of molecules that normally associated itself with Kitty's Phase, and his own clothing dropped from him, as if there was no one residing within them. "Oh darling." Kurt's thick German accent came through when he spoke to his lover, and caused Kitty to smile.

"I know lover, I know everything, and just what you need and what exactly it is that you want." She kissed his lips trying not to laugh as Kurt's furry lips brushed against her own. She took his penis in her hand and gently started to massage it. She could feel the blood coursing through the needle thin veins and start to make him hard.

'Oh, you know that isn't fair Libschien." Kurt whispered in her ear, his prehensile tail taking hold of her hands and gently lifting them off of his aching member, as well as binding them together. 'You know that I need to save all of that loving for something else. Besides your hands are put to better use like this..." Kurt relaxed his tail slightly and let Kitty's arms slide around his frame.

Kurt kissed Kitty on the neck, his fangs gently tracing around the skin, and causing kitty to gasp at the erotic sensation. Kurt used his fingers and toes to hold Kitty's legs apart, explore a breast, and to play with her clit at the same time.

Kurt smiled as he heard kitty's breathing become more ragged, and he could feel as he touched on that sweet spot as her legs started to jump and dance under his ministrations.

She was so wet she was beginning to soak down into his fur ... "Please Kurt." Kitty gasped, the sweat pouring off of her, "stop teasing me... can't take much more of this..."

"Are you sure." Kurt smiled, and let his fangs come out all together, making him look more like a devil that the calm, compassionate, lover that he 2was.

"Yes oh yes, for Gods sake, yes!" Kitty shrieked.

Suddenly there was a loud "bamf" and the stench of brimstone, as Kurt teleported away from her and then a second later, back on top of her. His cock at the apex of her open clit, he too was sopping wet, and it took very little for him to slide into her body.

She wasn't a virgin, and Kurt suspected that it was Pete Wisdom that he had to thank for this, at least he wouldn't have to hurt her as he slowly pistoned his way in and out of her body....

Kitty's moans got louder and louder, and Kurt wondered who else could hear her cries of ecstasy.

Pretty soon, it was time for his own release. "Kitty..." Kurt hissed. "I'm going to have to cum in a few moments, is there any way that..." Kurt lost his ability to speak, as Kitty fazed herself away from him, and turned around, rephrasing so that she was solid once more. This time her lips were on his cock.

"Come fore me lover."

Kurt acknowledged and used his tail to try and give kitty what he was so generously getting, the feelings were so wonderful that neither one of them realized that kitty's powers had activated and that they were now Phasing through the bed, and the floor.

Kitty could help but gasp , as Kurt pounded in and out of her flash, making her breasts quake and jiggle. Kurt screamed as he pumped loads of cum into her.

Suddenly Kitty became aware of clapping.


Cautiously Kitty stood up and saw the ten or so other X-men that were still at the parry applauding, she looked up at the ceiling and realized much to her chagrin what had happened.

Kurt realized that this was going to be a bad scene, and took the initiative to scoop up his lover in his arms and teleport them back to their room.

[I don't know about you...] Warren Worthington III AKA Archangel said to his longtime squeeze, Betsy Braddock... Warren and Betsy turned to Professor Xavier. "I'm sorry, but something has come up."

Professor X, aware of Kurt and Katherine's activities smiled, "Not to worry, Warren, I too have a few things that I'm in need of doing. It seems that this party is petering out, I'm going to return to my quarters as well."

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