tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLetter to a Stranger: The Hotel

Letter to a Stranger: The Hotel


Jim's Story:

Sure it seemed a little extreme, but after what Clair had done to me (see Letter to a Stranger - The Novelty Store) I thought it was justified. Besides, wouldn't I be there to make sure things didn't get out of hand? The problem was, it took so long to set up. But it was worth it.

Of course, once again, I'm getting ahead of the story. Let me start by telling you what the letter said:

Dear Sir/Madam:

The woman handing you this letter is my slave. I have not allowed her to read the contents of the letter. I have simply instructed her to find four individuals or couples whom she finds attractive, and to hand each of them a copy. After she has completed this task, she is to return to room 314 in order to further her education.

At 5:30 today, in room 314, I will be having a surprise training party for my slave. Only the people with these letters (and their partners) will be invited to attend. Once here, of course, you may participate in her training, or not, as you wish. Regardless, I think you will enjoy the ample supply of food and beverages available.

If you're reading this, then clearly my slave finds you attractive. I am hoping your good will and curiosity will supply the rest of the needed motivation to attend my slave's party.

I look forward to meeting you.


Master Jim

Clair's story:

I have to admit, when Jim told me where we were going, it freaked me out. We were going to a local hotel that just happened to be hosting a day-and-a-half long swingers party. I started thinking, what's he going to have me do, sell tickets to a 'bang Clair' party? As it turned out, I was pretty close to being right.

Jim's Story:

That's right, I bought us a membership to a swingers club. That first night, Friday, we went to an orientation for new members, and afterwards, to a party. I figured Clair and I wouldn't be having any sex that first day, and we didn't - which was good. It gave Clair a chance to meet some of the club members and to realize that they were more than just sex junkies - not that there is anything wrong with sex junkies, mind you.

So anyway, by the next morning I was able to say we'd had a lot of fun, had turned down a few offers, and had both gotten increasingly horny with anticipation of what was to come. Claire might have been getting even hornier than I. After all, her imagination must have been working overtime.

It wasn't until just before lunch on the second day that I finally got the ball rolling. I gave Clair the four envelops, squelched her objections to the fact that there were four envelops instead of one, gave her instructions, and sent her down to lunch. Then I started preparing for the night's festivities.

Clair's story:

Jim's such a freak. I didn't know what he had in store for me. All I knew was that I had four envelopes to hand out, and wasn't allowed to come back to the room for hours.

I'll dispense with describing the people who got the letters. Let's just say I did what Jim told me to do. It was when I got back to the room that the freaky shit really started.

I got back there just when Jim told me to, about 4:30. But the asshole wouldn't let me in the room. Instead, he made me stand in the hallway and put on a blindfold, and then he led me into the room. He asked if I needed to use the bathroom, which I didn't, and told me to get undressed.

Call me suspicious but I had to ask it, "Are we alone in this room?"

Jim assured me we were quite alone, so I got undressed and followed him forward until my stomach bumped into something hard. Then, the next thing I know, I'm locked into some kind of contraption of his.

I'm not sure if you've ever been in a position where you're completely helpless, but if you're anything like me, you're going to start freaking out. Mind you, I didn't start screaming or anything - I was trying to control myself - but I got real scared and started to ask him what he was doing. Only I never quite got the chance to finish asking because before I had finished the first sentence, he stuck some kind of gag in my mouth and tied it behind my head.

Jim's Story:

I have to admit, I was proud of my "contraption" as Clair calls it. It had a large wood 'stock' to which I had added padding, and it was made in such a way that the wooden stock would lock around Clair's waist. Then, coming out from the wooden stock were pipes forming a giant "X". These allowed me to put her in a spread-eagle with her ankles and wrists locked in place. But the best feature of my contraption was this: that the whole mechanism was held in place by a frame with swivels. That meant that I could put her body in any position I desired. I could put her horizontal if I wanted to stand between her legs, or put her completely upside-down if I wanted to eat her pussy.

Of course, I didn't demonstrate these properties immediately. Instead, I just held her and reassured her. Eventually, I think she calmed down and started feeling horny again.

Clair's story:

Oh sure, I calmed down all right - until Jim left me and I heard him go open the door. That's when I really started cursing him out. Unfortunately for me, since he had gagged me, he couldn't hear a word of what I was saying. Then, just when I was about to give up trying to curse, the mother-fucker squeezed my nipple - hard!

I was about to start really cursing when some words brought me up short.

"She has really nice tits," someone said - and it wasn't Jim.

Next thing I know I feel hands brushing my nipples. Then they stop. Then I feel a finger running up the crack of my ass.

"Mind if I get a beer?" I hear the stranger ask. And then I'm being touched no more. Jim not only let the guy in to see me strung up naked, but now Jim and the guy are making small talk as if this naked woman doesn't even exist! And to make matters worse, my mind couldn't get away from the tingling sensation this stranger had left when he touched my tits and ass.

Then, one by one, other guests started arriving at the party. Quickly, I began to realize that they were the people I had given the notes to and as I listened to their voices, I began to picture each one in my mind's eye.

Almost without exception, they all did the same thing the first man had done. They touched me in one place or another, making comments about my body or about how wet I was, and then they went to get drinks, or to eat the wonderful smelling food I wasn't even allowed to touch. It was driving me fucking crazy!

Jim's Story:

I was loving it. Almost without exception, the guests were acting like it was no big deal having a naked woman tied spread-eagle in the middle of a party. But they were having fun teasing her. They would touch her, and walk away, and you could tell by her reactions that she was getting hot. She had already moaned a few times. I recon if she could have talked, she might have been begging for someone to fuck her by now.

I gave our guests a little time to make small talk and loosen up with a few drinks. Then, very casually, I opened the suitcase I'd left on a table in the corner. Inside was a huge array of devices I had bought at the sex shop: vibrators, butt plugs, condoms, lube, whips and clamps. You name it - it was in there.

"Could I have your attention," I announced to the room in general. "Since this is a training party for my slave, I hope you'll feel free to use any of the items on the table over here. My goal is to expose my slave to a variety of sensations and temperaments. And since my slave chose you people from among many, I think I can trust that you will show her a good time.

"Now please, eat, drink, and have fun," I added.

With that said, I went to fix myself another drink and enjoy the festivities.

Clair's story:

I'd heard everything Jim had told the people, of course. By now I had butterflies in my stomach, as well as a wet pussy. It was almost a relief when they started in on me.

Jim ended his speech - I heard people milling about, talking - then the next thing I know, someone whacked me right on the nipple with a whip. It wasn't that hard, but because it was so unexpected, it sent shock waves through my whole body.

Then, someone started fingering my cunt. It felt so good; I was close to cumming in no time. "You like that, baby?" a woman whispered in my ear - and that's when I knew I was done for. Whoever this woman was, she clearly knew all the buttons to push.

The next thing I know someone made use of those fucking swivels Jim told you about. I didn't even know it was coming! All I knew was that one minute I was standing up spread-eagle, and the next moment I was stretched out, hanging face down to the floor. And that bitch moved right between my legs and started licking my cunt. I knew it had to be her because it felt so fucking good - no man could ever know how to lick pussy like that.

Things started getting crazy after that. Someone put lube on my ass and worked in a butt plug. Another person hung weights on my nipples. With this woman licking my clit, I came so hard I almost passed out. Then, before I knew it, they flipped me over onto my back, and someone started fucking me, and I came again - twice.

After that, things just seemed like a blur. There was one person who took my whole tit in their mouth. I thought they were going to pull it off. And another person decided to whip my cunt, which really hurt with my cunt wide open and my clit feeling so sensitive. The person was whipping my cunt while someone was fucking my throat. I thanked God when that stopped. Then someone turned me back over so I was face down again and wrapped rope around my tits. It was a really intense sensation. They started smacking my bound tits back and forth, and it didn't really hurt too much. Actually, it really turned me on. When someone put the nipple clamps on again, I almost came without anyone touching my cunt. Of course, when someone started fucking me again, I did come. After that, there were some small orgasms, but I think I was too spent to have another big one. I just hung there, in one position or another, and let people use my body.

Sometimes I think that last part of the party was the best part. There's something intense about being beyond the point of resistance - about losing all hope and just allowing your body to be pounded and used. I found out later from Jim that there had actually been two women at the party and one of them had stuck her whole hand inside my cunt. The men had all used condoms - Jim had seen to that, and all but one had fucked me both in my pussy and my ass. Apparently, one of them hadn't been able to get it up a second time.

Anyway, I guess you could say that I'm now officially a Slut - cause I've never experienced anything so wonderful in my life. I could hardly walk for two days afterwards, but it was worth it.

Jim's Story:

It was a hell of a party and I can say for certain that Clair was fucked senseless. When I ended the party and untied Clair, I pretty much had to carry her to the bed. She was so covered with her own sweat and cum, I think she may have been dehydrated. And she never ceases to amaze me - I think she's ready to do it again.

Clair's story:

There's nothing more to add to the story. But I do have one problem I want to share with you. The problem is, now it's my turn to write a "letter to a stranger" and I can't decide how to get Jim back. How am I supposed to top a party like that? And even if I could, there's no way a man could cum the way I did - just no way.

Rest assured, I'm going to blow his mind. But if you have any suggestions on how to do it, I'm all ears.

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